Chapter 55 Red Tower 10 To 11 Layers

"Speaking of which, how many points did the four of you have when you first decided your status?"

 I asked Ins but she wouldn't answer. Then, I thought I should ask her, so I did.

"I was eight hundred points, wasn't I?"

 The black-haired swordsman Miho Inaba replied.

"I think I'm eight hundred and fifty."

 Asami Tanaka, another black-haired demon spearman, also answers.

"Nine hundred."

 Kanami Sanjou, the blonde elf archmage, is still a man of few words.

"I was seven hundred and fifty."

 The black-haired reclusive alchemist Kazumi Uemura also answers .

 The four answered without any sign of remembering those days.

 Thus, the number of points was relatively close, ranging from 750 to 900.

 Now, here's a question. How many points did I get?

"How old was your brother?"

 I have 2,500 points. That's almost three times as many points as they have.

 Can I be honest with you about this?

 I don't mind, but wouldn't the girls be shocked at the difference?

[Ins, why were my points so high?]

[I'm sorry. I can't answer the criteria for awarding points].

[Also, authority, right? So, who's had more points than me?]

[I'm sorry. I can't answer that either.]

[I don't know if I can help it...]

"I guess I'm just a little more than everyone else."

"A little? A thousand, then?"


 I don't want to make you feel unequal, so I'll just leave it at that.

"So, do you focus on skills, brother? Or the ability?"

 Can I answer some of Miho's questions .

"Luck and skill, I guess."

"Wow~ You're so brave, brother-San, to swing at a lucky value."

"Really, as expected, I couldn't swing to the lucky value~, I had to consume a lot~"

 Miho and Asami give their impressions.

 It cost one point to increase MP, and two points to increase all abilities except Luck.

 On the other hand, I spent seven points to raise my luck to one, and unlike other abilities, it is capped at one hundred.

 I would have cried if this system had a weak luck factor. But now I realize that my luck is good.

 While the four of us were talking about the status determination, a demon appeared.

 This is the tenth level and it's full of rank 3 demons.

 As expected, the four of them kick Uldrago to the curb.

 It seems that a rank 3 Uldrago is no match for the current four.

 I've seen enough fights to know that.

"The current four of us wouldn't be a match for a tenth layer demon, right?"

"You're so happy to hear that - brother-san."

"Then I guess I'll just quickly go through the ten layers!"

"Strength, strength."

"But I heard there's a boss on the tenth level. Isn't he strong?"

 Kazumi admonishes the three of them for being so aggressive as usual.

 However, the three of them are not blind to their surroundings as before, so their battle is more stable.

"The boss is an elephant demon named Crazy Elephantus. He's just a hard, wooden boy."

 Lethia gives you some information about the boss, but she's not very good at explaining.

"It's hard and it's fast. More importantly, it's very powerful. Its attacks are all flesh and blood, so watch out for its fangs, nose, and lunges."

 It's Sailor's job to give the four of them general information, not Lethia's subjective opinion.

"""" yes!""""

 After a few more battles, he confronts Crazy Elephantus.

"Wow, it's huge. Although it's not as big as the Earth Dragon that my brother defeated."

"Yeah, I think I can handle something like this."

"I'll kill you."

"I hope you're okay..."

 Three cool guys and Kazumi as a brake.

 The war begins with Kanami's bow attack.

 Kanami's arrow pierces Crazy Elephantus behind the ear, in the neck.

 Caught off guard, Crazy Elephantus screams.

 Then Miho and Asami run up to them.

 Kazumi will grant them a holy protection.

 Sacred Charm is a spell that can be cast with [[Sacred Magic(D)]], which nullifies a certain amount of damage.

 In addition, you can increase the defensive power [strong].


 Asami's spear intersected with Crazy Elephantus' nose. Crazy Elephantus dexterously used his nose to catch Asami's spear.

 And when she saw an opening, she tried to wrap her nose around the spear.

"I'm over here, too!"

 Miho slashed Crazy Elephantus's left paw with his twin swords while he was distracted by Asami.

 Blood splatters from Crazy Elephantus' left foreleg, which has been slashed open.

 As a mithril double-edged sword, it seems to be able to inflict wounds even against crazy Elephantus.

 Crazy Elephantus let out a yelp of pain from his left paw.

"What are you barking at?"

 He ignored Asami, who was right in front of him, and let out a yell, which gave us an opening.

 Asami mercilessly thrust out a mithril magic spear and gouged Crazy Elephantus' right eye.

 Kanami's arrow pierced Crazy Elephantus, who swung his nose as if he couldn't hold back and moved his body wildly.

 In addition, the Holy Lance fired by Kazumi inflicts damage.

 Minho kicks the ground with a thud and jumps on Crazy Elephantus's back, thrusting his sword into it. At the same time, Asami's spear, Kanami's arrow, and Kazumi's Holy Lance hit him one after another.

 Crazy Elephantus gets angry and moves his huge body violently to shake Miho off, then hits him when he lands on the ground.


 Minho's getting popped.


 Crazy Elephantus is also proud of being the boss of the Tenth Layer, or maybe he's just trying to make a last stand, but he tries to crush Miho.

 But there's no way Asami is going to sit back and watch that happen.

 In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

 With a thud and a loud explosion, Crazy Elephantus' left front leg disappears.

 Crazy Elephantus loses his left front leg and falls forward.

"Thank you, Asami!"


"Guys, I'm folding!"


 An all-out assault has begun on Crazy Elephantus, whose movements have been restricted.

 It's all over now, and Crazy Elephantus dies after a while.

"Good work~"

"It was no big deal~"

"If you hadn't said that and didn't have the holy protection, you'd be in trouble~"


"That was a close one, wasn't it?"

"Hey, you guys..."

 The four of them are relieved to have defeated the boss and start a comic dialogue.

"Hey, how long are we going to keep this up? Let's go."

"""" ha~y """"

 If that's true, four high school girls who are currently in high school and studying for exams.

 If I don't keep the tension like this, it will be mentally difficult for me.

 Well, it's better to have a good time than a bad one, but I feel like a teacher who leads a school trip.

"The tenth layer is mainly golems . They're hard."

 I'll give you a warning.

 You'll probably have a hard time against golems.


"You're an earth golem, but you're hard~"

 The golem is hard, as Miho and Asami voiced.

 Kanami's arrow also pierces, but it's quite shallow.

 Kazumi seems to have been completely devoted to assisting, and has not fired a Holy Lance.

 Golems have high magic resistance so they don't waste magic power.

"Master-sama, is Saint-Louve the one who won't fight?"

"That's right . We're the ones who have to watch over Miho and the others now."

"I understand that, but you're slowing me down, and I want to fight too!"

"Glose-san, will the mithril golem fight?"

"Oh, it's been a while since I beat up a Mithril bastard!"

"I think mithril golems will be tough for the girls right now, so I guess no."

 Lethia, a frustrated girl, Saint-Loup, a walker, and Sailor, a teacher.

 Occasionally, Lethia will vent her frustration by punching out demons that come out to interfere with the four girls' fight.

 The terrain is mountainous from the first ten layers, so there is some mountain climbing.

 Kazumi climbs, breathing hard.

"Brother, do you mind if we take a break around here?"

 Minho suggests a break.

 It's probably a judgment based on Kazumi's -samaiko.

"OK - let's take a break."

 I'll get the big table set out of storage.

 We'll put lunch and juice on it.

"Brother, this is a foul..."

"I think so too."

"You're my brother, so it makes sense."

"Oh, thank you, sir. Owner."

 The four girls are very happy to be in the dungeon, where they can rest and have a good meal.

"It's not a safe area, though, so it's only snacks."

 Seeing my four daughters and their wives eating happily, I thought I was lucky to have such lovely wives.