Chapter 9 Bounty Will Be Increased

 The bounty will be increased.

 The weather was fine, perfect for a trip.

 They boarded a carriage that was leaving at just the right time.

 As they passed through the castle gate, one of the guards noticed Emily and shouted, "Ah! but Emily and Nina smiled and waved at her,

"Take care, Grand Mage Sama! Thanks to you, our people's losses were minimal!"

 I saluted him.

"Why are the adventurers so stupid while the guards are trained as -chan?"


 Nina smiled at Emily, who waved at the guards and mumbled.

 As we stepped out of the castle gate, we felt the wind blowing across the meadow, even in the carriage.

 There are few passengers crossing the border.

 Hmm," said Emily, crossing her arms and stretching.

I feel so good right now. You know?"

"Um...are you sure that was a good idea?"


"Emily-San's finally been accepted as an adventurer..."

"What are you talking about? It wasn't me they recognized, it was the magic I used."


 I know what Emily is talking about.

 But on the other hand, "Emily's magic" is still Emily herself.

 If that's the case, isn't it more important for Emiri to live in Full Moon as an adventurer, not with her? I can't help thinking.

"--"Be Like the Wind, Adventurer."

 Suddenly, Emily murmured.

"No one can catch the wind."..."

"? What's wrong with you all of a sudden... a poem of your own?"

"No, it's not. It's in one of my favorite stories. It's a classic adventure story. I read it on the internet, a simple fantasy with no cheats or anything. I lost it halfway through, though."


"Hmm. It's okay, don't worry about it. It's just, I've always wanted to be. Live free. No one can get me and no one has the right to."

"...if that's okay with you, Emily-san."

"Of course it's good!"

 For a while, Emily closed her eyes and seemed to feel the wind blowing through her.

 Beside her, Nina is staring at her profile.

"...Nina, are you still not convinced?"

"No...not really."

"Then why are you so lost in thought?"

"No, I mean..."

 Nina kept her eyes down.

"I was wondering what you would like to eat today."


"Because Emily-san said she was expecting a meal."


 When Emily heard that, she started laughing.


"Hey, what's going on?"

"No, I just thought you were a bigger fish than I thought."


 Apparently, Nina understood Emiri as -chan from our conversation earlier.

 Rather, Emily was more concerned.

 A fiasco at the guild, followed by an exchange with the guild master.

 She was worried that Nina might be getting tired of being with Emily.

 However, Nina's main concern is food.

 I don't know why Emily laughed, but I'm tilting my head.

"No, no, no, don't worry about it."

"Emily-san... this is a serious problem. Not only do we have limited cooking utensils and ingredients, but we also have the problem of having access to a kitchen and fire while traveling."

"Still, I'm sure Nina will exceed my expectations."

"Eh!!! You're going to put even more pressure on me there!"

"Sorry, sorry, just kidding. I'll help you."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. It'll be fun to see how the food culture changes across the country."

"Yes! I wonder what kind of maid-san..."

"Yeah, yeah... that way...?"

 They talked endlessly.

 But I had plenty of time.

 The horse-drawn carriage drove leisurely toward the border town.


"Hey! This dress doesn't have the right length sleeves! I just had it made, what's wrong with it?"

 In the royal capital of the Kingdom of Crescente, the Countess of Markwood's irritated voice rang out.

 The dress for today's soiree was slightly different, as Ojou-sama said.

 It was a difference that an ordinary person would not notice, but the evening party was the battlefield of the nobility.

 If anyone notices, they will be laughed at secretly behind your back.

 Or rather, the Countess of Markwood has been laughing at other families' daughters when she finds something wrong with them.

 So I'm sure.

 The lady of the other house must definitely laugh when she finds fault with herself.

"But, miss, the party is only three hours away."

"What kind of nonsense are you talking? You've fixed it in 10 or 20 minutes so far! Just do it!"

 The maids bowed their heads as the contents of the teacups on the table were spilled on them.

 The lady left the room, pouting.


 In the room where Ojousama has disappeared, the maids consult with each other.

"I mean, what is it? What's she mad about?"

"There's no way I can fix it in ten minutes. In fact, I don't even know how to fix it."

"Oh my God, why are you spilling tea all over the place? Who do you think is going to clean it up..."

"Well, if you let Nina do it..."

 Then one of the maids shouted, "Oh!

"Nina's not here."

"Geez, that sucks. .... That order to fix it in 10 minutes was based on the assumption that Nina would be there."

"What do we do?"

"No matter what, it was the maidservant who fired you."

"Yeah, he broke a jar."

"Was that really done by the head maid?"

"Of course he did. He's the one who's been in the treasure room the most."

"Then let's have the head maid take the blame."

"Let's do it."

 All the maids went to the head maid's room.

"So, with Nina gone, I can't respond to your request, miss-sama."

 The maids in line bowed.

"What, what, what...?"

 It was the maid of honor who surprised me.

"Are you still maids? Don't you have an auspicious mind to fulfill the wishes of your daughter-sama?"

"...since the head maid fired Nina."

"What? Are you saying it's my fault!"

"It's an unfamiliar task that we haven't done before, so we can do it if we take our time, but it's difficult for us to do right now."


 The maidservant clammed up.

 In fact, even if they took the time, the maids would never be able to do it.

"Okay, I'll go talk to Count Sama."

 The maids bowed their heads reverently, but when the head maid left, their mouths turned up in a grimace.

 The head maid finds the Count on his way out and tells him what happened.

 However, the content is different from the reality.

 I told her that it was not because the maids were not good enough to fix Ojousama's dress, but because the maid I had fired the other day had taken away the necessary tools and had not taken over the job properly.

 The maids are trying hard to learn their new jobs, so they can't help you today.

 In other words, he blamed it on Nina again.

"That maid again! Haven't you found her yet?"

"Yes, yes, I'm sorry..."

 The maidservant bows her head in a cold sweat.

 To tell the truth, this is the third time in the past ten days that the Count has been angry with me.

 The Count was originally a mild-mannered man, but after the vase was broken, he became angry.

 At first I thought that he was in a bad mood, but now I feel that he is not in a good mood.

(I wonder why...)

 Just another day, just like any other day.

 And yet, the Count's clothes are a bit worn, and the interior of the mansion seems a bit dull (・・・・).

 It's lost its luster.

 It feels to the maidservant like a sign of something terrible.

"Keep increasing the bounty! Bloody hell!"

 The only thing that has changed is the absence of the maid.

"Yes, sir."

 He sees the Count leaving in frustration.

 It just made me uncomfortable. I haven't solved the dress problem, and I haven't fixed Miss-sama's mood.

 In the end, I piled up the money, called the tailor and had him fix it in a hurry.

 Thus, Nina's bounty was set at 1.5 million gold.