Chapter 53 Orphan

 Crush the magic stone of Manas Spiritual into small pieces.

 The next step is to dry the mana leaves, which are also the leaves of the mana tree, and grind them finely.

 The mana tree is a not-so-common plant that is used to make potions that restore MP, so I bought it because it's reasonably common in the market.

 Both images are as fine as potato starch.

 If you cut corners in this process, the finished product will not feel smooth and the effect will be low.

 I'll add Wyvern's blood to this, but since I have Chaos Dragon's blood, I'll use that.

 Rank 8 Chaos Dragon's Blood is more effective than rank 4 Wyvern, so I got just the right one.

 All that's left is to activate [[Divine Creation]] to create a glowing liquid.

 A potion that greatly increases the maximum value of MP is now ready.

 Type: Mana Enhancing Potion (Divine Level)

 Description: A divine potion that greatly improves MP retention. The use of Chaos Dragon's blood has greatly improved the effect of increasing MP.

 When I used this divine potion in SWG, it raised my MP by about 20,000 at a time .

 And after a month of real life, I took the same thing and it worked again.

 The effect of the drug decreases by about ten percent with the number of times you take it, but it is still very effective.

 I remember at the time I took this divine medicine for two years and increased my MP limit by 180,000.

 Thanks to this, I remember that the MP increase was about 2,000 when I took the last drink.

 The four girls arrived at the appointed time.

 I'll give you enough equipment for four men.

 For Miho the duelist, I prepared a composite armor made of mithril and rank 5 metal lizard leather and a mithril demon twin sword.

"Oh, my God! This is for me!"

"Do what you want with it. But don't overdo it just because you're better equipped."

"Yeah, thanks!"

 The magic spearman Asami is given the same composite armor and mithril magic spear as Miho.

"Thank you, big brother!"

"I'm glad you like it."

 Kanami the Archmage is given the Leather Armor of Metal Lizard and the Magic Bow of Mithril.

"I'll take care of it. Thank you."

"Oh, good luck with that."

 And Kazumi, the alchemist, is given a robe that reduces MP consumption when casting spells and a magic staff that increases the power of spells.

"Oh, owner, thank you."

 I gave Kazumi Uemura a drug that will increase his MP even more.

"What's this?"

"It's a potion that will greatly increase your MP limit . Take it."

"What, there's... there's a drug..."

 Kazumi's shoulders bounce as she stares at the pills.

 Perhaps they used [[appraisal]].

Kazumi, what's wrong?

"Since your brother gave you this medicine, you should take it quickly."

"You must drink."

"...the divine medicine?"


 Four of them are screaming. It's loud.

 So I forced Kazumi to drink it.

 I don't know what it tastes like. Sorry if it tastes bad.

"Oh, I really drank..."

"Well, what about it?"

 The three of them wait with bated breath for Kazumi to confirm her status, worried about her MP.

"Fifty thousand!"

 Looks like my MP went up more than I expected.

 But it went up 50,000...(distant eyes)

 For all intents and purposes, it's Chaos Dragon blood and [[Divine Creation]]. ....

"What's that number?"

"No way!"

"I don't have one?"

 The three of them look at me with greedy eyes.

 There is, but it's not that easy.

 Just Kazumi this time.

"The potion was an accidental acquisition. You can't expect me to always have it."

"Mmm~ Really? Too bad!"

"But now Kazumi's MP, which was a concern, has gone up significantly, so isn't that a good feeling?"

"I'll try to level up!"

 If you get something good or build something, I'll give you priority.

"Today we'll get you used to that equipment. So - kun and the others will go into the dungeon with Lethia ."

 And finally, we also give you a magic bag that performs a little better than the magic bags on the market.

 This magic bag also contains potions, so you can use them sparingly in case of emergency.

All right, let's go!

"What, now?"

"Now! You know what they say about good things happening in a hurry!"

 I've reminded Lethia not to go deeper than the fifth level.

 I told her that even the fifth layer would be hard for a beginner like Kazumi, so look at her condition and make a decision.

 It's gonna be okay. I like to think so. Nameless Amitabha.

 I'll leave the four girls to Lethia, and I'll accompany Saint-Louve and Sela to inspect the orphanage.

 The grounds of the orphanage are quite large.

 And it's a school building used as an orphanage, so it stands out.

 The garden was turned into a playground, and I could see children swinging wooden swords and other weapons.

 And there's Braham watching over him.

How's it going?

"No problem. I'm just more surprised at how good these kids are."

 There are about thirty people on the ground, including eight children before adulthood, wielding wooden swords.

 Gazing at the children, Braham says happily that they are excellent.

"Being good is not a bad thing. But just because you're good doesn't mean you can't understand people's pain."

"Sure, I'm going to focus on training my mind more than anything else, even more than my technique."

"Oh, the mind... [mind and body]."

"Mu? [mind, body, spirit]?"

"It's like the principles of martial arts in my country. I think it says that you should train your mental strength first, your technique second, and your physical strength third, but I don't know the details because I am not a warrior. I don't know the details because I am not a warrior, but I think it was taught that none of these three should be lacking.

"Hmm, that's a good one. Let that be the motto of this orphanage."

 Braham was surprisingly receptive, and the motto of the orphanage was decided to be [mind, body, and spirit].

 I thought it was a word of martial arts, so it was good for children who studied swordsmanship, but I wondered if it would be good for children who wanted to be merchants or government officials.

"These three are about to come of age. They say they want to be adventurers when they grow up, but their skills are not so good since they have only just started training with swords. I'd like to raise them here for a while longer, what do you think?"

 After looking around the orphanage, I was consulted by Braham in the director's office.

 There are three children there, looking at me with scruffy eyes.

 He was an orphan, and he looked at me as if he didn't trust me.

 You've had a long, horrible life, so it's not hard to see why you wouldn't open up.

 The three of them are thin, and their lack of strength is evident in their appearance.

 She is still fuller than when she first came to the orphanage, but she is smaller than most 15-year-olds because of her malnourished body.

"The man in charge of this orphanage is Braham. If that's what you think, then so be it."

 What's the point of an orphanage if we just throw these three out and turn them into adventurers?

 The goal is to raise the standard of the orphanage to a level that will allow everyone, not just these three, to leave the orphanage.

Yeah, okay.

"Hold on . We're gonna be adventurers soon!"

"That's right, old man Braham."

"I'm going to be an adventurer and take in my sisters!"

 You three seem to be very independent.

 This is probably because he feels that he cannot trust people, and he cannot trust this orphanage.

"You guys who get out of breath just from swinging a wooden sword a little will only die if you become adventurers."

 Three skinny and weak adventurers will only be food for demons.

 I don't mean to sound harsh, but I'd have to say that the three of you don't have what it takes to be adventurers.

"You wouldn't know that if you didn't try and see!"

"If you want to be an adventurer, put one in me! Then I'll accept you!"

 This is how the three of them have decided to fight for their independence.

 The ground is packed with spectators as the battle for the independence of the three children is about to take place.

 Most of them are orphans, including my three sisters.

"Don't push yourself, big brother."

"That's right, there's no way I can beat the Director, so you can stop me."

"What, you guys think we're gonna lose?"

 The children who had gathered around the three of them nodded in unison.

 Even the little ones seem to know the difference between Braham and the three of them.

"Old man, if you push yourself too hard and break your body, I won't care!"

"Huh, don't worry, I don't need to move to the point of breaking my body against you guys."

 The three of you were trying to incite Braham, but he was incited in the opposite direction, and the blood rushed to your heads.

 A battle is not only fought with swords, but it also begins with these preparations.

"I'll make you cry!"

"Oh, I'll see the look on your face when you get beat up!"


 The three and Braham face each other with their wooden swords.

 In case you're wondering, this fight is a three-to-one handicap.

 Even though the three of them can take on a demon at once, Braham is a former adventurer who was capable of defeating a rank 3 demon by himself.

 The leg that was left behind from the injury has been completely healed with the degradation elixir I made, so I'm not worried about my body.

 If you think about it, there's no reason for Braham to lose.

 The three move in unison and divide to surround Braham.

 Set before Braham were the three leading boys, whose names were Valday.

 He is the tallest of the three, but even so, he is only a little over 160cm tall.

 The height of an average adult male is about 170 cm, so it is clear that lack of nutrition also affects growth.


 A boy named Ghazn, who was stationed behind Braham on his left, slashes at him.

 He's the smallest boy of the three.

 You're obviously too weak to make it as an adventurer.

 As if in response to Gazin, a boy named Sanju, who was stationed at the right rear, also moved.

 He is in the middle of the three in terms of physique, but I can only say that he is small because all three of them are small.

 He shifts his body slightly to avoid the two attacks, and easily sees through the last move by Baldey.

 The three collide in a fit of pique.

 I'm an amateur swordsman, and I don't see how I can beat Braham.

"Come on, get up. Is this how you want to end it?"

 Braham is goading the three of them.

 The three men who hit their heads with a thud when they fell get up, rubbing their heads .

"Damn it, don't run away, old man!"

 It's impossible, you might say.

 You can see that he is still a child when you see him talking like this.

"Let's go!"


 Vardae calls out and Sanju and Ghazun call out.

 And all three move at once to slash at Braham, but the attacks of the three weak men cut through the sky.

 It's a pity, but it's obvious that the three of you are not good enough to beat Braham no matter what you do.

 Even an amateur swordsman like me can see that.

 They slash at Braham without a break, but Braham dodges their attacks with a minimum of movement.

 Compared to the three of them, breathing on their shoulders and sweating profusely, Braham is not even out of breath.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha. Not yet, not yet!"

 Vardae slashes at him. And for the first time, Braham wields a wooden sword.

 Baldae takes a wooden sword in the back and falls to the ground with great force.


 And in an instant, he moved in front of the other two, and when Braham's two wooden swords were swung, Sanju and Gazun fell to the ground as well.

"Up there!"

 I'll stop the fight here and tell the onlookers to patch up the three.

 After a while, the three of them realize what's going on, and Braham says.

"You three are weak-minded. I understand your hesitation, but you need to understand what you are capable of, and think hard about how to become adventurers."

 The three of us are depressed.

"If you want to be adventurers, then I will make sure you are good enough to be adventurers. For now, be patient and focus on your training."

 With tears in his eyes and the three of them holding back, Braham says that now is the time to be patient.

 It's nothing compared to the hunger you've been enduring without food, isn't it? I tell him.

 The three are reluctant to become adventurers, but even so, they will only die young.

 I hope that they will leave the university after they have developed their skills here.