Chapter 47 Flooding The Red Tower 4

 After defeating Manaspiritiaru, we met up with the adventurers fighting in front of the Adventurer's Guild Hall.

 Destroy the demons that overflow by shooting the Browning M2 heavy machine gun of the Type 96 armored car (Cougar).

Mr. Grose, we are grateful for your help.

Guild leader, I'm glad you're safe.

 Gragas-san, the guild leader with the big axe, is covered in blood.

 I'm glad to hear you're not injured but the blood of a demon.

"Guild leader, I'll head straight for the Red Tower's doorway. The rest of the demons can be dealt with by the adventurers, right?"

"I'm sorry for relying on you, but I'm leaving everything to you now! We've got fewer demons over here, so we'll manage on our own!"

 It would be a disservice to the Adventurer's Guild for Grose, a merchant, to stand at the forefront of the stampede, but Gragas-San seems to have decided that now is not the time to be talking about it.

 I honestly think that Gragas-san is a great person who can make such a decision immediately.

"Brother-san, take us with you!"

"I will not be disturbed! Therefore, please!"

"I'll be useful!"

 Miho Inaba, Asami Tanaka and Kanami Sanjou begged me to go with them.

 I thought about it for a few seconds, but decided to allow the girls to accompany me, thinking that they would be fine.

 In the meantime, I asked Gragas-San's permission and opened the rear hatch of the Type 96 armored car (Cougar) to let the three of them board.

 And Sailor drives the 96 armored car (Cougar) to start.

"I knew your brother was Japanese."

"This is an SDF armored car, right?"

"It's a better ride than a carriage."

 The three of you are whispering, but I can hear you.

 There's no point in hiding it now, and we'll talk about it when the stampede dies down.

 You leap over the monsters with a Type 96 armored car (Cougar), and turn them into a beehive with a Browning M2 heavy machine gun.

 The gate to the Red Tower is left open.

 The gate is large enough for a Type 96 armored car (Cougar) to pass through, so enter the gate and stop immediately.

 There were hordes of demons in all directions except the rear gate, and the Type 96 Armored Cougar was surrounded by demons.

"All right! Let's go, everybody!"


 Firing a Browning M2 heavy machine gun.

 If you shoot, you'll hit a demon.

 In the meantime, Licia gets out of the rear hatch with Saint-Loup and the three Japanese girls.

 Lethia thrusts forward with her shield, followed by three Japanese girls.

 Saint-Louve uses his speed to weave his way through the monsters, and the ones he passes are struck in the vitals and die.

 In order to stabilize the battle between the five of us, I'll be firing my Browning M2 heavy machine gun at the approaching demons.

 We have become accustomed to changing the feed belt, and the time required to change it has become faster than at first.


 Me screaming while shooting a Browning M2 heavy machine gun.

"Ruby, take care of the damage control for Lethia and the others!"

"I got it, Pippy!"

 All of the monsters are of rank 4 or higher, but they all have physical attacks, so the Browning M2 heavy machine gun was very effective.

 The surrounding demons have almost been eradicated, and you've replaced your armament with a Type 96 40mm automatic machine gun.

 Then he fires at the slow-moving golems in the distance.

 There's an explosion in the distance. Your aim is accurate.

 It blows up, taking several golems with it.

 The golem's legs are too slow to let him get close enough to kill it.

 And emerge, a monster.


"I can see it over here too!"

 The demon that is approaching with its huge body shaking like a mountain is an earth dragon.

 A rank 7 dragon species that appears as the area boss of the 25th layer in SWG.

 It's hard and has an unusually high HP.

 I remember dying many times in SWG before I could defeat this earth dragon.

 That's how hard this Earth Dragon is.

"Rank seven... such a thing..."

 I can hear Sailor's despair.

 I don't think it's unreasonable, but I recognize myself smiling for some reason.

 Yeah, I've got a Barrett M82A1 anti-matter rifle.

 Do you remember that this Barret M82A1 has been modified in two stages, and it can even shoot through the scales of dragons above rank 7? even the scales of dragons over rank 7.

 I slowly look at the Earth Dragon through the scope of my Barrett M82A1 Demon Mod 2.

 It's aimed right between the eyes of the Earth Dragon, right in the middle.

 Put your finger on the trigger, and fire.

 You feel a jolt in your shoulder, and the next thing you know, a hole appears between Earth Dragon's eyes.

 Shoot again! Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!

 Earth Dragon's head is hit with so many bullets it's not even intact.

 And I feel an unprecedented rise in status.

[Master, your tamer's level has reached 100. I'm moving to a higher job.]

[What? You can change jobs without going to the temple?]

[Only available when you reach level 100 and change to a higher level profession].

[Yeah, I see...]

[You can choose between the following two jobs. Godtamer or Demiurgos?]]

[Ins, I think Godtamer is completely compatible with Tamer, but what kind of profession is Demiurgos?]

[As you say, Godtamer is a super-competitor of Tamer. And Demiurgos is a combination of Tamer and Production].

[So it's either a higher job or a job with more value...]

 Since it's called "God," we can expect Godtamer's abilities to be awesome.

 However, Demiurgos is a good choice for expanding your range.

 Which one do you think...

[Okay, I'm -----]


 I defeated the Earth Dragon and the stampede is over.

 And the Adventurer's Guild gave me a lot of money for my help.

 Furthermore, I'll take back any demons I kill, or corpses I know I killed.

 Gragas-San is a hard man to please.

"It is my pleasure to anoint Lord Grose Hendler an Earl."

 I defeated a rank 7 Earth Dragon and was anointed as a Count by the government.

 This is because the government asked me to reward you.

 But I'm a merchant and I go to other countries.

 The nobleman refused to accept the title because he could not go to other countries easily.

 But the government won't back down, saying that it would be a badge of honor for them not to reward me for defeating a rank 7 Earth Dragon.

 In addition, it is the basic policy of the country to grant a title to adventurers who can defeat demons of rank 3 or higher, so the official desperately begged me to accept the title by putting my head on the ground, so I had no choice but to accept.

"Glose-chan, congratulations."

"Thank you, Katherine."

 The investiture will take place in King's Landing.

 I'm going to be an earl, honorary advisor to the merchant guild, and honorary advisor to the adventurer's guild.

 I don't understand why there are so many titles all of a sudden.

 The Red Tower has been investigated three times by high-ranked adventurers, and now that the stampede is over, it is open to the same sama as before.

 However, the stampede has killed many adventurers and the Adventurer's Guild needs time to recover its energy.

 And the adventurers I hired, including Anna, have all been confirmed alive.

 However, Anna has lost one of her arms, and it is hopeless for her to return to adventuring.

 So I have a proposition for Anna and her twin sisters.

"Would you like to be my vassal from now on?"

 The suggestion to Anna, lying in bed, painfully bandaged, came as a surprise.

"I am of no use as an adventurer or a soldier..."

 Anna bites her lip and expresses her regret.

 Twin sisters who shed tears when they see it .

"It's not just a job to hold a sword. I believe that Anna's character can be trusted."


"I'm not saying right away, so think about it and get back to me."

 She's lost her right hand, so if she stays too long, Anna's gonna get tired.

 I was about to leave when Anna approached me.

"Grose-san, are you sure it's me?"

"Of course."

"I'm asking you. Make me, no, make all three of us your vassals."

"Thank you. From now on, Anna, Kanna, and Izuna are my vassals."

"""Thank you for your time!"""

""Onee-chan, good for you!""

 The three of them shed tears of joy.

 So I take the pills out of storage, give them to Kanna, tell her to give them to Anna, and leave the room.

 And a few seconds later, I heard the three of them shouting.

 It was so loud that I could hear it from outside the room, so I left the hospital with a sideways glance at the nurse as she ran into the room.

"Did you mind if I gave you that?"

"That's fine. It's just a prototype, so it's not as effective as the real thing."

 The medicine I just gave Kanna was my own invention.

 I became a Demiurgus and could make not only magic items but also medicines.

 And that potion I just made is an elixir I've been experimenting with.

 It's not as effective as the original elixir, but it should still be enough to regenerate one arm.

 Full name: Große Hendler

 Occupation: Demiurgos Lv1

 Info: human, male, 20 years old

 HP: 3500000(A)

 MP: 5000000(EX)

 Muscle Strength: 120000(A)

 Endurance: 140000(A)

 Magic: 200000(EX)

 Agility: 150000(A)

 Dexterity: 200000(EX)

 Charm: 200000(EX)

 Good luck: 100

 Active Skills: [[Appraise(S)]][[Disguise(S)]][[Divine Creation(D)]][[Tame(S)]][[Messenger(B)]][[Search( A)]][[Physical Enhancement(B)]]

 Passive Skills: [[Strengthen(S)]] [[Precision Shot(S)]] [[Improve Production Quality(A)]] [[Improve Attractiveness(A)]]

 Magic Skill: [[Space-Time Magic(B)]]

 Unique Skills: [[Mail Order(C)]][[Navigator Alpha]][[Soul Eater(D)]]

 Criminal record:

 Title: [[Class C Dungeon Treader]] [[Strong Eater]] [[Dragon Slayer]]

 [[Divine Weapon Creation (D)]] You can create any item with any effect. D rank can use this skill only twice in a day.

 [[Production Quality Improvement (A)]] improve the quality of produce.

 [[Attractiveness Enhancement (A)]] 50 percent increase in attractiveness at all times, 200 percent increase in attractiveness during tames.

 [[Dragon Slayer]], a title given only to those who have single-handedly defeated a dragon. All attacks against dragons are increased by 50 percent.

 UP ⇒ [[Tame(S)]][[Messenger(B)]][[Strengthen(S)]][[Search( A)]][[Precision Shot(S)]][[Body Enhancement(B)]][[Soul Eater(D)]]

 Sublimation: [[Magic Tool Creation (D)]] => [[Divine Weapon Creation (D)]]

 My status is in a mess, and I'm done.