Chapter 49 Honeymoon 2

 The dungeons of King's Landing are cave dungeons that have been confirmed up to the 13th level.

 Its history is not very old, having been discovered about a hundred years ago.

 It seems that the dungeon is so difficult that no one has ever broken through it.

 I don't know the truth of it because I don't confirm it, but it is said so, so it must be so.

 There are many adventurers who enter the dungeon because it is located near the royal capital.

 The number of adventurers is second to none in the Red Tower.

 According to the story, there is a preferential treatment for adventurers who enter this dungeon in order to suppress the dungeon's stampede.

 It seems that the dungeons in King's Landing are given preferential treatment because they would be severely damaged if they were to cause a stampede.

 If there were preferential treatment, wouldn't adventurers flock to King's Landing so much that dungeons in other areas would be less crowded? But I heard that there is a solution for that.

 It is said that the preferential treatment is effective only for adventurers who were born and raised in the designated areas around the capital, and that this treatment restricts the flow of adventurers to other areas.

 I don't care about that!

 I've reached the twelfth level of the dungeon.

 It's a rank 4 demon that appears in the 12th level.

 There are a lot of strong demons among the rank 4 demons, so an ordinary adventurer won't be able to advance very far.

 It is said that a rank 4 demon is no problem for a high level adventurer, but from the 12th level, the density of demons dramatically increases and you are pushed by the quantity of demons.

 Lethia and the others hummed their way through the twelve layers.

 You run over and kill the demons that appear with a Type 96 Armored Car (Cougar), and make a beehive of them with a Browning M2 Heavy Machine Gun.

 Sailor drives, and the Browning M2 heavy machine gun is fired by Lethia.

 Enjoy the overwhelming destructive power of Lethia .

 Sailer and Saint-Louve also wanted to shoot the Browning M2 heavy machine gun, but they gave up early because of the violent vibration.

 However, only the powerful Lethia finds pleasure in the vibrations of the Browning M2 heavy machine gun and happily fires it around.

 It's kind of convincing: ....

 Because it is a cave type dungeon, there are some places where the road is too narrow for the Type 96 Armored Car (Cougar) to pass, but it is no problem because you can just get off and walk there.

 Even traps can be figured out in advance by [[Search]], and there's nothing to stop our progress now.

Lord, get me a bullet belt!

"You've already shot it out, too soon!"

"Close combat is good, but sometimes it's also good to attack unilaterally! Hahaha!"

 Brainy Lethia-chan didn't have any means of long-range attack, but he's happy to have a weapon like the Browning M2 heavy machine gun that can create a barrage of bullets, because it can hit demons without any skills.

 But you'll waste more bullets than I do, so you'll need more ammo.

 It's a good thing that Ins put a lot of feeding belts in the storage, but it's a problem.

 Layer 13, an area where rank 5 demons are mixed in with the overwhelming number of rank 4 demons.

 But here was a voice from heaven!

[Master, [[Mail Order(C)]] has been upgraded to [[Mail Order(B)]]. This allows you to purchase some skills, surface-to-air missiles, some tanks, helicopters (unarmed), etc.]]

 The day has finally come for me to fly.

 It's useless in this cavernous dungeon, but I'd like to ride in a helicopter.

[What skills do you have?]

[[For something that might help the Master, how about [[Warding Art]]?

[Is that a defensive skill?]

[It can be used for defense, but it can also be used to bind enemies and walk in the air using the ward as a foothold.]

[Oh, walking on air... that's nice... buy it! I also want to buy a surface-to-air missile, and a tank, but do I have enough money?]

[in one car, no problem]

[Then buy the tank.]

[Understood. The third level of modification has been released, so I'll apply the modifications as well.]

[I hope you've modified your existing armaments, not just the ones you bought.]

[Copy that.]

[Okay, I'll leave it to you.]

 The meeting with Ins was over and we were well on our way to the 14th level.

 The fourteenth layer that no one has reached yet. [[Search]] shows that there are still more rank 4 demons, but the number of rank 5 demons seems to be increasing in the area.

"Keep going for about 200 meters and you'll come to a crossroads, turn right."

"Okay, sir."

 Sailor's driving and I'm playing navigator, showing her the way.

 It's a cave dungeon, so if you go wrong you'll end up in a dead end or in a big room full of demons.

 But I have [[Search]], so I never get lost, and I know where traps and demons are. It's a useful skill!

"Grouse-san, it's a dead end..."

 I'm driving like I'm supposed to, and Sailor gives me a sad look.

 It's not Sailor's fault, so you didn't have to look like that.

 You're so cute! Nudge nudge.

"Lord! What are you doing!"

"Oh, I just thought Sailor was cute."

"I can't believe you're cute."

 I love how shy Sailor is too!

 Oh, look, Lethia's coming down.

"Lethia, I want you to convert it to a Type 96 40mm automatic rifle."

"Mm, what do you got?"

"It's okay, it's okay."

 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's worth it.

"The conversion is complete!"

"All right, fire at the wall in front of you!"

"Mmm, if the Lord says so..."

Oh, shoot me!

 When Lethia fires a bullet, it lands on the wall in front of her and explodes.

 And when you fire a second shot, a hole will appear in the wall and a space will appear beyond.

"Oh, a hidden room?"


"There's something about it."

Everybody out of the 96 Cougar.

 There is only a small space at the end of this road, and a Type 96 armored car (Cougar) cannot enter.

 So we're going to get off the 96 armored car here and collect it.

 The four of us will proceed to the space beyond the wall.

 There was a treasure chest sitting there.

"Saint-Louve, it looks like there's a trap in there, I need you to disarm it."

"Okay, one."

 Disarming traps and locks is a piece of cake for Saint-Louve.

 Sit down in front of the treasure chest and do something with it.

"Done one."

"You've already deactivated it, that's fast."

 Lethia approaches the treasure chest, marveling at Saint-Louve's quick work, and opens the lid.

 There were gold bars inside, and on top of them was a book that I had seen before.

"This is a skill scroll, isn't it?"

"What skill scroll is that?"

 In that case, I'd like an evaluation.

 Type: Scroll of Piloting Skill

 Description: Read by those with the aptitude to learn the skill [[piloting]].

 What's that? The [[piloting]] skill? What the hell are you piloting?

[Once you learn this skill, you will be able to pilot any vehicle.]

 Oh, you want me to fly around in a helicopter?

"You have such skills?"

"Then perhaps the Lord should remember."

"Goshujin-sama One."

 Well then, I'll be grateful to learn the skill.

 I open my skill scroll. When I do, it creates a sparkling effect and enters my chest.

[I learned the skill [[piloting]]]

 Oh, now I can fly a helicopter.

 [[Mail order]], I'm grateful for the fact that while I can get my head around how to operate the vehicles I've bought, it's probably a different story for a Type 96 armoured vehicle (Cougar), which is an extension of a car, and a helicopter, which is completely unknown.

"Now that we've recovered the gold, let's go, Lord!"

 As Lethia finished collecting all the gold bars in the treasure chest into her magic bag, I was dragged back to the original passage.

 And there you have it, a Type 96 armored car (Cougar) out of storage.

 The aisle is too narrow to change direction, so if you put it in storage and take it out like this, you can change direction 180 degrees.

Mm, what's changed?

"Yeah, it's a little different, isn't it?"

"Different one."

"...Ah, this is the third stage of magical modification, isn't it?"

 Looks like Ins took the liberty of putting it in storage while he made some magical modifications.

 You drive the 96 armored car (Cougar), which has come back even more powerful, and proceed to the 14th layer, kicking demons away.

 It's not a walk, so it's easy. The battle is also a beehive with a more modified Browning M2 heavy machine gun.

 It didn't take much time to go through layers 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19, and I finally reached layer 20.

 It's a very comfortable honeymoon, yes, this is a honeymoon!

 I'm going to the deepest part of this dungeon now!

"Lord . Attack Guardian's level is now 100!"

"Oh, good for you, Lethia!"

"Mm, they say you can change jobs to anything, so I'm going to change jobs, but I had a choice between Killer Guardian and Guardian Destroy, so I went with Guardian Destroy!"

 What's with all the shenanigans?

 Both of these occupations are going to be bad, which will make brainy Lethia even more brainy . I'm worried!

 I chuckle and offer my congratulations to Lethia.

 After that, Sunlouve and Sailor also changed their jobs, and Sunlouve became a NINJA Master and Sailor became a Great Sage.