Chapter 85 Titan (Variants)

 Once we've decided to fight without tanks, we'll have to figure out how to fight the Titans.

 In this case, we'll have to have Lethia draw the Titans to us and we'll all take damage, but if Lethia goes down, it's over, so I'll tell Sailor what to do.

"Sailor, take care of Lethia's damage control rather than attacking!"

"I understand!"

 This battle depends on how well Lethia can keep the Titans at bay, so Sela's damage control of Lethia will be her lifeline.

 And even though his face exploded in the first attack, Titan's HP is still almost the same. It doesn't matter how well he's protected by his helmet, he's not going to be able to take Sailor's magic seriously like this.

 It's too hard, but even the Heckert II and Remington M870 can transform armor, so there's no reason we can't do it. Sorry Sailor, but Saint-Louve, Ellie, and I will take out the Titan's HP!

"And Sunlouve, if the attack doesn't work, focus your attack on the same spot."

"Okay, one."

 Sunlove has the skill [[Iron Slayer(S)]], but it seems to be difficult to slay Titan's armor.

 But I'm sure Saint-Louve can hit the same spot with less than a millimeter difference, so do your best.

 I'm also going to focus my Remington M870 on a different area than Erie.

 In my case, I'm in a position to look up at the Titan's huge body because of its short range. It's too powerful.

 It's a bit like looking up at a mountain, but I'm aiming for the titan's left shin. Ellie is aiming for the right thigh, so it's a race to see who can destroy the armor first!

 Repeatedly pump the slug into your shins over and over again.

 The Remington M870 is loaded with seven rounds (six plus one), and now that I have fired seven rounds, I will reload the slug rounds and transform the armor on the shin of my left leg again.

 Then, the Titan thought I was in the way, and turned his target from Lethia to me. I must have raised his hate too much.

"Lord, you're good!"

 It's not like I want to do it!

 As Titan lifted his foot to crush me, I fired two slugs in rapid succession into the sole of his foot, causing him to lose his stance and fall on his ass.

 The roar of the thunder and the dust rolling up, the dirt hurts my eyes.

 I keep my distance from the Titan and reload the slugs. You can only load seven rounds, so it's more complicated than you think.

 Well, it wouldn't be a problem if the fight didn't go on for a long time, but this is a long time fight, isn't it?

[Ins, my eyes hurt. Can you get me some goggles?]

[Yes, sir.]

 Ask Ins to shop in your mind.

 Lethia jumps on top of the fallen Titan and slams her greataxe into his face.

 The Titan made a show of disgust and tried to brush Lethia off, but this time Sanlove appeared, aiming for his right shoulder.

 Sanlove is concentrating his attacks on the shoulder of his right arm, so there are thin lines on the shoulder of Titan's armor.

 The Titans rise up again and attack Lethia.

 Lethia is pushed backward a few meters, scraping the ground as she is hit by the giant foot, but she takes little damage as she is firmly on the receiving end of Titan's attack.

 The damage is small, but if it accumulates, Lethia's HP will decrease.

 Sela heals well, but Lethia herself drinks a degraded version of the elixir I made to heal herself so that Sela won't get hate.

 Maybe I'll make Lethia learn healing spells. That way, she can heal herself without drinking elixir, which will be useful for fixing her hate.

 When Lethia uses self-healing magic, it looks like a dark knight uses holy magic like a holy knight.

 That sounds interesting, I'll ask Lethia.

[I have a master proposal.]

[Suggestions? What is it?]

[Try adding [[Space-Time Magic (A)]] acceleration to a slug round]

[Accelerated .... Okay, I'll try!]

 Following Ins's suggestion, I accelerated the slug and fired it.

 Then the titan's armor cracked and part of it shattered.

"Oh! We did it!"

"That's my husband - SAMA!"

"Well, that's the Lord!"

"My Lord, you're amazing!"

"Glose-san, did you just grant magic to the Remington M870?"

 Oh, that's the wise Sera! You saw through my stealthy acceleration.

"I took Ins's advice and accelerated the slug bullets."

"Sir-sama, please accelerate my Hecate II bullets as well!"

"All right. Lethia, take care of Titan for me."

"I'll take care of it!"

 I moved to Ellie's side and accelerated the bullets in the magazine.

"Thank you!"

 Ellie readied her Heckert II and pulled the trigger.

 Then the armor on Titan's right thigh shattered and shattered.

"It's amazing! Now I'm not afraid of the titans!"

 It's about 500 meters from here where Ellie is to Titan, so it's not as scary as Titan seen from a few dozen meters. That's not the point, haha.

Okay, I'll go with you.

"Take care, sir."

 Ellie kissed me on the cheek. I felt so brave and I felt like Titan was no big deal!

[[Princess's Dignity]] is now Rank A, so it's a side effect of that.

[You mean it's inspiring?]

[That's right. But the target seems to be limited, so it only works on masters].

["I'm the only one who can inspire...]

 With Ellie's inspiration, I shifted a few dozen meters in front of Titan.

"I'll take you down!"

"Lord, you're in high spirits, aren't you?"

"Lethia, I'll take care of this!"

 It's a bit like the usual Lethia, but that's okay.

 I raised my Remington M870 and fired, this time hitting him in the abdomen, causing a large crack in his armor.

 If you hit the same spot again, the armor will shatter and the titan's abdomen will be exposed.

"You can't lose to the Lord, man!"

 When Lethia slammed her greataxe directly into Titan through a hole in his shin, he let out a scream and backed away.

 It's Benkei's weak point, and it seems to hurt even on Titan, regardless of HP reduction.

 As Ellie and I destroyed the armor, we were inspired by it, and when we saw a few sunroofs around Titan's shoulders, the armor shattered.

"Oh! Saint-Louve, you did it!"

"Yay one!"

 Perhaps he has gotten the hang of it, Saint-Louve also destroys the Titan's sturdy armor with his overwhelmingly fast attacks.

"Oh, shit! Me too!"

 Lethia fired a [[Banpugeki(S)]] in desperation, but it did not destroy the armor.

"I'm so pissed off!"

 Lethia's current strength is close to 330,000, plus 160,000, which you can't see in her status but is 10% of my status due to [[Kizuna]], so the total is about 4 So the total is about 90,000.

 Since Titan's durability is 500,000, it is almost the same value, so you should destroy his armor.

 However, Titan has [[Fortitude(S)]] and [[Strengthen Endurance(S)]] as passive skills, and [[Harden(S)]] and [[Iron Wall(S)]] as active skills, so his defense is quite high.

 It seems that Lethia's [[Axe of Destruction(S)]][[Mastery of Destruction(B)]][[Banpugeki(S)]]] couldn't get past that wall of defensive power.

If the rank of [[Mastery of Destruction(B)]] had been a little higher, the result might have been different.

"I'll avenge Lethia-san!"

 Ellie's Hecate II burst into flames and tore a hole in Titan's thigh.

"I'm not dead!"

 Lethia is not dead, so revenge would not be the right word.

 However, perhaps it ignited the fire, or perhaps Lethia's attack hit cleanly, and the armor where the greataxe struck was shattered.

 At the same time, though, Lethia's great axe shattered into pieces: ....

"Aaaaah! My big axe!"

 Lethia, angered by the shattering of the Great Axe, starts beating Titan.

"Oh, hey, Lethia. Use this."

 I took my spare greataxe out of storage and threw it at Lethia.

"Lord, I love you!"

 Lethia confessed to me after she received the Great Axe. I knew it, but...

"Oh, oh... me too..."