Chapter 68 Port Development 2

 I've built a harbor, purchased slaves, bought ships, built a trading post, and I'm well on my way to establishing a base in the Principality of Astarica.

 The purchased slaves numbered fifty, and twelve of the dying were restored by Ruby's [[Healing Winds (C)]].

 Ruby's [[Wind of Healing(C)]] did not completely heal her once or twice, but when she was treated with [[Wind of Healing(C)]] three or four times Healing Wind(C)]] three or four times, the defective part was healed well.

 It doesn't have the power to heal all at once like the elixir, but it can heal you completely if you apply it in layers.

"Hoist the sails!"

"Hoist the sails!"

 Slaves training to maneuver a galleon purchased from my [[Mail Order (B)]].

 I was quite surprised, because I didn't expect to be able to buy a galleon.

 We have purchased five of these galleons, so we are short of men, and we need men to operate the trading post, so we must purchase more slaves.

 I've told Abas-san that I'll buy 50 more slaves, but it will take time to get that many. We'll just have to keep trying.

 The galleons that you have purchased have been modified, of course. There are three modifications, two of which are common to all five ships, but one of which is not.

 One of the common modifications is to make the ship easier to maneuver. As a side effect, it has reduced the number of people needed to maneuver the ship, which is a big help.

 Another common denominator is strength. Safety first, is the motto of Hendler's company, so it is almost unharmed up to the attack of a rank 5 demon.

 The third modification is to upgrade the armament of two ships. Galleons can be equipped with cannon as an option, but we are improving the attack power, range, and accuracy of the cannon.

 The other three ships are improving their payloads. Payload is simply defined as the amount of cargo carried.

 It has almost no armament, but its payload has been increased so that it can carry a large amount of cargo.

 In other words, two ships are escorts and three ships are cargo carriers for trade.

 Since there are few of us now and we're not used to it, we're doing training voyages with only one destroyer.

 The captain of the ship is Kaltbauer, who lost both his legs and was dying, but he feels indebted to me because he recovered from his dying condition.

 Thanks to that, he's now working for me as a subordinate instead of a slave.

 Since the Kraken was the cause of Kaltbauer's loss of both legs, it's also a good thing that I was able to avenge him.

 Many of the dying slaves feel indebted to me, and 11 of the 12 have been switched to Tame.

 The remaining one has just recently become mentally stable, so we'll have to see if he switches to taming.

 Kaltbauer was originally the head fisherman, and his skills include [[Shiphandling(C)]][[Command(D)]][[Fisherman(C)]].

 With the skill [[Maneuvering (C)]], it was surprising to find that you could also maneuver a ship with an engine.

 I've mastered the hovercraft in no time at all. Skill is amazing.

 It's amazing that Lethia was able to operate a hovercraft without any skills.

 The training voyage proceeded, and now we entered the gunnery drill.

"Load up!"

"Load up!"

 Kaltbauer's orders were recited by his first officer, Kabras, and the navigators loaded the cannon.

 This loading operation is also simplified, and the bullet and powder are integrated. Thanks to this, the loading operation was completed much faster than I expected.



 With a gut-wrenching roar, the bombardment of the target, a small wooden ship, began.

 The first shot landed in the sea about 30 meters behind the wooden boat and splashed into the water.

"You're aiming too hard!"

 It is an attack on a moving wooden ship from a ship that is rocking. There is no weapon control like modern weapons, so the accuracy of the hit is poor.

 Even so, the accuracy should be much better than firing a normal cannon.

 You may not be used to it, so you have to improve your accuracy through training.

 When I came back from the training voyage, I found a message from Abas Slave Shop.

"I see the slaves have arrived, I'll go to Abas-san's shop."

"Grose-san, I'm coming with you."

 Sailor didn't go to the Abas slave shop to build the pier the last time she was there.

 Since the pier was already completed and I had no reason to refuse, we decided to go to the Abas slave shop together.

 Of course, Lethia, Saint-Loup, and Ruby are with us. In the end, it was the usual crew.

 I purchased a large number of slaves from the Abbas Slave Shop and placed the strongest slaves on the ships and the best looking slaves in the trading post.

 Of course, I listen to the wishes of the student and try to fulfill them as much as I can.

"I see the trading post is starting to get back on track."

"It's hard not to sell because the products that Grocer San offers are so good."

 Sailor's done a great job of educating us and the store has a good reputation.

 The trading center has started to sell mainly liquor.

 The Duchy of Astarica is a small country, but it sells a lot of alcohol.

 A large amount of beer is selling like hotcakes.

 When I'm done with my galleon training, I'm thinking about maritime trade.

 At that time, I'm planning to increase the variety of liquor, and make a big trade.

 The export destinations we are considering now are the Grand Duchy of Iqma to the north of the Principality of Astarica, the great kingdom of Felt further north, and the great kingdom of Water to the south.

 I hear that wine and brandy are popular in the Grand Duchy of Ikuma, whiskey is popular in the Kingdom of Felt, and wine is popular in the Land of Water.

 I'm also thinking of finding a place with good spring water in the general's territory and brewing sake.

 My [[mail order]] would be useless without me, but I thought that if I could make sake as a local industry, trade would be stable.

"This is it, people. When the galleon training is over, you will load your cargo and head for other countries."

 I told him that in front of all the employees.

 I have to go back to the Kingdom of Delbarth where the Red Tower is.

 And I'm thinking of leaving the country soon to move up the ranks for Ruby.

 According to Ins, the dungeon thing hasn't been improved at all, and the princes and nobles are very worried about it.

 It is said that some nobles have begun to leave the capital before the stampede occurs, and messengers from the castle come to Inns every day.

"As you all know, I'm based in the neighboring town of Red Tower in the Kingdom of Delbarth. It's been a long time since I left the town of the Red Tower, so I think it's time for me to return."

 I owe a debt of gratitude to Sarae for helping me when I was sick with sores all over my body and she is in charge of the trading post. I talk to her.

"The man in charge of this trading post is Sarae. Salaie should consult with Kaltbauer and the other executives and proceed with the business."

"I will risk my life to make sure that Hendler-sama's expectations are met!"

 No, you don't have to risk your life!

"Kaltbauer needs to support Sarae and do it."

"Leave it to me. We're all going to get Miss Sarae going!"

All right, guys, take care.


 All employees responded cheerfully.

"We're having a party today! Drink, eat, and be merry!"


 I'm going to visit here regularly, but since I won't be able to see you for a while, I thought I'd have a party to deepen our friendship.

 In this banquet, we prepared a lot of dishes such as meat, fish and vegetables in buffet style.

 Because a navigator is a man of the sea and consumes a lot of food and drink, he prepared a lot of food.

 We have even prepared vodka with a high alcohol content. The alcohol content is 95%, which is almost alcohol.

 It's unbelievable how many glasses of vodka Kaltbauer and his crew pour down their throats. I'm sure I'd collapse after one glass.

"Hey, Lord! This vodka's good! It's got a lot of punch!"

 This is the first time you'll be able to see it.

"Grose-san, I think I'm drunk..."

 Sailor is sexy: ....

"Master sama~, more fruit juice~!"

 Saint-Loup is the usual fruit juice.

"Master-sama, this meat is delicious Pee!"

 That's chicken. Wouldn't that be cannibalism?

"Lord, drink!"

 What? Don't give me that vodka!