Chapter 66 Kraken Extermination

 The hovercraft did not capsize, but Sailor and I were almost thrown overboard by the tipping force of the hovercraft. We had safety belts attached to the railings, so we did not fall into the sea.

 I've realized that it's important to be prepared.

 Incidentally, a safety belt is a kind of belt used for fall prevention in high places.

Lord, Serra, are you all right?

 I could hear Lethia's voice over the intercom.

I'm okay. Sailor, are you okay?

"Yes, I'm fine!"

 I'm relieved to know that Sailor's okay. But we can't afford to be complacent.

"Lethia, get out of range of his foot strike."


 It seems that some of the officers and their guards were injured on the ship, but now is not the time to worry about it.

 Sailor and I repositioned ourselves on the hovercraft, which was moving away from the Kraken at maximum ship speed.

"Fighting on a ship is different from fighting on the ground, it's harder to fight."

"Yeah, it's hard to get back up if you fall off the ship, and the ship shakes differently than a Type 96 armored car (cougar)."

"We got too close this time. We'll have to push him from outside his attack range with sheer force."


"Lethia, keep 300 meters from him."

"All right."

 Lethia's driving the hovercraft from breakaway to turn.

 At 300 meters me and Sela can attack, but the Kraken's legs aren't that long.

"I'm going to give you something in return!"

"I'll do it!"

 Sela's magic has been unleashed. It's an ice spell that makes the ice that holds the Kraken in place even thicker.

 He can't run away, he'll be attacked from a distance by me and Sailor!

 Aim the Kraken through the scope and pull the trigger.

 And the guy's foot on top of the ice got in the way of the bullet.

 But the second it landed, it exploded, and I lost my leg. Come on, get out of my way. I'll blow all your legs off!

 I blew his legs off one after the other.

 Then Sela unleashed hundreds of vacuum blades that shredded the Kraken's body.

 If I had used that vacuum blade from the start, it would have been instantaneous.

"You've done well!"

 The generals are happy. I know you're happy but you're not crying.

 My men are hugging each other and they're happy.

 The Kraken's body was made up of hundreds of parts, so I collected what I could. Sailor says that she didn't want to use the vacuum blade because she thought it would be troublesome to recover. Thinking about it now, I agree with him.

"I didn't get a chance to play this time either, Pee Pee."

 Ruby's bummed out.

"Don't be so downhearted. I'll level up Ruby after this."

"Are you sure, PeeWee?"

"Yeah, that's true."

"Yay, Peeps!"

 A victory party was held at the general's residence.

 The generals and soldiers were drinking and singing and making a lot of noise.

 Lethia joined in the fuss, but I know how much I drink, so I drink like an adult.

 Like me, Sailor drinks in a moderate manner. Well, Lethia is a colander, so she doesn't get drunk.

What are you doing? Why don't you have a drink, Mr. Hendler?"

 The General's getting involved.

"I'm drinking."

"Don't you drink more! Come on, drink up, drink up!

 This warlady seems to have a drinking problem.

"Yes, yes."

"That's one time!"


"Mugggghhh, drink up!"

 He puts his arm around my neck and offers me an ale.

 The ale is not very alcoholic, so you don't get drunk, but the carbonation makes you sick to your stomach.

 No one got up the next morning. I don't think it's good for everyone to drink and collapse in the house of a prince's bloodline.

"Gloose-san, what will you do with the reward for killing the Kraken this time?"

 Sailor woke up in bed wearing cute pajamas with a panda applique on them.

"I'm going to demand commercial rights in this country. No taxes, of course."

"So, are you going to set up a base in this country as well?"

"We have the ocean in this country, you know."

"I see, maritime trade."

 I nodded to Sailor.

 The general finally woke up in the afternoon with a completely hungover look on her face.


 Hey, don't throw up in front of me.

"General, I would like to receive this reward."

"Oh... reward... ugh... what is it... ugh..."

 I don't know what to tell you.

We'll talk to you tomorrow.

"Oh... ugh."

 No, no, no, no, no.

 Since I have time, I'll go to the port.

"Master Sama, there's lots of fish."

"Oh, it's true. The fishing's back on. All right, let's buy some!"

 Oh, there's tuna! That's bonito! Is that a shark? Those are some big teeth! I bought everything. Big catch. Big fish.

 It is worthwhile to kill the Kraken, because you can buy fish like this.

"Lord, after all this time, if you wanted fish, why didn't you just catch them yourself?"

"I'm not gonna do that. It's not a matter of can or can't, it's a matter of won't. It's what they say."

"What's that mochi something?"

"When you say mochi is a mochi shop, perhaps you mean leave it to the experts, don't you?"

"That's what I'm talking about, Sailor! That's right. It's the fishermen who catch the fish."

"Hmm. But the Lord is neither an adventurer nor a soldier, yet he defeated the Kraken, didn't he?"

"The Kraken is the exception. There's always an exception to everything, you know."

 Lethia didn't seem convinced. Well, she's a brainiac, that's all right.

 That night we enjoyed fish dishes. You can buy fish at [[Mail Order (B)]], but it is very special to eat local fish.

"Master-sama, yummy-one."

 Saint-Loup's gonna eat a lot and grow up.

"Mmm, Lord, this is good."

 You eat as much as ever, Lethia-san.

"I never knew raw fish could taste so good...this green stuff is tangy and adds a nice touch."

 Sailor's a grown woman. Lethia and Saint-Loup are eating horseradish without it.

"In my hometown, we have a custom of eating fish raw, called sashimi. There are some fish that cannot be eaten raw, so not everything can be made into sashimi."

"Soy sauce really goes with everything, doesn't it?"

"Soy sauce is a magic seasoning. You can eat almost anything with soy sauce."

 Soy sauce is a really useful seasoning.

"This drink goes well too!"

 You look like a man, Lethia, who poured a lot of sake into a bowl and drank it down.

"This dry sake goes well with sashimi, doesn't it?"

 Sailor's a grown woman.

"More fruit juice, one."

 Yes, yes. Sanlube likes fruit juice.

"Master Sama, please give Ruby some fruit juice too!"

 I know Ruby likes fruit juice too, but give me a minute. I'll pour it for Saint-Loup and then I'll pour it for Ruby.

 Next to the sashimi is the bonito. -It smells fragrant because it is grilled with chan and straw, and it has a punchy flavor because it is garnished with garlic.

"Oh, that's good, too! You should try it!"

 I've been too busy pouring drinks for Lethia to eat.

"Glose-san, this garlic goes well again."

 That's right, bonito tataki and garlic go well together.

"Sama, fruit juice one."

 Yes, yes, yes.

"Master-sama, Ruby doesn't like the smell of garlic."

 Well, to each his own, I suppose. Ruby's not human.

 Now, a hot pot. I got some anglerfish, so I made anglerfish hot pot.

 You can eat the skin, guts and meat of anglerfish, of course.

"Wow, that grotesque looking fish is so delicious!"

 Lethia-chan, don't judge a fish by its appearance.

"I like the puddinginess of this crust."

 It's a gelatinous skin, maybe tomorrow morning Sailor's skin will be pudding too!

"Master, this is delicious!"

 Saint-Louve likes the body part.


 Ruby liked everything about it.

 We had a great time and enjoyed the fish dishes.

 And of course, there was conjugal intercourse. Sailor's glutinous skin, Lethia's carnivorousness, Saint-Loup's wildness... it was a feast for sama.