Chapter 60 Ten Layer Boss Room

 At last, the four girls have reached the deepest part of this snake dungeon.

 At the bottom of the tenth level, there was, of course, that. Yes, the dungeon master's room.

"So this is the deepest part of the snake dungeon!"

 We called this dungeon "Snake Dungeon" because it is a dungeon with only snake demons.

 The highest rank of the demons is rank 6. The four girls played well against the rank 6 demons, and won by a small margin. However, against the rank 6 demons, the four girls won, but they were exhausted by each battle, so they couldn't fight continuously.

"Let's camp out here today and rest. Tomorrow, we'll talk about whether or not we want to challenge the boss's room."

 The four girls have been mentally exhausted by the battle up to this point, so I have given priority to resting them. To tell the truth, I didn't expect them to be able to make it this far, so just coming this far is enough for me.

 It's my third night in this dungeon, so it's also my third encampment. If I used my [[Space-time Magic(B)]] to transfer, I could have gone home to rest, but I didn't. It's because I'm privileged enough to sleep in a Type 96 armored car (Cougar).

 Well, since the inside of a Type 96 Armored Car (Cougar) is equipped with more facilities than an inferior inn, you can rest enough without going home.

"Did the four of you sleep?"

 Lethia saw the four -sama girls, so I asked her about them.

"Yeah, I was pretty tired."

 Of course, you must be very tired after all the hard work you've put up with from Lethia.

 But if there are so many snakes in the dungeon, the boss must be a snake, right? I've gotten used to it, but I don't like snakes. I'm worried about the four girls, but I'm also very mentally exhausted.

"I think it's time for us to go to bed too."

 Sailor put her hand on my shoulder and spoke softly to me. She knows that I hate snakes and I'm mentally exhausted. I put my hand on Sailor's hand on my shoulder and nodded.

"Master-sama, I'll sleep with you."

 Saint-Louve, who was on my lap being petted by me, said something that made me happy. I don't like to sleep alone at times like this.

"Yeah, we'll sleep together."

 Saint-Louve smiled and started humming. Oh, it's soothing!

"You're not fair, Sunlouve! I'll sleep with the Lord too!"

"In that case, I'd like to join you."

 Lethia and Sela will sleep with us. Yeah, the same as always. But the three of them are the only ones I can sleep with.

 I wouldn't have anything to say if Ins was here: ....

 Let's get Ins back. We'll have to get to the Red Tower. A count. Not only do you tie me down with a title that's worth nothing to me but you're holding Ins hostage!

 I'm gonna be stuck in a dungeon for the rest of my life... and before I know it, I'm turning into a Lethia. No, that's okay, I'm trying to get Ins back!

 In the dungeon, the light is always constant, so there is no distinction between day and night. However, as I have a clock, I have a sense of time, so I have strict rules about when to rest and when to go to bed.

 We slept well, had breakfast, and decided to challenge the dungeon master. I told the four girls that I felt it was too early for them to become dungeon masters, and that they could gain some experience in the tenth level, but they said they would challenge the dungeon masters.

"So, I'd like to ask my brother, Taku-san, if you could prepare a potion for me."

 I see, you're trying to prevent Kazumi from getting hate by drinking potions. Hmm, I'm thinking about it. ....

[Ins, can they beat us with a potion?]

 I asked my good friend, Ins.

[The probability of winning is about 10%. Minho doesn't have enough time to drink the potion on his own, and relies on Kazumi's recovery. This will increase Kazumi's hate, and she will be the first to die].

 That's pretty much what I was thinking. I didn't know the odds, though.

[How can I improve my odds of winning?]

[First, we need to use the Master's [[Space-Time Magic(B)]] to assist Miho and the others and weaken the Dungeon Master. You also need to assist and weaken Sailor. This will increase your win rate to about 30%]].

 That's still 30%. Dungeon masters are different from other players, aren't they? It is said that a demon of the same rank is much stronger if it is a dungeon master.

"The chances of the four of us defeating the Dungeon Master alone are pretty slim. Minho won't be able to afford to drink the potion."

 The four girls' expressions clouded when they heard my words. -kun and the others are feeling inadequate, aren't they?

"I know the chances of winning are slim. But even if you grow stronger in lukewarm water, I think you'll hit your limit one day. That's why I think you have to challenge yourself!"

 Minho speaks passionately and the other three nod their heads.

 I don't disapprove of challenges, but I don't agree with reckless challenges. Because now is not the time to fight.

"At the very least, you should be able to beat a rank 5 demon with a comfortable margin. As it is, you're not a challenge, you're just a suicidal man."


 You're not happy? Show me something that'll convince me. Then I won't object.

"All right! Rank 5 or not, Dungeon Master or not, we'll win! Hey, guys!"


 From now on, the four girls hunted demons with a sense of urgency. It took them two days to be able to kill a rank 5 demon without losing their concentration.

 However, it's a wonderful growth because you can defeat a rank 5 demon almost without a scratch in just two days.

Let's go!


 Minho's leading the way into the boss's room. Of course, we follow him.

 The boss's room is quite large, and there are many holes in the wall. The sight of snake demons coming out of those holes gave me goosebumps. There were probably more than ten or twenty of them. And there is no dungeon master among them, so it's bad.

"The boss's room is a monster house, I can't help but feel bad for you!"

 Asami poisoned the snake demons with her spear.

"This is not a problem. Kill them all."

 Kanami, who has an arrow in her bow, is talking quietly, but the dungeon master is unlikely to appear unless we kill them all.

"I hate snakes, but we have to do this!"

 Kazumi's face turned pale at the sight of the horde of snakes, and he raised his staff and began to chant.

"Come on! Let's do this! We can't just stumble in here like this!"

 Minho drew his sword and held up his shield .


 Kazumi buffed her friends, Miho and Asami ran, and Kanami shot an arrow. The battle was about to begin.

 There are many snake demons, so Miho is trying to keep her movements in order not to be surrounded by them. In such a situation, not having an attack spell will limit the range of your tactics.

 We can overpower them with the overwhelming firepower of Sailor, the overwhelming speed of Saint-Louve, and the firepower of Type 96 Armored Car (Cougar) and Type 10 Tank, but not the four girls.

 I don't know what will happen in the future, but there is no use in lamenting what we don't have now, so we have to move forward little by little with the strength we have now.

Minho, left back!

 A snake demon was about to jump from Minho's blind spot, and Kanami shouted to warn him. Kanami, an archmage, has a wide field of vision and can see the battlefield from behind, making her a good commander.

 Although Kanami is a man of few words, he gives instructions using the minimum number of words necessary.

 Miho dodges the snake demon's attack by Kanami's words, and at the same time, she fights back with her sword. In the past two days, he has lost some of his naivety and has become more stable in battle. His attack power has also improved, and he can hit a rank 3 demon with a single blow.

 Miho and his friends have defeated about 30% of the snake demons, but they are breathing hard. Even if it's 30%, the number of snakes is more than 10, so the fatigue is getting worse.

 However, Kazumi cast a spell to restore the stamina of Miho and Asami in the vanguard. Miho and Asami put their hands on their swords and spears, hoping that they would be able to fight again.

"Miho, right. Asami, left. Kazumi recovered to Miho."

"""Yes, sir!"""

 With Kanami shooting arrows and giving instructions to the members at the same time, the four girls show quite a coordinated movement. I'd like to say that I'm glad to have discovered an unexpected aspect of Kanami. It's a strength that we don't have either.