Chapter 42 Business And Dating

 It was harder for me after the trial.

 First comes the question of compensation for me.

 Since he was detained knowing that he was innocent, or rather, completely falsely accused, there was talk of compensating him accordingly.

 Catherine San of the Merchant's Guild, Count Zachariah as the country's representative, and I discussed the matter and decided that 200 million yen would be paid.

 200 million yen is too much, isn't it? You may say, "It's too expensive", but Catherine san said that 200 million yen is not enough for me, who can distribute about 1 billion yen of products in half a month.

 The next one isn't directly related to me, but a deputy was removed.

 He was accused of having neglected Viscount Nettoli's misdeeds and of having acted in concert with him.

 Count Zachariah's men will take charge of the city of the Red Tower as deputies for a little while until a new deputy is appointed.

 Not only that, many civil and military officials who cooperated with Nettori were also punished, and it is said that it was very difficult for the top officials.

 And in direct relation to me, since I was detained for 17 days, my goods were in short supply, and I had to wholesale a large quantity of the missing goods.

 You can buy goods from [[Mail Order]] and store them directly in the storage, so you don't feel burdened, but it is troublesome to pull a cart or transfer goods to a waist pouch type item pouch every time you bring them to the merchant guild.

[If that's the case, you can pretend to take it out of the item pouch and take it out of storage.]

[...I didn't think of that...ins, wow~]

[Thank you.]

 Still, the question remains.

 Everyone knows that I, or rather Sailor, has an item pouch now, but the capacity of that item pouch isn't much. So if I take out a lot of items from the item pouch, it would definitely make me suspicious~.

[Then why don't you sell the magic bags that Master created before to the public?]

[! ...I forgot about it. By the way, I made a magic bag, but it was still stored in the storage... as expected of Ins].

[I'm the Master's assistant!]

 That's why I'm going to put the magic bags I've been keeping in my inventory into Lulu's shop. It will be quite expensive because of its high quality, but I'm sure there will be plenty of people who want to buy it.

 All that's left is to hang the empty magic bag from your shoulder, and you're ready to go!

"Glose-san, I'll follow you today."

I'm going.

"I'm in, too, Stickup."

"Hmm? What's up? We're just going to the guild."

"I've been so busy these days that I haven't had much time to be with you, so..."

"Yes, one."

 Yes, you're right. Aside from Lethia who was guarding them, Saint-Louve and Sailor couldn't stay with them much since they were visiting the Merchant's Guild and Lulu's shop several times a day.

"All right, I'll go with you. This is the last time we're doing this, so let's take a detour and relax after the delivery."

"Are you sure?"

"Yay one!"

"What, is today the last day?"

"Yeah, last one. I've got everything in this magic bag."

"I'll take it."

 Lethia snatches the magic bag from me when I refuse.

 Apparently, she thinks it's her role to carry the luggage.

 On the way, there are young children who seem to be orphans begging on the street. Like slaves, such scenes are not pleasant to see.

 I want to do something, but I don't know what I can do.

[Master, don't take it too seriously. There are tons of orphans all over the world. Helping the orphans in this city won't solve anything.]

[I know that. I know that, but I can't stand the thought of that little kid starving and living with no idea what tomorrow holds. I guess I can't help but wonder if there's anything I can do to help.]

[...] Then let's make the orphans the servants of the master. Depending on their abilities, you can train them to become adventurers, merchants, etc., and build up the Master's power! That way, the orphans will have a reason to be protected by the Master, and the Master will feel a little better.]

[Ins is smart, or at least he's got a good head on his shoulders. I'm counting on you!]

[Thank you!]

 First, I'll sell the goods to the merchant guild, then I'll get a big plot of land in the Red Tower and build an orphanage there... No, there's still a vacant room in the apartment... Mmmm, what should I do?

"Sailor, I need a favor."

"Yes, what is it?"

"Actually, it's a matter know."

"I understand! I'll make the arrangements while Grose-san is having a business meeting!"

"Yes, please!"

 In the meantime, you arrive at the Merchant's Guild.

 I'm going to request a meeting with Katherine San at the reception desk, and then the receptionist will direct me and Lethia to the warehouse district in the back.

 Sailor and Saint-Louve will be separated.

"Glose-chan, I've been waiting for you!"

"Hello, Catherine."

 She pretends to pick up the magic bag that Lethia is holding and take out the goods.

 While I was there, I made eye contact with Katherine San, who gave me a wink and a crack. Give me a break.

 Send the goods to the designated place. The large amount of goods will fill one of the Merchant's Guild's largest warehouses.

"Thank you so much - I can handle this!"

 Katherine San's men will be on hand to verify the goods and quantities.

 I don't know why she's hugging me and thanking me. My spine's breaking. My ribs are screaming... I'm going to die!

"Lady Catherine, let the Lord go, he's mine!"

"Oh, no... I'd like to share..."

 I slumped to the ground as I was released from the bearhug known as Katherine San's embrace. I really thought I was gonna die.

 Lethia and Katherine san are staring at each other. There's a buzzing sound in the middle.

 Then Katherine San's men came with the bill of sale and the proceeds.

 The price was the largest in history.

 As I knew when I piled up the goods in the big warehouse, there were heavy leather bags full of mithril coins (1 million yen coins). In addition, there were 22 leather bags... Each bag contained 100 mithril coins. One bag is 100 million yen. That's 2.18 billion yen for 22 bags.

 I've never seen so many mithril coins in my life.

 Pretend to put a leather bag full of mithril coins in your magic bag and put it in storage.

 Then Sailor and the others come and check on him.

"We are in the process of acquiring a 2,000-square-meter plot of land about 20 minutes' walk away, though not near our current compound. We are planning to acquire a 2,000-square-meter plot of land about a 20-minute walk away."

 The land is far enough away from the city center to allow for this amount of space.

"Oh, you're buying land?"

"Yes, I have a few things in mind, and I need some land."

"It's for Glose-chan's sake, so I'll give her a mouthful from me ♡"

"Thank you, sir."

 Thus ended the Great Commercial Sale.

 When I went to Lulu's shop and handed over the bill of sale and payment, Lulu's hands were shaking.

 After subtracting my share, Lulu's store's gross profits were stored in a large safe she had installed in the back of the store.

 And I'm gonna take you all out on a date.

 Their first date is at the weapon and armor shop that Lethia requested... Not that there aren't questions about the date course, but Lethia seems very happy looking around at the weapons and armor on display.

"Lord, I like this one, don't you?"

"...I think it'll look good on you."

 Lethia shows me a big black axe.

 This is a date, right?

 Lethia's weapon of choice is the Black Magic Iron Axe.

 Lethia's fighting style may be a harsh environment for an axe, as she wields it to strike the closest enemy.

 I mean, Lethia's axe spills and deforms and consumes a lot of axes.

 Next, I'm going to the bookstore at Sailor's request.

 Sailor buys a lot of books. The owner of the bookstore was surprised.

"Gloose-san, I'll try the restraining magic on the mithril golem next time, so please take care of it."

"Uh, yeah. Good luck with that."

 Most of the books I bought were related to magic, but I saw a cooking book mixed in with them.

 I know that Sailor has been making an effort to improve her girl power lately .

 The last thing I want to do is listen to Saint-Loup's needs.

 Saint-Loup wants to eat my cooking, so I go home and I cook.

 Saint-Loup's favorite food is meat, especially marbled beef, so he buys A5 grade sirloin and cooks it so that it is not overcooked.

 French fries and broccoli. And spaghetti with meat sauce and onion soup.

"Garlic delicious one!"

Oh, good, good.

"This onion soup has just the right amount of flavor and is delicious."

"Even Sailor can make it in no time."

"Are you sure! I'll do my best!"

 Lethia is mute... or rather, she can't speak because she's stuffing her face with meat. She is also a meat lover.