Chapter 58 Why Traveling Is ......

 We drove the 96 armored car (Cougar) all the way. There were some places that were not roads, but we were far away from the city of the Red Tower.

 A royal decree arrives in the Red City, and I'm off enjoying my family's company in a faraway land. Oh, no!

 It's too early to blatantly disregard the royal order. I have things to do in the Red Tower, so I'll pretend I didn't know. The royal family and the nobles won't expect me and Ins to be able to talk in real time.

 I want to see the sea, so I plan to go to a port town in a neighboring country. For that purpose, I am going to cross the mountain.

 I chose to go over the mountain because it takes a long time to go around the mountain and there is a checkpoint at the border crossing.

 So I wasted my money. No, not a waste of money. A helicopter is a necessity! I insist on it!

"Is this Hepi...Kondar?"

"Helicopter, yeah."

"Is that hellpokotan awesome?"

 Lethia, you misspoke on purpose, didn't you?

"Even though your husband-sama has Ruby..."

Even though he's a little bit bigger, there's no way he can ride Ruby, who's about the size of a parrot!

"There are two pilot's seats, front and back, and eight seats. Ins modified it so it has a top speed of six hundred kilometers per hour."

"This helicopter flies in the sky?"

 Sailor pats the body of the helicopter with a curious look on her face.

"The blades on it, the blades, spin at high speed and levitate. The inserts have been modified to reduce the sound, but it's still loud, so wear headphones."

 Lethia, Serra, and Saint-Louve can't seem to imagine what it's like to fly. I'm sure they'll understand when they get on board, so that's all right for now.

 Ruby is still sullen as ever, but she can't help it because she can't ride.

 I made sure the three of them were on board and fired up the helicopter's engine. The distinctive rotor sound was getting louder and louder.

 There's nothing wrong with the gauges. The fuel tank is full. Unfortunately, I couldn't buy an armed helicopter yet, so it's an unarmed civilian plane. I'm a little worried because there are flying demons.

"Let's fly!"

 He announced to the three that he was going to fly and levitated the helicopter. The three look out the window at the ground, and shout, "Ooooh! out the window. Saint-Louve, for example, is looking out with his face to the window. Such a scene is very adorable.

Ruby looks bored, but there's nothing I can do for her now. Someday, when you're big enough to fly with us, I'll do you a favor.

 Thanks to Ins's modification, the sound was not as loud as I expected. Still, it was difficult to hear the voice without headphones.

"That's great, Lord!"

"Grose-san, this is what you call a helicopter!"

"That's so cool One!"

 Their reactions were totally different before and after the flight. They seemed to be very happy, so I served them by circling around on the mountain.

 The altitude of the mountain is 3000m according to the inscription. Thanks to the helicopter, we can cross the mountain in a short time, which is very convenient.

"From this mountaintop onward, it's a neighboring country, so the Count's title has no effect."

 Sela told me just in case. So far, I've never called myself an earl more than necessary.

 It's the environment around me that has changed, and becoming a noble doesn't change me.

"Lord! There's something in there!"

 Lethia found something, and I'm like, "Oh, my God, she found it."

 What Lethia found was a hole in the side of the mountain like a mine. I knew about it because Ins told me about it.

 That cave is a dungeon. For some reason we keep running into dungeons. That's weird. My luck is 100.

"I don't think there's a mine here, and it doesn't look like a natural cave...a dungeon?"

 Sailor-san, the word "dungeon" is forbidden in front of the brainy dungeon lover Lethia!

 And since the dungeon is located in such a place, it's almost certain that no one has broken through it.

"All right! Lord, let's go!"

 I knew you'd come around. Stop putting your hands on my shoulders and squirming. You're in control!

Wait, wait, wait!

 Lethia looked very sad at my words. I didn't say that I wouldn't go, so don't look so sad.

"It's almost noon, let's get some food and then we can go."


 Saint-Loup is still smiling innocently and is happy to eat. The way he sits on a chair and dangles his legs is very comforting to me.

 There was an open space a little far from the dungeon, so we landed the helicopter and prepared a meal.

"I'll have it ready for you right now, so please wait a moment."

 Sela tells Saint-Louve to wait with a mild expression, but her figure looks like a mother. Is it abnormal for me to feel the sexiness of a new bride when I see Sailor's back figure quickly preparing a meal? No, you're not abnormal!

 Now that we've eaten, Lethia's gonna check on me.

"I don't mind you going into the dungeon. Besides, if no high-ranked demons appear, I'll call Miho and the others to train them, what do you think?"

 The golem in the Red Tower is good, but fighting other demons is part of the training.

"I don't mind at all if that's the extent of it!"

 The thought of being able to enter the dungeon has made Lethia's face very radiant, and her character is very easy to understand. You don't have to look at me with those sparkling eyes, I'll go with Chan.

"Apart from that, I don't think it's a problem if you have a high-ranked demon with us."

 Sela's right, I think we can handle most demons with us.

 Worst-case scenario, a Type 96 Armored Cougar or a Type 10 Tank should be able to overrun the demons.

"I don't think they'll grow if they're constantly protected, so if the demon is just right for them, then fine."

 As a person who is always protected by others, I think you have to do something by yourself to grow up.

 I couldn't fight at first, and I didn't want to, but before I knew it, I got used to it.

 I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but at least I got to the point where participating in combat didn't distract me from the demons, and thanks to my insane skill set I've gained quite a bit of status.

 With my status, I should be able to defeat a rank 1 or 2 demon with a single gupang, or a rank 3 or 4 demon without a scratch.

 Anyway, let's go into the dungeon.

 It would be easy for Ins to find the traps and monsters, but I decided to leave it to Sanlove. Insu was to stand by as a backup.

 I thought the dungeon was a cave, but it was only an entrance.

 When we entered the cave, we found that it was a cave passage for about 20 meters, but soon we came to an open space.

 There was the sun as in a red tower, and a forest in front of me.

"A forest. It's hard to fight in here with all the trees in the way."

 Sela is right, the trees grow quite densely, and it's not an easy place for Lethia, who wields a large axe, to fight.

 And it's just as hard for me and Sailor to attack with trees in the way.

Something's coming.

 Saint-Louve, with her cute little ears, sensed the approach of the demon, so I looked in the direction that Saint-Louve was looking.

 It was a snake monster that approached us through the trees.

 I got goosebumps when I saw the snake's huge body moving dexterously through the trees. I don't like snakes.

"Mad Viper, a rank 4 demon. Beware of [[Poison Fang Technique (C)]]!"

 Sela gave me information about a green snake with a red streak, which looks like a viper.

 But a rank 4 demon out of nowhere... It looks like there's a lot of high ranking demons around. Maybe I shouldn't call in the four girls.

 With that in mind, I set my sights on the Mad Viper and pulled the trigger.

 When the bullet ejected from the MP7, I felt a shock in my hand. To me now, this shock feels like a slight vibration.

 Even a goose-stepping viper with a rank 4 MP7 will do. Instant kill.

"Ah! You were the first demon and I was going to kill you!"

 Lethia puffed up her cheeks cutely when she saw the Mad Viper whose head had been gouged out by my attack.

"I'll leave it to Lethia this time, so don't get mad."

"Mmm, I don't have a choice. I'm sure you do!"

"Yes, yes."

"'Yes' only comes once, Lord!"


 I like it when Lethia puffs out her cheeks because it makes her beautiful face look pretty. That's why I tease her so much.

 After that, Lethia, Sanlove and Sela defeated the demons in turn.

 And what I felt in this dungeon...

"You're all snakes."

 All I see are rank 3 and rank 4 snake demons.

 Some of the snakes had beautiful emerald skin, and I thought of making a snakeskin wallet.

 In this world, wallets are not common, and money is usually carried in a leather bag or a drawstring. I'll try to make one when I get home.

"At first, I was wondering how it would be since there was a rank 4 demon, but at this rate, I don't think it would be a problem to call four people."

"I don't care! I'll train you!"

 And so I decided to call the four girls.

 It's easy to say how to call the four girls. My skill is [[Space-time Magic(B)]], so I can ask Ins to check the situation of the destination, and move to the side of the four girls without anyone finding me.

 Well, that's convenient!

 The four girls were startled when I appeared, but they didn't scream. I'm glad I wasn't in the bathroom.

 Apparently, they were discussing party policy and dates for entering the dungeon.

"Sorry for the short notice. I found an undiscovered dungeon on my way to a neighboring country, so why don't the four of you join me in breaking through that dungeon?"

"""" e?""""

 When I told the four girls that I had found an undiscovered dungeon, they froze in surprise.

"Um, are undiscovered dungeons really that easy to find?"

 Minho curiously asked me a question.

"I've discovered an undiscovered dungeon between the Red Tower city and Hajime's town before, and the clearing perks were pretty tasty."

 When I said so, the four of them looked at each other and smiled.

I'm going to """"!""""

 Also, I checked the new members who I was interested in.

"Don't worry, we're still in the adjustment stage! We'll have a final check in a week."

 Well, they have their own reasons, so you should take your time to think and come to a conclusion.

"Okay, so can we go now?"

"I'll put on my armor, I want 30 minutes!"

 Armor takes a long time to put on.

"Okay, I'll pick you up in half an hour."

"""" yes """"