Chapter 81 Dungeon Master

 I've broken through the administrator-san's dungeon, but there's one problem here.

"Master, as Dungeon Master, you must take care of this dungeon."

"Yes? ...I'm going to manage this dungeon?"

"Lord, then let me fight a high-ranked demon! Tanks are fine, but they'll slow you down."

"Oh, mister-sama, I want to check my strength too."

"Now that we're at a higher level, it's important for us to see what we can do."

"Let's fight!"

"I want to check Ruby, too, Peeps!"

"Oh, okay. Ins, what do you want me to do?"

 Look at the beautiful face of Ins and ask questions.

"The first thing you need to know is that the Dungeon Master will be the last boss of this dungeon."

 You're a dungeon master, I can understand that from what you've done.

"...Do I have to stay here forever?"

"No, by placing a being who has been given some of the powers of a dungeon master, the master is free to act outside the dungeon."

 Good. If you're stuck in a dungeon, it won't be a problem for your business or the Red Tower.

"Yes, first of all, let's decide how to run the dungeon. It can be a beginner training dungeon, or it can be a very high level dungeon. How do you want to do it?"

 Yeah. .... Okay, let's do this!

"I'm going to divide the dungeon into four ranks. One for beginners, one for mid-level adventurers, one for high-level adventurers, and one for super-high difficulty. Can you do it?"

"No problem . All you have to do is to place demons and dropped items in such a way. Now, let's move on to the ranks. There are ten ranks now, but you can increase or decrease them. If there are four ranks, the first and second ranks should be for beginners, the third and fourth ranks for mid-level adventurers, the fifth and sixth ranks for high-level adventurers, the seventh and eighth ranks for ultra-high difficulty, the ninth ranks for ultra-high difficulty for the training of Lethia-san and others, and the tenth ranks for the deputy of the master, the dungeon master. What do you think?"

 As expected of Ins, you understand my intentions very well.

"That's fine."

"Next is a substitute for the Master, of which there are two ideas. One is to use the skill [[Dungeon Master]] to create a substitute demon. In this case, the higher the rank of the demon, the more energy it will consume in the dungeon, which will affect the placement of other demons and drop items."


"In other words, think of it like a dungeon point."

"Oh, I see. .... What's the other idea?"

"You give the authority of the Dungeon Master to a messenger summoned by the Master's [[messenger(s)]]."



"With the current master, besides Ruby, he can also summon many other high-ranked messengers."

 Then you don't need to spend dungeon points.

"Then let's summon a messenger to take charge of the dungeon. Anything else?"

"We have to decide a lot of things, such as what kind of demons to place in the dungeon, how to place the drop items and the drop rate, and what shape the dungeon should take."

"OK! Let's just make a quick decision!"

 First of all, I decided to make the beginner's area a meadow and a lake, the middle adventurer's area a forest and a mountain, the advanced adventurer's area a desert and a rocky mountain, the ultra-high difficulty area a volcano and an ocean, the ninth level for Lethia and her friends' training a switching field, and the tenth level an empty space.

 It is said that the more people enter a dungeon, the more energy (dungeon points) are accumulated, so in order to attract people, there should be a lot of medicinal herbs in the beginner area, so that people can easily collect them.

 The middle adventurer's area will be filled with gold items, and the high adventurer's area will be filled with rare weapons and armor.

 Do not place any items from very difficult areas.

 To attract people, it is enough to treat the advanced adventurer area, and the area above that is for testing your skills.

 As for the monsters to be placed, the beginner's area will have beasts, the middle adventurer's area will have beasts and birds, the advanced adventurer's area will have golems and monsters that can move through the ground, the ultra-high difficulty area will have anything, and the training area for Lethia and her friends will have monsters that have been requested.

 After making such a decision, I decided to summon a messenger to take the place of the dungeon master.

"Even so, what kind of messenger do you want?"

"Since the tenth layer is a [nothing] area, I think a user who can deal with it would be good."

"You're dealing with an area of nothingness. .... Something like the No Form Dragon?"

"It's a double entendre, but I think it's in that vein."

 It's a double-edged sword, that's true, but ....

"How about a slime, then?"

"It's a bit like the No-Form Dragon, but better, isn't it?"

 Ins, It's tough ....

 I decided to summon a slime. Of course, it can't be just a slime.

"Come on out, you evil, evil, evil slime that can act in nothingness!"


 Ins, Leecia, Sela, Sanlove, Ellie, Ruby's gaze hurts.

 And from the magic circle appeared a slime the size of the palm of your hand, shining in seven colors.

 I put the rainbow-colored slime on my palm. It's cool but very comfortable to touch.

"Master. That slime, it's cute."

"It's nice and pudgy, Grose-san."

"Lord! Is this thing strong enough!"

"Clean one."

"It's small for a slime, sir-sama."

"Ruby's junior peeps!"

 I agree with everyone.

"Master, please give this child a name."

 When Ins said that, Slime looked pleased with himself.

"Well, it's a rainbow, so it's kind of cliché, but rainbow, right?"

 Then the slime starts to shake and glow, and it jumps off my hand and grows bigger. ....

 Rainbow has turned into a girl with rainbow-colored hair and rainbow-colored eyes.

"Master-sama, this is Rainbow! Nice to meet you!"

 Ruby's been talking since the beginning, and I'm not surprised she's talking. ....

 Why do they all have to be little girls? Because it's never been my thing!


 Name: Rainbow

 Info: Glatony Slime Sabbat, Rank 8, Female, 0, Grose's errand boy.

 HP: 200,000

 MP: 200,000

 Muscle Strength: 50,000

 Endurance: 140,000

 Magic power: 140,000

 Agility: 140,000

 Dexterity: 140,000

 Charm: 145,000

 Good luck: 70

 Active Skills: [[Flight(A)]][[Predator(A)]][[Stretchable]][[Shapeable]][[Strong Acid Bomb(A)]]

 Passive Skills: [[Magic Absorption(A)]][[Magic Power Increase(A)]][[Physical Attack Disable]][[Magic Attack Resistance(A)]][[HP Fast Recovery(A)]]]

 Unique Skill: [[Four Attribute Magic(A)]][[Information Sharing]][[Humanization]]

[[Predator(A)]] can learn the skills of a predator at rank E.

[[Stretchable]] can change its size freely.

[[Shapeable]] can take any shape, as long as it has a shape.

[[Strong Acid Bomb(A)]] ejects a ball of strong acid.

[[Absorb Magic(A)]] can absorb magic power when you are hit by a magic attack.

[[Increase Magic Power(A)]] increases the power of magic attacks.

[[Four Attribute Magic(A)]] controls the four attributes of fire, water, wind and earth.


 It's usually as strong as Ruby! It's [HP] is low but [durability] is high and it has [[Physical Attack Disable]] so it won't be able to damage you with physical attacks .

 Besides, with [[Magic Attack Resistance(A)]] and [[Magic Absorption(A)]], it will nullify most magic damage.

 In addition, you have [[HP Fast Recovery(A)]], so you can recover from minor damage in an instant.

 An ability worthy of a dungeon master's deputy!

"Because Rainbow will be taking care of this dungeon on behalf of the Dungeon Master."

"Leave it to me! I'll firmly protect the dungeon on behalf of my master - Sama!"

 His gestures are very girlish and cute, but inside he's a man of unbelievable ability. ....

 Well, all the women around me are like that.


 When we left the dungeon, people gathered around us.

"Count Hendler. How did it go?

 I was surprised to see that he was the first minister.

"How long has it been, sir?"

"Two days, sir! More importantly, what happened to the dungeon?"

 I see you're itching to hear the results.

"The dungeon has been calmed down. The placement of the demons and such has changed from before, but there are no rank 5 or higher demons on the first or second level, so please don't worry."


 The people around me cheered when they heard my words.

 The first minister looked pleased and thanked me many times.

"Is there a Guildmaster?"


"As soon as possible, send some adventurers to investigate and check the dungeon."

"Yes, sir."

"The Earl of Hendler requests that a certain man accompany him to the castle."

"May my wives join me?"

 Ruby has already been repatriated, so now we have Ins, Lethia, Sela, Sanlove, and Ellie.

"No problem. I've got a carriage ready for you, so..."

"Oh, I don't need a carriage. I've got my own."

 I pushed aside the people around me and brought out a Type 96 armored car (Cougar).

"I've heard rumors about this, but..."

 The first minister is mumbling something, but you get into a Type 96 armored car (Cougar).

 There is no need to hide the Type 96 Armored Car (Cougar) now, and I will ride it with pride.

Sir, they're already at the castle.

"Eh, can't you give me a ride too?"

 I looked at the ins. They nodded, so I think it's good.

"Okay. Please enter through the rear hatch."

"Thank you!"

The mark of the first minister of [[Search(s)]] has changed from yellow to blue. He's a cash cow.

 The first minister rode a horse to the castle, and after doing something, he got into a Type 96 armored car (Cougar) through the rear hatch.

"What? This is..."

 The interior of the Type 96 Armored Car (Cougar) has been modified to give priority to living space, making it a very comfortable space.

"What the hell is this..."

"Mr. First Minister, it's best not to pry into such things."

 Ince is threatening the First Minister with a smirk on his face.

"Well, I guess..."

"Part of the power of the First Minister, Große Hendler. You should think twice about how you treat my husband."

"princess-sama.... Thank you for the lesson."

 The First Minister is getting smaller and smaller like a borrowed cat.

 Lethia drove us through the town to the castle. On the way, I thought I passed a horse which seemed to be a fast horse, but I didn't care about it.

 As soon as we arrived at the castle, we were ushered into the king's office. It's nice to have a chief minister who can talk quickly.

 The Queen is in the Oval Office, and Ellie greets her on her return. The king is being completely ignored.

"I'm having the Adventurers' Guild investigate the dungeon. We should have a report tomorrow."

 The First Minister reports to the King that Ellie has ignored him, but the King glances at Ellie and gives her the eyes of an abandoned puppy. Because you're not cute!

 The king and queen gave us words of thanks and we decided to go back to the mansion, but the king stopped Ellie.

Hey, are you coming back?

 I don't know what this old man-san is talking about: ....

 This is, I guess, the "I love my daughter too much" syndrome, or "I love my daughter" for short.

"What are you talking about? I'm married into the Hendler family. If I come back, it means I've been separated from them!"

"Ugh. .... Yeah, but..."

 Ellie gave the king a cold shoulder to the end.

 You're mad at me for helping you and not bowing down.

 But I don't think a king should bow down so easily. Of course, my thoughts and feelings are separate.

"Father should first thank the husband-sama. After that, he should think about how to repay the favor he received from the husband-sama."

 You can thank me, but you don't have to return the favor. All you have to do is pay the remaining 20 billion yen. You don't need to do anything that is not in the contract, because it will cause trouble.

"Ellie, this is a deal between the state and the merchant, and I don't have a problem as long as you pay me the balance. There's no need to think of gratitude."

"Then you should at least be grateful. What do you think about that, Father?"

"Yes, that's true. .... All right. Count Hendler, thank you for what you've done, for saving King's Landing. You're right."

 The king bowed his head.

 You can't easily bow in the audience room, but you can in the king's room.

"That's all right. From now on, please keep a close eye on your husband-sama to make sure that no nobleman messes with him in an unwanted way."

"I, I know..."

"Mmm-hmm. Ellie, it's time you forgave her. I'm sure you're sorry."

"Mother has a soft spot for Father-sama! That's why people like him make the Order their own!"

 You mean the Lord Commander. Ellie pretty much hates the Commander.

 He wants to dismantle the Order and build it from scratch.

 Let's hope I don't get the short end of the stick on that one.

 The next day, the adventurer's guild reported to me and I was summoned to the castle again.

 This time, I received a word of praise from the king in the audience hall, but I did not feel his dignity at all because I had seen his shameful appearance yesterday.

 The aristocrats must have suffered a great deal, for they remained silent and did not say anything.

"In addition to the present reward, the Earl of Hendler shall be promoted to the rank of Duke."

 There's an extra prize attached to it. What's a duke if you don't need an earl?

 A duke is a nobleman, but he's also a member of the royal family. You made me a duke because you took Ellie as your wife, but I'm not in line for the throne.

 But Ellie has the right to the throne, and if she has a child, that child will also have the right to the throne.

 I think the king is giving me the duke's rank, the highest of the nobility, and he's giving Ellie the benefit of the doubt.

 It's really annoying that I'm a stupid parent who loves my daughter, or that I can't leave her.

 So I stayed in the capital for a while, partying and all.

"Well, let's go home!"

 Insu, Lethia, Sela, Sanlove and Ellie replied cheerfully to my words.

 You've done what you had to do in the capital, now go back to the Red Tower.