Chapter 22 Crying and Searching (Anastasia's point of view)

 I cried in the carriage on the way back from the meeting with Lady Kate.

It was only because Kate made me laugh that I managed to keep from breaking down in tears until now.

I thought there was no more love for me left in me, but now I know that Gino-sama still loves me, and that it was out of love for me that he lost his noble rank in disgrace.

It was impossible for me to hold back my tears.

Come to think of it, Gino-sama once asked me about His Highness the First Prince.

Looking back, it was from that day that you changed.

My remarks to His Highness the First Prince were nothing more than a social call.

Therefore, it was hard for me to imagine that His Highness Gino would be offended by those words, and I did not consider those remarks to be problematic until now.

However, it would be different if Gino-sama knew about the marriage proposal.

It wouldn't be surprising if Gino-sama heard my words and saw the match between His Highness the First Prince and me as a good match.

Even after all this time, I regretted my careless comment.

When I got home, I went straight to my mother's without changing my clothes.

I came home crying from Kate's, and as soon as I hugged my mother, she was very surprised to see me crying out like a child.

She patiently listened to my painstaking explanation while holding me by the shoulders, choking on her tears.

As I continued my explanation, her eyes gradually became triangular and she told the servant to call her father.

When he was there, I explained to him again.

"So you're saying that he broke off the engagement not because he was unfaithful, but because he heard from me that I was engaged to Your Highnesses? "

Upon hearing my explanation, your father said with a stunned look on his face.


I've heard that His Highness the First Prince and the Crown Prince have asked you to marry them.

However, I never heard anything about an engagement after my illness is cured. "

Your mother smiled and said to your father.

"No, but...

I didn't think we'd develop a cure."

Your father said, breaking out in a cold sweat.

"Even if you didn't think you would succeed in developing a cure, you know that Gino-san went to the unexcavated ruins in search of a cure for Anna's disease, right?

What in the world were you thinking when you said something like that to someone who was trying so hard to cure Ana's disease? "

Perhaps not liking your father's excuse, your mother smiles deeper and asks your father more questions.

"No, sir."

Your father's face became more impatient and he was at a loss for words.

"You know very well how much Anna suffered because of your careless words, don't you?

Let's talk about it later, okay? "

Your mother says to your father with a graceful smile and blue streaks on her face.

Her father's face was pale and tense.

"So, what do you want to do now, Anna? "

Mother asked my intentions.

"...After I was cured, many court mages came to see me to make sure I was really cured.

When they saw my face, they were all amazed at the miracle.

The mages also said that Master Gino's thesis was an amazing theory that was hundreds of years ahead of current magical science.

When I heard what the mages said, I thought to myself.

Gino-sama prepared the cure for me now, when it should have been invented hundreds of years ago.

I really thought that he had created a miracle for me.

I couldn't stop crying at that thought.

I couldn't bear the thought that the one who had even performed a miracle for me would be ridiculed by those around me and lose his nobility and become a commoner because of me!

That's why I want to do my best to restore Gino-sama's status and restore his honor.

I also want to be united with Gino-sama.

I can't think of any other man.

For me, meeting Gino-sama is a miracle."


There is no other man who would perform a miracle for you, and there is no other man who would give up everything for you.

Ana, you can't let go."

I was relieved to hear that her mother had agreed to another engagement to Gino.

Now all I have to do is find Gino and arrange another marriage.

The thought of being able to spend time with you again brought tears of joy to my eyes.

"I will mobilize all the knights and secret service of the House of Unsworth to find him."

That's what your father said.


Didn't you plan to spare the knights and secret service until now? "

"No, it's not like that."

Your mother still seems to be in a bad mood.

Your father looks at her with a frightened look in his eyes.

Your father's shoulders remain narrowed.


The all-out search for Gino began, but the search proved difficult.

The search was difficult, and the information was confusing, with inconsistencies such as the fact that she had traveled a distance in one night that even a fast horse could not reach.

We also heard directly from the three clandestine people who lost sight of Mr. Gino in the royal capital. They said that he suddenly went into a back alley and when they chased after him, he disappeared like smoke.

There was no place for him to hide, and even if he had moved, it would have been strange if he had not been within sight.

It is said that in the East, there is a group of ninjas who use a technique to disappear without a trace.

Since he disappeared in a situation where it was unthinkable to lose sight of him, the covert members of the group speculated that Gino-sama might be using a ninja technique.

The technique of vanishing without a trace is said to be a difficult technique that can only be used by high class ninjas.

If Gino-sama was a high-level ninja, he would be a master of the Hidden Release technique, and even the Seventh Worth covert operatives would have difficulty tracing his movements.

The inconsistencies in the eyewitness testimonies were also assumed by the covert operatives to be the result of their mastery of the Hidden Release Technique.

Apparently, it is not going to be so easy to find him.

I was depressed to hear this report.


Now that I've graduated from the school and become an adult, I'm finally ready to make my debut in the social scene.

Since I still haven't found Gino, I asked my father to escort me.

My father seemed to be in a good mood as it was his dream to escort me to my social debut.

However, my mother scolded him and said, "Whose fault is it that this happened?

Since it was her debut, her father and mother chose a simple soirée.

In this way, there are no detailed manners, so it is safe to make some mistakes.

Because it was a simple affair, the guests were not introduced first, but were admitted one by one as they arrived.

When you make your debut in the society, it is traditional that your mother gives you a flower crown and decorates your head with it.

When I entered the hall with a flower crown on my head, escorted by my father, the hall reverberated.

As the head of the first duke's family, I am sure everyone knew my father's face, but there must have been no one who could think of the "flower-crowned maiden" whom my father was escorting.

Nevertheless, there were some people who guessed that the "Maid in the Crown" was me based on hints such as my hair color, eye color, and my age.

Those people looked at me with their eyes wide open like saucers.

I danced my first dance with my father, and after talking with him for a while, he went to a gathering of men to talk about his work.

Normally, I would be a wallflower here, left alone, but that day many men came to see me.

They invited me to dance, and some of them even asked me out on a date.

Some of them even asked me to go on a date with them. I was also approached by people with whom I had a previous marriage proposal.

Those who did not hide their dissatisfaction with me at the time of the marriage proposal are now complimenting me on my beauty and inviting me to dance or see a play.

However, when people who told me in the past that I was "ugly, don't talk" or "creepy, stay away from me" suddenly asked me out on a date in a cat-calling voice, all I could do was feel sick at the nerve of their flip-flopping.

Many of the people who asked me on dates were engaged to be married.

Knowing the pain of a broken engagement, I could only despise them.

When I was covered with masses all over my body, no man ever approached me except to say hello.

In those days, I used to stand by the wall at parties as if I were hiding my breath, and watch from a distance the beautiful young lady smiling gaily surrounded by men.

At that time, I was envious of the young lady who looked so happy surrounded by men.

However, when I was actually placed in a similar situation, my true feeling was that I was annoyed.

If I didn't have a specific partner in mind, I might have been able to enjoy this situation where I had a wide selection to choose from.

However, as I have one person in mind, Gino-sama, I have no choice but to decline any invitation I receive from anyone.

The repetition of accepting and rejecting invitations seemed to be a meaningless and unproductive process.

After talking to many of the men who came to talk to me, I realized that they were all boastful and childish.

Mr. Gino, for example, is so skilled at escaping that he can outrun even the most covert of the Seven Worths, yet he never brags to me.

You should have at least boasted about it to me, since it is a skill so advanced that it is highly praised by our clandestine people, who are said to be the best in the country.

It is sad that you do not teach me.

In addition to bragging, I had the impression that men of your age were emotional, self-righteous, narrow-minded, and childish in the way they looked at things and thought.

Mr. Gino must be a very special person because he has such a deep receptivity that he sometimes seems to be older than his father.

After talking with many men, I realized that I could think of no one else but Gino.

Many men responded to my change in appearance by flipping me off, which made me ponder.

When I was covered with bumps and bruises all over my face, those men were very cold to me.

Now, they have changed their attitude to one of overt favoritism.

What about you, Mr. Gino?

Gino-sama called me pretty when I was covered with bumps all over my face, and showed his affection to me when I was ugly.

My appearance changed and many men changed their attitude toward me.

Mr. Gino is also a man, and he may change his attitude toward me.

The thought of it frightened me.

If I looked good before, I would be fine because Gino-sama praised me as pretty.

But what about my current appearance?

If Gino-sama is disappointed when he sees me as I am now, he will go to ....

For about a month before I graduated from the school, Gino-sama did not look at me.

I wonder if that's what would happen to Gino-sama if he lost interest in me and became cold and indifferent.

My body trembles at the thought.

That's right.

I believe there's a medical technique that can change your appearance.

Let's call your doctor and consult him immediately.


My doctor, Dr. Susanna, answered my call and came to see me.

"Dr. Susanna. I'd like to ask you something."

"Yes. Anything you want to know.

I'll tell you everything I know."

I've been cured and the bump has disappeared from my face.

"Yes. That's right.


"So I was wondering, can you make another bump? "

Um... what did you say? "

Dr. Susanna asks me.

"I'd like to have another bump made to restore my face.

Can you do that with your surgery? "


Dr. Susanna rolled her eyes, opened her mouth, and said nothing.

I looked to the side and saw that Bridget was also looking at me with her eyes like saucers.

"Miss Susannah? "

"...What?   Oh, yes.

Of course it's possible.

Removing a bump is difficult but creating one is easy.

All you have to do is insert the fluid with a needle under the skin."

"Well. So you can do it?

So, is it possible to turn a piece of skin back to its original green color? "


"Um, sir? "

"...Yeah, yeah. I can do it.

All you have to do is get a tattoo."

"Well, that's wonderful.

Then I'd like to have it done right away."

"Oh, wait, wait, wait, miss! "

Bridget called out in a panic.

"Oh?   What is it? "

"I think you should discuss such matters with your husband and wife.

Isn't that right?  Dr. Susanna? "

"Yes, yes.

Of course, you should have the permission of the Duke and Duchess for the procedure."

"Well. Then I'll get permission from your mother and father right away."

That's right.

Your mother regretted not being able to give birth to me beautifully.

I should make it clear that there is nothing for her to worry about since I will be changing my appearance of my own free will.

"That's why you came to me, isn't it?"

Your mother says, and lets out a deep sigh.

"Yes, Anna.

You can always change your appearance with medicine.

So why don't we let Gino choose which one he prefers? "


That's your mother.

That's right.

Since you're changing your appearance for Gino-sama, it's best to let her choose."

I decided to follow your mother's advice and ask Gino's opinion.

Hearing my words, your mother heaved a deep sigh.

I don't know what the world is like now that I want to go back to the face full of masses that I hated so much.

But the most important thing for me right now is to get back together with Gino.

I've experienced what I've always wanted, to be surrounded by men at a party, and I've learned that it's not as fun as I thought it would be, but rather annoying.

I don't mind going back to my old self.


It's been three months since Gino disappeared, but I still can't find him.

No matter how good an escape artist you are, you are still a human being and have to live a life, and the traces of that life are not easy to erase, the covert people said.

It is not easy for a nobleman to live among the common people.

It is not easy for a nobleman to live among commoners because he needs to earn his living.

It is said that most male nobles who fall into the commoner category end up living on the streets because they cannot earn a living.

In Gino's case, however, he has a history of running a trading company.

It is possible that he is living as a merchant.

Therefore, the covert people are searching for him in other countries, targeting those who are on the streets, those who have recently been hired by a merchant association, those who have recently started a merchant association, and those who are not working but are making a living considering that they are living on their own money.

However, we still have no information about the person who looks like Gino.

I was told that in such a case, there is a high possibility that he has already died or is being held by another country or another nobleman.

All I can do is pray, so I go to the church every day to pray for his safety.