Chapter 8 The Mage Is Not Lost

 Mages don't hesitate.

 The training ground was nothing more than a large empty lot.

 There is a small scarecrow on the ground, and you can use a wooden sword to hit it.

"Are you sure, 'perpetual rookie'? Your friends will know you can only use first level magic."

 The training grounds were filled with many adventurers.

 In the center, Emily and the male adventurer face each other.

 The guild staff had come to witness the event, but they seemed to have no idea what to do and just looked dazed. "How could I do this when the guildmaster isn't here?" he said, looking as if he was about to cry.

"...I'll just get it over with."

"No, but first, let's set some terms, okay? If you lose to me (・・・・), you join my party and do everything I say. Okay?"

"Wait, wait, wait! Why is this turning into a duel?"

 Nina screamed in panic, but in a one-on-one battle between a mage and a sword-wielding adventurer, the mage was at a huge disadvantage.

 This is because mages need to chant, and if they close the distance before they can cast their spells, they will lose quickly.

 Knowing this, the male adventurer must be very strong.

"Oh? You can fight monsters, but you can't fight me, an adventurer? That means I'm stronger than the Feral Garuda you said you defeated, and I can take that prize, right?"

 The adventurers who had come to see the scene raised their eyebrows, but the man didn't notice.

"...It's okay, isn't it? I mean, you should pray to God. That big bird burned to a crisp, and if I use it on you, there won't be a bone left."

"Ah! You son of a bitch... you're so right..."

 The man's cheeks twitch.

 Isn't it really Emily who defeated the Feral Garuda? That's the question that must have arisen.

 Furthermore, there is no way to beat the wizard if he can close the distance, but he is so relaxed... I wonder if he can shorten his chanting (short casting).

 Shorter chanting, as the name implies, is to shorten the chanting.

 It consumes a lot of magic power.


 They faced each other at a distance, and the guild official said.

"Well, uh... let's begin the magic experiment to see if it's true that the adventurer Emily defeated the Feral Garuda. to see if it's true that Emily the Adventurer defeated the Feral Garuda."


 The male adventurer immediately started running.

 Even with shortened chanting, it will take some time.

 Moreover, the chanting is much more difficult than normal chanting, so if you lose your concentration, the spell should not work.

 But - strangely enough - Emily was just standing there.

 It doesn't shorten, it doesn't even chant.

 Before I could even think about why, it had happened (・・・・・・・・).


 As soon as the man's feet rise up, he leaps straight up into the air.

 No one in the room could understand what had happened.

"You thought I was going to shorten the chant. You idiot."

 Emily exhaled and looked up at the sky, raising her staff in her hand.

"No chanting, no casting."

 The man's body is lifted higher and higher as a gust of wind spits out from the tip of his staff.

 It's already about 50 meters up in the air.

 I can hear the man's screams cutting through the air.

"Hey, where are we going?"

"If you come over here, you'll be collateral damage!"

 The adventurers who had come to see the show all ran away at once.

 The guild staff had long since fled.

"E, e, e, emri-san...!"

 Nina ran up to him,

"Oh, don't worry. I'm not going to kill him, that's for sure. I mean, I don't want that guy's blood splattered all over me or anything."

 Raising her staff, Emily responds.

 The man had already begun to fall.

"O Spirit of the Wind. Show me the air currents rising to the sky in the direction my wand points."

 An updraft appeared from the point of the man's fall, and the speed of the man's fall gradually slowed down until he finally fell from his back to the ground and let out a "heck" sound.

 The man, his face covered with tears, snot and slobber, had fainted. His pants are wet and he seems to be incontinent, but Emily and Nina pretend not to have seen him.

" chanting is really tough. It consumes too much magic."


 Nina supported Emily as she staggered with her cane.

 Nina doesn't know much about mages, but she can tell that Emily has done something extraordinary.

"Maybe I'm a little too pissed off."

"...But it was cool of you to get angry for me, Emily-san."

 The two of them walked back into the guild, close together.

"Here, this is 5 million gold. It's been added to your guild ID."

 The Certificate of Magic, which is said to be impossible to forge, bears the name of the adventurer Emily and the offer of five million gold.

 With this paper, only Emiri herself can withdraw money from any adventurer's guild.

 The bounty on the Feral Garuda is now all Emily's.

 Emily wanted to say that it was thanks to Nina, not just her, but that she had no right to it since it was recorded when Nina was not registered with the Adventurer's Guild.

(I think we should use this money to spend on luxury together...)

 Emily smiles as she thinks about this.

 Nina also received a shiny Adventurer's Guild certificate - a metal plate - beside me.

"All right, let's go, then."

 And that's when Emily turned around.

"Emily-chan, come and join our party! We're a safe and secure party where you can make money with us."

"Come to my party for sure! Listen, we're going to move our base of operations to King's Landing. We're going to crush monsters there. To do that, we need 5th level magic."

"Emily! Come join our party. There's ten of us and three women in the party. You'll be the fourth."

No, to my house!

No, no, no, it's for me!

 The adventurers who had seen what had just happened at the training ground came in large numbers to recruit Emiri.

(Oh, I see. Emily-san now has a place with -chan.)

 Nina was surprised, but happy that Emily had become popular.

 I thought that the adventuring business would be interesting because I didn't know anything about it, but the world I live in is different from Emiri's.

 That's why I'm leaving Emily here.

"What? What are you idiots talking about? There's no way I'm going to join anyone's party here now."

 Emily said matter-of-factly.

"Besides, did any of you try to help me when I was in trouble? Not Nina here. She saved me (・・・・・・)... even though I'm so small."

 Then one of the adventurers said,

"But, but, Emily. If you're going to be a full-mun adventurer, you know it's safer to join a bigger party, right?"

"I'm leaving this town with Nina."

 There was a loud shout of "What?

"That's why you should get the hell out of my way--"

"What the hell is going on?

 The person who joined the guild was a big man with dignity.

 Seeing this bearded man, a guild employee shouts, "Master! A guild employee shouts, "Master! He looks like a guild master.

"Huh? You're the adventurer who calls himself a mage even though he can't use magic, aren't you?"

 The guildmaster, noticing Emily at the center of the commotion, said that a staff member had come over the counter,

"Well, it seems that it suddenly awakened to magic, and can use magic up to the fifth level..."

"Fifth floor"? Don't be ridiculous. Sure, there are people who suddenly wake up to magic... but you. I'll check to see if that's true. Show me."

 A guildmaster who shows up out of nowhere and tries to use people as his chums.

 Nina was about to open her mouth, but Emily stopped her with a hand.

 His face is smiling.

"You're the one who's being silly. I'm an adventurer who doesn't belong to Fulmun anymore, so I have no reason to follow your orders. You don't know how to ask people for favors. You need to learn at least some manners before you come back."

 Even though she was smiling, the words came out of her mouth with venom.

 The Guildmaster was startled, however,

"Hey, you! I'm the guildmaster of Fulmun! I'm the guildmaster of the second largest city after the capital! All the adventurer's guilds in this kingdom are connected..."

"It's even more convenient. We're going across the border."


"Come on, let's go, Nina. We're wasting our time here."

 The guild master's position, and the pressure of the guild networks around the kingdom, have left Emily speechless.

 Completely ignoring this, Emily pulled Nina's hand and left the guild.