Chapter 17 Speaking of Graduation Party, the Engagement is Broken (Anastasia's Point of View)

 Today is the day of my graduation party.

I went to the graduation party by myself, without any contact from Gino-sama.

Before I got engaged to Gino-sama, it was normal for me to ride alone in a carriage to the school party.

But this is the first time since Gino entered the school.

I used to be able to ride in a carriage by myself and not think twice about it, but now I feel so lonely without Gino next to me that it brings tears to my eyes.

For the dress and accessories, I chose the most gorgeous one that Gino had ever given me.

The dress and accessories were the most gorgeous ones that Gino had ever given me.

Gino-sama rarely looks at me these days.

I thought that if I dressed up a little more glamorously, she might look at me, so I chose this one.

When I arrived at the venue, I looked for Mr. Gino, but could not find him.

I walked around and asked everyone I knew, but I couldn't find Mr. Gino.

I'm not sure if he's really coming.

"Lady Anastasia, Duchess of Unsworth, please enter."

In the end, when it was time for the party to start, Lady Gino was still not there.

If my fiancé was not a student at the school, I would have been the only one to enter alone, even though my fiancé was a student at the school.

I was exposed to the strange eyes of the people around me, and I felt nervous because I had no one to rely on.

But now that I've come this far, all I can do is wait for Gino-sama while enduring the stares of those around me.

I had been glancing at the entrance door since the party started, when it finally opened.

Through the crowd, I saw a tall, dark-haired man enter.

It's Gino-sama!

Finally, there was the man I'd been waiting for, and it lifted my spirits.

I started to walk quickly toward the door, but stopped in my tracks.

Mr. Gino was escorting a woman in a purple dress into the hall.

What's going on?

Who is this woman?

Why is she being escorted by Gino-sama?

Why is she wearing a dress the color of Lady Gino's eyes?

My blood began to boil and my legs began to shake.

Gino walked with the woman to the center of the hall and stopped when he saw me.

"Miss Anastasia Sevensworth, I am breaking off my engagement to you."


Now what?

Lady Gino turned to me and shouted at the top of her lungs.

My mind refused to comprehend the words, and I felt extremely restricted in my thinking.

I must have done something wrong.

I must apologize profusely and ask for your forgiveness.

I need to talk to Gino.

To do that I must first go to Gino's side.

I try to go to Gino-sama, but my legs are wobbly and I can't walk well.


If I can't move my legs, can I at least call out to him?

That's what I thought, and I tried to speak to Gino-sama, but I couldn't even speak well.

I have to say something quickly, quickly.

Mr. Gino said he was breaking off the engagement.

I'm sure I'm the cause and if I correct the cause he'll return to his gentle self.

The cause.

I'm asking you the cause.


Is there something I am not doing right?

If there is something wrong with me, please tell me.

I'll make it right, no matter what the problem is."

I was relieved when I finally found my voice.

I managed to put into words what I wanted to ask.

"I'll answer that question.

Everyone, listen up.

I will testify to everyone present.

Miss Anastasia Unsworth is in no way to blame.

She is a pure-hearted, gentle, modest, attentive woman who is always looking out for others.

She is chaste, intelligent, and has a strong will of her own.

She is a noble woman who is able to exercise strict self-discipline even when others are not looking.

She is a noble woman who is capable of strict self-discipline even when others are not looking.

She is a daughter of filial piety and will be able to make a good family wherever she marries.

Her manners and etiquette are perfect. This is well known to everyone.

Her handwriting is beautiful, her storytelling is good, and those who read her letters will be impressed.

What do you mean?

We can't afford to make any mistakes or omissions here.

That's why I listened carefully to make sure I didn't miss a single word of what Mr. Gino said.

I thought he was going to point out my problem.

But Gino-sama's words sounded like he was praising me too much.

(Aha! (! )

I saw the woman standing next to Gino poking him with her elbow and whispering something to him.

I have never elbowed Gino.

Seeing you two so close makes me feel black.

No. No.

You can't let your jealousy get the better of you now.

I have to show my best self so that Gino will reconsider breaking off our engagement.

I desperately suppressed my black emotions.

Gino's story began again soon after.

"Anyway, Miss Anastasia Sevensworth is arguably the best woman in the world.

If you were to ask me who is the most suitable woman to be the future queen, I would name her.

No, she is the only one I can think of! "


I'm the best woman in the world?

I asked you about your own shortcomings, so why would you answer like that?

I have no idea.

"Well, then, why are you breaking off the engagement? "

If there's nothing wrong with me, there's no reason for you to break off the engagement.

I ask this in the hope that you will withdraw from the engagement.


Please withdraw.

I prayed in my mind and stared at Gino with my thoughts in my eyes.

"It's easy. I'm having an affair.

My lower half wasn't tight enough, so I had an affair with another woman and had a child with her.

And she's my new fiancée, Kate."


A child?


With that woman?

Oh, no.

No way.

I couldn't stand up, my knees were weak, and I slumped to the ground.

My ears rang, and the scenery around me became distorted.

I don't know how long I was doing this to myself.

It suddenly occurred to me that I had to go after Gino-sama.

I felt that if I left him like this, I would never see him again.

I don't know why I felt that way.

I guess I wasn't in my right mind.

But I couldn't stand up because I couldn't put any strength into my legs and my legs and hands were shaking and shaking.

After taking some time, I managed to stand up and walked towards the exit of the venue on faltering legs.

When I passed through the exit door and looked down the corridor, I saw that Mr. Gino was no longer there.

I couldn't get there in time...

It was too late...

Those were the words that came to my mind.

I was in despair and my eyes went dark.


When I came to, I was in my room on my bed.

When I woke up, Bridget noticed me and was crying and saying something to me.

I couldn't understand what she was saying, but her words didn't enter my head.

I asked Brigitte to leave me alone and let her leave.

Her father and mother came to her room and comforted her.

But I was too lazy to talk to them, so they left me alone.

I didn't feel like talking to anyone, so I stayed in bed in the dark room with the curtains closed.