Chapter 92 Angels

"It's obviously suspicious..."

 When I muttered that, the statue of an angel in the center started to glow. My intuition is telling me something is wrong!

Everybody, get back!

 We tried to go out through the entrance, but the door was closed. No matter how hard we push or pull, the door doesn't move. We're trapped.

 When I turned around and looked at the statues of angels, I saw that they had been dull-colored but were now radiating color.

"Welcome. I'd like to welcome you."

"""" spoke!!!""""

 Me, Sela, Lethia, and Ellie squeal in surprise, but Sanlove just nods his head.

 So, the angel that used to be a statue can talk? ....

"I'm sure you could have guessed this much, couldn't you?"

"Well, I expected that to some extent: .... But it's amazing to see a statue move and talk."

"I'm sorry about that. I am a pillar of the angels that guard the sama, the keeper of this world, and my name is Rahueal."

"This is polite. My name is Grose Hendler. This is Lethia, Sela, Sanlove, Ellie."

[ins. Tell me about Rahueal]

[Yes. Rah'eal is one of the cuter angels that guard the caretakers, the angels that heal.]

[I know what a healing angel is, but what's a cutthroat angel?]

[There are several orders of angels, but the cuter ones are the highest. To my knowledge, the seven angels were fierce angels.]

[In other words, he looks really strong.]

[Unfortunately, even a lower-ranking deity has enough power to be annihilated.]

[Such a cheeky angel is the dungeon boss.]

 I heard information I didn't want to hear, and felt my spirits waning. But I can't leave here. If I don't see the administrator, everything I've done so far will be for nothing.

 Besides, the door's closed tight. Unfortunately, we have to move on.

"Hey, why's it moving?"

"What's the matter, Saint-Loup?"

"I haven't smelled you since. I don't know."

 Can't you smell it? I don't know, but can't Saint-Louve's nose even work in this castle?

"The place you're looking for is up those stairs."

 If you look up at the top of the stairs the angel pointed to, you'll see a huge double door. Behind those doors is where we're going: .... What? Isn't that the boss room of the dungeon boss?

 In other words, isn't the cutthroat angel Raphael in front of us the dungeon boss?

[Ins. Now that Rahueal mentioned it, it sounded like there was another dungeon boss].

[That's what it sounded like to me too. But when you're more than a cutthroat angel...]

[God... or...]


 I hate it. I want to go home. Can I just transfer out of the Red Tower?

"But you have to defeat me. Until I'm defeated or you are defeated, you will not be able to leave this area."

"You mean you can't withdraw?"

"Yes. I can't. Oh, and just so you know, you can't use transference skills or magic either. If you think I'm lying, try it."

 You're telling me you can't even transfer? You're very thorough. ....

"Fighting is inevitable. I see."

"That's right."

 Rahueal replied shortly with a soft expression.

 That's not the kind of thing you say with a soft face. You like to kill each other? I'm sure you do. .... This angel, Lethia?

"If that's the way it's gonna be, let's just kill it!"

 The rumor is that Lethia is rolling her shoulders and giving off the vibe that she wants us to fight.

"I'm always up for it, sir."

 Rahueal flapped his wings twice and floated in the air.

 I know she can fly because she's an angel, but how can she stay afloat without moving her wings? You don't need wings for that, right?

[Ins. What's the status of Raf'eal?]

[I'm sorry. You can't see the status of Rahueal]

[Not knowing the enemy's strength has never felt so terrifying.]

[The master is with me and Lethia-san and the others. Don't be afraid of Rahueal.]

[Thank you. Well, it looks like Lethia's about to go off, so we're gonna start fighting. Back me up, as always.]

[We'll do our best to help you defeat Ra's al Ghul.]

 I'm glad Ins was there. I'd have cried and apologized if you hadn't.

"Lethia, Sela, Saint-Louve, Ellie. If we don't defeat Raph'eal, there's no way to return or proceed from this space. Are you ready?"

I'm ready. Let's kill him, Lord!"

 Lethia, who strikes the metal titan's great axe against the shield of the armor of everlasting darkness, is a reliable tank.

"I'll do my best."

 The serious answer is Sailor. She's been a great emotional support to us.

"I'll take care of it."

 Saint-Louve's aloofness is a comfort to me. I must defeat Raheral to protect Saint-Louve.

"It is my pleasure to support the cause of my husband-sama."

 We fight together, but Ellie's help has been invaluable.

[I'll do my best to support you, Master.]

 I've come this far because of Ins. I was transported to this world and I didn't know what to do. I can't thank you enough.

"Thank you, everyone."

 He turns his gaze to Rahual and stares at him warily.

"Are you ready?"

 Rahueal spread his wings.

"Here we go."

 Rahueal's expression is as soft as ever. Is that expression a sign of comfort in spite of the fact that he is about to fight?


"Yeah . Leecia, GO!"


 Lethia flew out as if she had been shot. Reacting to this, Rahueal flapped her wings, and countless feathers shot out and headed for Lethia.


 Buzz, buzz, buzz. Lethia pushes out the shield of the armor of everlasting darkness and receives its wings.

 Even though she is attacked, Lethia's forward speed does not change, and she jumps and hits Rahueal with her shield.

 But the shield of the armor of everlasting darkness was caught by Raph's left hand.

"Damn. You got it."

 Lethia clicks her tongue as she lands on the floor. I guess she's not satisfied with no damage.


 At the moment Lethia landed on the floor, Saint-Louve appeared behind Rahueal and clipped her beautiful wings.


 A feather flew out from the wing and Saint-Louve was flung away. It's a foul play to have a feather fly backwards.

Are you two okay?

"No problem!"

"It's okay, baby."

 He's an angel. He's as strong as they come. I'll buff them all with space-time magic and debuff Raph.

"Weaken me? You're pretty good at that."

"The debuff is still in effect, but you're calm. You must have a lot of confidence."

 Rahueal replied with a smile.

"I'll shoot!"

 Don't. Ellie shot LaFleur with a DiMaco C8 assault carbine.


 Oh my God, Rahueal defended himself from the bullet with his wings.

"That wing is one offense and one defense, huh?"

"I'll burn it!"

 Sela unleashes a spell and flames engulf Raph'eal. The flames are roaring, but it's only around Raph'eal, so we're not harmed. This is only possible with a high level of magic control.


 When Rahueal flapped his wings, the flames were drowned out.

 This is tricky.