Chapter 70 Dungeon Of The Trees 2

 You'll feel better after a good night's sleep.

 It's a comfortable space that makes you forget that you're in a dungeon.

 You're in the middle of a battle and you've been chosen to fight against the enemy.

 The fifth level of the dungeon of the trees is full of rank 2 demons.

 Big Shittake, which is an enlarged version of Shittake, Little Trent, which is a tree monster, and Poison Flower, which is a flower monster, often appear.

 I haven't seen anything but plant demons so far. Please don't tell me that shiitake is a fungus.


 Since the progress is slow, I took out from the storage a strong ally to explore the forest.

"Lord, what is this?"

"Grose-san, is that a car?"



 They all look at me strangely.

"It's a kind of vehicle called a buggy and an off-road bike."

 I prepared one small ATV and two off-road bikes which are used for motocross.

 Two ATVs for Sailor and Saint-Louve, one off-road bike for me and one for Lethia.

 I showed Lethia and Sailor how to ride it, and they learned quickly.

 They really do learn how to drive these things quickly.

"Ha-ha-ha. Lord, isn't this bike nice!"

 Leecia jumped her off-road bike and spun it around in the air.

 It's scary to see Lethia riding so well after less than an hour on the bike!

"Grose-san, this is fun."

 An ATV is a small two-seater, with the same steering wheel as a motorcycle.

 Sailor looks like she's having a good time with Saint-Loup in the back.

All right, let's go.

 We opened the throttle and started driving.

 Leafsia is having a good time accelerating and doing wheelies, but I'm riding behind her and I'm covered with mud and dust, so please stop.

 Ruby, who can fly, is hunting demons ahead of you.

 Ince will tag the demon's corpse with a search and use [[space-time magic]] to transfer it and have it collected in storage.

 You don't need to touch it, and you don't need to see it, so it's convenient.

 We made it to the bottom of the fifth level in no time.

 There was a big gate and a line of adventurers.

"Over there is the fifth level area boss's room."

 Beyond the door of the boss's room, there was an ordinary forest, and I thought it was a strange sight to see adventurers disappearing beyond the door.

 But Insu told me that I can make that door because it's an application of [[space-time magic]].

 I used to think I was a cheat, but now I realize I am.

 The adventurers were a little upset when we appeared on off-road bikes and ATVs, but we ignored them and got in line with the adventurers.

 You can't touch these things.

"While we're waiting in line, why don't we grab a snack?"

 I had breakfast after I woke up. But there are many adventurers lined up, so it's snack time.

"Yay, a snack!"

 Saint-Louve was jumping for joy.

"Mmm, I think I'm going to have some chocolate cake today, Lord."

 Yeah, yeah. Lethia is a chocolate cake.

"Grosse-san, I'd prefer tiramisu."

 Sailor is a tiramisu.

 I prepared a pile of cookies and fruit juice for Saint-Louve, chocolate cake and black coffee for Lethia, tiramisu and apple tea for Sailor, rice grains and water for Ruby, and green tea and chestnut dumplings for me.

 It's not that I'm harassing Ruby, Ruby likes grains of rice.

 He says that Koshihikari is the best rice, especially brown rice before milling.

 I also like Japanese sweets, especially chestnut sweets.

 The chestnut kintoons sold in the Tounou area of Gifu Prefecture are different from the chestnut kintoons eaten in the Kanto region, and are made from strained chestnuts.

 When the season of chestnut kinto is coming, I always order it. They are delicious!

"This is delicious! This harmony of sweetness and bitterness is indescribable!"

 Lethia made a comment like a gourmet reporter and ate the chocolate cake in one gulp.

 For the record, Lethia ate the whole thing, not the cut.

 Lethia always eats this much, and I'm always worried that she'll get heartburn, but my worries are for naught.

"Lethia-san, you have chocolate all over your mouth."

 Sailor wiping Lethia's mouth makes her look like a mother.

"My Lord, another one."

 I also offered Saint-Loup a tin of cookies, which he devoured and asked for more.

 I can't help wondering where that little body is going to disappear to.

"Saint-Louve, we have to fight now, so be patient."

 Sailor's a total wanker.

 But I'd be giving Saint-Louve what he wants, so it's good to have Sela here.

"Oh, you guys look like you've been eating some good..."

 One of the adventurers spoke to me.

 I can see that they want to eat. But I'm not obligated to share food with them.

 In the first place, food is an important material in the dungeon. That's why you shouldn't share food unless it's important.

"Yes, it was good. It's gone now."

 I could tell the adventurer was disappointed when I said that.

 And I'm standing there, and Lethia's like, "Is it gone?" and Saint-Louve is depressed, "Oh, no."

 You two know about my [[mail order]]!

 It's finally our turn.

 When we opened the door and went inside, the door closed by itself.

 On the other side of the door was a large domed room with a particularly large Trent in it.

"It's the boss of the fifth level, Middle Trent. He's a rank 3 demon."

 It's bigger than Little Trent, but being a middle, does that mean there's a Rousey, or even a Big?

 As Sela told me, it's a rank 3 demon, so I decided to leave it to Ruby.


 Ruby activates [[Flap of Flame (C)]], engulfing Middle Trent in flames.

 Midol Trent then produced water, which extinguished the fire that had been clinging to him.

"That's [[water magic]]. There's also [[wood magic]]."

 So, as a middleweight, you can use magic too?

 She tries to extinguish the fire with her magic, so she seems to be incompatible with Ruby.

"Then how about this, Pee-Pee!"

 More feathers on the fire.

 Middle Trent struggles to put out the fire with [[Water Magic]], but it seems that the gap between Rank 3 and Rank 5 cannot be bridged, and one by one, Middle Trent becomes carbonized and stops moving.

♪ It's over, Pee ♪

 At that moment, Ruby was blown away as if she was hit by something.

"It's still alive . Now that was a [[tree magic]] attack using the tree as a whip."

 Sela's right, Middleton Trent is dying, but he's still alive.

"Pee... it's so hot..."

 When Ruby was knocked to the ground, she moved her wings slowly and her body glowed.

"That's [[healing wind]], isn't it?"

 Sela is the commentator.

 But no one wants to touch it.

 If you mess with her now, Ruby's whole fight will be for nothing. That's why I'm watching.

 And I can still see the wariness in Ruby's eyes.

"Well done, PeeWee. I won't let my guard down this time. I'll be ready!"

 Then Ruby sent an invisible blade flying.

"Is that a wind-based attack? I thought Ruby didn't have any wind-based attack skills?"

 Sailor tilted her head.

"Now, it looks like you've learned [[wind magic]]."

 Me and Ruby are connected, somehow. It's the [[information sharing]] effect, what Ruby sees and feels is shared with me.

"Now, you've learned [[Wind Magic]]? Ruby is also growing little by little, isn't she?"

 While we were talking about this, Ruby chopped up the carbonized Middle Trent, completely silencing it.

"I'm sorry, Poppy. I let my guard down."

"From now on, the demons will become even stronger, so let's keep our heads up."

"Yes, peeps."

"Lord, the treasure chest."

 At Lethia's voice, I recognized the treasure chest in the center of the dome.

"One, open one."

 He ran up to the treasure chest, sniffed and put his hand on the lid.

 When Saint-Louve opened the treasure chest, he found a crown.

"A crown of laurel?"

 It's a crown of grass or leaves like in Greek mythology.

 Type: Druid's laurel crown

 Description: Only women can wear this. When worn, it allows you to make a pact with the spirit of the tree.

 Oh, a tree spirit. I'd love to summon a spirit.

[Ins, is this the best way to get Sela to use it?]

[Yes. I'm sure Sailor-san will.]

 So, this druid's laurel crown goes to Sailor.