Chapter 12 In search of medical books

It's been a year since Ana and I got engaged.

I've been having trouble sleeping for a while now.

My life up to now has consisted of continuing my education as a high nobleman in manners and culture at House Barbarier, learning how to run a duchy at House Sevensforth, having tea with Anna, and visiting the Chamber of Commerce to listen to reports and give orders.

And now I've added golem making to the mix.

To be honest, it was hard, but if I thought it was for Anna's sake, I could work as hard as I wanted.

I bought a mansion on the outskirts of King's Landing, expanded the basement with magic, and made it my golem manufacturing base.

The basement had no entrance or exit, just an air hole.

It can only be accessed by transferring from the laboratory.

The reason for preparing the golem is to go in search of medical books.

The original plan was to take a small, portable golem and go out to look for medical books.

However, due to the incredibly high price of the lotion, I was able to obtain a much larger amount of money than I expected.

I used the money to start building a large golem.

In the event of an emergency, the golems placed here will be summoned.

I have never been involved in the production or development of military golems in my previous life, so I have no knowledge of military technology.

But I'm not going to wage war on the stage of my previous life.

If I were to have golems fight each other in my previous world, I would not be able to compete without military technology.

However, there are no military golems in this world.

Even if an operational golem is discovered, it would require a master authentication to activate it.

Master authentication is not only a complicated process, but also requires special equipment, making it difficult to reuse a golem that has been excavated as a relic.

Therefore, if you just want to protect yourself in this world, the technical knowledge of the security golem is enough.

The security golems of the previous world were designed to be non-lethal.

For this reason, they have a limiter that intentionally reduces their power output, and a technical mechanism called safeguard that avoids killing.

By simply removing this limiter and safeguard, the security golem that was often seen on the streets in the previous life is transformed into a fearsome weapon.

So far, we have produced seven large centaur-type golems with horses for summoning, four spider-type alkenes, six floating bugbears with spherical bodies, and three golems for civil engineering.

Since summoning inevitably involves a time lag, there is a risk of not being able to summon them in time if this is all you have.

That's why I made portable golems that don't need to be summoned, such as dagger-shaped ones, bracelet-shaped ones, and pendant-shaped ones.

Once I have more golems for civil work, I plan to start searching for medical books.

At the same time, I'm going to look at the map and try to find a place where I can find medical books.

The reason why I know where there are likely to be medical books is because this world is about 20,000 years after my previous life.

This world is a civilization that was once destroyed and was rebuilt by the few people who survived.

I became aware of this when I was taken to a museum that exhibited artifacts excavated from ancient ruins when I was a child.

Among the artifacts on display were a remote control for a magical TV, a Nintendo console game machine, and a magical rice cooker.

Of course, I didn't know the identity of all the artifacts, because some of them were from a different era than the one I was living in.

However, I had a Nintendo game console, so I knew the logo and everything.

I narrowed down the list to places where I knew there were likely to be medical books, such as magic medical colleges, libraries, and laboratories of pharmaceutical manufacturers, but where they had not yet been excavated.

Fortunately, I had already excavated the Tonkin City Hall, Landmar's Tower, and the Skulltree.

These will be the reference points to find the location.


I'll be there.

Anna. Take care of yourself.

You too, Gino. Please, please, please take care of yourself.

Yeah. I'll be back as soon as I can.

Look forward to seeing the souvenirs.

Anna said, her eyes moistening.

After saying goodbye to Anna, I got into the carriage.

Anna came to see me off at the gate instead of at the front door.

I wanted to hug her, but I was at the front gate of the House of Unsworth.

I refrained from doing so because it would have been unbecoming to do so in front of the gate of the house.

The values of the nobility in this world are stricter in terms of gender relations than in the country where I lived in my previous life.

An unmarried woman is allowed to touch her fiancé only with her hands, and acts such as embracing her would be as shameful as grabbing her breasts in public, according to the sense of my previous life.

That's why Bridget often stops me.

Today I'm heading east.

To look for medical books.

It's been a year and three months since Anna and I got engaged.

It's been almost a year since I started making golems.

Anna made me an embroidered handkerchief as a good luck charm.

In this country, it is customary to give an embroidered handkerchief to a knight on his way to war to pray for his safety.

She probably followed this custom.

From the delicate and intricate embroidery on the handkerchief, we can see how much effort Anna put into making it.

Her love for Anna wells up and warms my heart.

The target of my search for medical books was St. Marilyn's College of Magical Medicine and Pharmacy.

I had been hospitalized there for a back injury, so I knew the grounds to some extent.

I left in the form of a horse-drawn carriage, but I don't intend to travel by carriage until the end.

My destination is about 1,500 kiruros away from the royal capital where I live, and it would take me two or three months just to travel there by carriage.

At this time, there are no roads paved with asphalt.

The only cobblestone streets were the main streets of large cities such as the royal capitals, and the roads connecting the cities were naturally paved by people walking.

Carriages are very slow on poorly maintained roads.

If you have an ordinary carriage pulled by two horses, with a good amount of luggage, and there are thick tree roots sticking out of the road, the carriage will not be able to proceed normally.

They would have to get off the wagon and push it from behind, or place stones next to the tree roots to smooth out the difference, so that the wheels could somehow get over the tree roots.

If it rains, the unpaved road will become muddy, but if the wheels get stuck in the mud, they will have to get off and push the wagon.

If a wheel gets stuck in the slush, it is a serious problem. Therefore, when you find a slush, you usually stop and put a board on the slush to prevent the wheel from getting stuck.

The same applies if there are dents in the road.

Since it is often impossible to climb over mountains with only a horse, it is common to spend much more time pushing the cart than riding in it.

Every time there is an obstacle, the wagon has to stop and manage the obstacle so that the wagon can pass.

Since the carriage journey is a repetitive process, it is often much faster to walk.

The only advantage of a horse-drawn carriage is that it can carry a lot of goods.

For this reason, the carriage will only go as far as a short distance from the capital.

The rest of the journey is done by magic and golems.

Magic in this world is slow and there are no moving golems.

In such a world, traveling by magic and golem is too conspicuous, and if someone finds you, you will be in trouble.

Since you can't use the public streets, you have to use the forests and mountains.

I took the carriage and horses to a town about three days away, and from there I entered the mountains.

Now I could finally move around in earnest.

The fastest way is to travel by air, but that would be too conspicuous from a distance, so I chose to travel by land.

On the plains, the centaur type, with its lower body of horses, is overwhelmingly fast, but on rough roads, the eight-legged Arceney type has an advantage.

I summoned an Arcene-type golem and asked it to carry me, then called three more of the same type as escorts, and we started moving.

In the mountains, there were still many demons.

There are demons in this world.

There were no demons in my previous life, so at first I thought I had come to a completely different world.

The demons are probably the result of the military battle beasts of my previous life.

Military golems require a lot of money to acquire, and training wizards is even more expensive.

Battle beasts are weapons for poor countries that cannot afford such things.

They are often used in developing countries because the initial investment is very cheap, as they can produce more children as long as there is enough money and time to feed them.

Combat beasts were weapons with a number of problems.

The standard type without options was not very strong, so if you wanted to fight military golems and the like, you had to upgrade to one that was capable of advanced maneuvers.

However, if the additional cost of upgrading is taken into account, the cost would not be much different from the cost of a military golem, and the biggest advantage of low cost would be lost.

On the other hand, unupgraded battle beasts will attack all humans except for those who have a friendly signal transmitter, and they will attack anyone and everyone.

For this reason, their use was very limited.

However, if you were in an ethnic conflict and wanted to eradicate the hostile ethnic group, the beast of war was a low-cost and useful weapon.

That is why they were popular in developing countries where ethnic conflicts were active.

I believe that the battle beast has become a monster in the wild.

They have inherited the basic characteristics of beasts of prey, so they will attack humans when they see us, and their fighting power is a threat to humans.

Since they are in the forests and mountains, it is difficult for humans to enter the forests and mountains.

But that's not what I would do.

A feral beast is much weaker than a military beast.

It seems that 20,000 years of neglected maintenance has paid off in spades.

The original military fighting beasts would have been able to use the standard magic even if they were the cheapest ones without any options.

However, the monsters in this world can only use low-level magic to strengthen their bodies, and most of them can't use magic.

The same goes for the goblins, the source of Anna's derogatory name.

When they were warbeasts, goblins were fearsome weapons of the highest order, capable of using powerful magic and performing advanced missions when upgraded.

However, due to years of neglecting maintenance, they have lost the use of their most powerful weapon, magic, and have become one of the weakest of all warbeasts.

There are some rare battle beasts that can use long-range magic.

However, its power is far from military magic, and it is at the level of attack magic used by junior high school students in the past.

Since it was weakened to the point that it could no longer be called a military weapon, a security golem with its limiters and safeguards removed was sufficient to deal with it.

Thanks to the golem, there was no danger of demons along the way, but it was still hard to stay in the wild.

Since the forest was uninhabited, we were bitten by insects, suffered from plants and trees that gave us rashes when we touched them, and when it started to rain, there were no places where we could take shelter from the rain.

Twenty-one days after leaving the capital, we finally arrived at our destination.

There are no people living around here, and the heavy machinery golems are free to use as they please.

Well. I chose a place where people wouldn't be able to find me even if I used a heavy machinery golem.

I sent out all the golems to set up security and started excavating with the heavy equipment golems.

I wondered why the world of my previous life had died out.

As I recall, St. Marilyn's College of Magical Medicine was located on top of a small hill, more than a hundred meters above the nearest train station.

I remember that we took a bus from the station because the hill was too steep.

I thought it would not be covered with much soil because it was so high up, but even here it is covered with five melts of soil even in the thin places.

The area around the nearest station is probably covered with a hundred melts of soil.

The only thing I can think of is that an earth-based "magic king" magically buried the entire country, but I wonder why he buried the entire country in the earth.

Since it was a developed country, it would have been much more profitable to occupy it and turn it into a colony than to bury it in the ground.

Did our country do something to anger the "Magic King"?

I think I will.

It was a long term government without a rival party, and a society with corruption everywhere.

Anyway, it's a good thing that it was an earth-based "Magician King" who destroyed this area.

If it had been a fire-based Demon Lord, even the buildings of this university would have been reduced to ashes.

Then there would have been no more medical books left as relics in the modern world.

After three days of excavation work, I finally found what seemed to be a library.

While carefully removing the earth and sand that had gotten inside the building, I continued my search inside.

As expected of a university library, I found quite a few crystal balls.

I say "medical books," but in my previous life, paper books were rarely used anymore, and it was common to store them as data in a storage medium called a crystal ball.

This is because paper books inevitably deteriorate over time, but if they are recorded as data in a crystal ball with a preservation spell, they can be used semi-permanently.

After that, we spent many days excavating the library.

The number of crystal balls we were able to excavate from the library was over two thousand.

You're kidding, right?

If each crystal ball holds about a thousand books, that's over two million books in the library?


Let's look for a library search system.

In the process of searching for a library search system, I found a number of crystal ball readers.

But none of them seemed to work right away.

However, there were a number of them whose preservation magic had not expired and could still be used for parts.

Equipment used by many people in public facilities is often subjected to strong preservation magic that prevents it from disintegrating.

This time I was fortunate in that.

I decided to take them all.

Near the entrance to the first floor, I finally found a system for searching the library's books, but the data core was broken.

This means that I will have to search for the necessary information by hand among the two million volumes.

We were so dazzled by the enormous amount of work that lay ahead that we could not help but fall to our knees.

The amount of artifacts we excavated was too large for us to carry by hand.

For this reason, I sent them to the basement of the golem's house on the outskirts of the royal capital using the transfer station that I had set up for three days in parallel with the excavation work.


Using the same transfer station I used to transfer the relics, I also returned to the basement of the mansion on the outskirts of the capital.

My office golems are diligently sorting out the relics I sent one after another.

Since I hadn't taken a bath in a month, I took a bath first.

As soon as I got out of the bath, I set about making a crystal ball reader.

This was easy.

I had a sample of the original and some parts that could be used as-is.

I've never made a crystal ball reader before, but I'm still a former engineer.

If you have a sample of the actual product and some parts, you can make at least one reader.

He said he would be back in two months, so there was still time.

I then holed myself up in the basement of the mansion and immediately started scouring medical books.

While grasping the general contents of the books from their titles and tables of contents, I wrote the titles of the books and the headings of the tables of contents into an empty crystal ball.

In this kind of research, I often end up having to reread books that I have judged to be irrelevant.

Therefore, if you take the trouble to record the information so that you can easily reread it, it will eventually become a shortcut.

This is the wisdom I learned from my experience as an engineer.

I made two more readers and had my office golem do the same.

Just before the deadline, I finally found a book that seemed to fit the bill.

"Magical Diseases and Healing Magic".

This might be it!

I'll read it right away.

It seems to be a technical book intended for people with national qualifications as healing magicians, and I couldn't understand even half of it as a layman.

However, I still found out some useful things.

According to the book, extreme magic power overload is a disease that causes masses to form all over the body, and although it only affects those who have magic power at the level of the "King of Magic," ordinary people can also suffer from a similar disease.

It is a disease called "Chronic Magic Power Circulatory Deficiency" that affects ordinary people, and it is a disease that causes one to four masses to appear on the side of the body.

It is said that the amount of magic power possessed by ordinary people is enough to cause only a few bumps, but the essence of the disease is the same as that of extreme magic overload, in which the whole body is covered with bumps.

As for the important treatment method, it is said that the treatment with light magic can change the patient dramatically in a short period of time, so the burden on the patient is high, and in severe cases, the patient may die of shock from the healing magic.

It is said that in severe cases, the patient may die of shock from the healing spell. Therefore, in severe cases, the patient is treated with potions that have a slower onset of effect.

The subject of the book was to determine when a potion should be chosen and when healing magic should be used, but I skipped over that because it was not important.

Extreme magic overload is an extremely severe form of chronic magic power circulation failure.

Even ordinary people can be shocked to death by healing spells if they have severe chronic magical insufficiency.
The disease would definitely kill you.

Then we'll need a potion to cure it.

Now that I've finally found the clue, I'd like to continue working on it, but I have to go home.

I entrusted the task of converting the book's title and table of contents into data to my office golem, and left the house with the "souvenir" I had prepared.

First, I had to retrieve the carriage and horses.

It would take a few days to set up a transfer station that would allow humans to pass through safely, so if the distance to be traveled was close, a transfer station would be a hassle.

That's why I didn't set up a transition camp near the town where I left the carriage.

The only way to get to that city was to travel normally, and I drove my centaur golem all night long.

Since I was traveling at night, I wouldn't see anyone, but just in case, I wouldn't use the streets.

The centaur golem, which could travel the roadless path with ease and needed no rest, covered the distance of three days by carriage in just a few hours.

In the forest, far from the city, I waited for dawn to break.

After waiting for dawn to open the city gates, I repatriated the golem for protection and entered the city.

At the city, I got my carriage back and headed for the capital.