Chapter 44 Flooding The Red Tower 1

 Morning has come to the city of the Red Tower.

 A thousand grenades were magicked by Ins yesterday, so I'm supposed to head to the Adventurer's Guild with Katherine-san after breakfast.

 So, why are you here?

"Good morning, Grose-chan."

"Good morning, Katherine."

 He... she's ready to have breakfast at my house, isn't she?

 And if you serve breakfast to Catherine san, you can't not serve breakfast to the two attendants!

 So I'm serving crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, seaweed salad, corn potage and fancy hotel bread.


"Isn't it~, Grose-chan's food is very delicious~"

 I don't know why Katherine's bragging.

 You're on the wrong side of the law, aren't you?

 Two of the staff members said they felt like they had eaten enough for lunch.

 We usually ate three servings of food, and our Lysia-kun competed with her and ate five servings, and Catherine-san ate five servings.

 He eats so much that if I hadn't stopped him, he would have eaten more.

 Lulu and I, Lethia, Saint-Loup, and Sela are on our way.

 My goods are distributed to the Merchant's Guild through Lulu's shop, so I asked Lulu to accompany me.

 All the grenades to be delivered were kept in the magic bag, so the delivery was mainly done by five people: Lulu, two Merchant's Guild employees, and two Adventurer's Guild employees.

"As planned, please distribute the funds to a trustworthy person."

"I know . It's going to be horrible if this stuff gets out on the street. I'll make sure it's under control."

 A grenade is a trump card weapon in a stampede, but it is also a powerful weapon in an anti-personnel fight.

 I can't be responsible for the deaths of nobles and royalty, so I've asked you to take good care of them.

 If the Adventurer's Guild can't manage it, they won't provide it.

"So, how's the stampede going?"

"Yes, perhaps, but tomorrow the demons will fill one layer."

 Kathryn-san's language to Gragas-san is not her usual style.

 There's a little bit of a man in the mix.

 I don't know what happened between them, but I don't think it's a bad vibe.

 But two shots of a big guy with a skinhead and a big faggot is mentally hard to take.

"Grouse-san, a thousand grenades, all delivered."

"Yes, sir, thank you."

 I've also included a pictorial instruction manual on how to use the grenade.

 It's important to throw the pin far away immediately after removing it or it will explode and kill or injure you.

 This manual is hand-written, but once the first sheet is done, it is not so difficult to copy the rest.

 I thought I saw Catherine San's eyes light up when she saw the manual, but I'll pretend I didn't see that.

 Ten grenades will be given to each of a hundred trusted adventurers.

 He said the adventurers' guild can keep track of how many you've used.

 I was curious about how it was managed, but I didn't ask about it in detail because it didn't seem to want to be mentioned too much.

 Whatever it is, as long as it's well managed by the Adventurer's Guild, it's fine.


 Before dawn, the whole city was buzzing.

 Perhaps one layer of the Red Tower has been filled with demons.

 The first level is a grassland type terrain where the number of demons is important because the space is large.

 I'm a merchant, I don't interfere in demon fights.

 But Anna and the other adventurers she's hired to guard the shop have been at the Adventurers Guild since yesterday, preparing for the stampede.

 Fortunately, Anna and her friends are stationed at the rear of the line, so they're not on the most dangerous front.

"Lord, we're coming with you!"

"No, we're not adventurers, we'd be in the way even if we went."

"Glose-san, I think the Type 96 Armored Wheeled Armored Vehicle (Cougar) can withstand the front lines!"

"To the Sailor..."

 It's true that a Type 96 Armored Cougar can only take as much damage as a mosquito bite from a low-ranked demon, but that doesn't mean we can't push the adventurers to the front lines.


 Don't look at me like that until Saint-Loup...

 Huh... couldn't stand the stares of the three of them.

"Mr. Grose, I'm busy at the moment, I'll see you later."

"Oh, we will also help you destroy the demons, please allow us to do so."

"You want to fight a demon?"


"...Okay, when you enter the first layer, join the troops on the left."

 It was quite easy to accept.

 That's how badly they need help.

But I can't guarantee your life, can I?

"Oh, yes. No problem."

 I see, as a responsible person, he will take precautions.

 But I don't want to die. I'll do my best to destroy the demon.

 As soon as you enter the Red Tower, approach the troops on the left.

 Then, I approached the adventurer's guild staff who seemed to be the commander of the front line and told them that I got the guild leader's permission, but they didn't seem to like the idea of me, a merchant, coming to the front line.

"Lethia and Saint-Louve, you two step forward and fight in tandem . Me, Sailor and Ruby will provide cover from the Type 96 Armored Wheeled Armored Vehicle (Cougar)."

"Yes, sir."

"Okay, one."

"Yes, sir."

"Got it, PeeWee."

 The battle has already begun on the front lines against the demons.

 Lethia and Saint-Louve are two adventurers who go to the front lines to fight demons.

 And I'm going to take out a Type 96 armored car (Cougar) from storage, get in, move over, tell the guy who looks like the commander, and do a rear support attack.

 I leave the driving to Sailor, and I pull my upper body out of the upper hatch and hold up the Browning M2 heavy machine gun, which is equipped on the Type 96 armored car (Cougar).

"Sailor, pull a little more to the left."

"I understand!"

"OK, stop here."

 You arrive at a position where adventurers are crowded like a wall and you can see a horde of demons through them.

 All the monsters approaching are rank 2 or above.

 The rank 2 demon is a lizard demon, a Sand Lizard.

 It is a demon that has no use except for a demon stone, and the demon stone is not very useful for an adventurer considering the trouble of dismantling it.

 But this Sand Lizard is a buyable item in my shop, so if you bring one in, it'll pay for a couple of people's lodgings.

 You won't start making money as an adventurer until you can defeat a rank 3 demon.

 If you can kill them by yourself, you can become a low class noble. If you kill them by a party, you can save money.

 There is such a big difference between rank 2 and rank 3.

 Aim and fire at the onrushing masses of Sand Lizard!


 The Browning M2 heavy machine gun is fixed to the top of the Type 96 wheeled armoured vehicle (Cougar).

 Even so, the vibrations and roar of the gunfire will shock you to the point where you think your insides will turn over.

 The demons who were hit by the bullets were shocked beyond comparison with me and died without knowing what had happened.

 The adventurers are stunned to see the monster's head blown off, its body torn to pieces, and its legs torn off.

 The only ones who didn't stop moving were Lethia and Saint-Louve, who knew the power of the Browning M2 heavy machine gun.

 They're all looking at me.

 I'm wearing a cap and goggles, so you can't see my real face, but I want to say to those adventurers who look at me stunned.

"The demons are still out there!"

 The adventurers come to their senses at the sound of my loud voice over the loudspeaker.

 A rank 2 or rank 3 demon cannot withstand the attack of Browning M2 Heavy Machine Gun, so you should destroy them.

 And the adventurers come pouring through the hole I've made.

 I'm out of ammo, so I'm replacing the feeding belt.

 The barrage of bullets will stop for a bit during this time, but with over a hundred demons dead, the adventurers have plenty of time to spare.

 It can be seen that Lethia and Saint-Louve are also destroying the demons with great speed.

 You two are as relentless as ever.

 The barrel of the Browning M2 heavy machine gun becomes so hot after firing a hundred rounds that it exceeds one hundred or two hundred degrees, but because of the magical cooling function of the gun, it can keep firing continuously.

 Then, when you run out of ammo for the second time and you're changing the feeding belt, the man who looks like the commander you just talked to calls out to you.

"Thanks to you, we've become quite comfortable. Now we'd like you to help us in the center."

 Now that you mention it, the number of demons seems to have decreased considerably.

 In comparison, the demons in the center are more numerous than the demons on the left side of the screen, even at a quick glance.

"Yes, sir. My two wives are fighting on the front lines, is it okay if I take them with me?"

 I want to take Lethia and Saint-Louve with me because I'm worried that they're fighting out of sight.

 The commander has agreed to call them back on the radio.

 I've given him a small radio for the possibility that we might be separated in such a situation.

 Because of its small size, the radio wave does not reach very far, but now it is in the range where the radio wave can reach without any problem.

 They've returned and we'll open the rear hatch to accommodate them.

 And just like that, Sailor's driving to the center.

 The center of the city is crowded with monsters and adventurers fighting each other.

 You can't point a Browning M2 heavy machine gun at a demon near the adventurers.

 That's why we're going after the ones that are a little further away.

"We will now fire a series of blast spells! There will be a loud noise, but don't worry about it as you fight the demons!"

 I'm using a loudspeaker, so my voice will be heard far and wide.

 The sound of Browning M2 heavy machine gun fire stopped the adventurers from moving, so this time I warned them in advance.

 And start shooting with the Browning M2 heavy machine gun.


 We're going to overrun the Sand Lizard.

 There were more demons in the center, but after changing the feeding belts several times, the adventurers had the advantage.

 And now we've been asked to support the right flank and we're on our way.

 Give the same warning as in the center and fire the Browning M2 heavy machine gun.

 Thus the density of the sand lizard becomes thinner.

 But there's no way Stampede ends up with just a rank 2 Sand Lizard.