Chapter 72 Return To King'S Landing

 After stepping through the dungeon of the trees, we left the dungeon and took out the Type 96 Armored Car (Cougar) at a deserted place near the dungeon and took our time.

 You may think you have to return to King's Landing as soon as possible, but that's none of my business.

 It's hard not to see Ins, but I can always talk to him, so it's a little better.

 Also, even if a demon comes out of the dungeon, you can escape from it safely, so there is no problem.

 If the king hadn't taken Ins hostage, I wouldn't have let my feelings get so twisted.

 Out of the Type 96 Armored Car (Cougar). Because I wanted to make a saddle for Ruby in [[Divine Creation]].

 Ruby has evolved and grown even larger, so I make a saddle for her to fit her body.

 The trees used as materials are torrents defeated in the Trees dungeon, and when [[Divine Creation]] is activated, the torrents, which were about 10 meters in size, glow and change shape.

 It's like a gondola. I don't have the courage to fly in the sky in a saddle. I made a gondola that's enclosed on all sides and has seatbelts.

 By the way, the seatbelt and the leather band to fix the gondola to Ruby are made of the skin of Chaos Dragon, so you can't cut them easily.

 The next morning, I'm not messing with Lethia this time.

 I woke up slowly, and as I was preparing breakfast, Sela came up.

"Good morning, sir. Grose-san."

"Oh, Sela, good morning."

 A light kiss and a morning greeting from my lovely wife.

"I'll help you."

"Thank you. Now, will you bake me some bread?"

 Sela and I are bread eaters, Lethia is a rice eater, and Saint-Loup is an eater of both.

 Since the rice is already cooked in the rice cooker, I ask Sela to cut a loaf of hotel bread to the right thickness and bake it in the oven.

 As for side dishes, crispy grilled thinly sliced bacon, thickly sliced bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, salad, pickled plum, miso soup and corn potage.

 Recently, Lethia's favorite food is dried plums, so I serve them every day.

"The Lord's food was good again today!"

"Yes, yes. Look, you've got a grain of rice on you."

 I'll take the grains out of Lethia's mouth and I'll eat them.

"Not at all Lethia, she's just a child."

"Moo, I'm a grown man! Lord."

"People who say things like that are children."


 Sela's taking care of Saint-Louve, and I'm taking care of Lethia.

 Lethia's in trouble.

All right, let's go.

 After cleaning up the meal, I decided to leave for the capital.

"Ruby, I'm sorry, but you need to grow up."

"Got it, PeeWee."

 The gondola is attached to the ventral side of the giant ruby, which is over 10 meters long.

 Ruby wanted to fly on the ventral side because it is difficult to fly on the back, so we made this shape.

 Lethia firmly secured the gondola to Ruby.

Ruby, go.


 Flapping her large, beautiful ruby wings, Ruby flew away.

 You will rise so fast that the big tree on the ground will look smaller than a toothpick in no time.

"Hey, Ruby, how's the gondola? Does it hurt, or is it hard to fly?"

"It's okay, Pippy."

"All right, then, let's fly all the way to King's Landing."

"Yes, peeps."

 Ruby's flight speed was incredibly fast. It was definitely faster than the speed of sound, but we don't know how many Mach it was.

 Thanks to Ruby's [[wind magic]] protecting the gondola we were on, we didn't care about thin air, air pressure, or noise, except that air travel is cold.

 This time, I decided to wear a winter jacket from [[mail order]].

"Ugh, it's cold, Lord."

 Apparently, Lethia doesn't like the cold.

 The armor of everlasting darkness has self-repair and morphological evolution, but it doesn't have a temperature control function.

 I'm hugging Sela and Saint-Louve to keep warm, but not Lethia. Because the armor of everlasting darkness hurts too much.

 We arrived near the capital in no time. It's so fast, there's still time for lunch.

 I was scheduled to arrive at the capital in the evening, so I decided to have a tea to kill some time.

 From there, I slacked off and headed for the capital on foot while dating the three of them.

"Oh, what's that?"

"Hmm? Is that a person?"

 Lethia found something, but when she looked closer, she saw a man lying on the ground.

Hey, are you okay?

 If you check the status of the fallen, you'll see that their HP is not decreasing, so there's no need to rush.

 I'm gonna get closer. But I can see it, can't I?

"Come on, guys, let's give them something that doesn't kill them."

"What is it, Lord? Enemy?"

"Crouched One."

"You look like a bandit."

 Well, he's a thief.

 But with bandits in such close proximity to King's Landing, how safe is this country?

"Hey, it's no use if they know. Just leave the money and the girl..."

 A man with a stubbly beard spoke to him in a pompous manner, but was beaten off by Lethia.

"What the fuck? Shit."



"What the hell is this?"

 Lethia and Saint-Louve beat and kick bandits with their bare hands without using weapons.

 Sela has turned the ground into a swamp, burying the three bandits up to their waists and restraining them.

 Why don't thieves choose their targets? Once the bandits meet these three, they'll be captured.

"Lord, it's done."

"That didn't take long."

"These people are just out to get more characters, aren't they?"

 Sailor-san, you can't say that. And it's not much more words.

 Well, that's how we got into the capital in the evening.

 I went through the gate and headed for the mansion in the capital, where Insu was waiting for me in front of the mansion.



 I ran over to Ins and hugged him.

 Oh, how soft it feels. And it smells so good.

 I held her as if to replenish the ins extract.

"Hey, Lord. Isn't that enough?"

"Hima One."

"We've hugged each other long enough."

 It's the feeling of an ins I could hold for a minute or an hour.

"Master, we'll continue in the house, with everyone."


 Ins is taking my hand and walking into the house.

 Let's get as much insulin as we can today.


 Ha-ha, nice morning!

 I feel like I've got the strength for the fight ahead!

 Four beautiful and lovely wives escape from their sleeping beds and walk out into the garden.

 It's a beautiful day. Is it extravagant to want to spend a day like this relaxing in the sun?

 The king and the nobles will already know I'm in King's Landing.

 After all, he entered King's Landing through the gate, if I were the king, I'd have him control the entry of important people.

 Well, if I was important, that is.

 Even if I'm not an important person, there's a servant in this house who works for the government and he's been tipped off.

 Either way, since we don't know when the stampede is going to happen near King's Landing, they'll want to get me inside the dungeon as soon as possible.

 He entered King's Landing yesterday evening. I think he'll be here soon.

 I could see the servant running towards me, catching his breath without me noticing.

 I've fought many battles and passed through many death lines, so I know what I'm doing.

"O-kan-sama, a messenger from the castle is here to see you."

 He's one of our servants connected to the state.

All right, I'll get ready. Put him in the parlor."

 Now, I wonder how the king and the nobles will treat me.

"Awe, sir."