Chapter 23 Discovery and Impatience (Anastasia's point of view)

"My Lady!  We've found Master Zinorius! "

Brigitte says excitedly as she rushes into the room.

"Gino-sama! ?

Gino-sama is safe! ? "

I couldn't help but stand up.

"Yes. He's fine.

He's working as a cook in a restaurant in the city of Amorn."

"Thank God..."

I had been worried ever since I heard that he might be dead.

Even after that, it was difficult to find her, and I grew increasingly impatient.

But when I finally found out that he was safe, I felt relieved.

I was so happy that he was still alive that I couldn't help crying.

I prayed right there and thanked God.

It's already been half a year since Gino broke off our engagement because I was discovered too late.

Anyway, you are a cook?

Gino-sama can even cook, can't he?

It's quite unexpected that a nobleman who has fallen into the world of the common people would earn his living by cooking.

No wonder we didn't find him until later.

However, if you are skilled enough to be a cook, I think you should be proud to teach me a little.

I am fed up with the bragging of men my age that I meet at night parties, but I would like to hear your bragging.

Unlike other men of his age, Mr. Gino does not brag at all, but I would like him to brag and tell me a little about himself.

I have already asked the Barbarie family to rescind their disownment of Gino-sama and they have agreed.

If you can find Lady Gino, all that remains is for the Sevenfords and Barbarians to arrange a marriage and make the engagement official.

The previous engagement has already been annulled, so in order for me and Lady Gino to become engaged, we will need to redo the engagement procedures.


I'm finally going to meet Master Gino.

I'm so happy I could sing a song.

It's been six months since we've seen each other.

I want to look as good as I can.

I'll have to get a new dress and get some beauty treatments.

"Bridget. I need a new dress.

Can you call a tailor?

I also need a beauty therapist."


Are you planning on wearing your new dress to see Master Jeannorius by any chance? "

Brigitte said with an impatient look on her face.

"Yes. I do.

It's been six months since I've seen him.

I'd like to see you when you're as clean as possible."

"No, sir. My Lady.

You should go see her right away."

"Oh. Why? "

I asked Bridget, unable to grasp the true meaning of her advice.

"Mr. Jeannorius works in the kitchen of the restaurant where he works, but he often comes into the restaurant to serve the food.

He often appears in the restaurant to serve the food. The restaurant is now very popular among women because of the good-looking man who brings them the food and talks to them in a friendly manner.

Every day when Mr. Ginorius finishes his shift, many women wait for him at the back entrance of the restaurant and compete with each other to take him out to eat.

Since he is a regular customer of the restaurant, Genorius-sama can't say no, so he goes along with the meal."

"Yes, yes, yes, is that so? "

I can't believe Gino-sama is having dinner with other women everyday!

I couldn't hide my agitation and my voice trembled when I heard Bridget's story.

"Yes, sir.

We were able to find Mr. Zinorius because of his beauty, which is rarely seen in commoners.

We were able to find him because the women of the city were talking about a man in a restaurant who was beautiful in a way that was rarely seen by commoners and who was willing to chat with us, and our secret service heard about it."

"Oh, so he's the talk of the town? "

"That's not all."

"What is it?

Is there more to it? "

"Master Zinorius works in a restaurant by day and as a bouncer in the entertainment district by night."

"A bouncer?

Are you injured by any chance? "

"I'm afraid not, sir.

To make sure Master Zinorius was working, a secret agent posed as a drunk and stormed the store.

Of course, we don't want Genorius to get hurt.

That's why I sent someone who could go easy on him without people noticing, someone who was skilled in warfare among us.

But instead of taking it easy on him, he was easily subdued by Lord Zinorius without even knowing what he had done.

The mission was to measure his ability and, if he was in danger, to put pressure on the store to immediately quit his job as a bouncer.

But we could not even measure his ability.

Master Jeannorius is so skilled that he treats us like babies.

I'm sure he won't hurt you against the outlaws and drunks of the city."


By the way, when I had a glass thrown at me at the school party, you instantly appeared in front of me and protected me.

I was amazed at your unhuman movements.

You're good at martial arts, aren't you?

Why don't you show off and teach me too?

But if you're not worried about getting hurt, what's the problem?

"Then, what's the problem? "

"Master Jeannorius works as a bouncer in a nightclub where the women serve the men.

Many of the female employees have fallen in love with him because he is a handsome, handsome, young, kind and gentlemanly man.

Since they are women of the night, they are professionals at seducing men with their feminine charms.

As a young and inexperienced woman, Genorius-sama will not be able to endure the manipulations of professionals for very long."

"What, what, what, what? What? "

"Women of the night are dangerous.

This was right after the covert started watching Master Jeannorius.

A woman who works for Mr. Zinorius tore off her clothes in front of his house, stripped half naked, and came to his house, tearfully complaining that she was attacked by thugs."


So, so, so, so, what happened? What happened?

Gino-sama and that woman spent the night together? ? "

"No, sir.

A secret agent immediately informed the guards that a woman had been attacked by thugs at the house of Lord Zinorius.

The woman was taken by the guards to the guardhouse for questioning, so she did not spend the night with us.

But the woman should be watched out for.

After that, she often invited him to dinner, crying out her fears and trying to win his sympathy.

It seems that Zinorius is unaccustomed to women and does not realize that this is a ruse.

Genorius is a gentle man, but his weakness has been successfully exploited.

Just as the woman had planned, Zinorius took pity on her and took pity on the woman who complained of her fear of being alone and stayed by her side as long as time allowed."

Brigitte carefully explained how a nobleman down on the street was vulnerable to a woman's enticement.

The basic rule for noblemen is to marry for political gain.

Unless you are a nobleman who enjoys love apart from political marriages, a serious nobleman who does not cheat on his wife will not have a relationship with anyone other than his fiancée when he was a child.

Even with her fiancé, they have tea several times a month and touch each other's hands when they are escorting each other or dancing.

They are never alone together in a closed room, nor do they touch any part of the woman's body other than the palm of her hand, nor are they touched by any part of the woman other than the palm of her hand.

Commoner women, however, have their arms entwined, their breasts pressed against each other, and they are hugged by men who like them.

Moreover, unlike noblewomen, commoners do not normally wear gloves.

Their skin touches each other directly.

The commoner, who had never been subjected to such extreme treatment by a woman before, was said to have fallen for it.

"Ta, ta, ta, this is terrible.

What should I do? "

"Fortunately, according to the secret investigation, there is no specific woman yet.

However, there are many other women who are passionate about Genorius besides the one from that night.

At his home, women visit him every night and try to force their way into his room for some reason.

Fortunately, Zinorius has been educated as a nobleman and has no intention to be alone with a woman in a locked room.

However, if he can't dodge, it's only a matter of time before he breaks into a room and starts to have a specific woman in his life."

"What? What?

I'm sure you're not the only one. ? "

"My Lady. Please hurry.

Mr. Jeannorius is a man of integrity.

Once you're in love with a woman, you don't abandon her easily.

If you fall in love with a commoner, you may well spend the rest of your life with her as a commoner instead of returning to the nobility.

You must catch Master Gino before he falls in love with someone else."

I hadn't considered the possibility that Master Gino might not choose to return to nobility.

I can't let this happen.

I have to see him as soon as possible.

I'll have the fastest carriage sent out at night.

Your father was reluctant to leave on such short notice but your mother gave her permission with a smile.

In order to arrive at the destination as quickly as possible, we arranged for a fast horse so that we could change horses at the towns along the way.

It is not good for publicity that the son of the Barbarier family, the future head of the Seventhsworth family, was working in a restaurant or a nightclub, so we need to cover it up.

He told me that he expected to arrive earlier than me because he was going to chase me with a horse instead of a carriage.


I ran out of the house with my mind completely blank, but the thought of meeting Mr. Gino makes me anxious.

It's already been half a year since Gino-sama broke off our engagement.

Six months is not a short time.

In a romance novel, it's enough time for a heartbroken hero to find a new love.

If you are being aggressively approached by many women, it is not surprising that Mr. Gino has changed his mind.

If he has feelings for a commoner, it is quite possible that he will not return to the nobility.

In that case, in order for me to get back with Gino-sama, I would have to win her favor by defeating her in the battle of love.

However, I don't think I can win the battle of love against the women of the night and many other women.

"Hey. Bridget.

I'm not sure I can win against the ladies of the night and the others..."

I told Bridget, who was riding with me in the carriage, about my fears.

"Don't worry. My Lady.

Mr. Jeannorius is not in love with anyone yet."

"But even if you're not in love, there might be someone who likes you, right?

If there is such a person, what should I do..."

"That's right.

As a young lady with little experience in love, you can't play games with her, so I think it's better to go head-on.

You must be brave enough to tell Genorius how you feel.

Anyone who is interested in the opposite sex will be interested in you.

It is quite common that when you are interested in someone, before you know it, you have fallen in love with that person.

I think it's best if you tell your daughter your honest feelings as clearly as possible.

Tell her exactly how I feel, you mean?

If it were an honest feeling, it would be just "I want to marry you," but I have never heard of a woman proposing to a man.

"Don't you think it's a bit immodest to do such a thing?"

"My Lady.

Love is what you say it is.

The one who tells her how he feels earlier and more clearly wins."


Bridget says, but she can't find the courage.

"My Lady.

Think of Master Jeannorius falling in love with another woman.

Do you want that to happen? "

When Bridget said that, I remembered that scene at the graduation party.

Kate, wearing a dress the color of Gino's eyes, stood beside Gino, and Gino hugged Kate around the waist, declaring that Kate was his new fiancée, and the two of them left without me.

I felt my blood run cold and my body tremble.

I guess that's what you call despair.

That's right.

The enemy is many people, including women of the night with many years of experience.

A woman like me would have to push herself very hard to stand out from the crowd.

In the midst of the pain of losing Gino, I had been thinking that I would do anything if I could have him back.

Now would be the time to do whatever it takes.

If I can win your heart back, I'll put aside all shame and pretense.

I've made up my mind to propose.

"And now, young lady.

Skinship is important.

Skinship is the key to retaining a man's heart."

"Skinship, sir?

How do I do that? "

"Well, yes.

How about holding Master Jeannorius' hand?"

I didn't know that.

Come to think of it, maybe I've been giving Gino all my love and not making any effort to hold his heart.

I have to change.

"Thank you. Bridget.

I'll do my best."

"My Lady.

And you need to move Master Jeannorius' residence as soon as possible.

Ever since the girl from the nightclub moved in half-naked, the other girls from the nightclub have been rivaling her and trying to get into his room somehow.

It would be very dangerous to leave Master Jeannorius alone in that room."

"Well, well, well, that's terrible."

Oh, my God.

Lady Gino's virtue is at stake.

There's no time to rest at the inn.

Let's get some sleep in the carriage and drive it day and night.