Chapter 10 Party at the school

Ana told me about her "friends" at school.

She told me that they were ordered to make fun of Ana's appearance when they first met, and that she had been bullied ever since.

The relationship between the bully and the bullied continued for years and became so fixed that even at this age, the hierarchical relationship has not changed.

He said that he did not tell his parents because he did not want to worry them.

It is common for young children to bully those who are higher than them because they do not yet understand the difference in status.

The incident in which the second son of the Count of Kilbert pulled the Dauphin's hair and made him cry is famous because it happened in a prominent place in the royal palace.

Still, if the children are too young to understand the difference in rank, it should not be a big problem as a child's quarrel.

In fact, neither the Count of Kilbert nor his second son received any blame.

However, they should not be doing such things until they reach this age.

At this age, they should naturally understand the difference in status according to rank, and if they still commit crimes, they should be punished accordingly.

I personally think so.

Punishment is easy.

All you have to do is tell the duke or your mother-in-law.

They love their daughter very much.

I'm sure they'll deal with it harshly.

But this is Anna's problem.

Hold back the urge to interfere.

Will you continue to endure this, or will you tell your parents?

Personally, I wanted her to tell her parents, but I wasn't going to stop her either way, and I wasn't going to tell her what I thought unless she asked for my opinion.

If Ana didn't want to tell her parents, I would do my best to protect her, and if she wanted to tell her parents, I would support her.

That's all I have to do.

I think I'm going to tell your mother.

Okay. I'll support you.

Should I be with you when you talk to your mother-in-law?

Or should I sit out? Or should I sit out?

"Well, if you'll be with me, I'd like you to be with me."

Then I'll be right beside you.

Since we told each other how we felt, Anna has come to rely on me in this way.

I was so happy that she relied on me that my face broke into a smile.

That's not good.

It's not the right time to smile, but I can't help it.

How did you make up your mind?

I've been alone in the school until now, so I thought it would just be a matter of me enduring it alone.

But when I saw that Gino-sama took the glass in my defense, I realized that Gino-sama would also be harmed if I continued like this.

I can't keep my cool if Gino-sama is in danger.

We have to solve this problem, not leave it unattended.

What the hell? What?

You're saying that Ana's decision to take action to solve the problem was made with me in mind? What?

My hands trembled with emotion at the thought that she was thinking about me that much.

"Anna. I love you."

I said and left to hug Anna.

"Mr. Genorius. That's enough."

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.


Anna and I are having a tea party with my mother-in-law.

At the tea party, when Anna asks for an exorcism, the servants leave and the door is completely closed.

When Anna and I are alone, the door remains open even when we ask for an exorcism, but today the door is completely closed because her mother-in-law is also present.

I see Ana's hand on my lap being squeezed tightly, and I reach out to take her hand in mine.

I reached out and took Anna's hand in mine, and she smiled at me in response.

"So, what's the story? What's the story?"

My mother-in-law asks, looking at us with a warm grin.

Determined, Anna began to explain.

First, she explained what had happened at the party the other day.

Then she explained how she had been bullied in the past.

Her mother-in-law listened with a complicated look of mixed anger and sadness on her face.

Why didn't you tell me earlier?

I may be an unreliable mother, but I wish you had at least given me a chance to do my best for you.

Her mother-in-law said to Ana with a sad face.

I'm sorry."

Anna apologized and then fell silent.

She made no excuses.

That's not good.

If I don't, there will be a misunderstanding.

I was going to keep quiet, but I think I should interrupt her.


She thinks she's being bullied because of her looks.

So she chooses to endure it alone because she thinks that if she tells her mother-in-law about it, she will hurt her mother-in-law who gave birth to her.

"Ana... you..."

The mother-in-law tried to say something to Ana, but her words did not take shape.

Knowing that her daughter had chosen to be hurt in order to protect herself, the mother-in-law could not hold back her tears and her voice became choked with tears.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.


When I went to the school alone to attend class, I found a notice on the bulletin board announcing that someone had been expelled.

It was the same girls who had tortured Anna.

This is the story I heard from the mother-in-law of the Barbarie family.

Her Majesty had long been sympathetic to her sister, who had a child with a strange disease and was struggling to raise it.

When Her Majesty was told that Anna was being tormented, she was furious at those who tormented her lovely sister.

Then, to the Dowager Queen, Anna was her granddaughter.

Her Royal Highness, who respects the authority of the royal family, felt that tormenting her granddaughter was nothing but an insult to the blood of the royal family, and she was furious as well.

The reason why noblemen send their children to the academy in the first place is to make connections.

If they send their children to the academy, they will end up enraging the royal family and the first duke.

That's why the families of the daughters who tormented Anna chose to expel her from the school, judging that there would be too much of a negative impact if they let their daughters attend the school any longer.

All of the daughters had fianc├ęs, but they all broke up.

No wonder.

No nobleman would want to take into his own family someone who was being stared at by the royal family and the House of Unsworth.

More importantly, he had proven himself to be a man who was inconsiderate enough to bully His Majesty's niece in his late teens.

Any family would not want a woman who is likely to cause a fatal problem that could lead to the breakup of the family.

Also, the school's servants had been dispatched by the Marquesses of Dempsey, but from now on, they would be dispatched by the Dukes of Slattery, the family of the Dowager Queen.

The Marquesses of Dempsey are the family of the young lady who told me that Anna's illness might be contagious and tried to throw a glass at me.

School servants are obligated to contact the school headquarters if they see any bullying.

The reason why the servants of the school turned a blind eye to the bullying of Anna was because the daughter who was the main culprit of the bullying was the daughter of the Dempsey family, their own administrator.

The daughter of the Dempsey family must have grown to such an extent because she thought it would be easy for the school's servants to silence her.

When such a problem was discovered, the school could not continue to outsource the dispatch business to the Dempsey family, and the outsourcing was terminated.

I thought that Her Highness the Queen Dowager was a master of her art, as she took over the dispatch business and increased her own power.