Chapter 63 General

 You have arrived in the maritime commercial city in the eastern part of the Principality of Astarica.

 A helicopter could have flown at once, but it would have caused a commotion if it had been seen, so we drove through with a Type 96 armored car (Cougar). Well, it made a lot of noise even with a Type 96 Cougar.

 Orders from the royal family? I don't know, I didn't see it! I'm free!

 I don't like to be ordered by someone because it reminds me of my days as a salaryman in Japan. I want to live without being oppressed since I've come to a different world. I know it's selfish, but it's fine! I'll do what I want to do and not do what I don't want to do, and live at my own pace! I want to say.

 Let the princes and nobles scramble to the last minute and make them regret putting shackles on me. And I'll make them pay more for my work anyway.

 Anyway, it's good that we arrived at the port, but there are no fish market, only shops and warehouses. I know it's a port town with a lot of marine trade, but why?

"Is there a market that sells fish?"

 I talked to some of the workers at the port.

"Huh? This is a commercial port town, remember? If you want fish, you'll have to go to the surrounding small villages!"

 It's all over. Damn, I thought they sold fish in a port town, but I'm pissed!

 But I think the workers are right. There are only merchant ships in this port, and no fishing boats. Even if it is a port, how can there be a market to sell fish when there are no fishing boats?

 But I thought there might be a retail fishmonger, so I asked him.

"They don't sell anything but dried fish around here. If you want raw fish, you have to go to a fishing port."

 Dry goods. I'll have a look.

 The reason why only dry foods are sold is probably because they are preserved foods. Whether at sea or on land, journeys in this world usually last from a dozen days to several months.

"I see, it's all dried fish like eye sashimi and dried horse mackerel."

 Moved to a port town with a fishing port.

"Oh, it's a fish market."

"Isn't it a bit crowded in here? Lord."

 Lethia was right, there would be more people in the market, but it was empty.

"Apparently there aren't many fish."

 When I looked at the fish, I found that there were not many fish. Do we have to come earlier?

"Uncle San, is this all the fish you have?"

 I asked an old man who looked like a fisherman in a bowl.

"Yeah, we've been landing a lot less lately, and it's all because of that monster."

"A monster?"

 I was curious about the word "monster", so I asked O-San about it, and he told me that Kraken appeared in the fishing ground and we could not fish.

"It's very frustrating to come all the way out here and not be able to get any fish."

"Then we'll defeat that Kraken ourselves!"

"Well, it's no fun to waste time, so let's defeat the Kraken, Grose-san."

"Come on, it's a Kraken. Even a high-ranked adventurer would have trouble defeating it."

 Because adventurers can't perform well in the sea, it's usually the national army or lord's army that has warships that defeat sea monsters like the Kraken, Osan said.

 But he's in a dilemma because he can't defeat a high-ranked monster like the Kraken with his army.

 A fishmonger, Ochan, told me that there is a military port a little north of this fishing port, where the navy is concentrated.

 Furthermore, there have been three attempts to defeat the Kraken so far, but the Navy has lost each time. That's why the navy's morale is low, and there is no sign that they will go out to defeat the Kraken these days.

"Just ignore this country's navy! Leave the weak soldiers who are afraid of a mere Kraken alone, Lord!"

 Lethia wants to fight the Kraken as soon as possible, but the Kraken is in the water, so I don't think Lethia is up to the task.

 If you want to fight the Kraken, your body must be above the sea level at least. Then you'll have to kill it with Sela's magic or my sniper's shot.

"How dare you say such a thing!"

 When we turned around, a woman who looked like a guard was glaring at us with a swarthy atmosphere. Probably because she is a soldier of this country, she must have overheard Lethia calling us ignorant or weak soldiers. Lethia can't read the atmosphere. ....

 Since there's no point in complaining about what's already done, what should I do to get this female soldier to leave peacefully? Hmmm, Sailor, a man of common sense and tolerance! -Leave it to kun!

 I looked at her and I asked her to handle it. It's called throwing everything.


What the hell, man?

 When Sailor tried to put it down, Lethia shouted at the female soldier in an agitated tone. Lethia-chan! You shut up! The female soldier looks like she's about to draw her sword.

"I don't deserve to have my people die at the hands of you-samas!"

 You're right, but the fact that we've failed three times means we can't buy fish.

"Dead or alive, if you can't defeat the Kraken, you're nothing. Isn't that right, Lord?"

 Why do you say things like that, Lethia-chan? Don't shake me before you add fuel to the fire!

"Lethia, this country has its own reasons for being here. I'm sure you'll defeat the Kraken next."

"If the Lord says so, then it must be so."

 Lethia looked away from me, looked at the female soldier, smiled and said.

"I'm looking forward to the next round, we'll see what we can do. Hurry up and kill it, knight."


 A female soldier attacked Lethia. I can praise her for not drawing her sword, but I can't praise her for hitting Lethia.

 The female soldier was beaten to the ground by Lethia's cross counter. That fist can take the world!

"I did it... sera, please."


 Sailor cast a healing spell on a female soldier.

 After a while, a female soldier noticed us and we looked down at her lying down.

"Damn it, kill it!"

 No, there's no kukkoro here. And if you're embarrassed to say kukkoro with such a red face, you shouldn't have said it.

"Shogun. セリナンドーーー将ーーー軍”

 ...a dozen or so soldiers came trooping in.

"General! You can't just go away without permission!"

 It seems that the general is this woman who looks like a soldier. Why is the woman who is called "General" dressed like a soldier?

 But what's more important, my Lethia-chan is beating up the general. Is this bad?

"Caron, I told you not to call me General out here!"

Excuse me, General! Stay!

 The general is the soldier who was beaten by the general. It's like watching a cheap comedy.

 The General turned around to face us.

"You're strong. I like you. I'm gonna make you my man."

 He seems like a troublesome general.

"Tell me when you're stronger than me."

 Lethia-chan is a real pain in the ass!

"Why not? You can even become a general if you become my subordinate and do well in the military!"

 You're hot. But please don't recruit my Lysia-chan.

"Hey, you! How can you refuse when the general is personally inviting you?"

 The little guy's pissed.


"Don't call me General! I told you so!"

 Huh, sigh.

 The general was not ready to give up on Lethia and persistently tried to recruit her, but Lethia's answers were consistent from beginning to end.

 To Lethia, career and money are not attractive words. If I were a general, I would say, "Come with me to fight the Kraken! to stimulate Lethia's battle-crazed brain.

 Well, I don't expect a general I just met today to understand Lethia's habits.