Chapter 41 Trial

 I let out a sigh and shake my head from side to side.

"No, there's no truth to it."

 When I heard this, I was sent back, and a representative of the Egetnay Trading Company was summoned in my place. At that time, he introduced himself as Tomoda Chiinai, and I almost blew up. I held it in, and managed to keep my face expressionless.

 Well, I'll spare you the trouble of listening to him, but he said that I took the white sugar and attacked the merchant troops, but this old man ignored the most important part.

 And then they call me again.

"Hendler, your guilt is clear. Do you plead guilty?"

"The charges are clear? I'd like you to explain to me how you can say such a thing in the current exchange."

 I've put up with a lot, so it's time for me to fight back.

"M, you insult us!"

"No, I just want you to explain to me logically how I could have been found guilty. Or are you trying to convict me of a crime you can't even explain?"

"Mm... fine. Mister Nettles, explain."


 The man to the left of the older man leaves his seat. This is Viscount Nettley.

 That's the face I saw at the Braham auction.

 He looks nervous, and at the same time he has an insistent and unpleasant face.

 I'm not one to judge people by their appearance, but Nettoli and Tomoda Chienai are just too good for me.

"First of all, the time of this Hendler person's appearance coincides with the time of the attack on the merchant fleet of the Egetnay Trading Company."

"It's a violent argument to say that just because the time of year is the same, it's a killer."

 I say the right thing, and Nettles gives me the stink-eye.

"Hmph . It's good evidence that we're wholesaling top white sugar to the merchant guild at the same time!"

"That's exactly what you're accusing me of. Do you have any proof that the white sugar that was taken from the Egetnay Trading Company and the white sugar that I brought in are the same thing?"

 Evidence can be faked, but if it is faked, you can say it is false.

"This is the proof. It is a bag of white sugar that was purchased and transported by the E. Getnay Trading Company."

 The evidence Nettley gave me was a bag of white sugar I sold to the merchant guild. What? You're giving that as evidence? How can that be evidence?


"Can't you even speak when you see this evidence?"



"So, what kind of evidence is that bag? I'd like to ask you."

 You can't convict me for this, can you? Such bags are everywhere now and anyone can get one if he wants.

"There is so much top sugar in circulation that anyone can get their hands on a bag of it, and Neturi-sama is calling that evidence?"

"If I say it's evidence, it's evidence!"

 Oh, I'm open.

"In the first place, how much top white sugar was purchased and stolen by the E Getune Trading Company?"

"Mmm... cheeeeeeeaaan!"

"Yes, yes! ...The amount of top white sugar that our E Getnay Trading Company was robbed of is ......."


 You don't have a clue or you don't have any friends - san wipes the cold sweat off your face repeatedly.

"What the hell! I'll tell you what!"

 That's absurd. You should be the one to give him that kind of information. I'm amazed you haven't been caught for something so naive.

"Well... yes, it's 100 tons!"

 Oh, you said it. I'd like to know where you got that 100-ton figure.

"Mm, 100 tons. Hendler, you're still going to get away with this!"

 No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

"Cheyenne-San, are you sure 100 tons is the right number?"

"Well, there's no mistake!"

"Your Honor, I'd like to summon the Merchant Guild's deputy guild leader, Catherine San, as a witness, if that's alright?"

 I'm gonna look the old man sitting in the middle of the room in the eye and I'm gonna ask him to subpoena Katherine San. I mean, is that right, Your Honor?

"What a selfish thing to say!"

"Mr. Nettley, I think it's a good idea to allow Lady Catherine to testify."

 He said, "Your Honor. The judge allowed Katherine san to testify, so I turned to Katherine san, who was sitting in the audience, and I asked her to come to my side.

"Lady Catherine, please do not lie to me."

"Ha-ha-ha, okay."

 Yeah, I guess Catherine's tone won't change in court!

 I don't know about that character, but I like people who don't waver!

"So Catherine-san, are you aware of the total amount of top white sugar I have wholesaled to the Merchant's Guild?"

"Yes, of course......the white sugar is the main product of the merchant guild, I remember it perfectly."

"Please tell me that quantity."

"It's good~♪ The total amount of top white sugar that Grose-chan wholesaled to the merchant guild is 320 tons~"

"Your Honor, I'm wholesaling 320 tons of fine white sugar to the Merchant's Guild. It's not just 100 tons."

"Well, Mr. Nettles, what do you think?"

"...Su, just because the quantity is large doesn't mean they're not robbers! It's the fact that they are wholesaling the same white sugar!"

 Oh, great return! But!

"I suppose that could be said of the E Getnay Chamber of Commerce."

"What the fuck?"

"Kathryn-san, did the Egetnay Trading Company ever wholesale top white sugar to the Merchant's Guild?"

"No, I don't."

"Chiweenai-san, if it was only four months ago that you were robbed, you can stock and wholesale again, can't you?"

"Well, no, that's... that's..."

"Your Honor, why isn't the plaintiff's side wholesaling the top white sugar?"

"Umm, um~..."

 Give it up! You're too corrupt to convict me if you can't even get this far.

"Neturi-sama, are you finished? If you look at Chiweenie-san now, you'll see that I'm not guilty, won't you?"

"...Ugh... you're so loud! If I say he's guilty, he's guilty! You're guilty!"

 Oh, there it is, the secret technique of reverse cutting!

 Nettles should realize that he is no longer theoretically armed.

 If he's this stupid, I feel like I don't have to do anything. But thinking about Braham, if I don't make sure he can't get up again, he might try to mess with me again.

"You sound like a child. If that's what's going to make or break a trial, do we really need a trial?"

"No need!"

 Suddenly, a voice shouts from behind, and the door opens with a bang to reveal a man. He looks like a dandy, but he's not, and the soldiers guarding him put their hands on their swords.

"Well, we wait."

 The chief justice restrains the soldier who is about to go towards the dandy Oji-sama.

"It's been a long time, Lord Kageusui."

"Yes, it's been a long time, Count Zachariah."

 Count Zachariah? Where did you... oh, the Moose kun...

"You're on trial now, even Count Zachariah would not tolerate such an outrage!"

 1. Netori spitting popularity.

 But why is Count Zachariah here?

"Shut up! Viscount Sequoy Nettley, you are under arrest. This is a royal decree!

 I'm as stunned as you are by the sudden turn of events.

"Why me? Uncle... Uncle won't stop talking about it!"

"Count Snake has already been ordered to be captured. He's done too much wrong!"

 And what's more, the big guy who was behind him is also in the noose!

 What the hell is going on here?

"Are you Große Hendler?"

"Ha, yes, I'm Grose Hendler. Count Zachariah-sama."

"Don't be so hard. Our noblemen have caused us trouble this time. It took me a long time to get evidence of their misdeeds and I'm sorry for the trouble Lord Hendler has caused you. I hope you'll forgive me."

"It's not you, sama. It was the noblemen of this city who framed me and held me prisoner. Please raise your head."

"Well, that's nice of you to say."

 After that, they rounded up a bunch of Nettles, and they took away the friendless guy who was suing me.

 Later on, I heard about this incident, and I heard that while I was detained, the distribution of my wholesale goods was stopped, as I had intended, and that the citizens and nobles of King's Landing and other places complained.

 The dissatisfaction grew day by day, and the king found out about it and questioned the merchants' guild and the deputy about this matter, but the reply was different between the merchants' guild and the deputy.

 From there, the king's intelligence service started investigating, and they found out that I was being falsely accused, and they tried to catch Nettles, but his uncle, Count Snake, was also being falsely accused, and the intelligence service searched for him as well, and as a result, the king found out about the Count's misdeeds.

 The king of this country was not aware of Count Snake's misdeeds, so he seemed to be not a bad person, though he was a bit lazy.

 Also, Katherine San and the master of the Adventurer's Guild have been very helpful to me, and this has made me even more ungrateful to them.

"I'm sorry for the inconvenience to Catherine-San as well."

"What are you talking about... It's not like me and Glose-chan are friends~♡"

 No, it's just a business relationship! We don't have a personal relationship!