Chapter 51 Count Hendler

 Relaxing in an inn in King's Landing.

 As this is a royal suite, the quality of the furniture is very good, and the sofa is so comfortable that you can almost sleep on it.

 We came back from the dungeon three days before the audience, and were killing time by touring the capital until the day of the audience.

 The day before the audience, Count Zachariah gave him a lecture on the minimum etiquette for an audience, and the day of the audience arrived.

 When you go through the big door, you will see a huge space, and in the center of the space, a red carpet with long and fluffy pile of hair is connected to the throne in a straight line.

 And on the left and right sides of the carpet, there's a line of noblemen and soldiers, all looking at me.

 It would be reassuring if Lethia and the others were here, but I'm here alone today.

 I'm not sure how I'm going to get there, but I'm going to make my way step by step to the place that Count Zachariah had told me about.

 Then kneel on one knee, fold one hand in front of your chest, and lower your head.

 In front of you sits an old man on a gorgeous golden throne set a few steps high.

 That man is Figgins the Fifteenth, King of the Kingdom of Delbarth.

 The slender king is kneeling in front of me, his gaze fixed on me.

 Silence reigns in this audience chamber.

 I know it's only a few seconds or a dozen seconds, but it feels like a very long time to me.

 My heart is racing and I feel like it's going to jump out of my mouth.

"Quell the Stampede of the Red Tower and slay the rank 7 Earth Dragon, hero, -----"

 A man standing a few steps below the king reads the text on the parchment.

 Count Zachariah had told me beforehand that this man, who looked older than the King, was the First Minister.

"By virtue of this achievement, Grose Hendler is hereby created an Earl."

 The long-winded First Minister has finally finished his speech.

"Be encouraged, Große Hendler."

"I'm very happy for you, sir."

 After that, I'm going to attend a dinner party and meet all of you.

 Well, there are many nobles who don't take a good look at me as an upstart, but the nobles who have estates around the Red Tower city seem to want to get close to me, and they're too overt in their favor.

 And there are some nobles who wanted to have strong economic ties, and the reaction of the nobility is polarized.

 The next morning, I'm hearing a lecture on the Count's powers and responsibilities.

 And in the afternoon, I'm busy deciding the coat of arms of the Countess of Hendler and other things.

 And that's the problem with my wife.

 A noblewoman can only have one full wife.

 You can have as many concubines as you like, but only your full wives need to be registered with the government, so you are not sure who to register as your full wives, Lethia, Saint-Louve or Sailor.

"Then Sailor would be a good choice!"

"What, why me? Lethia-san has known Grose-san the longest!"

"I'm no good."

"Me too."

 They don't like the idea of being married to each other.

 Well, if she is your wife, you must have a lot of trouble with the ladies of the nobility.

 It's not for Lethia by any stretch of the imagination, and considering Sela used to be a hunter, the social hurdle may be too high.

 Saint-Loup... don't even think about it. So...

[Ins, will you be my wife?]

[It's an honor, but are you sure you want to be me?]

[Sorry to bother you after the three of you, but if Ins is okay with it, I want her to be my wife.]

["I, Ins, for the sake of Master, will devote myself wholeheartedly to serving as your rightful wife!]

 Ins was originally able to materialize.

 However, I did not have much chance to materialize it.

 Because when you materialize, you can't have a conversation in my mind.

 However, conveniently, I was able to reinforce [[Navigator Alpha]] again by going through [[Dragon God's Labyrinth]].

 So now I have Ins sublimated to [[Navigator Beta]] in my .

 This way, even if Ins materializes, he'll still be connected to me in his mind and we'll still be able to talk.

 Not only can you talk to me, but you can also use my skills, which means it's the same as having two Ins.

 Ins's registration as a full wife was successfully completed, and I was taught many things in three days.

 They also gave me a lot of papers to read through.

 And when he is about to leave the capital, he is summoned by the king to go to the castle.

"Count Hendler, I give you a mansion in King's Landing."

"...a blessing in disguise."

 What the hell, man? I didn't hear anything about that.

 Why did you come to the house now?

[Master, that means my rightful wife is to be placed in a palace in King's Landing. Simply put, a hostage.]

[What? Are you telling me to leave Insu in King's Landing then?]

[I have no problem with it. I can disembody if I need to, and I'm always connected to the master.]


[Don't worry. My entities can use the Master's skills too.]

[yeah, but... yeah?]

[[Yes, the entity can head to Master's side at any time by using [[space-time magic]].

 I felt bad for Insu, but I was glad that she was my wife.

 But I was pretty pissed off that this was the way of royalty and nobility.

 We need to do something to make sure the king can't interfere with us anymore.

[Just as well, I'll gather information on the other nobles in King's Landing. Let's make them regret placing my entity in King's Landing.]

[That's what I'm talking about, Ins!]

 When I left the King's office, I was stopped by the First Minister.

 I wondered what was going on, but it turned out that the deputy of the city of the Red Tower, who had been vacant, had been appointed and he wanted to introduce him.

"It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm a certain Hyolimee Kanryo."

"My name is Grose Hendler."

 Count Zachariah's men will be withdrawn when he takes up his post in the city of the Red Tower.

 But he's a pain in the ass.

 If you check this new deputy with [[search]], it's yellow.

 Yellow is a color that is not completely hostile, but has a high risk of becoming hostile in some cases.

 The first minister is also yellow, so I'm wondering if there's some kind of trouble behind this.

Hey, how can I help you?

"No, I think I'm a little tired from all the unfamiliarity."

"That's not a good idea, I think I'll just say hello today. I'm leaving for the city of the Red Tower tomorrow, would you like to join me?"

 We can't move with the carriage now.

 And I don't want to be with this new officer.

"Thank you for the invitation, but I think I'd like to visit another city."

"I see. Then I look forward to meeting you again in the city of the Red Tower."

 And so the new lord turned on his heel and walked away.

 Then I changed my plan and decided to go back to the Red Tower instead of going to it.

 The king gave me a large house.

 My first impression is that there are a lot of rooms and it's hard to manage.

 Not only a house, but also a butler and five maids.

 Unfortunately, these six men are also yellow and cannot be trusted.

 That's why we're going to be promoting people by ins.

 The wallet is mine, and Ins is in complete control of it, so you can hire as many people as you want.

 This house will be fine if we leave everything to Ins.

 Besides, the combat power of the materialized Ins is so high that it would be rare.

 I had a real honeymoon.

 I asked Ins to carefully select a route to a place with sights and no dungeons.

 I've chosen my routes carefully because I'm afraid I'll get taken away if there are dungeons, really.

 I'm sorry for Inns in King's Landing, but I have Inns in me, and I hope Inns will enjoy it.

 On the way back to the capital after making several stops, Insu reported to me that he had hired about 150 men as vassals.

 I heard that fifty of them were sent to a house in the city of the Red Tower.

 I'm sure they're capable since they're the vassals Ins chose, but that's a lot, isn't it?

 A nobleman with only a title like me is paid a salary by the state, and an earl has a system to subsidize the salary of up to 100 vassals.

 But that system doesn't apply to me.

 In return, they are allowed to move freely to other countries.

 Since a nobleman cannot leave the country without permission, if he refused the title because he was a merchant, he was granted freedom of movement to other countries as a special exception.

 Instead, there were these institutional changes.

 The truth is that I didn't want the title because it would be too much trouble, but the government tried hard to make it difficult for me to refuse.

 I've returned to the city of the Red Tower.

 The Count of Zachariah's vassals are already gone.

 I went to the lord's house to greet him.

 We'll have a nice chat and go back to my place.

 The next day, Lulu and Mouser report to you about their absence.

 That report alone consumed the day.

 On the next day, we visited an orphanage.

 The orphanage has already started accepting children, and there are about thirty children there now.

 I asked Braham to be in charge.

 I thought I could trust him to take care of the traumatized children because I knew he would understand the pain of others despite his strong face.

 I'm going to put about ten of the fifty men Ins hired in King's Landing under Braham's command.

 Apparently, that's what Ins hired him to do.

 A few days later, a vassal came from King's Landing.

 Fifty vassals and their families can't fit in the apartment.

 As soon as I returned to this city I asked Catherine San to arrange to buy other land, but it was not in time.

 So, for the time being, you'll be living in an apartment and an orphanage.

"My name is Hommen. This is a letter from Oku-sama."

"Thank you, my wife has told me everything. Homen, Sonata will work for you as housekeeper."

"Oh, what a blessing!"

 I can't help but laugh at how great I've become.

 There are eight civilian officials and 32 military officials, and the remaining 10 are orphanage teachers.

 I'll summarize our current status here.


 Full name: Große Hendler

 Occupation: Demiurgos Lv35

 Information: Human, male, 21 years old, Count.

 HP: 7000000(A)

 MP: 8000000(EX)

 Muscle strength: 190000(A)

 Endurance: 200000(A)

 Magic: 300000(EX)

 Agility: 200000(A)

 Dexterity: 300000(EX)

 Charm: 300000(EX)

 Good luck: 100

 Active Skills: [[Appraise(S)]][[Disguise(S)]][[Divine Creation(D)]][[Tame(S)]][[Messenger(B)]][[Enhance( S)]][[Search(A)]][[Precision Shooting(S)]][[Physical Enhancement(A)]]

 Passive Skills: [[Improved Production Quality(A)]][[Improved Attractiveness(A)]][[Maneuver(D)]]]

 Magic Skill: [[Space-Time Magic(B)]]

 Unique Skills: [[Mail Order(B)]][[Navigator Beta]][[Soul Eater(C)]]

 Criminal record:

 Title: [[Class C Dungeon Treader]], [[Strong Eater]], [[Dragon Slayer]], [[Class A Dungeon Treader]]

 UP ⇒ [[Physical Enhancement(A)]][[Mail Order(B)]][[Soul Eater(C)]]]

 Sublimation ⇒ [[Navigator beta]]

 [[Pilot(D)]]You can pilot any vehicle, but your proficiency depends on your rank.

<The bonus for defeating the first dungeon boss in the Dragon God's Labyrinth.

 Upgrading the Navigator ⇒ Even if Ins materializes, the connection with Grose is not broken.


 Full name: Lethia Ogan

 Occupation: Guardian Destroy Lv20

 Info: Ogre, female, 16, squire.

 HP: 500000(S)

 MP: 20000(E)

 Strength: 300000(S)

 Endurance: 300000(S)

 Magic: 30000(E)

 Agility: 200000(A)

 Diclofenac: 70000(C)

 Charm: 70000(C)

 Good luck: 5

 Active Skills: [[Hyakutake no Mamoru(S)]] [[Axe of Destruction(S)]] [[Iron Wall(S)]] [[Sense of Presence(A)]] [[Self-Renewal(B)]]

 Passive Skills: [[Strengthen Body(S)]][[Axe and Shield Art(S)]][[Body Art(S)]][[Mastery of Destruction(D)]]]

 Magic Skills:

 Unique Skill: [[Kizuna]] [[Banpugeki(A)]]

 Title: [[Class C Dungeon Treader]] [[Class A Dungeon Treader]]

 UP ⇒ [[Sense Motive(A)]][[Self-Renewal(B)]][[Destruction(D)]][[Banpugeki( Banpugeki(A)]]

<The bonus for defeating the first dungeon boss in the Dragon God's Labyrinth.

 Dragonslayer(Axe) ⇒ increases attack power against dragons and makes them indestructible.


 Full name: Saint-Loup

 Occupation: NINJA Master, Lv1

 Info: Bloodwolf, female, 16, squire.

 HP: 150000(A)

 MP: 100000(B)

 Muscle Strength: 150000(S)

 Durability: 50000(B)

 Magic: 80000(A)

 Agility: 150000(S)

 Utensil: 150000(S)

 Charm: 150000(S)

 Good luck: 5

 Active Skills: [[Three-Dimensional Activation(S)]][[Evasion(S)]][[Iron Slash(S)]][[Trap Release(C)]][[Lock Release(C)]]]

 Passive Skills: [[Leg Strength(S)]][[Hide and Seek(A)]][[Sense of Presence(S)]][[Assassination(A)]][[Twin Dagger Technique(A)]]]

 Magic Skills:

 Unique Skill: [[Kizuna]] [[Divine Speed(B)]] [[NINJA's Book of Secrets(E)]]

 Title: [[Class C Dungeon Treader]] [[Class A Dungeon Treader]]

 UP ⇒ [[Three-Dimensional Activation(S)]][[Evasion(S)]][[Iron Slash(S)]][[Leg Strengthening( S)]][[Hidden Shadow Technique(A)][[Sense of Presence(S)]][[Assassination Technique(A)]][[Twin Dagger Technique(A)]][[Divine Speed(B)]]]

 [[Disarm Trap(C)]] can disarm a trap. Depending on the type of trap, it may fail to disarm.

 [[Unlock(C)]] can unlock a key. It may fail depending on the type of the key.

 [[NINJA's Book of Secrets(E)]] A skill that is only available to those who have mastered the NINJA. Use imagined ninjutsu.

<The bonus for defeating the first dungeon boss in the Dragon God's Labyrinth.

 NINJA Armament ⇒ Black Suit and Bitterness, both of which increase the effectiveness of stealth. Both of them can heal themselves even if they are wounded.


 Full name: Sela

 Occupation: Great Sage, Lv1

 Info: Human, female, 17, squire.

 HP: 80000(B)

 MP: 200000(S)

 Strength: 30000(C)

 Endurance: 30000(C)

 Magic: 150000(S)

 Agility: 60000(B)

 Utensil: 150000(S)

 Attraction: 120000(A)

 Good luck: 20

 Active Skills: [[Sight Enhancement(S)]][[Concentration(S)]][[Demon Appraisal(S)]]

 Passive Skills: [[Archery(B)]][[Sense of presence(S)]][[Magic manipulation(S)]]

 Magic Skill: [[Wind Magic(A)]][[Fire Magic(S)]][[Ice Magic(A)]][[Lightning Magic(A)]][[Sacred Magic(B)]]]

 Unique Skill: [[Bond]] [[Divine Essence of Fire(C)]] [[Combined Magic(E)]]

 Title: [[Class C Dungeon Treader]] [[Saint of Fire]] [[Class A Dungeon Treader]]

 UP ⇒ [[Sight Enhancement(S)]][[Concentration(S)]][[Demon Appraise(S)]][[Perception( S]][[Magic Manipulation(S)]][[Wind Magic(A)]][[Fire Magic(S)]][[Ice Magic(A)]][[Lightning Magic(A)]][[Divine Magic(B) Sacred Magic(B)]]

 [[Essence of Fire(C)]], a sign that the wielder of fire has reached great heights. The power of the flame increases greatly.

 [[Saint of Fire]], a title honoring women who control powerful fire magic. Learn the skill [[Divine Essence of Flame]].

 [[Combine Magic(E)]] combines two or more spells and activates them. The power increases greatly.

<The bonus for defeating the first dungeon boss in the Dragon God's Labyrinth.

 Wise Man's Grimoire ⇒ A grimoire that covers all magic.


 Full name: Ruby

 Info: Little Phoenix, Rank 5, Female, 0, Grose's messenger.

 HP: 10000

 MP: 50000

 Muscle strength: 3000

 Endurance: 8000

 Magic: 9000

 Agility: 8000

 Dexterity: 5000

 Attractions: 7000

 Good luck: 50

 Active Skills: [[Flight(C)]][[Healing Winds(C)]][[Flap of Flame(C)]][[Acceleration(C)]]

 Unique Skill: [[Resurrection(C)]][[Information Sharing]]

 UP ⇒ [[Flight(C)]][[Healing Wind(C)]][[Flap of Flame(C)]][[Acceleration( C)]][[Resurrection(C)]]

<The bonus for defeating the first dungeon boss in the Dragon God's Labyrinth.

 Nothing special, since he's Grose's errand boy.


 Full name: Insu Hendler

 Occupation: High-speed data processor, Lv100

 Info: elven angel, female, 20, Mrs. Hendler.

 HP: 1000000(S)

 MP: 1000000(S)

 Strength: 300000(S)

 Endurance: 300000(S)

 Magic: 300000(S)

 Agility: 300000(S)

 Dexterity: 300000(S)

 Charm: 300000(S)

 Good luck: 50

 Active Skills: [[Information Processing(S)]][[Fast Arithmetic(S)]]

 Passive Skill: [[Physical Attack Resistance(S)]][[Magic Attack Resistance(S)]][[Abnormal Condition Resistance(S)]]

 Magic Skills:

 Unique Skill: [[Multiple Existence]] [[Glowse Assistance]]