Chapter 88 30 Layers

 The skill scroll dropped from a Metal Titan subspecies is called [[Do-Gutsy]], which doubles your strength and durability when your HP drops below 50 percent. Moreover, it has an instant death effect, so I didn't hesitate to have Lethia use it.

 It's nice to get a rare skill, [[Doggedness]], that isn't sold in my [[Mail Order (A)]]. It's also great that this means that Lethia won't die instantly. That's one less thing I have to worry about.

 As for the search for the Red Tower, I've decided to play Metal Titan Festival for a while to increase my individual combat power.

 However, no matter how many times I popped the Metal Titan, all I got was the SWG Metal Titan I knew, not the armored variant.

 Well, that's good. But it's weaker than that armored metal titan variant.

 I think everyone has fought the Metal Titan at least 10 times each, but I think the one who has changed the most is Ellie. Ellie has started to use a bayonet as well as a rifle. In other words, she can now handle close combat.

 Ellie has [[Royal Armor(S)]], so she can use any weapons. However, it is still dangerous to fight a Metal Titan in close combat, so I asked her to use her [[Intuition]] skill. This [[Intuition]] is a skill that allows you to sense danger, so it is a good skill for Ellie who is not used to close combat.

 Incidentally, Lethia and Saint-Loup are sensitive to danger, perhaps because they are originally close combatants, and have a wild intuition even without the [[Intuition]] skill.

 With our strength increased, we decided to go deeper into the Red Tower.

 The 25th level is also a field of grasslands, mountains, and lakes that continues from the 21st level, and it seems that the earth element, typhoon element, flame element, and water element appear.

 The elements are no match for us. They're all good enough to beat us in a fight. That's how useful our training with the Metal Titans was.

 I entered layer 26. The field is still the same, and Earth Dragons appear in addition to various elements, but they're weaker than Metal Titans, so it's no big deal.

 After the 27th level, I entered the 28th level, where the demons were arranged differently, and Earth Dragon, Typhoon Dragon, Flame Dragon, and Water Dragon were walking around.

 Dragons are stronger than elements, but weaker than metal titans. It is not so difficult to defeat such monsters and advance.

 Layer 29 has more Chaos Dragons. Chaos Dragons have scales and skins as hard as those of Metal Titans, and they have a range of breath attacks, making them a troublesome opponent. Still, we defeated the Chaos Dragon and went on.

 And 30 layers, in SWG, these 30 layers are the top floor. But it is not necessarily the top floor, because the red tower is slightly different from SWG. I wouldn't be surprised if the administrator-san made it 100 layers.

 The 30th level is still the same field of grasslands, mountains, and lakes. However, dragons of each attribute are gone, and only chaos dragons appear.

 And at the far end of the 30th layer, the Eternal Dragon was camped out as the boss.

 Metal Titan and Chaos Dragon are rank 8, but Eternal Dragon is rank 10.

 It has a charming face like a platypus, but its body is a T-Rex dinosaur, and it has three pairs of six wings.

 It is not so intimidating because of its face, but it is still as big as a mountain because it is bigger than a metal titan.


 Info: Eternal Dragon Rank 10, Age Unknown

 HP: 5,500,000

 MP: 4,000,000

 Muscle strength: 1,000,000

 Endurance: 1,000,000

 Magic Power: 1,000,000

 Agility: 1,000,000

 Dexterity: 1,000,000

 Attraction: 1,000,000

 Good luck: 80

 Active Skills: [[Rainbow Breath(S)]] [[Breath of Destruction(S)]] [[Fast Flight(S)]]

 Passive Skills: [[Super Regeneration(S)]][[Strengthen Endurance(S)]][[Strengthen Muscle(S)]][[Dragon's Rage(S)]][[Dragon's Majesty(S)]][[Understand Language(S)]]]

 Magic Skill: [[Gravity Magic(S)]]

 Unique Skill: [[Instant Death Breath(S)]]


 There are many breath skills. Moreover, there is a unique skill [[Instant Death Breath(S)]].

 It's a good thing I had Lethia learn [[Doggedness]]. Sailor, Ellie, Ruby, and I should be able to attack from a distance, and we just need to keep Sanlove out of [[Instant Death Breath(S)]] range. I'm sure Sanlove will be fine.

 Among the skills, I'm very interested in [[Gravity Magic(S)]]. I wanted [[Gravity Magic(S)]] too, but after thinking about it, I got [[Space-time Magic]]. I'm glad I chose [[Space-time Magic]] because storage and transmigration are very convenient, and I have no regrets.

[[Master, once you've defeated the Eternal Dragon, you'll gain [[gravity magic]] and [[language understanding]]

[Yeah, please.]

 Let Ins handle it and he'll be good to go.

"Hey, Lord. You ready to go?"

"I'm good. Is everyone okay?"

 Saint-Louve, Sailor, Ellie, and Ruby nodded.

"Alright, be careful with [[Instant Death Breath]]. Especially since Sunlove has no resistance to it."

"Okay, one."

 Sela and Ellie are on a rocky mountain. I take my place on another crag, Saint-Louve hides, Ruby flies, and Lethia walks comfortably closer to the Eternal Dragon.

This is Sailor, we're ready for you.

This is Ellie. We're ready for you.

"Good one."

"It's okay, papi."

This is Grouse, we're ready.

"Yes! Let's go!"

 When Lethia, who was walking, starts to run, the Eternal Dragon also raises its huge body and tries to intercept Lethia.

 An Eternal Dragon's body is larger than a Metal Titan's, and considering its mass, even if Lethia were to run into it, she would usually be struck back. However, my Lethia does not care about the overwhelming difference in mass. She is truly an unconventional girl.

 Lethia generates a shield from the Armor of Everlasting Darkness. Thanks to the battle, the armor of everlasting darkness has become much stronger than when she received it.

 Self-healing and morphological evolution are truly amazing abilities.

 Lethia's back figure looks dignified as she holds up the Shield of Everlasting Darkness and the Metal Titan's Great Axe.

 I really wish I could be in the forefront, but I'm too chicken-hearted to fight demons. I'm really grateful to Lethia, who fights against demons on my behalf.

"Lethia, don't push yourself too hard just because you've got [[doggedness]]."

"Hahaha! There's no way I'm going to push myself!"

 No, I'm telling you this because it's the hardest thing to do.

"That's very kind of you to say, but if anything happens to Lethia, I'll be very sad. So, take it easy."

"You worry too much, Lord! But I'll be fine."

 Lethia walks leisurely towards the Eternal Dragon.

 Well, I'll just trust Lethia to be the vanguard.

"Whew. Sailor, hit me with maximum firepower."

"Yes, sir."

 I leave the first attack to Sailor, and ready my Barrett M82A1.

"I'll shoot!"

 At Sela's signal, there was an explosion that enveloped the Eternal Dragon's huge body.

 The blast will get to me. Will Lethia and Saint-Louve be okay?

 As my vision gradually opens up, I see the figure of an Eternal Dragon with wounds all over its body.

"Lethia, Saint-Loup. Are you all right?

"Zach, no problem."

"Zsa Zsa, I'm fine."

 I'm relieved.

All right, all hands on deck!

 At my command, Ellie's Heckert II bursts into flames and blows a hole in the Eternal Dragon's forehead.

 Not to be outdone, I look through the scope of my Barrett M82A1 and pull the trigger.

 There was a thump on his shoulder and the bullet hit the Eternal Dragon right in the eye.

 The Eternal Dragon is quite uncomfortable with me and Ellie's attacks and lashes out.

 Thus, the end of the war against the Eternal Dragon has come.