Chapter 75 Let'S Break The Audience 3

"Be quiet! Be still!"

 The first minister is shouting and trying to contain the nobles, but there is no sign of containment.

 Go ahead, make more noise! The more you scream, the tighter your necks will be!

 I don't even try to hold in my laughter, so some people start saying, "What are you laughing at? Some people are starting to say. It's nice.

 But there's someone who interests me. I think he's royalty because he's close to the king, but he's staring straight at me while the nobles are making a fuss.

 And it's not a hostile gaze. It's not [[search]], hostile red, or quasi-hostile yellow. It's blue.

[Elisabeth Camilla Delbert, First Princess. She seems to have taken a liking to Master.]

[Favors? You've never even talked to her?]

[Elisabeth doesn't seem to like the current nobles either, and above all, she's fed up with the rigid life of royalty.]

[How do you know so much?]

[I wasn't just playing around in King's Landing, Master.]

[I'm sorry...]

[Ins can jump into the fire for master. Please don't mind me.]

 Ins is feeling heavy!

 But I love Ins like that!

 The chief minister could not control them, so the king tried to control the nobles.

"Your Majesty! To think that such a person is an Earl, I'm ashamed to be a nobleman!"

"Yes, I'm ashamed of this Hendler too."

 I'm not happy that they think I'm a noble like them.

"What the hell?"

 Maybe he didn't like what I said, but he was staring at me. No, he was staring at me for a long time.

"You said it yourself. If you're a nobleman, it's only natural that you stand up to the danger in King's Landing."

"Of course!"

"Then what are you doing here? What were you doing before I came back from my journey?"


 I see you've finally realized. Before you tell me to stand up for my nobility, you're nobility too.

"The Adventurer's Guild's strike force has been driven out, and great damage is expected in the Order. Having made that decision, you must have ordered me to report to you. But what were the nobles doing while I was back in the country? Are you telling me you're just going to let me take care of everything and do nothing? Is that why you wanted me to stand up to the crisis?"

 Don't look so pale when you're just parroted.

"I would like to ask the self-proclaimed (...) nobles in this room if they do not have the pride of nobility."

 The audience hall, which had been noisy until a moment ago, fell silent.

 No one's talking? Then why don't you let me do the talking?

"Why did His Majesty not order the noblemen present here to deal with the dungeon, but instead ordered me to appear and ordered me to prevent the stampede from happening?"

"Mm, that's..."

 Don't hold back. If you're the king, you should answer firmly.

"I'm a merchant first and foremost. Don't you think it's wrong to order a merchant to kill demons?"

"Huh, that's irreverent!"

 The king took umbrage at my words.

"Then answer me! What does this country want the merchants to do!"

 I couldn't take it anymore. I yelled. You've got no right to mock me.

 Impoliteness? If you start talking like that, I'll use [[space-time magic]] to throw all the Reds here into the dungeon right now!

 I understand the king and the nobles are quite angry.

 But think about it. This me you're turning against is the man who might be able to stop the dungeon stampede you're struggling to deal with.

"Ha-ha-ha. Father-sama's lost."

 Even in this situation, the princess of blue approached the king with a happy face.

"What, Elisabeth?"

"Father-sama, don't you see? He's very angry."

What are you...?

"Because father-sama is holding his wife hostage, he can't get help at a critical moment. Think about it. According to the Adventurer's Guild, he can kill a rank 7 dragon in the blink of an eye. If he wanted to, he could easily overrun this land."

 The king gulped down his spit.

"Normally, we should have sent a hostage to him. But you took the hostage. We were wrong in our initial response."


"But there is no scarecrow. We should bow our heads now and ask for forgiveness and ask for help."


"Or do you want to get rid of him? Wouldn't that destroy the country?"

"Well, that's..."

 Hmm, I'm not the only one who thinks the princess is more like a king.

 But what does the princess think of me, destroying the country... it's hard to argue with the fact that she's not wrong.

"Elisabeth, what are you saying? To bow to such a disrespectful person..."

 The Commander of the Order makes a counter-argument.

"Shut up!"

 The princess silenced the knight commander with a crisp.

"In the first place, isn't the reason for this situation that the Order is sloppy! It's outrageous for you to put that on the shelf and claim to be a self-respecting person! You should resign from the position of Knight Commander right now!"

 He's got a lot of nerve. Does he have feelings for the Order?

[Most of the Knights are made up of children of nobles. The First Princess is concerned that family background, not merit, has become the standard for advancement.]

 I see... an incompetent man with nothing but his family's name controls the royal guard. No wonder you don't like him.

 If I were king, I'd reform the Order immediately. It's not good for your mental health to wonder if the men who protect you and your family are really useful.

"Marquis Aggus, as you said earlier, you must first go to the dungeon and show your loyalty to the royal family by risking your life!"

 The target this time is the muscular old man who started the fuss in the first place. He looks like a marquis with such a wild face.

"Father-sama, please send an order to Marquis Aggus to kill the demons in the dungeon right now. Then the Marquis of Aggas will be happy to go to the dungeon."

"Well, that's..."

"What are you confused about? The Marquis of Aggas will risk the pride of his nobility to destroy those demons."

 The king is tense, but most of all, the Marquis Aggas is not looking well.

"Marquis Aggus can also voluntarily head to the dungeon, right? That's what loyalty to the royal family is all about."

 I think you should be allowed to fight demons in the dungeon even if I don't order you to do so since you said those words to me.

 I'm starting to root for the princess.

 Good, say more...

 The princess's solo performance continued for a while, and then the queen came out.

"Your Majesty, we can make up for this misstep by asking for forgiveness from Lord Grose Hendler and gaining his cooperation."

 How can you be so sure? Even if the king were to bow to me, there's no reason to cooperate.

 And why would the king bow to me in front of the nobility? There's a certain dignity that comes with being king.

 However, when the princess and the queen come out and say that the king is misgoverned, I don't think the king has any dignity.

"Besides, the nobles here have said so much to Lord Hendler. It's only logical that you order the nobles to defeat them first."

 Don't let the queen push the nobles too far.


"Are you still in doubt? Then let the nobles pay Lord Hendler's fee. It wouldn't hurt their pride, would it?"

"Um, um... first minister, is that okay?"

 You decide what you want! You're the king! It's not like I'm taking the job.

"As Your Majesty wills..."

 After some haggling, we were sent to another room. Apparently it's the king's office.

 Incidentally, it was decided in the audience room that the nobles would pay my fee before it was decided that I would take over.

"Dear Mr. Hendler, I'm so sorry for what happened."

 The queen bows to me.

 So the queen is the real king of this country?

"Mr. Hendler, I know you have a lot on your mind. But I'm asking you. Please save King's Landing."

 The queen and princess bowed. King! What the hell are you doing?

"I want you to let me start all over again, including your wife. Can't you forgive me?"

 I guess you can't just say no when you've been told so much. ....

"I may take my wife home, may I not?"

"Of course. Then we'll give you the boy."

 Taking a step or two forward was the First Princess, Elisabeth Camilla Delbert.


"I would like you to take this child to be Lord Hendler's wife."

"My name is Elisabeth Camilla Delbert. Hendler-sama, I've been here a long time, please take good care of me."

 What the hell are you talking about?

[The royal family can't take the princess hostage, so they want to make her Master's wife.]

[No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.]

[To harness the master's power. And most importantly, to keep the master's power from going to the royal family.]


[The Master's power threatens to shake the country. To prevent him from turning that power against us, we're giving him hostages.]

[Would you marry off your own daughter for that...?]

[It's normal for a royal prince. And it looks like the First Princess herself wants it.]


[What are my feelings?]

[Master already has four wives, including me. The royal family knows about it, so it's too late.]

[How about we calm the dungeon, and you don't have to talk about the wedding?]

[The king's daughter, the princess, is being offered as a hostage, and if you refuse it, people will suspect that you have a double mind. Even if the master leaves this country and settles in another country, there is a possibility that he will be manipulated wherever he goes.]

[What's the third option?]

[I have no idea.]

[Oh, my God...]

"Are you sure about that, Your Majesty?"

 I'll question the silent king.

 You don't trust a word I say, do you? You have that look in your eyes.

"See to it that you are well..."

 You're throwing me off!