Chapter 93 The Manager (End)

 Grasping the Sword of the Metal Titan, you approach Raph'eal. He is not good at close combat, but he summons his courage to approach and slay him.


 I practiced swords against Lethia, and I managed to become a -sama. Since I have [[Sword God]], I shouldn't be satisfied with this level. ....

 My sword was blocked by Rahueal's wings but I cut through them and reached his body.


 A line formed around Raph's chest, and blood spurted out. Rahueal, who was in agony, stared at me sharply.

"You deserve to die for damaging my body!"

 Rahueal's expression changed from the gentle one he had shown earlier to that of a demon.

"Don't think it's easy to die!"

 His tone has become violent. This is the original tone of Rahueal, I suppose.

 It flapped its wings and attacked us with what we might call a flurry of feather cutters.

 Lethia steps in front of me and blocks its wings with her shield. At the same time, Sailor's lightning spell and Ellie's rocket launcher opened fire.


 With the sound of an explosion, Rahual cries out in anguish and is engulfed in flames.

 Paralyze him with lightning magic and deal heavy damage with the rocket launcher. Nice combo.

 The flames have cleared and we can see LaFleur.

 The beautiful wings are torn apart, and the sight of them tells us that the rocket launcher is quite powerful.

"Not yet!"

 You shoot a Dimaco C8 assault carbine in rapid fire mode. It doesn't do much damage, but it takes a lot of moves. It's a nasty attack.

"If you're an angel, aren't you vulnerable to the dark attribute?"

 Sela then activated the dark magic. As the black rain poured down, Rahueal distorted her face in disgust.

"Only Sailor and Ellie don't get to dress up!"

 Lethia, inspired by the attacks of the two rearguards, runs into Raphéal.

 Because Elly had put up a barrage, Rafueal was slow to react to Lethia's approach and was hit by a large axe to the abdomen, which blew him up and hit the wall.

"Woof woof."

 And then Saint-Louve plunged a dagger into Raphéal's eye.


 Rahueal screams and flails about.

 I feel sorry for Rafael, who is stumbling around on the ground. When the opponent is an intelligent humanoid, such feelings come to me.

 I know it's wrong, but I feel a little sorry for him. But it was Rahueal's own choice to fight us, so he deserved it.

 No, you're being forced to fight by an administrator...?

 Rahueal, who was beaten up by everyone who got serious, has no good points and is all wounded.

 Rahueal, who had become like a rag, stood up like a wavering ghost.

 It's not that Rahual is weak, it's that everyone is strong. We all worked bloody hard for this day. That's all that came to fruition.

"You... you can't do this much damage to me, Xu-San!"

[Master, finish it now!]

[All right!]

"You've pushed me to this point. I'll give you a pat on the back!"

 Rahueal's body will glow. What, what are you trying to do?

 I kicked the ground to put an end to Rahual, as Ince said.

 Just in time!


Perhaps it's the effect of [[Rapid Thinking]], but the surrounding movement slows down, as if time has been stretched out.

 He swung the metal titan's sword wide...


 Cut Rah'eal from the big top.


 Rahual's light subsides and his gaze falls on me.


 I don't know why I lost. I think that's what Rahual was trying to tell me.

 However, I couldn't say it to the end because the line ran vertically and was cut into two parts.


"You did it, Lord!"

"Yay one!"

"Glose-san, congratulations!"

"I have fallen in love with you all over again . . husband-sama."

"Thank you, everyone."

[Ins. What was Rahueal trying to do?]



[If they had self-destructed, aside from Master and Lethia-san who had high defenses, Sanlove, Sailor-san, and Ellie-san would have been in considerable danger.]

[Oh... thank God we got him down before he blew himself up.]

 If it weren't for Ins's advice, I might've lost everyone I care about. I'm so glad Ins is here.

"Lord! Now you're going to open that door!"

 Staring at the large double doors at the top of the stairs .

Okay. Everybody ready?"

 Everyone nodded.

 We're going up the stairs slowly. What's next: ....

"Lord, I'll open it."

 Lethia puts her hand on the door.

"Yeah, please."

 Gugu and Lethia open the door.

 I stared at the door as it slowly opened. ....

"Is this...?"

 I was in a white space.

 In front of you... is a manager.

"I'm amazed you made it this far."

 The manager smiled bewitchingly and sipped his tea elegantly.

You're welcome to join us for tea.

 A teacup hovers in the air in front of me. I pick it up and sip the orangey brown drink. It's delicious.

"This is the third time I've met you, Grose-san."


 She's sipping tea elegantly, staring straight at me.

 He, or rather God, seems to be a fickle character, so we should refrain from saying or doing anything rash.

"Uh-huh . Grose-san is the first person to conquer the Red Tower. I hope you will respect me, but there is no need to be so nervous."

 So you know what I'm thinking.

"May I speak?"

"You don't have to ask for permission, sir."

"So... can we consider ourselves to have stepped through the Red Tower?"

"Mmm-hmm. Are you curious?"

"That's what I'm here for, so I'm pretty concerned."

 The Dungeon Master's first kill bonus. I want this. That's why I've worked so hard to get here.

"Congratulations. You've broken the Red Tower. Of course, you're the first to do so."

"Can I have the Dungeon Master's first kill bonus?"

"You're so fast . Mmm-hmm."

 Perhaps wanting to show off, the manager smiled suggestively.

"Don't give me that look . -chan and Dungeon Master first time defeat benefits are available."

"Thank you, sir."

"No, no . This is just a reward for your hard work. Mmm-hmm."

 Still, it's a big deal to get the Dungeon Master's first kill bonus. Moreover, this time, there is a good chance that you can return to the original world.

"Since you seem to be on edge, let's get right to it. Gloose-san, what would you like as the Dungeon Master's first kill reward?"

 It's here! The time has finally come. I've fought hard in this world for this day.

 I took a deep breath in and out, as if to calm my throbbing heart.

 Come on, let's say it: ....

"Please give me the right to give someone the right to go back to my world."

"The right to give someone else the right to return to their world? I mean, doesn't Grose-san himself get to go back?"

"Yes, sir. I've found my happiness in this world."

"Are you happy? Mmm-hmm. That's funny, I don't mind."

 When the administrator turned his palm, something appeared on his palm.

 It looks like a red ruby, but it is about ten centimeters in size. If it were a ruby, how much would it be worth? ....

"If the person who has this strongly desires to return to the original world, they can. However, only those who have come to this world from another world will respond."

"Desperately wanting is an ambiguous word. Do I have to wish desperately?"

"No, all you have to do is hold this pearl in both hands and wish to return to your world."

"Thank you, sir."

 When I bowed my head and expressed my gratitude, the jewel came to me in the air.

"This is..."

 The jewel to return to the world.

"Well then, I hope we meet again. Mm-hmm."

 When the administrator moves his arm, his vision changes.

 Lethia, Sanlove, Sela, Ellie, and Ins are surrounding me.


"Master-sama one."



"Master. did it go?"

 When I see everyone's faces like this, I feel relieved. Then I smile at the touch of something in my hand and show them the red jewel.

"So this is the item that allows you to return to your original world?"

"Yeah, the admin was very polite. I was afraid they might not give me this because of my initial impression, but I'm really glad I got it."

"Hmmm... If you say that, admin-sama will be very angry."

"Whoa, no, no. I meant what I said. Ha-ha-ha."

 At any rate, I've got what I came for. And to return to my world, I have to go through the ancient dungeon.

 But before the people of this world can go through the ancient dungeon, we, the people of another world, must go through it, or we won't get the privilege of defeating the dungeon master the first time.

 Considering the fact that the ancient dungeon hasn't been broken so far, I don't think it will be so easy, but I'm not optimistic.

 I went home and called the four girls.

"That's why I've decided to let you go back to your world, but alone."

 The four girls bit their lips tightly and refused to speak.

"Sorry, but there's only one person I can send home. You won't get the same privileges in the future. So discuss it with the four of you and decide."

 These are the four Earthlings closest to me. I can't choose just one out of the four. So, I'm sorry, but I want you four to talk it over.

"Grose-san, I decline."

"I'll decline as well."

"Me too."

"Me too."


 So this is how it's going to be. I guess the four of them don't have the choice to leave without the other children.

 Besides, they're in a party with other Earthlings. If they can all go back, how can just one of them?

 I let out a big breath.

"Okay. ...But I want you to remember. There are nine more ancient dungeons that are the same as the Red Tower."

"""" yes """"

 I have no intention to go through other ancient dungeons. The reason why I went through the Red Tower is to find out if I can return to the Earth after going through the Red Tower.

 A few days later, a party of four girls left me. They said they'd go to other ancient dungeons and try to return to Earth together.

 After seeing the four girls off from the window of my room, I leaned my body against the back of the chair.

"So that they can return safely to Earth..."

 I went to the living room, where everyone was gathered.

 Lethia, as usual, is polishing the Metal Titan's great axe.

 Saint-Loup is lounging on the couch, eating sweets .

 Sela was cooking something in the kitchen and smiled at me when our eyes met.

 Ellie is reading a letter from King's Landing and shaking her head. She's probably asking when the king will return to King's Landing. He always does.

 And Ins was having tea elegantly, and when I appeared, he shifted a little to make room for me to sit.

"Hey, guys. Keep up the good work."

 I mutter.

"Of course."

 I seem to have heard a murmur from Ins, who sits next to me and presses her ample breasts against me.

 I will continue to love the five of you. And I'll live a happy life forever and fulfill the life I've been given in this world with everyone taking care of me.

 I'm sure you'll have children and grandchildren by then. I think there is no greater happiness than to die surrounded by them.

 This is my little wish. If others hear this, they may laugh at my small wish.

 But it's okay to be happy in such a small way. It's enough to make me happy. I am.

 --- Finish ---