Chapter 6 Breaking-Through-The-Wall

 Breaking through the wall

"...I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you look bad."

"No, it's not. I'm glad I could be of help."

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to...

 Wiping her tear-stained eyes with a handkerchief, Emily smiles.

"Saviour Yoh"

 Nina thought about denying it, but she didn't.

 It must have been such a big deal for Emily.

"Wow, Emily-san, it's getting late."

"Hmm. That's right, after the night comes the morning."

 Emily laughs, completely back to her old self.

 But for Nina, it was the first time to see the sunrise outdoors.

 The bluish sky in the east becomes brighter and brighter.

"...So, Nina, what did you do?"

"Yes. Have you ever heard of a 'magic muscle'?"

"Oh, I've heard of it. But that's an unproven theory, isn't it? I remember one of the mages I went to talk to said something like that."

"The person who told me about it assured me that 'of course there is'."

A magical muscle is a pathway for magical power to travel through the body.

 No matter how huge the container is, if the hole at the bottom is small, the water will only trickle down.

"I've been taught that massage is the best way to expand the 'magic muscle'.

"...Isn't that some kind of secret technique?"

" that so? But I made him a cup of tea, and he told me what to do to pass the time until the master-sama came."

"Well, okay. That's good... is that good?"

 Emily nodded her head.

 But Emily's instincts were right.

 The person Nina made tea with is a very difficult person, but he is one of the greatest mages on the continent, and the king has given his approval to his abilities.

 The great mage had been visiting the Earl of Markwood's mansion because he was looking forward to the tea that Nina made for him.

"It's okay . I'll do what pleases me... as a maid should."

 Emily looked at her with a look that said, "Of course not," but Nina was more concerned,

"Ah, sunrise!"

 I was blinded by the dawn light that appeared on the horizon.

 A glittering golden light shines on the meadow.

 The fog that had been hanging over us was dissipating as if it were being swept away.

 It's a sight I never would have seen if I had stayed in the mansion.

"Hey, hey, what kind of mage gave you that massage?"

 Emily was about to ask, but she cut her words short when she noticed Nina staring at the morning glow.

 I decided to stay out of Nina's way for now.

 That day was incredibly fun.

 Emily quickly increased the level of magic she could use, and by the time breakfast was ready, she was able to use magic of the fifth level.

 They tore up the grass with wind magic and created a small mountain with earth magic. Emiri and Nina agreed that nature should not be destroyed, and decided to stop using it at will.

 Even a meal of fried eggs and bacon sandwiched between two slices of bread was different when Nina did it. Emiri was amazed at how the sauce and the slightly browned bread could be made so delicious with just a little effort.

 The road to Klee Spring was uneventful, and we could go there as if we were on a picnic, and Nina said, "There are some interesting grasses" and collected some plants on the way.

 To Emily, they all looked like the same weed.

 There was no one else to stay the night before to see the spring, and we were able to see the "yellow peach blossoms" all to ourselves.

 The light red peach blossoms are strange in that only the outer petals are tinged with yellow.

 A spring that gushes deep into the forest.

 It is a fantastic sight to see these flowers surrounding us, and the petals fluttering down create a pink and yellow imitation sama on the surface of the spring.

 The two deer, who were apparently drinking water, noticed Nina and Emily and left deep into the forest.

"What do you think? This is Clay's Fountain."

"It's amazing...I'm so glad I came!"

 Nina's eyes were shining as she crossed her arms in front of her chest like a dreamy girl.

(I'm the one who's glad to be here, though.)

 Emily muttered inwardly.


 On the way back, we could see the walls of the commercial city of Furmun in the evening.

 They had been at the Clay Spring for quite some time.

"Do you have any idea what city you want to go to next?"

"Actually, I was hoping to cross the border."

"Well, it's certainly close enough from Fulmun."

"That's right! I've only known the Kingdom of Crescente since I was born... Oh, Emily-san, what's that place?"


 There seemed to be a commotion around the gate to Furumun in the Akaneiro landscape.

 The blackish silhouettes are probably guards, holding spears in their hands.

 What they're up against is ,

"What's that big thing?"

"Bird, is it?"

 When it spreads its wings, it is as big as a house, and when it flaps its wings, the wind rolls people away.

 It's incredibly large, even from a distance.

 Nina's use of the word "bird" gives Emily a start.

 --I've heard some disturbing rumors lately, such as a giant bird that snatches horses.

 That's what the guards at the gate said.

 That's the giant bird.

Nina, get your stuff.

"What, Emily-san?"

 Putting down the luggage she was carrying on her back, Emily started to run.

 You're holding a magic wand in your hand.

Oh, man, he's hurt real bad!

"Guards! What's the matter with you guys being so cavalier!"

"--Adventurers are in the way!"

"Help me!"

 There are not only guards fighting, but adventurers as well.

 There is no coordination, and they are all acting in different ways.


 The muscles that support its wide wings are thick, and the claws on its feet are so big they could lift a shed.

 Its hawk-like face was also huge, and it had a sharp beak that could kill a man with one thrust.

 The deaf feathers, which used to be mouse-colored, glow like fire in the evening sun.


 As they flap their wings with a chirp, a storm blows.

 The guards with spears are agitated, and the flying arrows and the magic of the third rank are blown away.


 In the meantime, the giant bird grabbed a horse that was lying nearby with his foot.

 For the giant bird, this is a hunt.

 They are here to catch food to eat.


 The problem, however, was that the boy who had been calming the horse in the sudden confusion was also caught by his clothes and lifted up with the horse.

"! Mother-san, mother-san, mother!"

 The boy cries out in panic, but the giant bird floats away.

"Shoot the bow!"

"No, I can't, with the wind, I can't hit it!"

"And so is magic!"

 The adventurers and guards who were directly below were completely affected by the wind, and could not move.

 Rather--Emily was lucky to be a little further away.

"Spirit of the raging wind. Answer my call, clothe the air, and dance."

 She held up her wand and a golden light, the magic power of Emily, burst forth.

 Immediately afterwards, the wind that sprang up around her flew in a whirlwind toward the giant bird.

"What the hell?"

 Even if you have huge wings and muscles, it is very difficult to lift the weight of a giant bird.

 If the wind hits it from the side at the time of takeoff, the giant bird will naturally lose its balance.


 The boy is thrown out of the carriage with the horse, hits the hood of the carriage, and slides down to the ground. Guards rush to the boy's rescue.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah!

 But the giant bird is still alive.

 Her eyes know exactly what has just happened, and she turns on Emily with a sharp hostility.

"Oh, that's a 'permanent rookie', isn't it?"

"He's staring at us, he's dead."

"Let's get it back up while we still can!"

 It doesn't look like he's trying to help Emily or anything.

 The guards are also collecting the equipment they lost.

What the hell?

 He spreads his wings and kicks the ground with his feet, then speeds forward with a flick of his wings - toward Emily.


 Nina shouts from a distance.

 But Emily didn't panic.

(Thank you, Nina, for all you've done.)

 He had already finished chanting his next spell.

(I've always imagined my life like this. A life where I can control the magic of the 5th level and become a hero!)

 She held up her magic wand, and what came out of it was fire.

 Fifth level magic, a flame called the Flame Explode.

 It was the size of a surfboard, and it spun at a tremendous speed as it approached the giant bird,


 It's an explosion, and it's spreading flames.

 When a column of flames comparable to a three-story tower appears, it spins like a tornado and emits high heat.

'--------- -------'

 The giant bird didn't even let out a scream of desperation.

 It withered the surrounding grass, and even Emily, who cast the spell, had to guard her face with her arm or her skin would burn from the heat.

 However, after a few seconds, the flames are extinguished as if they had never existed, and only the grass that had spread the fire remains.

 Then, the giant bird, its body blackened, fell to the ground.

 After a while, the smell of burning meat drifted into the air, mixed with the smell of burning.

"If it were up to me, it would be like this."

 Emiri stabbed her staff into the ground and puffed out her chest, then used up all her magic power and fell backwards.

 People who witnessed the incident first mistook Emiri for a "famous mage -sama", then the adventurers freaked out and said "It's another mage just like the perpetual rookie! and the guards moved to contain the situation.

 It wasn't long, however, before I realized that it was indeed a spell that Emily had used.

 The next day, rumors circulated throughout the adventurer's guild that Emily had finally broken through the First Level Wall.