Chapter 59 When I Get Excited, I Say Hyah!

 When Miho, one of the four girls, stopped Green Snake with her shield, the arrow Kanami shot pierced Green Snake's neck. No, I don't know where is the neck and where is the body.

 Asami's spear pierces the green snake, which raises its head in pain.

 The green snake, which is thicker than their torso, flails about, and its tail flies at Miho, but he catches it with aplomb.

 He then slashes at Green Snake with his sword, but because he is in a rage, he only makes a shallow cut with his sword.

 The green snake is a rank 3 demon, but it seems to be the first time to fight against a snake-type demon, and they are having a hard time attacking it.

 Especially Kazumi seems to be not good at snakes, and he is trembling in the back with a blue face. I don't like them either.

 Even so, he still cast an auxiliary spell on Miho and the others, so you can give him credit for that.




 Minho, Asami and Kanami attacked him intensively and severed his neck.

 It was a snake monster, and Kazumi was reversing when he saw the headless body moving for a while. It's a pity, but we'll have to get used to this kind of scene.

"Miho, you're small, so rather than take it completely, just let it pass!"

 Lethia, a senior member of the shield profession, is giving Miho a bad time .

 Lethia is right, Miho, the shortest of the four, must have been 154cm.

 I think that I am relatively small even for a Japanese.

 In this world, there are many people of European and Middle Eastern appearance, so there are many big people.

 That's why Miho is often treated as a child, and complains a lot.

 Miho and the other four are battling the demons, and we're watching them as they go deeper into the dungeon.

 Since all the monsters in the game are snakes, I think I'm getting used to fighting against snakes, but Kazumi still looks pale.

 Rank 3 demons are fine, but rank 4 demons tend to get hit more often, so Kazumi's recovery spells are getting more frequent.

 However, Kazumi's MP limit has been raised by 50,000 since she has been boosted by the Mana Improving Potion, so she won't run out of MP easily.

 A mana-enhancing elixir would fetch a hell of a lot more on the market. I'm not selling it.

"We have armor and shields, let's put them to good use!"

 With that, Lethia shoulder tackled the Dungar Viper, whose purple spots were poisonous on a blue background, and knocked it down with her shield as it floated in the air.

 To Lethia, armor and shields are also weapons.


 No normal person would use it that way, so Lethia's idea is great.

 But that's because Lethia can do it, not because Miho can do it successfully.

 In fact, isn't it a tough fight for a small Miho?


 Green Snake was bounced off of Miho's shoulder tackle .


 He couldn't knock it down with his shield, but isn't it strange that a small Miho shoulder tackled a huge Green Snake and it bounced off? No, if you say that, how can you shoulder tackle a long and slender snake?

"Not yet!"


 The Brainy Life of the Brainy Master and Brother: .... They may be similar in some basic aspects.

 However, Miho seems to have given a lot of thought to becoming a holy knight, but isn't he getting more cerebral?

 They continue to train hard, and all three of them except Miho are very tired.

 I'm also tired just by following them. I am not tired because I walked for a long time, but because of the heat and bitterness of my brainy brothers and sisters.

"Hey. I think it's time for a break."

 I couldn't resist taking a break. However, I was not the only one who felt mental fatigue. Asami, Kanami and Kazumi seemed to be happy to hear my voice, so they must have felt the same way as I did.

"Sailor, would you mind making us some tea?"

"Yes, I'll take care of it."

"Seera, kukkimo~one."

"Yes, yes."

 She is taking out a table set and tea from her magic pouch, and Saint-Louve is begging her. The sight of a smiling beauty and a happy young girl is soothing. I can feel the peace of mind that I can't expect from the plate armor duo of the brainy master and brother.

 Well, if you think about it, everyone except me is a woman. It's a harem from the outside.

 Well, with four wives, it's definitely a harem, but I miss Insu.

"Okay, we've had a break, let's go!"

"""" yes!""""

 After enjoying tea and sweets for about thirty minutes, Lethia gave a spirited response, and the four girls responded strongly.

 Me and Sailor cleaned up the mess and followed the four girls led by Lethia.

 Like Lethia, Saint-Loup is humming like a picnic, looking very happy.

 I'm holding hands with Sailor on my left and Saint-Louve on my right. The four girls defeat any demons that appear, so we are really having a picnic.

 The only one, Lethia, is giving instructions to the four girls, so she seems to be doing her job.


 Minho fended off the rush of the blue-purple snake demon with his shield and swung his sword, slicing through half of the snake demon's 50cm thick body.


 Asami's spear pierced through the thick body. Asami threw the snake demon away with her spear. When three arrows pierced the snake demon thrown up in the air, its part caught fire.

 The snake demon is partially on fire, struggling to put out the fire in a very painful way, as if it hates the fire more than the shock of being slammed into the ground.

"Hyahhhhh! Now that's a tome!"

 Miho lifts his shield and jumps up, and slams his shield with his weight on the head of the struggling snake demon.

 The head of the serpent demon plunged into the ground with a sound of a gun. This shield attack killed the snake demon.

 Minho is Lethia's apprentice, after all, and a brainiac.

 I mean, "Hyah!" No! What kind of an apocalypse are you?

"Shaaaa! I've defeated a rank 5 demon!!!!"

 We're down to the fifth level.

 The snake demon that Miho and his friends defeated was rank 5. From the first level to the fourth level, only rank 3 or 4 demons appeared, but in the fifth level, we encountered rank 5 demons for the first time.

 The first rank 5 demon we encountered was a lich. The memory of almost dying while defeating it is still vivid in my mind.

 We almost killed a rank 5 demon, but these four girls don't have any fatal wounds. However, they don't seem to be able to afford it, and Miho, who works as a shield, has been using recovery spells frequently, and Asami has also been using recovery spells a little.

 That's how well Miho attracted the demons, and how well Kazumi controlled the damage. They're monsters!

"I owe it to you, brother! Thank you!"

 Minho thanked me in a low voice. It's an auspicious thing to say.

"Big brother-San, I won! I can feel that I'm getting stronger with each battle. Thank you very much!"

 Then Asami thanked me. I'm glad she's so happy.

"Thank you."

 Kanami doesn't talk much, but she has tears in her eyes and seems to be holding back her happiness.

"Thank you, Owner. We are stronger because you have made us your followers."

 Kazumi was pleased with the three of us, hugging each other again and again, and bowed her head to me and thanked me again and again.

 As you've probably figured out by now, the four of them have become my squires. By the effect of my [[Taming(S)]], the abilities of the four girls who became my squires have been raised.

 When Tame was (E), his initial rank, there was no effect of raising his ability, but when he became (D), there was an effect of raising his ability. Now he is (S), so I can say that the effect is very big, but it is hard to say how much it will be, because it depends on his loyalty to me.

 Still, it's enough to defeat a rank 5 demon, so it goes without saying that it's highly effective.

 The four girls progressed smoothly through the dungeon. Although they could defeat a rank 5 demon with ease, sometimes Miho was poisoned by a bullet, but Kazumi neutralized the poison and recovered her, so she was not seriously injured.

 In the beginning, I thought that Kazumi, who is quiet and does not assert herself, would not be able to fight, but when she was shown to be able to provide appropriate assistance and recovery at the right time, I had to change my mind.

 They say people can change, but I didn't expect Kazumi to show this much flair.