Chapter 38 Mansion

 The yard of the house is large, but the site is finite, so in order to increase the floor area, we have to build a high building on top.

 Currently, buildings that can be purchased through [[mail order]] include 10-story condominiums made of reinforced concrete (you can choose from 3 to 10 floors), 3-story apartments made of light steel three-story apartment buildings, three-story wooden houses, and even small schools and hospitals.

 Well, since it's a residence, I'm going to build a four-story apartment building made of reinforced concrete.

 I wouldn't dare build a 10-story apartment building in this world.

 The city of the Red Tower is built on the wall to protect against demons, and its foundation is made of rocks and stones. Therefore, the foundation is solid, and there is no need to put in piles.

 All you have to do is buy a ready-made building and put it in a specific place.

 In the four-story apartment building, the first floor has only one room because there are an entrance, a meeting room, and a manager's room. There are 13 rooms in total.

 The layout is the same for all 13 rooms, 3DK. Each room is equipped with a bathroom and toilet, and the stove is an I The stove is a modified I-H cooking heater.

 It's not big, but it's a better living environment than the main house, so I'm going to make some modifications to the main house later. So far I've refrained from doing so because it was a rented house, but now it's my house.

"Lord... what is this?"

"Goshujin-sama... amazing one."

"Hmm? Where's everyone staying?"

"Grose-san, I know it when I see it. What Lethia-san and the rest of us are hearing is that a building like this was erected in an instant!"

 Lethia, Sanlove, and Sela, who had been watching what I was doing behind me, all looked shocked.

 If you think about it, you'd be surprised if such a big building was made in a moment.

"Uh, I need to talk to you three, including this one. Let's go inside the building and talk."

 We decided to use the conference room on the first floor of the apartment.

 The conference room is a large space, a little larger than a school classroom. A long desk and a pipe chair were already set up. There are three pipe chairs set on one long desk, and there are 15 sets of 3 x 5 (horizontal x vertical). It is a large space that can accommodate 4 to 5 people.

 The three of us are sitting on pipe chairs at a long desk in the middle of the room, and I am standing in front of a podium-like table, facing them.

 I feel like a teacher, but what I'm about to tell you is very important to me, and to the girls I'm married to.

"First, I want to tell you three where I'm from. I'm from a country called Japan."

"Where's the Lord from? Japanese?"

"I thought Grose-San was from a foreign country because he doesn't look like he belongs here, but I've never heard the name of the country Nippon before."


 Lethia and Sailor tilt their heads, saying they've never heard of it, and Saint-Loup doesn't seem to understand such stories since he was originally a demon.

"No wonder Sailor has never heard of it. Japan is an otherworldly country different from this world."

" is."

"In the world I grew up in, there were no skills or magic. But because we didn't have those conveniences, we were able to develop a scientific civilization."


 The three of them are puzzled because it is indeed an unpredictable story.

"And I've got skills and magic before I moved to this world. And with those skills, I have access to sugar, pepper, and other goods from the original world."

 I told the three of them about my skills.

 The active skills [[Appraise]] [[Disguise]] [[Create Magic Tool]] [[Tame]] [[Messenger]] [[Enhance]] [[Search]] [[Precision Shot]].

 [[Space-time magic]], a magic skill.

 The unique skill [[Mail Order]] [[Navigator Alpha]] [[Soul Eater]].

 The three of them didn't say anything, they just listened to me.

 And you let me in.

"Whether you're from another world or not, you're still my master!"

"One! Dear Lord, I love you! One."

"Yes, it doesn't change the fact that Grose-san is a very important person to us!"

"All three of you... thank you!"

 I walk up to the three of them, hug each one of them, and give them a hug of thanks.

"However, with that many awesome skills and magic, let's work hard to break through the dungeon tomorrow!"

"Yes, One!"

"That's right, we have [[Precision Shot]]s that are suitable for combat, so let's get through the dungeon in a jiffy!"

 What? No, that's... that's... that's not...

 For some reason, I've decided to try my best to break the dungeon, but since I'm going to have to find a way to get back to Earth anyway, I'm going to try to break the dungeon without overdoing it.

 A few days later, the shop was closed and the employees moved into their apartments.

 The new hires didn't have a lot of stuff, so it wasn't too hard, but Lulu and the others who were staying in the main house had bought a lot of stuff, so it was hard to move them.

 Nevertheless, I managed to move into the apartment without any trouble.

 Since Braham is a nobleman, it is not advisable for him to be seen outside the house, so I asked him to enter the caretaker's room on the first floor as the caretaker of the premises.

 Lulu and Daisy are in the corner room on the second floor, Anna and her three sisters are in the corner room on the fourth floor, and Regina and her three friends are in the corner room on the fourth floor (the opposite side of Anna and her sisters).

 Basically, it is a room for two people, but there are two rooms of 12 square meters, so four people can move in without any problem.

 The newcomers were divided into four women and two men on the second floor. Five of the thirteen rooms are now occupied.

"What the hell is this?"

"It's a magical stove (a magical modified induction cooking heater), and when you press a button like this, you can heat up a pot or something."

 When I explained the facilities to everyone who moved in, they were all amazed.

 The room is clean, the bed is soft, the toilet and the bath are equipped, the toilet is a flush type shower toilet, and the bath always has warm water. Moreover, there is an air conditioner so that you can cope with heat and cold, and a refrigerator so that you can store food.

 When I told them about the apartment, they all looked at me like I was crazy. That's funny, I thought they'd be happy to see me.

"Even the royal family can't afford such a convenient life!"

 Moosel-kun from a noble family barked!

 Mwah! I'll give you a life beyond royalty, so work hard.

 And one of them, Kazumi Uemura, seems to recognize me as a fellow Earthling. But she won't make eye contact with me.

 I'm thinking of having a social gathering in the conference room when things settle down.

 Put the long tables together and bring the food to the table.

 Today's dishes include a mozzarella pizza from a famous Italian restaurant bought by [[mail order]], pasta from a famous Italian restaurant, an extra-large red meat teabone steak and a chicken named after a state from the United States, a marbled wagyu steak from the land near Ise and sushi from a famous Ginza restaurant from Japan, a salad full of seaweed, corn potage, and minestrone soup from China. From China, Peking duck and small packages, and salads filled with seaweed, corn potage and minestrone soup.

 Alcoholic drinks include red wine, white wine, beer, whiskey, and brandy. Non-alcoholic drinks include orange juice, apple juice, oolong tea and green tea.

"Oh, it's delicious!"

"Yes, it's delicious!"

 We all enjoy the food.

 This is the food of the earth! If you want to eat these dishes again, you'll have to work hard!

 Kazumi Uemura was chewing on her food with tears in her eyes at the taste of the earth after a long absence. It was interesting that her cheek pouches were puffed up like a squirrel or a hamster.

 I'm not gonna talk to her about Earth. I wait for her to talk to me. If she wants to go back to Earth, I'm willing to help her, but only if she opens up to me.

 If it's someone like the three brainy girls we met in Hajime's town, who don't think about anything and think this world is a game or something, it's too dangerous to reach out to them, but it's good to help someone like her, who doesn't fit into this world and has been living a hard life.

 I'm not a saint, so I can choose who I help.

 Well, speaking of what I'm going to do today, I'm going to try my hand at [[errand boy]], which is currently a deadly skill.

 According to Ins, the [[Demon]] I summon is determined by the magic and image I put into it.

 You'll need to think about what kind of demon you want to use.

 ...What kind of demon should I imagine?

[Ins, I can't picture it, but...]

[What kind of messenger does the Master want?]

[Um, I like that my wives can heal when they're hurt...]

[Recovery... when it comes to using recovery... there aren't too many... oh, that's a good one!]

[Oh, that's it! ...which one?]