Chapter 91 31 Layered Castle

 We walked up the white stairs for about three hours.

"How far do these stairs go?"

 I couldn't help but whine.

There's no sign of them reaching layer 31.

 Sela looks like she's getting fed up.

 I don't know how far this staircase goes, but I hope it's enough.

"Lord . I'm starving."

"Saint-Loup is hungry too One."

"Right, let's take a break here."

 We're gonna sit on the stairs.

 Sailor served hot drinks and sweets to everyone.

"Whoo-hoo. Zzz..."

 I drink coffee after cooling it. Lately, coffee is served more often, because Sela is very interested in blending coffee beans.

"This coffee has a fruity taste, but it leaves a sour taste at the end. I like the taste."

 I don't know much about the taste of coffee, but I think it's good.

"We changed the ratio of the blend, and I'm happy to say it's delicious."

 Sailor's Original Blend wasn't bad to begin with, but it's getting better and better every day, and these days I'd be lost without it.

"How long do you think these stairs are? Honestly, it's getting kind of annoying."

 After taking a break and collecting my thoughts, I concluded that it was annoying.

"There's nothing to do, just go up the stairs, and to be honest, I was getting sick of it too."

 Ellie was getting frustrated, too.

"There's no demons, only shitty stairs, right?"

 Lethia's not very talkative.

"I don't know about Saint-Louve, One."

 Saint-Loup's fine. Stroke him.

"I think it's a good idea to give up somewhere along the line."

 Sailor must have been fed up with all the stairs.

[ins. How far do these stairs go?]

[We're analyzing the information now. Please wait a moment.]

[Take care of her.]

 It's unusual for Ins to analyze information. That's how unusual this staircase is.

 After a short rest, I decided to go up the stairs again.

 Thanks to my high status, I am not so tired. However, not being able to see the future is mentally stressful regardless of your status.

[Master. Thank you for your patience. We've finished parsing the information.]

[I've been waiting for you!]

[No matter how far up these stairs you go, there is no end.]

[What? What... what does that mean?]

[There is a wall that can be broken down, through which we must proceed.]

[makes a hole in the side]

[Yes. About 10 more meters up, there's a wall that can be destroyed.]

[Copy. Thank you.]

Guys, listen up.

 I stopped and called out to them, and they all looked at me.

"Ins analyzed it and found that we can't go any further up these stairs."

"What? Then there's no point in going up these stairs, Lord!"

"That's what's going to happen."

 He punched Lethia in the wall with a thud and told her to calm down.

"Take your anger out on the wall about ten meters up. They say it will destroy that wall and allow you to enter the side hole."

All right, I'll take care of it!

 You don't have to tell me, I'll leave that to Lethia.

"But it's a nasty staircase. If it hadn't been for Ins-san, we'd have been going up the stairs forever."

"Ellie's right. I don't know who built this staircase, but it's out of character."

 I think it's that admin-san.

 Go up 10 meters and stand in front of the wall designated by Ins.

"Lethia. I'm here. I need you to break down this wall."

"Oh, I got it!"

 Lethia's face is smiling as she swings the great axe of the Metal Titan. Perhaps the instincts of an ogre come out when destroying something like this.


 You swing the metal titan's great axe down toward the wall. Seeing the metal titan's great axe slightly embedded in the wall, Lethia is not happy.

"That's pretty hard. You've got me motivated!"

 He swings the great axe of the metal titan again.

"Haaaaah, Banpugeki!"

 He's going to activate his skill and destroy the wall at once.

 With a roar, a huge hole opens up in the wall and pieces of the destroyed wall scatter all around. The pieces hit us.

"It hurts."

 When I checked if everyone was all right, Sela was using magic to prevent the debris from hitting her, and Sanlove was avoiding it. Elly also avoided the debris, though not as much as Saint-Louve, and used her shield to protect the debris she couldn't avoid.

 I'm the only one who got hit by the fragments, but I don't feel satisfied.

Lord, you got a side hole.

All right, let's go.

 We entered the cave Lethia had made, and went on. Unlike the white staircase we had seen before, the side hole was dimly lit with gray stone walls.

[ins. How long will it take us to get through this passage?]

[In 100 meters, you'll reach a large space.]

[This time it was quicker. Thank you.]

 As I walked along a passage that curved slightly to the right, I saw a light. That must be the exit.

"Guys. We don't know what's out there, so stay alert."


"Okay, one."

"Yes, sir, Grose-san."

"Yes, mister-sama."

 Alerting everyone, you step out of the dark passageway into a large, bright space.


 In the space at the end of the passage, there was a forest, and a path stretched through the forest. At the end of the path, there was a huge castle standing tall. It looks like a castle where Cinderella might live.

"It looks like it's twice the size of the castle I grew up in..."

 As Ellie, the princess of Delbarth, says, it's a castle of a vastly different scale.

"The gates seem to be open, shall we continue?"

 Sailor will calmly confirm. Now, what should we do? It could be a trap of some kind: ....

[ins. Is there a trap?]

[I'm sorry. I have no idea.]

[Can't you tell by the ins: .... I guess we'll just have to proceed with caution]

 In this space, there may be many restrictions. This state of not knowing anything is too scary.

"It looks like we have no choice but to keep going, but even Ins says we don't know what traps are out there, so be very careful."

 They nodded, and we decided to go on.

 We crossed the drawbridge and went under the gate, and looked up at the majestic yet delicate castle.

 There's no one there, and I can't sense any presence. However, since Saint-Louve is more sensitive than I am, I decided to ask him.

"Saint-Loup. Do you feel anything?"

I don't feel anything.

 Saint-Louve tilts his head adorably.

 If Saint-Louve can't figure it out, there's nothing we can do. We'll have to keep going.

 We walked a long way from the gate to the castle, and arrived at the entrance of the castle.

 Proceed inside and keep your eyes open.

 Inside the castle, there is a large floor with a statue of an angel in the center. It is a full-figured female angel with a soft smile on her face, welcoming us.