Chapter 86 Titan (Variants)

 I tore the titan's armor to shreds and made a lot of bare skin.

"Sailor, give me the biggest magic attack you can fire! Everyone, we're coming in hot!"

 Titan has [[Super Regeneration(S)]], so if you don't reduce its HP all at once, it will recover quickly .

"Yes, sir, Grouse-san!"

"Lord, I'll take care of it!"

"Okay, One!"

"I'm gonna shoot you, mister sama."

[Ins, tell me every 10,000 when Titan's HP drops below 100,000]

[Yes, sir. Master]

 I fired my Remington M870 into the Titan's body, repeatedly.

 It's the same with the Erie, the Heckert II will drill holes in the Titan just like the Remington M870.

 Titan screams every time he gets a hole in his body, but he's doing his best to attack Lethia. If the armor regenerates, it would be a disaster, but it seems that the armor will not regenerate.

 Without armor, Titan isn't that hard, so will he be able to push through?

"Lord! You're fun to fight!"

 No, no, no, no, fighting's no fun!

"Yeah, well...?"

"The creaking sensation in your bones when you're hit by a titan's attack through your great shield makes you feel alive!"

 Is Lethia an M? .... It's true that I'm more of a receiver at night too, but ....

"Hey, try not to get hurt..."

"I know!"

 Do they really know what they're doing?

[Master, the Titan's HP has dropped below 100,000.]

[finally, it took you long enough...]

 There's not a lot of people who can hold out for a few minutes under our assault. And now it's right in front of us.

"Guys, I'm shooting magic!"

 Looks like Sela's magic build is over. I fired my Remington M870 in time with the titan's attack to help Lethia retreat.

"Sailor, that's it! Knock 'em dead!"


 I thought Saint-Louve would have left by now, but he's right beside me!

 As we retreated, a pillar of light descended from heaven: ....

"What, what is this?"

 As the light enveloped the Titan, the earthy ground burst into flames. How much heat does it take for the earth to burn when there is no grass or trees?

 The aftermath hit us who were more than 100 meters away, and we felt a stabbing pain on our skin and a burning sensation on our hair.


 I took Saint-Louve in my arms and got in behind Lethia, who was bracing herself against the aftermath with her great shield.

"Lethia, I'm sorry."

"It's my job to protect the Lord!"

"Hot one."

"Saint-Louve, we're almost there. Hang in there."


 For a few dozen seconds, we were burned by the aftermath, but Titan's whole body was burned by that pillar of high-heat light, right?

 It's a horrible sight to think about.

 As the pillars of light streaked out and disappeared, the ground was gouged wide open and writhing red like magma. ....

 The titans are huddled together, or maybe just black coals.

[Master, you still have about 200 HP left.]


 But I can't believe you're still alive after what they did to you.

Ellie, finish it!


 Soon after the reply, a hole appeared in the middle of the charcoal titan and the titan collapsed.

[HP zero confirmed. Good work, sama.]

[Oh, good work.]

"Good work, everyone. We've defeated the titans!"

 We looked back on our fierce battle and hugged each other.

 However, since Sela used most of her MP, she drank an elixir to recover, but she was a little tired, so we decided to leave today.

 The drop items were metal titan ingots and skill scrolls.

 I was surprised to see a skill scroll, but Metal Titan is a drop item in the battle against Titan.

 Metal Titan in SWG is a rare metal, and weapons and armor made from it can be used until the end.

 However, since I haven't heard of it since I came to this world, the question is whether there are blacksmiths who can forge this metal titan into weapons or armor. If there isn't, I'll forge it myself, but I'm not sure if I can forge this much metal.

 The day after we returned to the house in the Red Tower, we decided to look for the blacksmith. In such a case, it's best to ask this person.

"Liang, please introduce me to the best blacksmith!"

 I'm sure if you ask the master of the artisans guild, he can recommend a blacksmith.

"What the hell?"

"Yes, I have a rare metal in my possession, and I am looking for a blacksmith to craft a great axe for Lethia with it."

 The first thing I was going to do when I got the Metal Titan was build the Great Axe of Lethia.

"Oh, a rare metal? Do you have it now?"

 I took out a metal titan ingot from my magic bag and gave it to the master.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!"

 The master shouted and collapsed.

 Even though he had fallen, he hadn't let go of the metal titan and was staring into the air.


 The apprentices rushed to the master and picked him up.

 I tried to wake him up, but he was moving too fast.

"Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo. ...Hey, you! Go get Dadaan!"

 He grabbed the collar of the disciple who had woken him up with bloodshot eyes and ordered him to run.

"Kid! Where did you get this metal?"

Where? The Red Tower?

"Kid, you know what this is, don't you?"

 Of course I know. You popped the titan because you knew.

"Please don't be so hasty. You knew what it was and asked the master to introduce you to the best blacksmith."

"Mmm, you're really surprising me, kid! You brought in such a legendary metal!"

 You look happy. And Metal Titan is a legendary metal, right? He's got a hot eye for that legendary metal. Does he have dwarven blood in his veins?

"Muneyoshi! I've brought Dadaan-san!"

 My apprentice brought me a dwarf, the same as the master. There is a preconceived notion that blacksmiths are dwarves, but I've heard that goblins are surprisingly good with their hands, so there are many blacksmiths.

"Dragai, I'm a busy man! If this is boring, I'll just skip it!"

 I always call him "Mountaineer", so I almost forget that "Dragai" is his name.

"Ha ha ha! Dadaan, you can talk like that while you still can!"

"Just tell me what you want!"

 He enlarged his nostrils and brought out the metal titan in front of Dadan-san, which was hidden from Dadan-san's view.

"What, Ingo the Black Iron..."

 When Dadan-san saw the Metal Titan, he was like, what's the point?

"Eye, eye, eye, eye, eye, eye, eye, eye."

 Is that a Razzie Star song? You want to paint your face black? Well, I haven't used "m" this many times in a row.


 Dadan-San lets out a sheepish cry and collapses. Perhaps it's because they are dwarves, or perhaps it's because they know how rare metal titans are, but these two are exaggerating.

"Here, here."

 Dadaan-san collapsed and started to imitate a chicken.

"Why is there a Metal Titan in this place!"

 DADAN-SAN jumped up and jumped on the metal titan that the master of the building was holding.

 It's like watching a comedy show, and it's fun.

"Ga-ha-ha! Did you see that! This is the Metal Titan!"

 That's not the master's. That's mine.

"Why the hell does Dragai have a Metal Titan!"

"This was brought by the young one over there."

 DADAN-SAN looks at me . He looks at me with his bloodshot eyes wide open like this. ....

"Oh, are you... are you Duke Henderson?"

"Oh, yes. My name is Grose Hendler. I'm afraid I have the title of duke."

"What's with the introductions? You're a funny guy. I'm Dadaan, a simple blacksmith. Nice to meet you, duke."

"It's nice to meet you, Dadan-san, and you can call me Grose."

"Oh. Then feel free to call me Grose."

 After we had introduced ourselves to each other, I asked Dadan-san to build me a Lethia's Great Axe with Metal Titan.

"Oh! You got it! I'm gonna give you the job of a lifetime, Dadan!"

 Dadan-san happily left with the metal titan. I didn't tell him about the reward. Is that okay?

"Thank you for introducing me to such a nice man. I'll thank him as usual."

"Oh, the usual, please! Ga-ha-ha."

 The usual thing is alcohol.

 I mean, is it just me, or do you feel like you're getting paid in advance because you keep coming over to my house and drinking?