Chapter 14 The Dauphin's declaration of annulment of the engagement


I found it!"

Three months after returning from the site of the former St. Marilyn's College of Magical Medicine and Pharmacy, I had finally found the formula for a cure for Anna's disease.

It was a good thing I chose a university that had both a Department of Magical Healing and a Department of Magical Pharmacy, just in case.

They also had enough books and papers on Potions.

The materials needed to make the cure were all materials that had properties that made it easy to impart magic and that could be obtained if only money was spent.

It would take some money, but thanks to the lotion, there was no problem with funds.

It would be possible to collect them soon.

However, the magic to be granted was quite advanced and required the skills of a skilled potion maker.

Incidentally, Anna's illness was confirmed as extreme magic power overload.

He had found literature on how to diagnose chronic magical circulatory failure and had diagnosed Ana using that diagnostic method.

I had her take a saliva sample and measure her temperature changes throughout the day.

After repeatedly diagnosing Ana at every opportunity, we finally confirmed the name of the disease.

When I put the vial away in my pocket, Bridgette gave me a fierce look.


Another month has passed since then, and I will graduate from the school in about a month.

After graduation, Anna and I will be adults.

I was allowed to participate in the social scene, and my work as the heir to the dukedom began in earnest.

On that day, I was in the Duke's office to assist him in his work.

While I was working alone, the door to the office opened and the Duke, who had been absent for a while to attend to a visitor, returned.

He sat down in his chair and heaved a deep sigh.

What is it?

You have had a visitor, but the coat of arms on the carriage belongs to the royal family, doesn't it?

I asked the reluctant duke.

Oh, yes. It's about an engagement.


I froze at the duke's unexpected reply.

"Do you know the story of the Dauphin's broken engagement?

Yes. Yes, who wouldn't?

I was so upset that my voice was about to tremble, but I tried my best to control it and say so in a flat voice.

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At that time, His Royal Highness the Dauphin revealed the Duchess Lillard's misdeeds as the reason for breaking off the engagement.

However, as he was holding Baroness Marriott by the waist, everyone in the room thought, "No, it's your affair, isn't it? So the credibility of His Highness' words was zero.

He announced the annulment of the engagement at the graduation party, where many people were gathered, and he did it while holding another woman's waist, a method that aroused people's curiosity.

For this reason, it has become so widely known that not only the aristocracy but even the commoners know about it.

"Her Royal Highness has three princes on her side, and the crown prince's position is in danger.

For religious reasons, this country has a monogamous system, so even His Majesty the King would normally have only one wife.

However, since he had been unable to have a child with His Highness the Queen for a long time, His Majesty appointed a concubine.

In this country, when the king is unable to have a child, the king is allowed to marry a second wife as an exception, prioritizing national survival over religious precepts.

Her Royal Highness gave birth to a baby boy, and the nation's leaders were relieved.

However, a short time later, Her Royal Highness also gave birth to a child, and the matter became complicated.

Legally, the Queen's son was the first in line of succession, and the legitimate heir to the throne was the Queen's son.

In accordance with the order of succession, the queen's son became the crown prince, but although he was beautiful to look at, he was a wild man.

For this reason, there are some people who advocate that the current Crown Prince should be abolished and the First Prince should be made the new Crown Prince.

The Dauphin's annulment of the engagement became a unique opportunity for the forces supporting the First Prince.

Incidentally, the Seven Worths are neutral on this issue.

Because their mother-in-law is loved by His Majesty the Siscon, the Seventhsworths are close to His Majesty.

The battle for the right of succession is between the queen and her consort, and the Seventhsworths, who are close to His Majesty, are keeping a low profile to avoid being drawn into it.

"So, does this mean that His Royal Highness the Dauphin has asked you to marry him?"

I ask the duke.

Although he announced his engagement to the baroness at the graduation party, the engagement between the crown prince and the baroness was not recognized by His Majesty.

The Baroness's family, the Marriotts, is a family that runs many inns and was knighted for their wealth.

However, their financial power is not that great.

To put it bluntly, my business association is probably much better in terms of economic scale.

As a former commoner, I have a weak network of noblemen, and I'm not the kind of family that can serve as the queen's backer.

The most important thing to remember is that she was recently knighted and was helping out at an inn not long ago.

The previous history of being the innkeeper's daughter is a big hindrance in her quest to become queen.

Many innkeepers also serve as restaurants, and they serve alcohol at night.

Working in a tavern is the same as being in the water business in the eyes of the nobles.

In fact, it's not uncommon to see drunken customers touching the buttocks of the girl in the tavern.

Well, she is the daughter of a multi-store inn owner.

She's the daughter of a wealthy inn owner, and from the commoner's point of view, she's a daughter of a wealthy family, and her parents probably don't actually let their daughter work in a tavern.

But still, the fact that she was helping out at the inn was a fatal flaw for a potential queen.

You can call it a proposal of engagement,.......

His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince, would like Anna to be his consort.

"What? Queen by side?

But His Royal Highness the Crown Prince has not yet married the Crown Princess, has he?

I don't understand.

Even if you are a king, you are not allowed to marry more than once except in emergency situations where there is no heir due to infertility.

Why are we talking about side chambers when he hasn't even taken a regular wife yet?

That's right.

She said that she would not have children for a while after taking the crown prince and that she would like him to become her consort after five years.

Moreover, the crown prince is said to be the innkeeper's signature girl.

She seems to be planning to put Anna under such a girl.

What a foolish thing to say.

I also can't forgive your attitude of leaving Anna alone for five years.

I see.

You are deliberately creating an emergency situation.

I'm not sure what to make of this.

No, it's not as simple as losing their backing.

The Dukes of Lillard, whose family was openly insulted, are now the spearhead of the First Prince's faction.

Not only have they lost a powerful ally, but they've also gained a powerful enemy.

Even so, it's a mess, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.

I had intentionally avoided meeting His Royal Highness the Crown Prince at the academy because he was likely to pester me about cosmetics without considering the power relations between our families.

If we were to meet, it would not be in the closed confines of the academy, but in a social setting where the Duke and my mother-in-law had full power.

I've never met him, but from what I've heard, he seems to be of the first prince school.

But why this time of year?

Wasn't the engagement broken off almost a year ago?"

I ask the duke.

Probably because His Highness the First Prince's fiancée, a daughter of the Grimaldi family, will graduate this year and come of age.

The dauphin and the first prince are taking care of each other.

I didn't understand the meaning of the duke's words.

Even if the first prince's fiancée comes of age, the Grimaldi family is a weak marquis family.

In order not to threaten the position of the Dauphin, Her Royal Highness the Queen struggled and assigned him to a daughter of a marquise of high family rank but low power.

Even if you marry the daughter of that family, there should be no significant change in the situation if you are already engaged.

I've been keeping neutral so as not to get involved in any trouble, but it might be a good idea to join the First Prince's faction at some point.

What His Highness the First Prince had to say was still sane.

He didn't say anything about a concubine, it was just a normal engagement proposal.

When I was thinking about it, the duke said so.

I was thinking about it when the Duke said that.

Doesn't His Highness the First Prince have a fiancée?


Yes, of course he is engaged, but marriages of royalty and nobility are political marriages.

It is quite common for them to change partners depending on the political situation.

That's right.

I forgot.

The engagement between Anna and me was also a political ploy.

It was something that could only be broken off depending on the political situation.

I see.

The first prince wanted to change his fiancée to Anna in order to strengthen his position.

The first prince wanted to change his fiancée to Anna in order to strengthen his position, and the crown prince wanted Anna as his consort to counter that.

Don't look so anxious.

Don't worry, I already said no.

If our family can back His Highness the First Prince, he will become the crown prince.

But that would mean that Anna would be the future queen.

The queen is also the face of the country.

I don't want to say this to my beloved child, but if she becomes the queen with that kind of appearance, Anna will have a very hard time.

In other words, Anna is not suited to be a queen.

The Duke said with a laugh to reassure me.

"So you're saying that Anna could have been queen if she hadn't been stricken with a strange disease?

"Yes. Yes, because she is the most wonderful young lady.

She is the most wonderful daughter I have ever seen in the whole world.

If she is the best daughter in the world, then naturally she is the most suitable to be queen.

The duke answered proudly.

It's conclusive.

The first prince wants Anna, and the duke also thinks that she would be suitable for the queen if it weren't for the strange disease.

The only reason why he refused was because of Anna's strange disease.

That was the only reason.

In other words, as long as she is cured of her extreme magical excess, Anna will be able to walk the glorious path of being a queen.

It's a political marriage.

If the strange disease is cured, the duke will reconsider his betrothed in view of the political situation.

Originally, I am the fourth son of a viscount.

I'm the fourth son of a Viscount family, and there's no way I can stand up to His Majesty the King in a political marriage.

I was so upset that I couldn't even stand up, so I had to leave work early, citing poor health.


Anna came running up to me.

I heard you were sick.

How are you feeling?"

Ana looked up at me with a worried expression.

She looked up at me with a worried look. I'll be fine after some rest.

I managed to open my heavy mouth and answered.

I walked with her to the entrance hall.

She was worried about me and said a lot of things to me, but I didn't care, I was too busy trying to say something back.

"Yes, Anna.

What do you think of His Highness the First Prince?"

I asked her just before we got into the carriage.

"The First Prince?

I think he is a wonderful man who is equal to everyone and can make rational and decisive decisions.

That was an unexpected compliment.

I was shocked, but I checked again, hoping for the best.

"Is she someone you can respect?"

Yes, I do. Yes, I admire him very much.

He is one of the few people who treats me as a woman.

"...... I see."

It was a shocking answer.

If the two of you get married, you will definitely have a good relationship.

It would be best for me to step aside.

What do you think of the queen?

Adorny's sister said that a queen is the dream of every woman, and that if she could be one, she would.

I would like to know what she thinks about the queen.

I agree with you, Viviana.

I agree with Viviana, she is the pinnacle of women.

Her Royal Highness also sets the trends, and she should be at the center of the current trends.

I think it's natural for many women to admire her.

However, unlike Viviana, I have no desire to become a queen.

Because of my appearance."

Anna smiled wryly as she said this.

So you're yearning to be a queen after all?

If there is nothing wrong with your appearance, do you want to be the queen?

I managed to move my wobbly legs and got into the carriage.

As I closed the carriage door, the tears I had been holding back overflowed.

When I returned to my room at the Barbarier house, I could not find the energy to do anything.

I just hid in my bed and let the tears flow.

Like the drops that fall from the roof during a long rainy day, my tears just kept dripping down.

I wondered when was the last time I cried so much.

Originally, Anna and I got engaged because it was difficult to arrange a marriage due to her strange disease.

That's why the fourth son of a viscount family who was on the verge of falling into commoner status, like me, was chosen as the fiancé of the duchess, Anna.

Even if Anna becomes the first prince's fiancée, it will only correct the human relations that have been distorted by the illness.


That's right.

It's just a matter of getting things back to where they should be.

The original Anna was the highest-ranking woman closest to the throne of the queen, and the original me was a lowly aristocrat on the verge of becoming a commoner.

There was no way there could be any connection between the two, the difference in status was as great as heaven and earth.

All I had to do was return to normal.

The relationship that had been twisted by the strange disease would only return to its original natural form.

No matter how many times I tell myself that, my heart is not convinced at all.

It's painful.


As soon as I got home, I crawled into bed and didn't sleep a wink, even though I stayed in bed all night without eating dinner.

The next day, I went straight to the Seven Worths' house.

"Mr. Gino.

You don't look too good, are you taking it easy?"

I hadn't slept a wink, and Ana was very concerned.

No problem."

I say this without looking at her, and start to walk towards the office alone, passing by her.

In the past, I would have walked leisurely to the office, chatting with Anna and escorting her.

The servants' eyes widened at the change.

I didn't see Anna's face, but I'm sure she was surprised.

The relationship was almost over.

It would only be painful for both of us if we got any closer.

So this is good.

That's what I told myself, but I know myself that it's not true.

If I talked to Anna now, I would cry.

That's why I can't talk to her.

It is not allowed to cry and cling to her shamefully.

It is an act of blocking and obstructing Anna's path to a glorious future.

I am also a man.

I don't want to be the kind of pathetic man who stands in the way of the glory of the woman he loves.

At a time like this, His Highness the First Prince would probably speak kindly and whisper his love to her as he always does.

I'm not cut out to be a nobleman, but I'm sure a natural-born royal would be able to do that easily.

I've never met her, but she's a member of a royal family that has collected beautiful genes over the centuries.

I'm sure he is far more beautiful than I am.

Subconsciously, I realized that I was comparing myself to His Highness the First Prince.

And I soon realized that it was out of jealousy.

I'm such a small man.