Chapter 69 Dungeon Of The Trees 1

 The galleon sails out of the harbor and into the open sea.

 I feel the strength of a galleon leaving the cove, overcoming the waves that are taller than I am.

"Sarae, you're on it."

"I will try . Your husband-sama."

 We saw the galleon off and left the trading post.

 Since I was going back to the Kingdom of Delbarth, I greeted the generals and left the Principality of Astarica.

 Am I mistaken in thinking that the generals have been giving me a hard time lately?

 Our first impressions of each other weren't very good, but what do you think?

[Caney-san definitely considers Master to be a man]

[I knew it. But, why?]

[I saw the master's heroics in defeating the Kraken. Master is good looking.]

[I don't think it's that cool...]

[He's my master, so he's good-looking!]

[uh, yeah... thanks. Ins]

 If you say so much, I wonder if it's really cool.

 Drive a Type 96 armored car (Cougar).

 When we came here, we crossed the mountain, but this time we decided to go south and take a route bypassing the mountain.

 It was just after I left the Principality of Astarica and entered the Land of Water.

 I've found it: ....

 What did I find? Don't you see? That thing, that thing.

Lord, let's go!

"Yes, yes."

 We've found a dungeon by a small lake.

 Even though you have found it, there is a town near the dungeon, and many armed adventurers have entered the dungeon.

 I was planning to level up Ruby, so that's fine, but I want to gather information first.

[Master, that's a dungeon you've already conquered. The locals call it the Dungeon of Trees, a dungeon full of plant-type demons.]

[how do you know all this information?]

[Gathering information is important, so I gathered information on the dungeons we can collect in King's Landing]

 Ins, aren't you too good?

[Thanks for everything. I love you.]

[The Master .... I love you too Master]

 We'll bring Ins back when we get to King's Landing.

 If any king or nobleman gets in my way, I'll bring my wrath down on them.

 As a result, I don't care if I can't stay in the Kingdom of Delbarth.

"Lord, what are you waiting for? Let's go!"

"Lethia's still the same, isn't she?"

 I lined up at the entrance to the dungeon with Lethia pulling me along.

 Lethia has changed her armor from leather armor to armor of everlasting darkness, so she looks very intimidating.

 Recently, Lethia's level has been increasing, and her armor of everlasting darkness has been growing, so the atmosphere she creates is amazing.

 That's why all the adventurers around us are watching us from afar.

"Is that... is that Japanese?"

 A voice suddenly called out to me. The word "Japanese" made my shoulders jump a little.

 When I turned around and looked at the owner of the voice, I saw three men and three women with Japanese faces standing there.

 I could tell from his appearance that he was an adventurer.

 Two of the men are heavily armed with metal armor, two of the women with robes and wands, and one of the men and one of the women with leather armor, making them look like scouts and archers.

 A man heavily armed with a large shield and a one-handed sword advances towards us.

"You're Japanese, right?"

 He has a Japanese face with deep wrinkles.

 That's what I did to those three girls at first, but I'm hard on people who misbehave like that.

 I believe that when you talk to someone, it is natural to first ask for his or her availability and then ask for his or her name.

 They don't know me, and I don't deserve to be talked to out of the blue.


"What, you can't talk?"

 The man who comes in front of me and looks down at me must be one hundred and ninety centimeters tall.

"Well, do we know each other? I'm sorry, I don't think we've met."


 He just stared at me.

 It's scary to be stared at by a big, strong man, but it's much scarier to be stared at by the head of the Adventurer's Guild or Katherine San.

"If you're meeting someone for the first time, it's polite to identify yourself and ask their availability."

What the hell do you think you're doing?

 I got yelled at.

 Well, whatever you say to such a person who doesn't know politeness, it's a waste of time to deal with him.

"Lord, do I have to beat you?"

 Lethia came between me and the big man, giving off the vibe that I should let him go wild.

"What, miss-chan?"

"Stay away from the Lord. Get back, you little fish."


 Lethia smiled as she challenged the big man.

 The big man's name is Sakio Hayabusa. He is a great shield-bearer, lv 72.

 She's capable, but she's not as good as Lethia.

"Miss-chan, you've got to be kidding me!"

 Sakio Hayabusa raises his fist in the air.

 Five guys who are supposed to be my friends won't even try to stop me. There's no reason for me to be close to them.

 They may be powerful enough to keep a big face around here, but they're not six of Lethia's enemies.

 Sakio Hayabusa shoots in with a fist bump.


"What? What did you do?"

 Lethia didn't even try to catch Sakio Hayabusa's fist, but took it in the face.

"What, are you nuts?"

"Then it's my turn!"

 When Lethia struck Sakio Hayabusa in the face, he squirmed in the air and fell to the ground in an exaggerated heap.

 When you see a sakio falcon lying on the ground, it is twitching and fainting with the whites of its eyes.

 Lethia kicked the Sakio falcon into the air and caught it with one hand as it fell.

"What a bore. Isn't there anyone with more teeth?"

 I don't think many people can take a beating from Lethia.

""""" sakio-san !?"""""

"It's kind of lousy."

 Sailor's being harsh. But I agree with her.

"My Lord, let's get a good one."

"Right. Lethia, get rid of that thing. Let's go."

 I called out to Lethia as I stroked Sanlove's head.

"Mm, it would be nice to have a more crunchy demon."

 With that, Lethia threw Sakio Hayabusa away.

 The Sakio falcon bounced on the ground several times and stopped.

 The surrounding adventurers are taken aback by Lethia's relentlessness, but five of Sakio Hayabusa's companions glare at her.

"One of our own got hit, who's gonna do it again?"

 Don't provoke me when I'm about to enter the dungeon.

 But all five of them knew what Lethia was capable of now, and they didn't move.

 That's good. You won't get hurt if you're quiet, and more importantly, Sanlove wants to get into the dungeon as soon as possible.

 If we had angered Saint-Louve here, the damage would have been much different than if we had just left Lethia alone.

Lethia, come on.

 I called Lethia again and I went into the dungeon.

 Why don't people from Earth have common sense or common courtesy?

 It's still understandable since the three girls looked young, but the six girls in this episode are of a certain age, so I think they should be polite.

 Sakio Hayabusa was an old man, and the other five were in their late twenties.

 I don't mean to say that you should use honorific language, but you should be polite.

 Are you telling me this is an age scam? A ten-year-old who's been transported to this world in his late 20s or 40s? No way, right?

 Well, when I entered the dungeon, I found a forest.

 Insu said that this is a dungeon where many plant demons appear, so if you don't know that, you won't know whether it's just a tree or a demon.

 But I have [[search]], and I have Sanlove. I don't think we have a blind spot.

 After going through the forest for a while, a demon appeared!

"What the hell was that?"

"According to the guidebook, it's a rank 1 mushroom demon called Shittake. It's said to be quite tasty when dried and eaten."

 It's a shiitake!

 I mean, it looks like a big Shiitake mushroom, similar to a mushroom in a game of Super Brothers.

"I'll leave the fighting to Ruby in this dungeon. Go on."

"I'll do my best, Pi!"

 The ruby that was perched on my shoulder flapped its wings and flew away.

 Ruby doesn't have that many ways to attack, so I'll be watching to see how she fights.

 As expected, Ruby attacked Sittaque by flying her wings covered with fire.

 Red-burning feathers fly wildly -sama is so beautiful.

 This is a skill called [[Flap of Flame (C)]].

 Shittake is stung by a burning feather, or he burns helplessly in its clutches.

"Master-sama, it's over, papi."

"Thank you, sir."

"But that's not..."

 Sailor's brow wrinkled.

 Well, I don't think I can eat charred shittake, let alone dry it.

"Sorry, papi."

"Don't worry about it. They're just too weak."

 Lethia comforts Ruby.

 You're a senior citizen who's done too much. Do you know how Ruby feels?

 After that, Ruby continued to be a warrior.

 Well, there's no way a rank 1 or rank 2 demon can beat Ruby.

 Ruby is only as big as my shoulder, but she's still a rank 5.

 Also, since it's a forest field, I thought Ruby's [[Flap of Flame(C)]] would spread the forest, but I was wrong.

 Trees could be cut down, but they weren't going to catch fire.

 Perhaps, the freshness of the trees prevents the fire from spreading.

 We've gone two, three, four, and now we've reached five.

 It was surprisingly hard to walk through the forest, and by the time I reached the fifth level, it had been about ten hours since I entered the dungeon.

"I guess we'll just camp out around here."

 I took out a 96 Cougar in a relatively large space in the woods.

"Sailor take care of the food."

"I'll take care of it."

 Sailor began to cook in the kitchen of the Type 96 armored car (Cougar).

"Lethia is a demon repellent installation."

"I'll take care of it."

 Lethia shoulders the great axe and walks away.

"Saint-Louve and Ruby, you're on perimeter alert."

"Okay, one."

I got it, PeeWee.

 Saint-Louve and Ruby both happily headed to the perimeter for a vigil.