Chapter 50 Honeymoon 3

 The honeymoon in the dungeon is now twenty layers long.

 I'm the only one who thinks it's strange, and the three new wives are happily defeating the demon.

 I knew this honeymoon was crazy, right?

 The 20th level is an area where rank 6 demons roam.

 The lich I found in the Labyrinth of the Dead when I was heading to the Red Tower was rank 5.

 Back then, I risked my life to kill a rank 5 demon, but now I can hunt a rank 6 demon without any trouble.

 This is also because I defeated Rich, but if it is so easy, it is somewhat disappointing.

 I tried to use a Type 10 tank here.

 This Type 10 tank is also equipped with a Browning M2 heavy machine gun, and the main gun is a 44 caliber 1 20mm smoothbore gun.

 In addition, the Type 10 tank that has been turned into a moving fortress that is also sturdier than an armored car breathes fire.

"Lord, the armored car was pretty good, but this tank is awesome!"

 Although the main gun has not been fired yet, the Browning M2 heavy machine gun has been modified in three stages to increase its power and range.

 I'd like to try firing the main gun here, but even the Browning M2 heavy machine gun has that power, so there is no way I can fire the main gun lightly.

"I've gotten used to flying it, but this vibration is really hard to take."

 Even Sailor who is driving is fed up with the vibration of the Type 10 tank.

 Well, it can't be helped because it's a tank of fighting power rather than riding comfort.

 If I can get the insulin to work, I'll have it done next time.

 The aisle is just barely wide enough for the car to pass through, and the driver's sense of driving is tested, but Sailor manages to pass through it without difficulty.

 From now on, I'll use Type 96 Armored Car (Cougar) for normal operation, and change to Type 10 Tank when I have to fight.

 Let's switch to the Type 96 Armored Car (Cougar) after we test fire the main gun.

[Master, there is an Earth Dragon waiting for you in the open space ahead.]

[Oh, just in time, I was looking for someone to fire the main gun]

[Even the Earth Dragon will be destroyed by the main gun. It'll ruin the materials. Are you sure?]

[I want the materials, but I want to check the power of the main gun.]

 And so we advanced the Type 10 tank into the space where the Earth Dragon awaits.

 The main gun of this Type 10 tank has a function that the main gun automatically tracks the target while running, so I would like to try this function too.

 Start moving clockwise around the Earth Dragon.

 If you set your sights on the Earth Dragon, which is alerting you, it will automatically adjust its sights for you.

 The Earth Dragon is also on the move, closing in on our Type 10 tank at breakneck speed.

All hands, prepare for the impact of gunfire!

 Fire the main gun.

 There's a roar and a shock that echoes in the pit of your stomach, and there's an explosion at the end of the barrel.

 Sailor is flying a Type 10 tank despite all that. I'm in no position.

 Find out what happened to Earth Dragon.

 There was an Earth Dragon, a piece of flesh...

 The Earth Dragon is a rank 7 monster, but this Type 10 tank is even more of a monster.

 No, the three stages of magical modification turned the Type 10 tank into a monster.

 I know how powerful the main gun is.

 I was thinking of switching to Type 96 Armoured Car (Cougar), but I wanted to check the defensive capability of Type 10 Tank.

 So wander the 20 levels looking for the Earth Dragon.

 It's not every day you find a rank 7 Earth Dragon.

 But the scope of my [[search]] is vast, so I find two Earth Dragons that exist to guard the boss room.

"This time, I'm going to test the defensive capabilities of the Type 10 tanks, so I want everyone to get off and wait."

"Glose-san, you can't pilot a tank and attack by yourself."

"And there's no way I'm leaving the Lord alone!"


"If you need anything, Ruby will heal you, Peeps!"

 I'm glad you feel that way.

 According to the information from Ins, he can withstand the Earth Dragon's attacks and breaths well enough, so he gets into the Type 10 tank with you.

 First things first.

 It's a head-on collision with an Earth Dragon that's rushing towards you.

 There is a thumping sound and a tremendous impact.

 The Type 10 tank survived, but I was blown away by the impact.

 If I wasn't wearing a steel cap, I'd be in trouble.

"There you are..."

"That's because you're not holding on tight enough."

 Lethia the brain rebukes me. It's humiliating.

 The clash with the Earth Dragon is almost even.

 No, it looks like we had it a little better, and Earth Dragon is bleeding from the face.

 Sailor revs up her engine as if she's in a power struggle with the Earth Dragon.

 The caterpillar grips the ground or spins around, but the Type 10 tank has the advantage in the power comparison.

 When you're comparing forces, you get hit from the side.

 The other Earth Dragon has charged in.

 As expected, the Type 10 tank is dragged several meters to the side, but it seems that the Type 10 tank, which has been modified with composite armor, is not seriously damaged.

 So Sailor backs up her Type 10 tank to get away from the Earth Dragon.

 I know you're defensive.

 But it's not a good idea to take on two Earth dragons.

 Fix the main gun's sights on the first Earth Dragon to hit us and I'll shout.

Main gun, fire!

 It will burst into flames and turn the Earth Dragon into a piece of meat.

 The remaining Earth Dragon turns its head upward, perhaps in fear or anger at the sight.

[It's the bracelet!]

Brace, brace for impact!

 I was told that the Earth Dragon's lifting of the head was a preliminary move to Breath.

 Then, after a few seconds of pause, he opens his mouth wide and shakes his head vigorously.

 A large amount of stone is released from the mouth and it hits the body of the Type 10 tank with a gun.

 I wish I could have shown you Earth Dragon's dumb face.

 It is not surprising that the engine of the Type 10 tank, which was buried in the stone by the breath, burst into flames, pushed the stone away, and started to move.

 Now that I've confirmed that its defenses are strong enough to withstand the breath, I'll focus the main gun on the Earth Dragon and fire.

 It's really convenient because it automatically corrects the sighting even when you're moving!

 After defeating the two Earth Dragons, we take a rest in front of the boss room that they were guarding.

 I couldn't get any information about the boss at the Adventurer's Guild.

 That's probably true, since no adventurer has ever set foot in this dungeon until the 13th level.

 But I know what I'm doing.

 I have [[Search]], so I know what kind of demons are waiting for me in the boss's room.

 Even in previously unexplored areas, this [[Search]] will tell you everything from the placement of demons to the location of traps.

 The break was taken in a Type 96 armored car (Cougar).

 The reason for this is that the Type 10 tank was deliberately attacked by the Earth Dragon in order to check its defensive capabilities, and the Type 10 tank was stored in storage in order to maintain it properly before the boss battle.

 You put it in storage, and Ins will take care of the maintenance. It's a leave it to me course.

 The first generation of the Type 96 armored car (Cougar) was also maintained and made into the same -sama as new.

 However, I bought a new one because I wanted to expand my living space, but more than anything, I wanted to earn money from [[mail order]] transactions.

 I feel I'm spending too much money these days, but it's also true that I'm making so much money.

 We took a nap in turns and had a light meal.

 And then Lethia opens the door to the boss's room, and we walk into the boss's room.

 For the boss battle, Lethia wanted to fight not with a Type 10 tank or a Type 96 armored car (Cougar), but with a flesh-and-blood battle, so I listened to her.

 I think it's dignified to see the back of Lethia holding a large shield and axe and facing the boss.

"Come on, let's kill it!"

 Lethia shouts as if to get into the spirit.

 Sailor shoots magic at it.

 The boss makes a painful sound under Sailor's magic.

 The boss is a Chaos Dragon. It's a rank 8 dragon, higher than the Earth Dragon.

 A whirlpool of wind strikes the Chaos Dragon and peels off some of its scales.

 Lethia stands in front of the Chaos Dragon.

 Unlike the lizard-like Earth Dragon, the Chaos Dragon has a Tyrannosaurus-like body with two wings and walks on its hind legs.

 The fact that she has wings means that she can fly, so when Lethia and the Chaos Dragon face each other, Saint-Louve is going to cut off her wings.


 The Chaos Dragon screams as Saint-Louve appears behind it without a sound, clipping its wings.

 At the same time as the scream, Lethia's axe slams into the bare skin as the scales fall off.

 An angry Chaos Dragon swings its body wide and tries to reave Lethia off with its tail.

 Lethia is hit by a Chaos Dragon and is flung backwards.

 The weight difference is too much for even the brainy Lethia to handle.

 But Sanlove takes advantage of the opportunity and damages Chaos Dragon's back leg.

 The Chaos Dragon is a little wobbly, and Lethia runs up to it and hits it with her body, causing the huge Chaos Dragon to fall backwards.

 Perhaps it was because she couldn't stand on her hind legs, but the fact that she hit an opponent of a different size is remarkable.

 I'm not just looking at it.

 Set up a tripod on the ground and look through the scope of a Barrett M82A1.

 It's weakness seems to be the reverse scale on the back of its neck, so aim for its neck.

 When I saw the Chaos Dragon get up and go into a rage-induced breath prep motion, I pulled the trigger.

 A hole in the neck of a Chaos Dragon.

 And through that hole, black flames leaked and engulfed the Chaos Dragon.

 The Chaos Dragon seems to be in agony, but because of the hole in its neck, it cannot speak and collapses and expires.

 Black flames burn the corpse of the Chaos Dragon for a while, and the smell of burnt flesh fills the boss's room.

Did you...?

"Mmm, I killed it!"

"Defeating a rank 8 chaos dragon is like a dream!"


"I didn't think I'd be able to make it!"

 You're right, Ruby didn't get a chance.

 Well, we're better off without Ruby.

 While we were laughing like that, the floor started to glow.

 I can't keep my eyes open.

 What the hell is this?

"Congratulations . Sonata and the others have successfully defeated the dungeon master of this [Dragon God's Labyrinth]."

"...who are you?"

 In front of me, there was a dragon with such a powerful presence that I thought the Chaos Dragon was a tiny existence.

 If the Chaos Dragon is a Tyrannosaurus, then the dragon in front of you is an Oriental dragon with a body as long as a snake.

"I am the Dragon God who created this [Dragon God's Labyrinth]."

 As I expected, it seems to be Ryujin-sama.

 But Tsukiyomi-sama had a name, but the Dragon God-sama in front of her doesn't have a name?

"Sonata and others will be given the privilege of defeating the dungeon boss for the first time."

 You're thinking about something I don't care about, and you're talking.

 This is the second time for me to do it, so I have a vague idea of how it should be done.

 So I asked Ins if I could get a way to go back to Japan, and he said no.

 Ins won't tell me, but he's keeping it until we get to the Red Tower.