Chapter 87 Drinking

"Gahhhhhh! This stuff is good! Is it called rum?"

"Yes, it's a rum called Cadenhead E*More. I'm glad you enjoyed it."

 As a reward for his services, he bought and served Cadenhead A●More, a rum that is a little lighter in color than whiskey, from [[mail order]].

 This Cadenhead A●More has an alcohol content of 72.5 degrees, and if I drank it, I'm sure I'd collapse even with a cup of sake.

"Ga-ha-ha! It's good, it's too good! Does Dragai always drink such good wine? That's unforgivable!"

 Even Dadaan, the blacksmith, is sitting in my living room drinking with my master, but that's okay.

"Dadaan, all the drinks in this house are delicious! Gah-ha-ha!"

"Grose, from now on you can tell me anything about blacksmithing! I'll forge anything you want. Hahahaha!"

 The master is a redhead with dreadlocks and a beard, and Dadan-san is a brown-haired man with dreadlocks and a beard. They are both short and stocky, but they have the same laugh. I wonder if all Dwarves are like this, even their masters.

"Oh, not just Dragai, but Dadaan too. No wonder it's so noisy."

 Catherine san was standing in the doorway of the living room. Doesn't she need permission from me, the landlord? Why am I in doubt?

"Oh, Catherine. What the hell are you doing here?"

"Whatever you're doing here, I'm here to talk business with Groucho... and what are you doing here, Dad?"

"I'm drinking because Grose told me to when I came to deliver. I'm not here because of the smell of alcohol."

 It's true that Dadan-san came to deliver the Metal Titan's great axe, and the master of the building came with him, so I offered them some sake, but at that time, Dadan-san's eyes threatened me to give him some sake.

"What are you talking about, you definitely came here for a drink!"

 That's Katherine san, she knows these two very well.

"Well, well, how about you, Catherine?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'll take it."

"Hey, after all, Catherine drinks too!"

"Oh, if you guys drink and I don't, Grose-chan will be sad."

 No, I'm not sad at all. Don't give me that diabolical wink.

"Oh, you're doing it. I want to be a part of this."

 With the arrival of the Chieftain, Dadan-san, and Katherine-san, there's no way she won't show up. It's Chief Kublai who appears, swinging his huge body lazily.

 So, I don't remember giving you permission to do this: ....

"Hey, you're here too. Kid, you got enough to drink? If you don't, I'll let Katherine and Kublai out."

 You are the epitome of a dwarf. He never compromises when it comes to drinking.

"Don't worry. I'll get you a drink, Taku-san."

"All right. Come on, let's drink!"

"Oh, I'm gonna drink like a bat out of hell!"

 With their arms around each other, they slurped down a large mug of Cadenhead A●More.

 Only a dwarf would be able to chug a large mug of 72.5-proof Cadenhead A●More without diluting it. They have a terrible tolerance for alcohol.

"Kublai, you should sit down. I'll have a drink."


 Kublai-san sits beside Katherine, and the sofa seems to scream at the two large people.

"Here's a bottle for the both of you."

 The sake I served them was called Junmai Namaito from Dai●Shuzo, a brewery in Nihonmatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture, and Junmai Namaito is a popular sake with an aroma like white peaches.

 He puts a bottle of wine down and a glass in front of them.

"Well, that's a beautiful bottle. Is that green glass?"

"Chief Kublai's right, it's glass. Put the container aside and have a drink."

"Oh, I'm sorry. It's an honor to be poured by a duke - sama."

 I poured a glass full of Junmai Namae and served a snack in a stacked box like a traditional New Year's meal.

"Wow, this is quite a beautiful dish. It's a shame to eat it."

"This dish is a feast for the eyes and the palate, but it's meant to be eaten, so go ahead."

I'm sorry. Bye."

 Chief Kublai can't use chopsticks, so he uses a fork and a knife.

"Gloose-chan, would you pour me some?"

"Yes, please."

"Mm-hmm, thank you. ...Oh."

 That was a close one. Catherine almost kissed me. What are you doing in the middle of all this?

"I'm so shy."

 No, no, it's not embarrassing, it's life-threatening!

"So, where is the stuff that Dadaan delivered?"

 It seems that Katherine doesn't know about the hatchet that Dadan-san brought.

"If that's the case, I'm sure Lethia's swinging around in the backyard with glee."


 Looking at the backyard from the window, I saw Lethia swinging a huge axe up and down, left and right, in all directions.

"Do you mean that big axe...?"

"Hmm, is it a bit bigger than the previous Black Demon Iron Great Axe?"

 The Great Axe of Metal Titan is bigger and heavier than the Great Axe of Black Magic Iron. However, Lethia wields the great axe lightly with one hand, and is busy jumping up and down and leaping to the side.

"Wait a minute. That big axe... what the hell is it made of?"

"Mm, it looks like black magic iron, but it has a presence and swordsmanship that cannot be compared to black magic iron."

 The head of the merchants guild and the head of the adventurers guild have a good eye.

"Ga-hahaha! That's the Metal Titan's Great Axe! It's the masterpiece of all masterpieces that Dadaan has crafted with all his soul!"




 The branch manager duo has a stroke. Munryo and Dadan-san are laughing at them. What a pair of people.

 After that, they managed to recover and, perhaps trying to forget about the Metal Titan, drank a gulp of Junmai Namaito.

"Oh, no. You're not even drunk."

"Mmm, Mister Grose, do you have anything stronger to drink?"

 At the request of the branch manager duo, I offered them a single whiskey, which they slurped down in one gulp.

"Noooo, this is it!"

"Mmm, this is it!"

 After drinking three glasses of single malt straight, they seemed to have calmed down and slowed down their drinking pace. From my point of view, if they drank like this, they would have ascended to heaven in no time.

"Lord, this is a good axe!"

 When she was done, Lethia came back to the living room and rubbed her cheek against the hatchet. The scene was bizarre and not something to be shown to a small child.

"So, yeah, ..... Good for you."

"Mmm. Thank you, Lord! And, Dadaan, that's a good axe. I like it."

"Oh! With it, no monster can defeat you!"

"I don't intend to lose from the start! Hahahaha!"

 The way Lethia laughs is similar to the way dwarves laugh. It's better that she doesn't laugh like that. I'm glad she doesn't laugh.

"Lethia, you've been sweating. Take a bath, wash off the sweat, and we'll drink together."

"Oh, I'll be sweating it out in a minute!"

 Lethia went to the bath happily because she could drink.

"Oh, my God, everyone's here."

 Then Ince and Ellie arrived. They were in a separate room discussing the management of Hendler Trading Company.

 I haven't been involved in the management of Hendler Trading Company much lately, so I've left the management to the two of them.

"Master, I've summarized our future management policies. I'd like to talk to you tomorrow."

"All right. Sorry to leave you two in charge. Now, why don't you two sit down and have a drink."

 I invited them to sit on either side of me. It's not a cabaret, but with these two beautiful women beside me, I can't help drinking.

"I'm glad you're my husband's wife. Not only do I get good food every day, but I also get to drink good wine."

 The one who will pour me the Nabeshima Daigin 30,000,000 goku is Ellie, the princess of the Delbarth Kingdom and now my wife. With her silky straight blond hair that reaches to the middle of her back, when Ellie looks at me with her clear blue eyes like sapphires, my soul is almost sucked into those beautiful blue eyes.

 Under such an illusion, I drank up a bottle of Nabeshima Daigin●Sanjumanshoku.

"Master, you're even more lively and fun than usual today."

 Insu's finest melon wraps around my arm! I bite down on the happiness of this world and drink up the Nabeshima Daigin that Insu poured me.

 I drank two glasses of Nabeshima Daigin, Sanjyumangoku, in one go, and my blood rushed to my head.

"Oh, you look like you're having fun."

"One that also eats Saint-Loup."

 Sailor and Saint-Loup who had gone shopping came back and Saint-Loup climbed on my lap as usual.

"I'm going to go cook some more, aren't I?"

 I took Sailor's hand and pulled her close.

"We have plenty of food, Sela, sit down and have a drink with us."

"Grose-san, are you drunk?"

"Can't I get drunk?"


 Me and Sailor looked at each other. I was about to kiss her when something wrapped itself around my neck.

"Lord! Liquor! Give me a drink!"

 It's Lethia. She smells of soap because she has just finished taking a bath.

"Yoo-hoo! I'm going to drink!!!"

"Oh, let's drink!"

 I don't remember much about that day.

 It's nice to have a day like this once in a while.