Chapter 45 The Red Tower Flooding 2

 Move around the battlefield in a Type 96 armored car (Cougar) and fire a Browning M2 heavy machine gun.

 There are fewer rank 2 sand lizards now, but there are still enough demons to fill the ground.

 You can also see a rank 3 Uldrago behind the Sand Lizard.

 If this keeps up, the battle between Uldrago and the adventurers will begin soon.

 The adventurers are exhausted from the battle with the Sand Lizard, so it will be hard for them to fight continuously.

 Uldrago is coming for those adventurers.

 But that Uldrago will explode.

"That was..."

"It's a grenade."

 That reminds me of delivering a grenade to the Adventurer's Guild.

 It seems that the Adventurer's Guild does not use grenades against low rank demons, but uses them to thin out the number of demons above rank 3.

 If you're a rank 2 demon, you'll be able to defeat it somehow unless you're a beginner, so the plan is to use grenades on more powerful demons.

 Grenade explosions all over the place.

 Five or six of the Uldrago approaching in close formation die in a single explosion, and several are wounded.

 The grenade completely suppresses Uldrago's momentum, and he escapes from the explosion and reaches the adventurer, but is defeated by the adventurer by sheer force of numbers.

"That's pretty good."

"This is also a tactic that was possible because glose-san delivered the grenades."

"Master-sama, you're awesome!"

 Sailor and Ruby give me a compliment.

 I like being complimented. It makes me feel good.

 I'm the kind of guy who thrives on praise.

 With a hundred grenadiers working together, Uldrago's momentum and numbers are reduced and the adventurers are doing well even against rank 3 Uldrago.

 Still, there's a lot of Uldrago out there.

 In addition, they will break formation near adventurers to reduce the number of people caught in a grenade explosion.

 The next thing you know, more and more adventurers are getting injured and leaving the front lines.

[Master, I suggest you use the right ammunition.]

[A grenade.]

[Already in storage is a modified Type 96 40mm automatic shotgun].

 The Type 96 40mm automatic rifle is one of the armaments of the Type 96 wheeled armored vehicle (Cougar). It is.

 With a magazine of fifty rounds, it can fire continuously. It is a sad fact that such a Type 96 40mm automatic rifle has been modified by demons.

 Remove the Browning M2 heavy machine gun and install a Type 96 40mm automatic machine gun.

 With the help of magical modification, it is easy and time-saving to refit.

 Adventurers also use grenades here and there, so it won't surprise you if they shoot the right bullets.

 That's why I'm going after demons that can't be reached with a grenade.

 Demons close to the adventurers will be dealt with by grenades or the adventurers themselves.

 A light pop is heard and the bullet is fired.

 Then he hits Uldrago, who is about 200 meters away from the front line of adventurers, and blasts him with several bodies.

 From this point of view, it can be seen that the power of the bullets has improved considerably.

 The explosion that engulfed not only the Uldrago that was directly hit but also the surrounding Uldrago made a huge hole in the swarm of Uldrago that covered the ground like a carpet.

 Boom, boom, boom, boom.

 Every time it lands, there's a big explosion and Uldrago is obliterated.

 You can't recover the materials of Uldrago, he says, smiling.

 Uldrago is getting low, so I look around.

 It's a relief to know that Reece and Sanlove don't appear to be injured.

 And so the adventurers push up the battlefield and approach the staircase that connects the second level to the first.

 According to Stampede's experience so far, the golems come out after the Uldrago horde, so it is better to narrow the siege so that you can concentrate your forces.

 Three Japanese girls were among the adventurers who narrowed the siege.

 In Hajime's town, the three of them were reckless, but this time they are fighting steadily in step with the adventurers around them.

 He can see his surroundings well enough to help other adventurers when they are in trouble, and he can afford to do so.

 I'm glad to see them grow up, old man.

 If they've grown this much, I'm going to do my best to support them.

"The golem! The golem is coming!"

 When a panicked voice comes from somewhere, the adventurers become even more tense than before.

 Golems are hard and difficult to damage.

 You'd have to be a pretty good adventurer to pull that off.

 However, there are not so many of them and they move slowly, so they are good targets for grenades.

 I'll take out my Barrett M82A1 anti-matter rifle.

 The Browning M2 heavy machine gun and the Type 96 40mm automatic machine gun can also kill the golem but I thought I'd try the Barrett M82A1 for the first time in a while.

 I didn't need to use this monster rifle because there are few demons that would use a Barrett M82A1, and more importantly, Lethia and the others would kill them instantly.

 A Barrett M82A1 with enough power to pierce the scales of a dragon is at the ready.

 You'll hear the shot and feel the impact on your shoulder.

 The next thing you know, a hole opens up in the golem's chest and the golem stops moving.

 The golem will stop if you destroy the chest where the core is.

 It is easier and less troublesome to attack the chest if you can do so because it can regenerate some damage.

 I'm shooting a Barrett M82A1 and another golem explodes .

 The adventurers also know how hard the golem is, so they used grenades to break it into pieces.

 Shoot the golems one after another. Adventurers also fight with grenades to control the number of golems.

 That's why Golem's cut off.

 Next out was the Iron Golem.

 This Iron Golem will also stop if you pierce its chest, so shoot it in the chest.

 I know I killed a lot of Iron Golems, but I don't remember how many.

 And here comes the golem with the shimmering body.

 A mithril golem that won't POP unless certain conditions are met.

"What the hell is that? I've never seen a golem like that!"

 There was only one of the rare Mithril Golem, which may be the parent of the Golem and Iron Golem.

 As I set my sights on the mithril golem, I hear a voice calling out to me.

"Grose-san, let me do that one."


"Yes, I've learned some restraining magic, and most importantly, there's a good distance between us."

 It is true that the first group of adventurers is still five hundred meters away, which is good for a one-sided attack on the slow-moving mithril golem.

"All right, send the 96 Cougar forward."

"Thank you, sir."

 The surviving Sand Lizard and Uldrago are repelled, and the Type 96 Armored Cougar is driven to a location three hundred meters from the Mithril Golem.

 It's a hellish sama phase with demon corpses all over the ground.

 It is a little frightening to think that it is I who created this scene.

 Take out all demons except the Mithril Golem with a Browning M2 Heavy Machine Gun.

 Now Sailor will be able to cast her spells to her heart's content.

 I'll keep my Browning M2 heavy machine gun at the ready and keep an eye on the perimeter, while Sela waits for the Mithril Golem to come a little closer.

 Just when you think you're about to get into Sailor's range, Sailor starts chanting magic.

 I'm gonna raise the ante on the perimeter.

"Burn it down, FlareStorm."

 When Sailor raises the Staff of Hellfire, the Mithril Golem's surroundings turn red.

 A whirlpool of flames engulfed the mithril golem, and the heat could be felt from over a hundred meters away.

 A flare storm burns the earth, engulfing other golems around the mithril golem.

 After a minute or so, the flare storm finally subsides, and in its wake is what used to be a melted golem.

 But while the Golem and Iron Golem were melted down, the Mithril Golem is still alive and well.

"Freeze, Ice Dust!"

 Fine grains of ice cover your vision.

 At its center is a mithril golem.

 When metal is heated to the extreme and then cooled rapidly, the mithril golem's body becomes brittle.

"Stone Barrett!"

 A stone the size of your fist hits the mithril golem with a bang, and the mithril golem explodes into tiny pieces.


 The cheers of adventurers rise in the background.

 Apparently, he was admiring the flair of Sailor's magic as she defeated the Mithril Golem.

 The Mithril Golem had a dreadful end without Sailor using any restraining magic.

"Good night, sir."

"I'm not too tired, but I've now defeated the Mithril Golem alone!"

 That's where you've been competing.

 My wives are totally...

 However, according to the policy of the adventurer's guild and the government, adventurers who can defeat high ranking demons alone are given the rank of nobility.

 Mithril Golem is a rank 5 demon.

 So if you can defeat the Mithril Golem alone, you can become a Baron.

 All three wives are capable of defeating the Mithril Golem single-handedly, so the Baron is certain.

 Well, they're not interested in nobility.

 Now that we've defeated the Mithril Golem, we'll fall back.

 The adventurers seem to be in a situation where they can take a breather, so they send in a replacement adventurer and let the adventurers who have been fighting back down.

 In the meantime, adventurers and priests who can use restorative magic will tend to the adventurers.

"It's thanks to Lord Grose that the adventurers suffered less damage compared to the number of demons."

"No, no, I didn't do anything serious."

 It seems that the damage to the adventurers was considerably reduced because we entered the battle with a Type 96 Armored Cougar and the adventurers threw grenades into the area where the Uldrago were concentrated.

 But the stampede hadn't died down yet, so I decided to go home and come back to the Red Tower the next morning.

 As the number of dead and seriously injured was quite small, the adventurers and priests who were in charge of recovery were not worn out as much as the consumption of potions and other medicines.

 Because of this, the guild leader, Gragas-san, suggested that I go home and get some rest, so I took him up on his offer.

"You've taken a good part of it with the Lord and Sailor."

"That's fine, even Sailor wanted to defeat the Mithril Golem."

"Lethia-san, that makes three in a row."


 Sailor laughs and Lethia puffs out her cheeks.

 Saint-Louve eats sweets on my lap, and Ruby, who didn't have any part in the battle with the demon, is also pecking at sweets.

 It's not so different from a peaceful everyday scene, but I shudder to think that I was fighting a horde of demons just now.