Chapter 56 Four Daughters Assignment

 The search for the Red Tower has gone smoothly and you have reached the 15th layer after passing the 12th, 13th and 14th layers.

 The four girls are fed up with the golem festival and go deeper and deeper, and they find a golem that is different in size and color from the previous ones.

"You're an Iron Golem."

 The four daughters of the sword, spear, bow and magic are too hard to fight against.

 But you can't break through the Red Tower if you're struggling with a monster as big as an Iron Golem.

 I remember in the Smart(S), World(W), and Gate(G) worlds, there's at least a rank 8 demon.

 From rank 5 onwards, the range of abilities becomes larger, and it is common for demons of the same rank to have completely different strengths.

"If it gets too tough, Lethia can help. But don't attack her."

"Can't you hit me? Mmm."

 If Lethia hits him, it'll be over in one shot.

 That won't help the four girls grow up.

 However, the four girls struggled and defeated the Iron Golem with just the four of them.

 Miho and Asami, who were in the vanguard, were beaten up at one point, but they were not seriously injured because Kazumi had granted them holy protection.

"It's good that we defeated the Iron Golem on our own, even if we had a hard time."

 Minho and Asami are panting for air.

 Kanami and Kazumi look frustrated, as if they feel they were not of much help.

 This seems to be the limit for these girls right now.

 If you have a chance, you may be able to peel off your skin and make a leap forward.

 Just as Lethia and the others before her were able to defeat the Mithril Golem single-handedly.

 But the four of us will only die if we fight the Mithril Golem.

 You'll have to develop your skills against the Iron Golem.

 Now all you have to do is sign a contract with me and I'll enhance the four girls.

 Or you could just change careers.

 I'll discuss the direction with the four of you when we get back to the villa.

 The four girls are fighting the Iron Golem with a lot of effort.

 However, each battle is long and consumes a lot of potions.

 So I decided to go back to the mansion after seeing the 16th layer.

 The four of us said that we could still do our best, but we decided to leave because we seemed to have accumulated mental fatigue as well as physical fatigue.

 Since I spent two nights in the dungeon, I was able to return to the house in the evening of the third day.

 I told the four girls to rest today because we would have a review meeting the next morning and sent them back to their rooms.

 The four girls looked very tired and I hope they will have a good rest.

 While I'm at it, I'll figure out what's wrong with the four girls.

 The first thing that struck me was the lack of a tank.

 A tank is a shield of the party, and it takes care of the demon's attack like Lethia.

 The stability of your party will be completely different if you don't have a stable tank.

 Next up is balancing the attackers.

 Three of the four players in this party are attackers. All of them specialize in physics.

 Asami is a spearman and Kanami is an archmage and can use magic, but they run out of MP as soon as they use magic.

 Magic is only a supplement, and physical attack is the basis.

 A strike of a spear covered with fire or an arrow covered with wind is powerful, but it is a physical judgment.

 However, when it comes to golems, physical attacks are basically the way to go, so unless you have overwhelming magic like Sela, physical attacks aren't necessarily bad.

  However, swords, spears, and arrows are incompatible with golems even in physics. Golems should be attacked by blows, not by cuts and stabs.

 Golems are hard to damage, especially with twin swords and arrows.

 However, there are ways to use arrows. There are two types of arrows: normal arrows and arrows with special effects. If you shoot explosive arrows, which are not magic, you can do some damage.

 You can also use dynamite on your arrows for extra damage. Dynamite is not magic, so it is very effective against golems.

 Well, we can't keep up with the supply of dynamite without me.

 However, I'm not sure about the twin swords, or rather, I can't think of any effective way to deal with golems.

 Unless you have [[Iron Slayer]] skill like Sunlove, [[Iron Slayer]] skill scrolls aren't sold in [[Mail Order]] either.

"I knew it was Miho..."

 I can't deny that Miho's position is the most half-assed . But twin swordsmen are cool to look at. ....

 Oh, so there's a way to use an evasion shield? But Miho doesn't seem to be good at evasion.

 He didn't seem to have the overwhelming speed of Saint-Louve... well, we'll see what everyone has to say in tomorrow's discussion.

 The next morning, I woke up later than the sunrise.

 Me, Sailor, and my maid, Winnie, will prepare breakfast.

 Winnie is the daughter of a vassal who was recruited by Ins in King's Landing to work in the house as a maid.

 There are several other maids, but they take turns to serve meals, so Winnie is helping me this time.

 Lethia's in the garden practicing in the morning while we're preparing the meal.

 Saint-Loup wakes up with me, but as usual, he lies down on the sofa and takes another nap until breakfast is ready.

 The four girls are sweating in the morning practice with Licia. They are not moving well, as if they are still tired.

 Maybe you haven't been sleeping. But if you're so frustrated you couldn't sleep, you have a chance.

 I don't feel that way, but I know from watching Lethia and the others that frustration can lead to growth.

 I know that I have little emotional ups and downs in strange places, but this is something I can't fix.

"Hey, breakfast is ready."

 Lethia, the four daughters, who are rehearsing loudly in the garden, call out to the vassals.

 It's a good thing my property is big enough that I don't have to disturb my neighbors by shouting.

"Is the food ready?"

 He's rubbing his eyes and for some reason he's holding a pillow. He's sleepwalking.

 You look so pretty.

"Saint-Loup, come here."

 Sailor takes care of Saint-Loup like a mother.

 Always a sight. It's comforting.

 All 17 of us are having breakfast.

 Today's menu is seaweed salad and potato salad. Soups are consomme soup, corn potage, minestrone and miso soup. Main dishes are scrambled eggs, fried egg, boiled egg, thick bacon, crispy thin bacon, large sausage, sausage with herbs, roast chicken, grilled salmon fillet, grilled ayu fish, main dishes are bread roll, brown sugar bread, bread, campagne, baguette and white rice, Chinese congee. Accompanied by fried potatoes, fried corn with butter and soy sauce, carrot glacé, pickled radish and pickled plum. And assorted fruits.

 Recently, we have adopted a buffet style for breakfast. Even so, I am glad that all the dishes I made are eaten completely, and it is worthwhile to make them because everyone says they are delicious.

 When breakfast is over, the vassals go to their posts.

 Winnie, the maid, also does the dishes and cleans the house. The house is so big that it is hard to clean.

 My wives and my four daughters have gathered in my office. The office is spacious, but with eight people including me, it seems to be very small.

"Now, we'll have a meeting to reflect on this dungeon search."

 The four girls have dark expressions.

"Brother, may I have a word?"

 Minho raises his hand and asks for permission to speak.

 That's not how the system works, but I nodded and agreed.

"Even the four of us talked about it last night. I just want you to hear it first."

All right, talk to me.

 The four of them looked at each other and nodded.

"What I've noticed in our discussions is -----."

 After letting out a breath, Miho spoke up.

 Sometimes Asami would follow up and tell me what the four of us had discussed.

 The content was what I thought it was, the same tank presence and lack of firepower .

 I'm glad to see that the four girls have figured out that they need a tank to deal with various situations.

 And I disagree with you about the lack of firepower, but that's one way of thinking about it, so it's okay.

"So I think the shield role and the increased firepower is our challenge."

"I'm with you on the shield role . As we all know we have a very stable party with Lethia."

 Everyone nodded.

"So, about that other lack of firepower, you said you wanted a wizard in your party?"

 In the opinion of the four girls, the lack of firepower was due to the lack of magic attackers and the lack of power fighters in the vanguard.

 And he said he had an idea about the power fighters, but he thinks the magic attackers will have to come from outside.

"But first, I've decided to change my job."

 Minho tells me in a flat voice that she's changing jobs.

 I can tell by the look on your face that you're unwilling.

"Oh, a new job. What are you gonna do?"

 Lethia asks back, curious.

"I'm thinking of becoming a knightly profession."

 A knight often uses a shield.

 Lethia's first profession, Attack Guardian, is also a knightly profession.

"I guess it's not as easy as it sounds..."

"Yes, I thought it over last night! Besides, when I was looking for a profession before, Holy Knight was one of them, so I think I'll go with that."

 They see my face.

 No, I'm not going to deny her her decision.

 The holy knight is good because he seems to be a strong shieldman, and this party needs a shieldman more than anything.

 But is she okay with that? That's all I care about.

"If Miho wants to change jobs, I won't stop her. But are you sure you want to do that?"


"If it's a career change you're not happy with Miho, I think you should reconsider."

 There's nothing good about changing jobs if you don't want to.

 It's no fun changing jobs if you're not happy with it.

 After all, this world is like a game, so it's better to have fun while playing it.

 Well, maybe that's because I'm not thinking of going back to Japan.

"I'm sorry to put a damper on Miho's resolve . But I don't think it's a good idea to change jobs when you're not convinced. So I'd like you to think about it carefully before you change jobs."

 I put the job offer on hold for the day.

 If you still want to change your job tomorrow, you should do it.

"About the magic attack job, does anyone have any idea who it is?"

 I'm changing the subject.

 Miho is lost in thought about her new job, so Asami answers for her.

"There are some people who have transitioned to this Red Tower city, so I think I'll ask them out."

 I've never thought about it either, but the four of us are thinking about things we haven't dared to take action on.

 In my case, I believe that if they need me, they will contact me, and if they don't, it's because they don't need me.

 However, the four of us need companions, so we decided to invite others with the same goal.

"So, is the magic attacker among those who are supposed to be transitioners?"

"I know of two in the magic offensive, and one in the vanguard."

 So the four girls know the three transitioners.

"Actually, there are two more people who I think are transferees, but I don't think they were people I wanted to get too involved with."

 Well, I know a total of five transplants, and two of them seem to be troublemakers.

"Anyway, can you tell me the names of the five? I'll look into it myself."

"Yeah, okay..."

 I immediately decided to investigate the background of the five people whose names I heard.

 I welcome the addition of the four girls, but there is a problem.

 The problem is, as you know, the reward for going through the Red Tower.

 If only one person in a party is allowed to return to Japan, there is no guarantee that the party will not split up and kill each other.

 Assuming that one of us makes it back to Japan, there are problems.

 It's that the remaining party members don't have enough strength to traverse the other dungeons.

 Well, maybe we shouldn't worry about this now.