Chapter 89 Reflection Session

 The roaring Eternal Dragon went on a rampage.

 I was worried that Lethia, who was underfoot, would be stepped on and crushed, but Lethia had struck the Eternal Dragon's stunned foot with the Metal Titan's great axe. I'm impressed.

 Looking more closely, he saw that Saint-Louve's figure was disappearing and reappearing, appearing and disappearing to attack.

 So as not to interfere with their attacks, I repeatedly pull the trigger, aiming only at the Eternal Dragon's face.

 Ellie also focuses her attacks on me and Sama, while Sela manages Lethia's damage.

 And from above, Ruby attacks with a [[flap of flame wings]].

 The Eternal Dragon's durability is 1,000,000, and its HP is decreasing steadily. Our attacks are steadily reducing its HP.

 I was prepared for a long battle, but I'm losing HP as if I'm working steadily.

 And then... The Eternal Dragon's six wings began to move at high speed.

"I'm jumping up!"

 If you jump up, Lethia and Sanlove cannot attack you.

 And it's extremely dangerous to be attacked from above.

[Ins. [[Warding Art]] to hold the Eternal Dragon's head.]

[Yes, Master]

 When the Eternal Dragon tries to jump up, it bumps its head against the warding that Ins has put in place and makes a weird face and growls.

"I'll hold you."

 Just as I thought I heard Sailor's voice over the intercom, a plant rapidly grew out of the ground and entangled itself with the Eternal Dragon.

 But the Eternal Dragon won't be restrained for nothing, and it tears the plant into pieces.

 Even so, Sailor does not give up, and a new plant grows from the torn section.

 Annoyed by this, the Eternal Dragon opened his mouth wide and made a sigh.

 Breath? That's what I thought, and I saw Lethia.

 Lethia is slamming Metal Titan's greataxe into the Eternal Dragon's leg, which is visible through a gap in the vegetation, and doesn't seem to notice the Eternal Dragon's pool.

"Lethia! Breath is coming!"

 At that moment, a breath of seven-colored light spat out from the Eternal Dragon's mouth.


 The breath was spat out from the Eternal Dragon over a wide area of about 300 meters, and the shockwave reached me.

 If I'd been within 300 meters, I'd have been damaged by that seven-colored light.

 But... the problem is Lethia. No matter how much Lethia is, if she doesn't take it with her shield and takes that breath, ....

 Damn it, I don't want to think about it. Lethia, please be safe. ....

 The breath breaks, and that blast clears: ....

 Is Lethia safe? Please be safe. ....


 Let's see: .... There was a Lethia attacking an Eternal Dragon's leg with a cancer ....

[Apparently, the Eternal Dragon's breath can't reach my feet.]

[It's a dumb brace, but...]

[With your head so high up, it's inevitable that your feet would be neglected.]

[As for Lethia, let's just say she doesn't have to worry about Breath anymore...]


 I've been so worried about my mental damage, what can you do?

 I pulled the trigger on my Barrett M82A1 over and over, as if to vent my frustration on the Eternal Dragon.

 The Eternal Dragon spits out a few breaths, but Lethia is safe on her feet, Sunlove is fine because she's basically attacking from behind, me, Ellie, and Sailor are attacking from about a kilometer away, so the breaths don't reach us, and Ruby can't reach us because of the wards Ins has put up above her. Ruby can't attack because of the wards that Ins has put up in the sky, but on the other hand, the Eternal Dragon's attack can't reach her either.

"What the hell is this .... I can't afford it, can I?"

 It takes some time to reduce the Eternal Dragon's HP, but if you're not careless, you can reduce its HP quite safely.

 After three hours, the Eternal Dragon's HP was reduced to zero, and we finished the battle.

"Lord, what the hell is this? It's not funny at all!"

"If you ask me..."

 I was troubled by Lethia's unreasonable words, and I looked at Selah. She looked away!

 After all that, we finally conquered the 30th layer.

"Let's see, if there are stairs, that means there are 31 levels, right?"

 A staircase appeared in front of us.

"It would seem so."

 Ellie replies, peering down the stairs.

"I'm kind of mentally exhausted, maybe I'll do layer 31 another time."

What, you're not coming?

"It was an anticlimactic battle, but we fought for three hours against the Eternal Dragon, so let's go home for today."

 I managed to pacify Lethia and decided to go home.

 When we got home, we had a review meeting.

"The enemy's defenses are high, and with our current weapons, we're in for a long haul like this one."

 I agree with Ellie. We need a stronger weapon.

"Ins, do you have any good weapons?"

"Well... no tanks!" Or..."

 A tank has perfect offensive and defensive capabilities, but Lethia denied it because a tank doesn't use its body.

"Then how about a rocket launcher for Ellie-san?"

 Another modern weapon. But a rocket launcher could do a lot of damage.

 However, rocket launchers have an image of being disposable.

 If you use it every time and throw it away, it is not an efficient and useful weapon. I'll ask Ins about this point.

"You can reload it and use it over and over again, so as long as you keep the warhead in the Magic Bag, you're good to go."

"It's not like it's a rapid-fire weapon, so...?"

"Can you show me that rocket launcher?"

 Ellie seems to have developed an interest in rocket launchers.

 Since we can't test-fire a rocket launcher on the ground, we'll buy a rocket launcher and show it to you, just to see.

"You use it by carrying it on your shoulders."

 I bought a Russian RPG-7 rocket launcher.

 It is an orthodox rocket launcher, which can be easily loaded by modification, and is very powerful.

"I love it. I'll be using this and the Hecart II from now on. Thank you, Ins-san."

 Bowing with beautiful manners.

"The master's combat power has improved."

 Insu is staring at me. You'd fall in love with her if she stared at you. I'm already in love.

"What's good for me?"

"To make the most of a master's status, close combat weapons are the best."

"Ugh. .... Close combat..."

 It's the style of combat I'm most uncomfortable with.

"Master, you already know, don't you?"

 My stats are much higher than an Eternal Dragon's. If I were to fight in close combat, I'd probably be quite strong... no, very strong.

 If you're not good enough, you can even defeat an Eternal Dragon with one punch: ....