Chapter 61 Dungeon Master (Chapter 3 Complete)


 The head of the snake demon flew into the air. Minho has defeated the last snake demon.

"Huh, huh, huh... done...?"

"I finally beat them all!"

"The MP that was there is already empty..."

 Miho, Asami, and Kazumi stare at the pile of dead snake demons while breathing on their shoulders. They have killed about fifty snake demons. It's impressive that they were able to kill so many snake demons without magic attacks.

"Still! Still coming!"

 Kanami called for caution. But the other three had relaxed, thinking the battle was over.

 There, at the far end of the boss's room, I saw a snake's head coming out of the biggest hole with a shrill sound.

"What the hell?"

 I only saw its head, but I could not imagine how long its body would be because it was more than 1m thick.


 Info: Basilisk, rank 6, female, 135 years old.

 HP: 300000

 MP: 15000

 Strength: 45000

 Endurance: 40000

 Magic power: 5000

 Agility: 30000

 Dexterity: 10000

 Charm: 10

 Good luck: 10

 Active Skills: [[Petrifying Eye(C)]][[Petrifying Poison Mist(C)]][[Poison Fang(B)]][[Summon the Family(B)]]]

 Passive Skills: [[Strengthen Muscle(B)]][[Magic Resistance(C)]]

 Title: [[Dungeon Master]]


 The dungeon master appears here. It's as if he exhausts you with small fry, and then takes the last bite.

 You can see its vicious fangs, but if it bites you, you must be poisoned. In fact, if a thin woman like Miho and the others were bitten, she would be out of luck.

"What the hell was that?"

"You're coming out now~"

"I'm exhausted..."

 Minho, Asami, and Kazumi try to tighten up their loosened spirits, but it's not so easy. Kanami is the only one who is ready to fight, but it goes without saying that Kanami alone is not enough.

"If Minho and the others can't do it, why don't we?"


 The four girls turned to me and glared at me. You don't have to be so angry. I just don't think Miho and the others are in any condition to fight.

"I'll do it! I'm gonna finish this! Come on, guys, let's do this!"

"""Of course!"""

 I think my words helped him switch his mind to battle mode. It's the duty of elders to be the villain. don't look so glum.

"Minho, don't look me in the eye. You have petrified eyes."

"Yes, sir!"

"Asami, eyes and fangs, crush them."


Kazumi, petrification and poisoning, we're on it.


 Kanami gave them quick instructions. That seemed to get the three of them even more excited.


 The battle between the four girls and the basilisk, who had been slowly approaching with their tongues flicking in and out, began. The four girls did well to recover their feelings, and I will praise them when the battle is over.

 Let's put the finishing touches on this. -Let's give them everything they've got!

 Kanami's arrow has pierced the basilisk's right eye. You've done a good job.

 Miho saw this and struck the basilisk in the face with his shield. The basilisk lifted its sickle head.


 Asami's spear pierced the basilisk's torso, but as the basilisk exerted itself, its muscles trapped the spear and it could not come loose, and Asami was bounced off by the basilisk's tail.


 Asami slumps to the ground and goes limp.



 When Minho was about to be distracted by Asami, Kanami shouted for him to concentrate. As a result, Miho managed to catch the basilisk's attack with his shield.

 However, the basilisk's long, sharp fangs pierced Miho's left arm as his mouth, which was larger than his shield, sucked the shield into its mouth.


 Minho's face contorted and he thought he was holding back the pain, but the sword he held in his right hand sliced through the fangs lodged in his left arm.

 Miho has taken one or two steps backward, and his left arm is pierced by a basilisk's fang, which is very painful.

"Kazumi! Detoxification!"

 Kazumi was stunned to see Miho's painful appearance, and Kanami's shout flew at her.

"Uh, yeah!"

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 As the arrows were raining down on him, the basilisk could not help but move backward, but he did not just move backward, he seemed to change his target to the fallen Asami.


 Kanami clicks her tongue when she sees the basilisk heading towards Asami. The corpse of a small snake demon was in the way and could not check the basilisk.

 So Kanami's first action was to start running. If the corpse of a small snake is in the way, just go to a place where you can aim at the basilisk. I guess she thought so.

 Kanami, who has taken up a position on a pile of corpses of miscellaneous snake demons, shot arrows rapidly in a desperate manner.

 That's when... Out of the pile of dead fish snakes, a fish snake's mouth appeared and bit Kanami's leg.


 Kanami was desperate to keep the basilisk away from Asami. So she overlooked it. There was a snake demon still alive among the corpses.


 I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it.

 Just as Minho was about to run to him, the basilisk came back and spat [[Petrifying Mist(C)]] at him. Because he was focused on Kanami, Miho was hit by the [[Petrifying Mist(C)]], and his body gradually begins to petrify.

"That's it. Lethia, Sanlove, Sela, we're intervening!"

 Three of them heard my voice and reacted.

 Lethia took a big step and approached the basilisk in an instant, and then she hit it with a shoulder tackle. The giant basilisk was not safe from Lethia's shoulder tackle, and its face was damaged so much that it was deformed.

 Saint-Louve ripped the head off the little snake demon that bit Kanami's leg .

 I moved with my MP7, keeping a wary eye on the basilisk, and headed for the fallen Asami. At the same time, Kazumi went for Kanami.

Asami's safe. We'll get her!

 He loudly announces that Asami is safe, then grabs her armor with his left hand and drags her to safety.

Kazumi! Get Kanami over here."


 Saint-Louve had already headed for the basilisk, so Kazumi pulled Kanami with him.

"I'll go get Miho, I'll take care of you two."


 I rushed to Miho who was lying down beside the basilisk, Lethia, and Sanlove fighting. A ball of fire flew past me. Sailor's magic.

 Watching sideways as the basilisk's body split in two with a thunderous roar, he retrieved Miho and took him to the other three.

"I'm going to make you drink this."

 What I took out and gave to Kazumi was the elixir. A magic potion that cures any wound, any poison, any disease. If Miho and Kanami drink it, they'll be cured of petrification and poisoning. Asami doesn't have any serious wounds, so she can be healed with Kazumi's magic.

 Kazumi takes care of the three of us, and I take the Barrett M82A1 out of storage, set it up on a tripod, and look through the scope. I set the sights and pull the trigger. The shock, now a pleasant vibration, hits my body, and a big hole appears between the eyes of the basilisk.

"Aaah! Lord, I was going to kill you!"

 Lethia's protests echoed through the boss's office as I killed the basilisk.

"Wow... the basilisk we had such a hard time with..."

 I heard Minho mutter.

 Sure, it's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it, but I've got better weapons. Lethia, Sanlove and Sela are the real deal.

"Congratulations . Sonata and the others have successfully defeated the dungeon master of this [Serpent God's Labyrinth]."

 I knew there was a first-time clear bonus.

"I am the serpent god."

 Is it the white snake god-sama? Or the cobra-like god-sama? And so on.