Chapter 84 Titan (Variants)

 Going through the twenty-fourth level of the Red Tower, I entered the hidden area of the [Smart(S), World(W), Gate(G)] in my memory.

"Grose-san, is there something here?"

"This is a hidden area, you know."

"Hidden area?"

 When I answered Sailor's question, Lethia grabbed me by the shoulders.

"Lord, does that mean there is such a thing as a Mithril Golem!"

"Correct . Lethia has good instincts."

 I'm gonna pat you on the head.

"Mmmm, I want to be petted more, but I also want to fight the strong ones. What am I supposed to do?"

 I see... you want to be petted. There you go.

"Master-sama, pet Saint-Loup, too."

Hey, you like that?


 Pat Lethia's head with your right hand and pat Saint-Louve's head with your left.

 It's surprisingly difficult to stroke Lethia's fine hair and Saint-Loup's habitual hair with varying degrees of force, isn't it?

 However, this kind of time is important for me, and it's a blissful time for me to rest my mind.

"Husband-sama, I want you to pet Ellie too."

"If you don't mind, I'd like to join you."

 And Ellie and Sailor. Okay, come on.

 I spent a lot of time patting the heads of the four of them, but this is not a necessary expense but a necessary time.

"Let me tell you about this hidden area, there's a demon called Titan that pops up here if you pass certain conditions."


 Sailor and Ellie squealed in surprise.

"You two know about the Titans?"

 When I asked her about it, Ellie started to explain on my behalf.

"Titans are demons in the stories. The stories say that they are giants that are over 20 meters long and have skin as hard as iron."

"There was such a story. That's about right. You should think that titans are as strong as dragons. Probably as strong as a chaos dragon."

 Since Chaos Dragon is a rank 8 demon, we can assume that Titan is also a rank 8 demon.

"However, this is only in my memory, so maybe a different demon will appear, or maybe nothing will happen. Let's just be prepared for whatever happens."

"Oh! I'll take care of it!"

"Okay, one."

"I will deal with you as befits a great sage."

"With this Heckert II, which was given to me by Master Sama, I'll be able to shoot through any enemy!"

 I'm counting on you four!

"Alright then, I'll pop the titans, while Sailor and Ellie, the rear guard, take up positions on that rocky ground."


"Saint-Loup, lurking in the background with no sign of life."

"Okay, one."

"Lethia's going with me."

"I'm on it!"

 The Titan's hidden area is a kind of canyon like a scene from a western movie.

 It is an area where the valley floor is wide and the steep cliffs seem to go on for tens of kilometers.

 The modified Heckert II that Ellie was carrying might be able to kill it in one shot, but there's no guarantee that the Titan I know will show up.

All right, everybody, you ready?

This is Sailor, we're ready for you.

This is Ellie. We're ready for you.

"Goshujin-sama, don't worry!"

 I can hear the three of you over the intercom.

 And there's Lethia standing in front of me, giving me the thumbs up.

"Lord! Come on!"

 Lethia has a manly smile.

"I'll make it pop!"

 I placed a mithril ingot, an earth elemental crystal, a typhoon elemental crystal, a flame elemental crystal and a water elemental crystal on the ground.

 According to the SWG setting, Titan's staple food is mithril, and the four crystals are his side dishes.

 The earth is shaking in the distance, and there is a cloud of dry earth on the valley floor.

 Apparently, so far, the setting remains the same as in SWG.

 As the cloud of dust approached closer and closer, the earth was shaking so hard that I could feel the tremors.

"Lethia, please."


 I'm gonna stand back a little bit from Lethia and get my new weapon.

 This time I've chosen a Remington M870. It is commonly referred to as a shotgun.

 When you think of a shotgun, you probably think of a shotgun, but even shotguns have slug rounds, which are rounds with only one bullet in them.

 The caliber of a shotgun is large, so slug rounds are much more powerful. However, the range of a shotgun is short, so it does not matter whether you use shotgun shells or slug shells.

 Then, you might think that you can use the Barrett M82A1, but that would be too much for Ellie.

"Hmm? Is this...?"

 The titan was covered with armor and was different from the titan I remembered.

 Nevertheless, they are about the same in general, because they are about 20 meters long.

 We'll risk our own lives to find out what this difference in appearance is.

"Careful, it's stronger than the Titan I remember!"

 I hear the four of you responding over the intercom.


 Info: Titan (Subspecies) Rank Unknown 12761 years old

 HP: 2,000,000

 MP: 10,000

 Muscle strength: 500,000

 Endurance: 500,000

 Magic: 1,000

 Agility: 100,000

 Dexterity: 100,000

 Attractions: 1,000

 Good luck: 70

 Active Skills: [[Harden(S)]][[Power Up(S)]][[Iron Wall(S)]]

 Passive Skills: [[Super Regeneration(S)]][[Fortitude(S)]][[Strengthen Endurance(S)]][[Strengthen Muscle(S)]][[Fighting(SS )]]


 It's a Titan variant, and it's ranked [Unknown]!

 Everywhere you look in the status, you can smell the brains in the air.

Sailor, we have a shot!

 With his voice, an explosion hit Titan in the face, causing him to back away.

Ellie, I'm shooting!

 Next was a sniper shot by Erie's Heckert II, hitting him in the thigh of his right leg, but not penetrating, though his metal armor was greatly deformed.

"It's hard!"

 Ellie gasps in astonishment.

"I'm coming with you!"

 Lethia drove the Great Axe of Black Magic Iron into Titan's left leg .

 There was a high-pitched sound as if two pieces of metal were hitting each other, and the greataxe was flung wide.

"Lord, it's hard!"

 Even as she says this, Lethia's face looks happy.

 I'll get my Remington M870 and shoot it too!

 The slug hit the titan, dented the armor a bit, but didn't penetrate.

 The dent seems to be smaller than Heckert II, so is it a little less powerful than Heckert II? Or did I hit the wrong spot?

 But just because you're down doesn't mean you're completely ineffective!

"Ellie, I need you to focus your aim on the same spot."

"I'll try!"

 It's dented, so if we hit the same spot over and over again, we should be able to destroy it!

 No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

"Lord, no tanks! We're gonna take this thing down!"

 How do you know what I'm thinking?

"Lethia-san is right, Grose-san, because relying on tanks and Apaches all the time won't make us stronger!"

"Woof woof!"

 I felt a strong will to fight on my own from Licia, Serra and Sanlove.

"I can do nothing without my husband-sama's weapons, so I will obey his will."

 Ellie seemed to think she was relying on me when she used Heckert II, but I don't think she was.

 Even Heckert II isn't exactly easy to handle, but Ellie uses it well. Ellie is my wife, so I don't think it's wrong for her to use my power.

 But I can see where Lethia and the others are coming from: ....

"All right. I won't send out the tanks, but I'll send them out if it gets dangerous."

"Lord, you're not getting a tank!"

"As expected of Grose-san."


"Yes, sir, husband-sama."