Chapter 52 Four Mothers

 After returning to the city of the Red Tower, I've been busy processing the business documents that Lulu and the others had entrusted to me, and buying land.

 That's why I've never been in the Red Tower and why Lethia and others are buzzing about it.

 Half of them are noblemen, half of them are merchants.

 The nobles are stable.

 Hommen, the vizier Ince found for me, is excellent and so are the other retainers.

 And it was good that he did not have a lot of work to do because he did not have a territory.

 Then we accelerated the acceptance of the orphanage.

 The number of orphans we are accepting has exceeded one hundred. But we still have room for about 200 more orphans.

 The orphans in the orphanage are taught to read, write and calculate, and if they are gifted, they are taught swords and magic.

 We want the children to have autonomy so they can do what they can in life.

 He's an orphan, so he's got a certain amount of independence, and he's got the foundation for the elders to take care of the younger ones.

 So even the cooking is mostly done by the children with only a few adults.

 Washing and cutting vegetables is left to the children according to their age and ability.

 As for the merchants, Lulu was followed by Daisy, who opened a shop.

 Daisy's is a restaurant with a menu that focuses on Japanese cuisine.

 The restaurant is popular not only for its unusual menu but also for its delicious taste, and it is always busy with customers.

 And I started a company called the Hendler Company.

 I'm the owner and chairman of the board, with moochel as president.

 It is a general trading company and deals in a variety of goods from sundries to food, but the sundries are separated from Lulu's shop.

 Well, as far as management goes, I'm throwing it all to Mouser. I only buy products through [[mail order]].

"Big brother, you've been busy, haven't you?"

"Hmm? Oh, Minho and the others, what's up? What do you want?"

 Three former brainiacs plus one .

 Miho Inaba, Asami Tanaka, Kanami Sanjou, and Kazumi Uemura came to my office with their heads held high.

 The four of them have known each other since childhood, and when they have time, they hang out together like this.

"Oh, I have a favor to ask the owner..."

 Unusually, Kazumi Uemura speaks. She is the only one of the four who is shy.

 His occupation is [Alchemist], and he now spends his days making potions while guzzling his own potions.

 She doesn't have much MP, so she has to drink potions like this to make potions.

 By the way, you didn't make a potion that raises the MP limit by processing the magic stone of Manas Spiritual.

 It was during the stampede in the Red Tower that I got the magic stone, and after that, I went to the wedding banquet and the royal capital, and after I came back from the capital, I didn't have much chance to talk to them because of the orphanage and business.

 I don't think he even told her he was going to make her an MP-enhancing potion, so it's not like she's going to think anything of it for forgetting .

 But what could a quiet, withdrawn girl like her ask of me?

"I want to fight alongside you... and I was wondering if I could ask the owner... for some support."

 I peeled my eyes open in surprise.

 A word I never thought I'd hear from her again, "fight."

 I wonder what happened to her in the first place.

"I'd like to hear why."

 It didn't seem like her words, so I thought she might have been forced to say them by the three brainy girls, but as far as I heard, that doesn't seem to be the case.

 She thought about it in that place where a thousand people were gathered.

 I don't see any familiar faces around me, and I don't know any names.

 I asked myself if I could go on an adventure by myself in such a situation, and the answer was no.

 I asked myself if I could make friends with strangers and locals, and the answer was no.

 And the conclusion I came to was to acquire [[Alchemy]], a production skill that would allow me to live on my own.

 But she hadn't thought about building up her MP, and she was halfway to being an alchemist .

 There was no way around the trap of needing a large amount of MP to exercise the [[alchemy]] skill.

 And now that he's joined up with three of his childhood friends, he wants to go back to Japan to work with them.

"So, I was wondering if I could ask the owner for some help."

"I see, -kun doesn't have any combat skills, so it's like he wants funds to buy skill scrolls?"

"Yes, yes, that's correct."

"Big brother, we have about five million yen saved up. But that's not enough to buy a Skill Scroll."

"It'll be a career payout, but I'll pay you back, I need the money!"

Please, give me some money.

 Not only Kazumi Uemura, but also the other three bow down.

 I'll give you all the help you need if you want it, but there's a problem.

 That's if Kazumi Uemura can really fight demons.

 Even if you buy skill scrolls, it is useless if you can't use them effectively in front of demons.

"I may not be good at first, but I will always be useful to everyone!"

 Easier said than done.

 Her resolve seems firm. But if she stands in front of the demon, she may be helpless like a person swept away by a tsunami.

 However, you have to learn skills to stand in front of demons.

 I've decided to support them, so I'll support them, believe me.

"Okay, I'll help you. What skills do you need? Just tell me what you need."

"Thank you!"

"""Thank you, brother!"""

 Four bowing heads. Good humility.

 And listen to the skills these women thought they had.

 Miho Inaba is a dual-wielding swordsman, Asami Tanaka is a mage spearman, and Kanami Sanjou is a bow mage, so the three of them are completely offensive professions.

 Not only her occupation, but also her skill is offensive, so she wants Kazumi Uemura to get a skill of support or recovery.

"So I want to purchase a [[Holy Magic]] skill scroll."

 The [[holy magic]] she refers to is recovery magic, but it also allows her to use a bit of defensive magic, so it's a skill just right for their needs.

"Wouldn't [[Divine Magic]] be better for that?"

 The [[Sacred Magic]] I proposed is a skill that's super-compatible with [[Holy Magic]].

 If you are going to pay money to buy a skill scroll, I think you should buy a good one.

"[[Sacred Magic]] is too expensive for me to afford..."

 The [[Holy Magic]] is ten times more expensive than [[Holy Magic]].

 The four of us who have to rely on me for funds can't afford [[divine magic]].

[ins, can you keep buying [[sacred magic]] for me?]

[Copy that.]

"Don't worry about the money, just take it."

 I pretend to take it out of my desk drawer and take out the [[Sacred Magic]] skill scroll from storage and place it on the desk.

"What... is...?"

"[[Divine Magic]] skill scroll. It's one of the several skill scrolls that I got from that stampede."

 A lie. It's true you got a skill scroll at the Stampede, but you didn't get [[Sacred Magic]].

"I don't know how I'm going to pay you back for something so expensive."

"Don't worry about the money . -Once we decide to help kun and the others, we won't do anything halfway."

"Oh, brother... thank you."

 They hugged each other and thanked me over and over again.

"Come back tomorrow. I've got something else for you."

"You don't have to do that much for me..."

I told you not to worry about it. Come back tomorrow, same time. Understood?"

 I haven't made a potion to raise the MP limit significantly yet, so I've decided to ask him to come back tomorrow.

 And I'll get you four some gear.

 You've used your current one so much that it's time to switch to a better weapon or armor.

 Lethia came in just as the four of you were leaving my office.

 Apparently, he's frustrated.

"When are we going to the dungeon?"

 I haven't been in a dungeon since the dungeons of King's Landing.

 That must be frustrating for Lethia.

 In that case, I have a suggestion.

"Tomorrow, I'll give those four new equipment, so why don't you take them and come into the dungeon with me? I'm busy and won't be able to move for a while, and with Saint-Louve here, guarding them won't be a problem."

 Then I look at Saint-Louve, who's lying on the couch, slumped over.

 He's lazy now because there's no one to fight against, but he'll be sharp when the time comes. ...will you?

"Mmm, isn't the Lord going?"

"Sorry, I'll make it up to you next time."

"It can't be helped . I'll train those four!"

 I join my hands to the four girls in my heart. Nanmu Amida Buddha.