Chapter 80 Dungeon Strategy 4

 The tenth level is different from the first to ninth levels, and there are few demons.

 There's only one response in my [[search(s)]].

 The owner of this reaction is the Dungeon Master, the boss of this dungeon.

"What the hell, this is boring!"

 Lethia's voice is still the same when she hears that there's only one demon.

"Master, shall we proceed for now?"

"Right. Let's go ahead and look at the -sama child."

 I'll take out the Leopard 2A7+ I just bought yesterday.

 It's big. Type 10 tank is also big, but Leopard 2A7+ is bigger than it.

 The Type 10 tank weighs 44 tons without modification, but the Leopard 2A7+ weighs 67 tons, which is 50% more.

 Heavy weight doesn't mean strong, but it's fun to see the weight of tanks.

 It is heavier than a Type 10 tank, but its speed is the same, and if it hits you, you will be damaged more than a Type 10 tank.

 And more than anything, the main gun of Type 10 tank is 44 caliber 120mm glide gun, while the main gun of Leoparte 2A7+ is 55 caliber 120mm glide gun, so the barrel is more than one meter longer than Type 10 tank.

 As you can see, it is much more powerful than the Type 10 tank.

"After all, this massive feeling is a German tank, isn't it?"

 It's a selfish assumption, but I can't describe the gravity of this work.

"Lord, this is bigger than any Type 10 tank I've ever seen! Give it to me!"

"Give me... yes, this for Lethia!"

 I got the M1A2SEP out of storage.

 The main and secondary guns of the M1A2SEP are the same as those of the Type 10 tanks: a 44 caliber 120 mm smoothbore gun, a 12.7 mm machine gun, and a 7.62 mm machine gun.

 But the weight is much heavier than Type 10 tank. The size of the tank is almost the same as Leopard 2A7+!

"Mmm, it's kind of pale..."

"You said the color was pale..."

 While the Leopard 2A7+ is camouflaged in dark green and black, the M1A2SEP is camouflaged in a light brown color, which may be desert service sama.

 Maybe the livery comes from the fact that the M1A2SEP is a US tank, and was deployed in many Gulf War and Middle Eastern countries.

"I'll repaint it next time, so you'll have to put up with this for today."

 I forgot Lethia was a dark-haired worshipper. She became my squire because of her dark hair and eyes.

"Mmm, you're really going to repaint me, aren't you?"

"Sure. Hey, Ins."

"Yes . As long as it's a body color, you can change it regardless of the modification."

"Oh, well. Let's get the Lord up."

 If you're gonna stand up for me, you're gonna have to be less selfish.

 Well, a Lethia without herself isn't a Lethia.

 We also have a Challenger 2 and four Type 10 tanks in storage.

"Ellie can drive this Challenger 2."

"Sir-sama, I'm glad to hear it. May I ask you to change the color of my tank as well?"

"Well, you can change the color if you want. You can tell Ins later."

"Yes, thank you!"

 Ellie seems to have a thing for color.

 Well, it's not fair to just let Lethia do whatever she wants, so let her do whatever she wants.

"This is the guy for Sailor!"

 It wasn't a tank I took out of storage, it was an AH-64D.

 It may be better known as the Apache Longbow. Yes, the AH-64D is an attack helicopter.

 It is equipped with a 30 mm machine gun, an anti-tank missile Hellfire, and an air-to-air missile Stinger, so its offensive capability is high.

 And that's enough to buy five more Leopard 2A7+s. That's a lot of money!

"Ins will take care of all the weapons control, so you can just focus on flying."

"Thank you!"

 Sailor also asked Ins for a color for herself.

 I knew Lethia and Ellie weren't the only ones. We have to be fair to everyone.

 We're a modern combat unit now, but that's okay.

 This dungeon is a good environment for these modern weapons, so I'll do as I please.

 I'll be piloting the Leopard 2A7+ with Ince on board, and Elly's Challenger 2 with Saint-Loup on board.

 The M1A2SEP piloted by Lethia is alone, just like yesterday.

 We'll also bring in four Type 10 tanks controlled by Ins, so we'll have seven tanks and an Apache.

 We had gone through ten layers and had been there for about thirty minutes.

"I see it!"

 Sailor, flying on an Apache, was the first to notice and shouted.

 We couldn't see it yet because we were running on the ground, but Sailor told us that she could see something like water floating in the air.

"Lord, if it's floating in the air, it must be a demon, right?"

"That's a non-form dragon."

 The dungeon master of this dungeon is a rank 9 non-form dragon.

 I've fought a rank 8 Chaos Dragon before, but this is my first encounter with a rank 9 demon.


 Info: Non Form Dragon Rank 9 0 years old

 HP: 1,500,000

 MP: 100,000

 Muscle Strength: 100,000

 Endurance: 450,000

 Magic: 50,000

 Agility: 10,000

 Dexterity: 10,000

 Attractions: 5,000

 Good luck: 25

 Active Skills: [[Fission(A)]][[Predation(A)]][[Super Dissolve(A)]][[Propagation(A)]]]

 Passive Skills: [[Super Regeneration(S)]][[HP Fast Recovery(A)]][[Levitation(A)]][[Physical Attack Resistance(A)]]]

 Unique Skill: [[Dungeon Master]] [[High Rank Demon Generation]]


 It's a huge, irregularly shaped dragon, one hundred meters long, eighty meters wide, and fifty meters high.

 Well, he's a monster. (I'm putting myself on the shelf.)

 Aside from HP and MP, the highest ability of Lethia and Saint-Louve is around 100,000, but the durability of this non-form dragon is 450,000.

 And with [[Super Regeneration(S)]] and [[HP Fast Recovery(A)]], it's no joke.

Everybody, stay on schedule!

"All right, Lord!"

"Yes, sir. Grouse-san."

"As per husband-sama's instructions!"

Master, we're halfway around the target.

 I knew there was a rank 9 demon here in [[Search(S)]].

 So we're planning ahead, waiting for everyone to be in place.

 I'm a little worried about Ellie since she's up against a rank 9 monster, but I'm sure she'll be fine since Saint-Loup is riding in her Challenger 2 to protect her.

 I'm sure we'll be fine if everything goes as planned, but Erie is the one I'm most worried about when the unexpected happens.

"Glose-san, we're in position."

Lord, we're in position.

"Husband-sama, this one's in position."

Master, the Type 10 tanks are ready.

 The formation was completed with the non-formed dragon as the center of the fan.

 From here, it deals more damage than [[Super Regeneration(S)]] and [[HP Fast Recovery(A)]] of Non-Form Dragon .

"Okay, Ince, please!"

"Yes, sir! Target Link . Weapon system all green. Initiating attack."

 At the signal of the ins, you can feel the explosion and vibration in the bottom of your stomach.

 Until now, the main gun was a live ammunition, but this time it is an attribute ammunition.

 This is because non-form dragons have [[Physical Attack Resistance(A)]], and we decided that attribute bullets are better than real bullets.

 When the casing is ejected and the next round is loaded, the attribute round is fired again.

 Insu's relentless attack on the non-form dragon.

 When each of the seven tanks had fired four rounds, Ins stopped attacking.

 This time's projectile is an ice type, so the non-formed dragon is covered with a cloud of cold air rather than a flame.

Did you do it?

 Lethia, that's a flag!

 When the smoke cleared, the icy remains of the non-formed dragon could be seen lying on the ground.

 If you check its wreckage with [[Appraisal(S)]], you'll see that it still has HP. It is indeed a monster of rank 9.

"All right, next up is Sela's Apache. Sailor, Ins, please!"


 Now the anti-tank Hellfire missiles are fired from Sailor's Apache.

 This anti-tank missile, the Hellfire, has a fire warhead, so when it lands, it will burn the non-formed dragon.

 And there Ruby also starts attacking with [[Flap of Flame (S)]].

 With the fire attacks from Apache and Ruby, the frozen remains of the non-formed dragon thaw and evaporate.

 I can feel the vibration of the impact on my Leopard 2A7+.

"Master . End the Apache attack. Move to tank bombardment."

"Yes, sir!"

 Looks like Ins is still going to attack.

 He may be trying to be thorough and leave no dust behind.

 When the main guns start firing again, I start to feel sorry for the non-formed dragon.

 We're determined to take him down, but we're going to do it thoroughly, completely ins...

 This shelling is also an attribute shell, but it's not ice but lightning.

 When it lands, the lightning will burn everything in its path. NANMUSO.

 When the relentless bombardment by Ins was over, this time he made sure that the non-form dragon's reaction had completely disappeared.

 How can we know such a thing is by [[search(S)]].

 My [[Search(S)]] can check the reaction of demons in a hundred kilometer radius.

 I think Ins was also attacking with this [[Search(s)]] to see how the non-form dragons would react.

 Really [[Search(s)]] is excellent.

"Master, the target has been completely silenced."

Copy that. Everyone, gather around."

 Basically, we had nothing to do.

 This battle against the non-form dragon was more of a one-man show for Inns (though Ruby was there too).

"Yippee! Master Sama, you've risen in the ranks again!"

 Ruby happily descended from the sky.

 Before I entered this dungeon, I was a rank 6 Phoenix, then I became a rank 7 Flare Phoenix, and now I seem to be a rank 8.

 The figure has also just landed on the ground and is standing on two feet in a humanoid form. It appears that he has gained the [[Humanization]] skill.

 But why are Saint-Louve, Ruby, and the others children when they turn from demons to humans?

 Well, Ruby is only 0 years old, so she's essentially a red-chan.

 I hereby declare that this is not my hobby!

"Ruby, good for you."

"Thanks, PeeWee. What's this look like, Pippy?"

"Yeah, she's pretty."

 It's cute for kids, not for me!

"Thanks, Uppy."

 Ruby's smile is dazzling .

 Though, she was bareheaded in Saint-Loup, but Ruby's [[humanization]] is -chan and clothed.

 Your bright red hair and eyes look good against your white dress.

"Is everyone okay? Are any of you hurt?"

"No problem, Lord."

"I can't think of any reason why you should be hurt, sir-sama."

"Grose-san, it would be a shame if you were injured in such a one-sided overrun play."

"It's okay, baby!"

"Master, they're not hurt."

 Well, good. But we're monsters too. We can beat a rank 9 monster without a scratch.

 Hmm? This is ....

 The light surrounds us, and we can't keep our eyes open.

 This is the first time I've done this, so I'm not surprised, but I've been through this dungeon before. So why do I get the [Dungeon Master First Defeat Reward]?

"Hmph, you're strong. I didn't expect you to be so strong."


 When I heard that voice, I felt electricity run through my body.

"...No way."

"Yes, of course. It's been a long time, Große Hendler-san."


"I'm glad you remembered me. I'm glad to hear it."

 I opened my eyes to see that the light was fading and disappearing, but everyone was gone.

 We're in a large room with clean white walls.

 And right in front of me, that administrator-san was sitting in the middle of nowhere.

No way, another transfer...

 The last time I met Administrator-san for the first time, my nerves jumped to the max as I remembered that I had become Grose Hendler and was transported to another world.

"Mm-hmm, you don't have to be so nervous."

 I know the malice behind that soft smile. I have a feeling.

"This time, to Grose Hendler-san, uh, may I call you Grose-san?"

No, it's okay...

"So, Grouse-san has stepped into the dungeon I created for him. That's why I appeared before you to give you the privilege of defeating the Dungeon Master for the first time. Therefore, I won't transfer you to another world."

 I never thought that this dungeon was created by Administrator-san.

 Wait, wait, wait, wait!

 I'm the first Dungeon Master to be killed, and I'm the only one here. What's going on?

"Hmmm, the Dungeon Master's First Defeat Reward can be given to an individual or to a party, depending on the being who created the dungeon. I'm the one who gives it to the individual."

 You're reading my thoughts?


 I see you've been reading!

"May I ask you two questions?"

"What is it, sir?"

"One, why me?"

"It's because the members of the party who trudged through the dungeon contributed the most."

"Excuse me, could you break it down a little more for me, but I think Ins is better than me in terms of contribution?"

 We were able to attack that far because Ins took care of all the fire control. So I think Ins is the best.

"Ins is Grose-san's skill, you know? What the skill does is the result of its owner, so Grose-san is the biggest contributor."

 Is that how you think: ....

"And even if ins isn't a skill, it's the best contribution to glosse-san."


"The reason we were able to procure and modify those tanks and helicopters was because of [[mail order(A)]] from Grose-San. Without [[Mail Order Sales(A)]], we wouldn't have had this result, would we?"

 I see. I guess you're right.

"Can I ask you a second question?"

"Yes, please."

 You're still smiling. They say every beautiful rose has a thorn.

"Thank you, sir."'s reading my thoughts!

"Um, this dungeon was supposed to be Ryujin-sama's dungeon, how come the administrator-san is the one who created the dungeon?"

"That's a good question . I like that you can ask questions like that."

 I've been complimented!

"I got it from the Dragon God who created this dungeon."

 Did you take it? Did you take it?

"We won't do that. It's a negotiated, amicable transfer."

"...sorry, sorry."

"Mm-hmm . I told you not to be so nervous. You should be more relaxed."

"Yes, yes..."

 Even if you say so, it's not easy.

"Now, since your questions seem to have been answered, I will grant Grose-San the privilege of being the first Dungeon Master to be killed. Just tell me what you want. Oh, I'm sorry, but I can't return you to the world you came from, so please keep that in mind."

 You got a head start.

 Well, okay. Then we'll take another approach.

"So, could you please lift the restrictions on Ins. So that when Ins asks you what you know, you can answer everything."

"Are you sure that's what you want? I could give you a more powerful skill?"

"Insu is more important to me. So please lift the restrictions on Ins."

"All right. I'll grant you that wish!"

 If you say so, the world created by the administrator-san will fade away.

"I have high hopes for you. I'll look forward to seeing you again."

 Hearing those words, I returned to the dungeon where everyone was.

"Lord, what's wrong with you?"

 I saw Lethia waving her hand in front of me.

"Oh, no..."

"Master... you've met him, haven't you?"

"...yeah, I saw you."

 I told everyone I saw the manager.

Oh, so that's what happened. Are you okay, Lord?"

"Yeah, no problem. Don't worry about me. How's Ins? Are you feeling okay?"

"My restrictions have already been lifted. You're not in a bad mood, Master."

 Ins's smile is sinking into my heart .


 Full name: Große Hendler

 Occupation: Demiurgos Lv480 (+180)

 Information: Human, male, 21 years old, Count.

 HP: 6,500,000(+4,500,000)(A)

 MP: 13,000,000(+9,000,000)(EX)

 Strength: 1,600,000(+1,100,000)(A)

 Endurance: 1,600,000(+1,100,000)(A)

 Magic: 3,800,000(+2,800,000)(EX)

 Agility: 1,600,000(+1,100,000)(A)

 Dexterity: 3,800,000(+2,800,000)(EX)

 Attraction: 3,800,000(+2,800,000)(EX)

 Good luck: 100

 Active Skills: [[Appraise(S)]][[Disguise(S)]][[Create Mage(B→A)]][[Tame(A→S)]][[Messenger(A→S)]][[Search(S)]][[Predict Future(D→B)]]]

 Passive Skills: [[Strengthen(A→S)]][[Precision Shooting(A→S)]][[Production Quality Improvement(A→S)]][[Attractiveness Improvement(A→S)]][[Maneuver(B→A)]][[Fast Thinking(A→S)]][[Physical Enhancement(A→S)]][[Super Regeneration(S)]][[HP Fast Recovery(A)]]]

 Magic Skill: [[Space-Time Magic(B→A)]][[Warding Art(B→A)]]

 Unique Skills: [[Mail Order (B -> A)]][[Navigator Gamma]][[Soul Eater (C -> B)]][[Dungeon Master]]

 Title: [[Class C Dungeon Treader]], [[Strong Eater]], [[Dragon Slayer]], [[Class A Dungeon Treader]], [[Class S Dungeon Treader]], [[Administrator Dungeon Surrogate]]

[[Super Regeneration(s)]] instantly regenerates after suffering a hand injury.

[[HP Fast Recovery(A)]] recovers HP at high speed even if HP is reduced.

[[S-Class Dungeon Breaker]]A title given to those who have broken through S-Class dungeons. It has the effect of increasing the quality and ability of items obtained from demons.

[[Dungeon Master]]: A being who manages a dungeon. He has control over all things in the dungeon, such as expanding and shrinking the dungeon, setting and removing traps, and producing, synthesizing, strengthening, and placing demons.

[[Administrator Dungeon Delegate]], a person to whom all creator privileges of a dungeon created by an administrator have been transferred. Learn the skill [[Dungeon Master]].


 I have gained so many skills from this.

 Gained [[Super Regeneration(S)]][[HP Fast Recovery(A)]] from Non-Form Dragon .

 Ins, who doesn't usually collect skills from demons, says these two are useful to me. I think it would be reassuring to have these two.

 And, [[Dungeon Master]], a troublesome skill, has been added, but it seems to have been given by admin-san, not Ins.

 What does admin-san want me to do?


 Full name: Lethia Ogan

 Occupation: Guardian Destroy Lvl 380 (+130)

 Info: Ogre, female, 16, squire.

 HP: 1,009,800(+684,700)(EX)

 MP: 46,380(+31,150)(E)

 Strength: 327,400(+222,100)(EX)

 Endurance: 327,400(+222,100)(EX)

 Magic: 14,660(+9,850)(E)

 Agility: 93,080(+62,820)(A)

 Utensil: 32,480(+21,960)(C)

 Charm: 32,480(+21,960)(C)

 Good luck: 5

 Active Skills: [[Hyakutake no Mamoru(S)]] [[Axe of Destruction(S)]] [[Iron Wall(S)]]

 Passive Skills: [[Strengthen Body(S)]][[Axe Shield Art(S)]][[Body Art(S)]][[Sense of Presence(S)]][[Self-Renewal(S)]][[Mastery of Destruction(D→B)]]][[Maneuver(D)]]

 Unique Skill: [[Kizuna]] [[Banpugeki(S)]]

 Title: [[Class C Dungeon Treader]] [[Class A Dungeon Treader]]

[[Pilot(D)]]You can pilot any vehicle, but your proficiency depends on your rank.


 Lethia had learned to [[maneuver(d)]].

 I've been able to pilot tanks and stuff without [[piloting(D)]].


 Full name: Saint-Loup

 Occupation: NINJA Master, Lv360(+110)

 Info: Bloodwolf, female, 16, squire.

 HP: 353,400(+236,860)(B)

 MP: 123,600(+83,240)(C)

 Strength: 142,896(+108,472)(S)

 Durability: 27,000(+18,140)(D)

 Magic: 49,200(+33,080)(C)

 Agility: 292,440(+198,460)(EX)

 Dexterity: 93,072(+63,448)(S)

 Charm: 85,800(+57,620)(B)

 Good luck: 5

 Active Skills: [[3D Activation(S)]][[Evasion(S)]][[Iron Slash(S)]][[Trap Release(B→A)]][[Lock Release(B→A)]]]

 Passive Skills: [[Leg Strength(S)]][[Hide and Seek(S)]][[Sense of Presence(S)]][[Assassination(S)]][[Twin Dagger Technique(S)]]

 Unique Skill: [[Kizuna]] [[Divine Speed(B→A)]] [[NINJA's Book of Secrets(E→C)]]

 Title: [[Class C Dungeon Treader]] [[Class A Dungeon Treader]]


 Saint-Louve had no increased skills.

 I didn't have a lot of opportunities to play this time, so I can't blame myself, but I'm a little sad.


 Full name: Sela

 Occupation: Great Sage, Lvl 380 (+130)

 Info: Human, female, 17, squire.

 HP: 95,328(+64,472)(C)

 MP: 662,320(+445,380)(EX)

 Strength: 25,376(+17,224)(C)

 Durability: 25,376(+17,224)(C)

 Magic: 269,440(+183,460)(EX)

 Agility: 44,480(+29,960)(C)

 Dexterity: 72,992(+49,428)(A)

 Attraction: 92,192(+62,228)(A)

 Good luck: 20

 Active Skills: [[Sight Enhancement(S)]][[Concentration(S)]][[Appraise(S)]][[Wood Spirit Summoning(E→B)]]]

 Passive Skills: [[Archery(B→A)]][[Sense of presence(S)]][[Magic manipulation(S)]][[Distant vision(D)]][[Maneuvering(D)]]]

 Magic Skill: [[Wind Magic(S)]][[Fire Magic(S)]][[Ice Magic(A→S)]][[Lightning Magic(A→S)]][[Sacred Magic(B→A)]][[Earth Magic(C→B)]]]

 Unique Skill: [[Kizuna]] [[Divine Essence of Fire(C)]] [[Combined Magic(E→C)]]

 Title: [[Class C Dungeon Treader]] [[Saint of Fire]] [[Class A Dungeon Treader]]

[[Farsightedness(D)]], the ability to see farther.

[[Pilot(D)]]You can pilot any vehicle, but your proficiency depends on your rank.


 Sela has two more skills, but she's not a magician.

 Ha, ha, sorry, my fault.


 Full name: Insu Hendler

 Occupation: High Speed Information Processor, Lv350 (+150)

 Info: High Elf, female, 20, Mrs. Hendler.

 HP: 4,039,000(+2,027,000)(S)

 MP: 4,039,000(+2,027,000)(S)

 Strength: 1,213,000(+609,000)(S)

 Durability: 1,213,000(+609,000)(S)

 Magic: 1,213,000(+609,000)(S)

 Agility: 1,213,000(+609,000)(S)

 Instrumental: 1,213,000(+609,000)(S)

 Charm: 1,213,000(+609,000)(S)

 Good luck: 50

 Active Skills: [[Information Processing(S)]][[Fast Arithmetic(S)]]

 Passive Skill: [[Physical Attack Resistance(S)]][[Magic Attack Resistance(S)]][[Abnormal Condition Resistance(S)]]

 Unique Skill: [[Multiple Existence]] [[Glowse Assistance]]


 Maybe because Ins is my skill, my skill hasn't increased.

 But he's very good at what he does.


 Full name: Elisabeth Camilla Hendler

 Occupation: Princess Hecate, Lv250 (+159)

 Info: Human, female, 17, Mrs. Hendler.

 HP: 247,580(+244,380)(A)

 MP: 603,660(+596,760)(S→EX)

 Strength: 78,260(+77,260)(A)

 Endurance: 78,260(+77,260)(A)

 Magic: 92,260(+90,260)(S→EX)

 Agility: 78,260(+77,260)(A)

 Dexterity: 78,260(+77,260)(A)

 Charm: 92,260(+90,260)(S→EX)

 Good luck: 35

 Active Skills: [[Royal Armor(B→S)]][[Absolute Territory(E→B)]]

 Passive Skills: [[Princess's Dignity(C→A)]][[Abnormal Condition Resistance(C→A)]][[Courtesy(C→A)]][[Princess's Reign(D)]]

 Magic Skill: [[Seal Magic (E→C)]]

 Unique Skill: [[Kizuna]]

[[Reign of the Princess (D)]], awakening to his qualities as a ruler.


 Ellie's profession became [Princess Hecate] when she reached level 100.

 Your abilities are now much higher than those of any other adventurer or knight.


 Full name: Ruby

 Info: Legendary Phoenix Rank 8(+1) Female 0 years old, messenger of Grose

 HP: 800,000(+700,000)

 MP: 1,500,000(+1,100,000)

 Strength: 100,000(+70,000)

 Endurance: 120,000(+80,000)

 Magic: 145,000(+100,000)

 Agility: 145,000(+100,000)

 Instrumental: 120,000(+80,000)

 Charm: 120,000(+80,000)

 Good luck: 50

 Active Skills: [[Flight(A→S)]][[Healing Winds(A→S)]][[Flap of Flame(S)]][[Acceleration(S)]][[Wind Magic(A→S)]][[Shrink]][[Intimidate(D)]]]

 Passive Skills: [[Flame Absorption(D→B)]][[Improved Flame Effect(D→B)]][[Physical Attack Resistance(D)]][[Magic Attack Resistance(D)]]

 Unique Skill: [[Resurrection(A→S)]][[Information Sharing]][[Humanization]]

[[Intimidate(D)]], by releasing a deadly magic power, it makes those who are lower than you shrink.

[[Physical Attack Resistance(D)]] gives resistance to physical attacks.

[[Magic Attack Resistance(D)]] gives resistance to magic attacks.

[[Humanization]] can change his appearance to that of a person at will.


 This time, Ruby might be the one who has grown the most.

 Up to the ninth level, Ruby was the only one with air power. Therefore, Ruby was the main opponent of flying demons.

 Of course, the machine gun and main gun of the Type 10 tank have also killed flying demons, but there is no doubt that Ruby was active as an air force.