Chapter 21 Knowing the truth (Anastasia's point of view)

 "Father, Mother.

I think I'll go see Gino-sama.

He cured me of a strange disease that doesn't even have a name.

As a member of the House of Unsworth, I can't help but thank you."

I said this to my parents at dinner on a day about two weeks after the successful cure.

"Father, do you know where Mr. Gino is? "

I asked, and he looked at the head butler.

The chief butler shakes his head.

"I don't know where he is, but I do know where his lover is.

That's the only clue we have on him so far."

Her lover...

That must be Kate, the one in the dress with Gino's eyes.

My heart sinks when I hear that I have to meet the woman I'm having an affair with.

But I'm still going to see her.

I'm sure Master Gino will be pleased to hear that you've succeeded in developing the medicine.

I may not be able to see his joy in person, but I still want to do what will make him happy.


If you're going to visit your lover, I need you to give him a message.

He'll forgive you for insulting Seventhworth by curing Anna's illness.

If you tell him through one of your men, he'll think it's a trap and won't show up, but if you go there in that form and tell him directly, he'll believe you and show up."

...I don't like what I'm hearing.

Could it be that your father wants to harm Master Gino?

Does he know that and is hiding himself?


Don't tell me that your father wants to harm you, Gino! ? "

"No, no. That's why I forgive you."

Your father was upset by my brutality.

But this is unforgivable.

"May I!  Father!

If you do anything to Mr. Gino, I swear!

No matter what happens, I won't forgive you! ?

If you cause even a scratch on Gino-sama, I'll go to the monastery and pray for the rest of my life to atone for Gino-sama!

I will never see your father again!

Please don't make any request for a visit! "

We must avoid any harm to Gino from your father.

I'll tell him that and remind him.

"No, I told you I forgive you.

Besides, I didn't mean to hurt you. I just wanted to catch you and talk to you."

"Very well...isn't it? ? "

"Oh, yeah. I swear I won't do any harm."

I reminded him, and he promised me.

At any rate, you must now meet the woman you're having an affair with.

It must be difficult for you to live on the run, so we must inform Mr. Gino of the Sevenfold family's intentions as soon as possible so that he can return to his normal life.


Gino's current fiancée, Kate, is working at the Rurban Trading Company's main office in the capital.

The Rurban Trading Company is owned by Gino-sama.

If your father hadn't targeted Gino, I'm sure the two of you would have been running the business together in a friendly relationship.

When I got off the carriage and entered the store, a shopkeeper came to inquire about my business.

"I'd like to speak to Miss Kate.

She seems to be serving customers, so I'll wait for her."

I tell her so and wait in the corner of the store for her to finish serving the customer.

I watched her from a distance, and saw that she smiled and laughed many times.

She seems to be a cheerful person.

She seemed to have a friendly personality, and made the male customers laugh with her jokes.

Just by looking at her, I could tell that she is cheerful and lively, laughs a lot, and is a good conversationalist.

She is the opposite of me, who is shy, withdrawn, unable to laugh well due to my facial complex, and not good at jokes.

It's obvious who is more attractive.

And you have much fuller breasts than I do.

I've heard that men like big breasts.

Gino is a man too.

I think he likes breasts like that.

I haven't even talked to Kate yet and I feel defeated and miserable.

"Sorry to keep you waiting.

I was told you wanted to see me."

Kate, who had just finished serving me, came up to me and said so.

She had brown hair and brown eyes.

Up close, her eyes are large and she has a lovely face.

This is the one who was favored by Lord Gino and carried his child.

Of course, I did not have that kind of relationship with Gino-sama.

This woman knows something about you that I don't.

I couldn't help but look at Kate's belly where Gino's child was conceived, and I felt crushed with jealousy and defeat.

"This is the first time we've greeted each other.

I am Anastasia, the eldest daughter of the House of Unsworth."

When I introduce myself, Lady Kate's eyes widen in surprise.

She probably didn't expect an abandoned woman to come to see her.

"What? ?

Are you Gino-sama's princess? ?

Isn't she a totally different person? ? "


Come to think of it, you look completely different from the last time I saw you.

It's the change in appearance that surprises me.

Just by looking at you, Kate, I was made very aware of the fact that I was a woman who had lost love, and I was so focused on that that I completely forgot that my appearance had changed.

After all, Kate is calling Gino by his nickname, isn't she?

We are so close that we are bound to each other.

Since our relationship is much deeper than that of Gino-sama and I, it is natural for her to call me by my nickname.

Every single thing Kate said or did hurt me, and I realized that I was far from being healed from my broken heart.


I'm cured thanks to the medicine Genorius gave me."

I told her.

I can't call Master Gino by his nickname in front of my fiancee.

I no longer have the right to call you by your nickname in the presence of others.

As an abandoned woman, I must respect my position and call you by the more distant name of Master Ginoarius.

Disowned by the House of Barbarie and not allowed to return by the House of Adorny, Lady Gino does not currently have a family name.

Therefore, calling him by his first name is the most distant way to address him.

"Ah. I remember you saying something like that.

I was skeptical, but you really succeeded in developing a medicine, didn't you? "

Ms. Kate said and smiled at me.

You're a cheerful person with a big smile.

I, a gloomy person, would never be able to smile as much as Kate does.

Spending time with the bright and cheerful Lady Kate must be much more enjoyable than spending time with the gloomy me.

No matter what I see of Miss Kate, it makes me feel miserable.


Since you cured me of my long ailment, I thought I would at least show my gratitude by showing up here.

So, where is Master Jeannorius? "

"I don't know."

Lady Kate said.

That means he's wary of the Severnsworths.

"Don't worry, House Unsworth has no intention of doing anything to Master Jeannorius.

The insult to House Unsworth is offset by the fact that you healed me."

I told Kate to reassure her.

"Oh. Is that so?

But I really don't know."

What do you mean?

There's no way Gino-sama would run away without his ailing fiancee.

"Do you know where my fiancé is? "

I ask, looking at Kate with a suspicious look.

"Oh. Gino-sama, he broke off his engagement to me."

"What? ! ? "

I couldn't help but be startled by her unladylike voice.

"If you don't mind, I'd like to tell you what happened.

I'm a commoner, so I don't know anything about the etiquette of noblemen, but if that's okay with you, I'll tell you. "

Kate-sama said with a smiling face.

"I don't want to impose the etiquette of nobility on commoners.

But are you sure you don't want to tell me about it?

It would be very kind of you."

I'm sorry to ask this, but I'm not Gino-sama's fiancee or anything.

I'll be sure to ask if it's alright for a third party to hear about it, given my position as an outsider.

"Of course, sir.

The contract I made with Gino-sama is to pretend to be his fiancee until he breaks off his engagement to the princess.

The contract doesn't say 'don't talk about the situation after you break off the engagement'."

"Huh! ?

Your fiancé's, pretend! ? "

Once again, I let out an unladylike voice, and I froze.

Seeing me like that, Kate smiled at me.

"Come on. Let's go. Let's go.

We're not here, so we'll talk in the reception room."

Kate took me to the back of the store.


"So you're saying that Genorius-sama stepped aside so that I could be betrothed to the First Prince or Dauphin? "

"That's right.

Gino-sama was really in love with the princess.

After he broke off the engagement, he cried and had a hard time."

After she said that, Kate told us an amusing story about how Gino shed tears in the school.

Thank you for making it a funny story.

If he had told it seriously, I would have cried out loud.

Thanks to you, I was only able to shed a few tears.

But I couldn't understand why Kate buried Gino's face in her chest.

Kate used a cushion on the sofa as Gino's head and told us a funny story, demonstrating how she did it.

I listened to the story with a smile on my face, but a dark feeling welled up in my heart.

That's disgraceful!

I don't think I have the courage to do that...

But if Mr. Gino insists...

I laughed out loud when you told me that you broke off your engagement twice in one day.

Kate's mimicry of Gino was spot on and she looked exactly like him.

As for my greatest concern about the child, I was told that they have not even kissed, let alone conceived a child.

I was deeply relieved.

I asked her in a rather roundabout way as a lady, but she answered so directly that I was frightened.

Commoners are quite liberated, aren't they?

This is the first time I've had this kind of conversation with a commoner, and I didn't know that even women used such direct expressions.

I didn't know this until Kate told me that commoners call not only their families and fiancées, but also their close friends by their nicknames.

For noblewomen, calling the opposite sex by their nicknames has a great meaning, but for commoners, it has no deep meaning.

I was relieved to hear that Kate does not call Gino by his nickname because she is in love with him.

I am very glad to know that Kate does not think anything of Gino.

She is cheerful, friendly, funny, and has large breasts, and I, as a woman, find her very attractive.

If I had to fight with her for Gino-sama, I don't think I could win.

I told Kate that I thought so.


No, no, no. What are you talking about?

Gino-sama, you're very cool, you're kind, you're a gentleman, you have great business acumen, and I kind of liked you, but I gave up on you because you had no chance against a princess. "

Apparently, Kate did not think nothing of Gino-sama.

Since she said she gave up on him, I don't think Kate is going to actively approach Gino-sama.

However, it still makes me uneasy to think that such an attractive person has even the slightest interest in Gino.

By the way, you even say things like "I give up" that you don't have to say.

You are an honest and wonderful person.

I wonder how Gino-sama felt, having his face buried in the ample bosom of such a wonderful person.

Oh. I just realized that.

I'm frustrated, aren't I?

If you're a serious nobleman who's never been unfaithful, the only thing you've ever touched on a woman's body is the palm of your hand.

It was probably the first time for Gino to have his face buried in a woman's breast.

If possible, he would have preferred me to be his first partner.

This black emotion is jealousy.

"I wanted to tell the princess because I felt so sorry for Gino-sama.

For the sake of the princess, you fell to a commoner, gave up your trading company, and are still a fugitive from the world, aren't you?

Gino-sama did nothing wrong, but it's too much."

His words were serious, not the light tone of laughter he had used up to now.

"I think so too.

It's too sad for Gino-sama to go on like this.

I promise that I will do everything I can to help Gino-sama regain what he has lost."

I promised her that.

I could see that she was only pretending to be my fiancé, not my fiancée, and she was honest enough to tell me things she didn't have to.

In order to respond to her honesty with sincerity, I will behave honestly with her according to my own feelings.

Therefore, I will call you by your nickname, Gino-sama.

"Please. Princess.

I can't do that kind of thing as a commoner."

That's what Kate said.