Chapter 25 I won't give in anymore I want to go through life with you

After that, we talked and decided that I would go home with Anna.

After the discussion of our future plans, I decided to go to the bathroom.

I hadn't cleaned myself yet that day.

When I was about to leave, I was asked where I was going to take a bath, and I told him that I always rented a bath at the nightclub where I worked as a bouncer.

I told her that I always rented a bath at the nightclub where I worked as a bouncer. It was still too early for the nightclub to be crowded, so there should be plenty of empty bathrooms at this time.

But Anna cried and stopped me, and Brigitte, who had her eyes crossed, said

"You are insane to go to a brothel when you have a daughter!  You're insane! "

I had no choice but to give up.

I explained to her that I had never done such a thing before, and that I was not going to a brothel as a customer, because she seemed to have misunderstood me.

Anna then asked me if I had met any women at the brothel.

I told her of course not.

I had only gotten to know her by taking care of a poor person involved in a crime, or by cooking for a woman who suddenly got numbness in her arms and could no longer cook.

There have been women who I have had to spend a lot of time with for such reasons, but none of them have approached me with any kind of fondness.

I explained this to her and asked her to be reassured.

But Anna did not reassure me.

"I believe in your sincerity, Gino.

But it's not just about that.

This is a woman's war."

She said with puffed up cheeks.

I wondered if Anna was jealous of me.

I couldn't help but say, "Oh. Anna smiled as if a flower had opened.

"I'm so, so happy.

I'm so happy that you still think I'm pretty even though my appearance has changed."

With that, Anna let out a tear with a smile.

I was surprised, because I had not expected her to be so happy as to cry.

Apparently, she was worried that I might not like her looks since her bump had disappeared from her face.

"I don't care what you look like. Anna is pretty."

I said, patting Ana's head.

"I've been dreaming about you.

I've always dreamed that the day would come when Gino would say that I was pretty again."

Anna said with a smile, tears rolling down her face.


How adorable.

I want to hug her and devour her lips.

I don't think that's possible, though, because Bridget is standing right next to Anna.

Ever since I devoured Anna's lips, Bridget has been on maximum alert for me.

By the way, the first floor is for drinking, and if you succeed in seducing a woman there, you can go upstairs to make love to her.

There are many rooms on the second floor, and each room is equipped with a bath.

The facilities are quite luxurious for a high-class restaurant, and the staff of the restaurant can use them as much as they want, as long as they clean and replenish the hot water themselves.

The restaurant and the nightclub were to be taken care of by the Seventh Worth covert.

It would have been bad publicity to say that the son of the Barbarie family was working there.

In particular, the fact that he was working in a nightclub must be hidden.

So, they are going to cover it up by saying that a runaway son of a merchant family was working there, and the owner of the merchant family found him and came to collect him.

The preparations for this have already been made, and the well-dressed secret agent playing the role of the merchant owner and the stern secret agent playing the role of his bodyguard have come with Anna, carrying even the emblem of a real merchant family.

It was a merchant house that I also knew, but it seemed to be for the backdoor operations of the House of Seventhworth.

When I praised them, they all looked at me bitterly.

Apparently, my missions have been failures.

The covert who said he was scattered by me in King's Landing regretfully told me about his failure.


I remember now.

I'm pretty sure I used a cloaking spell to hide myself because I was being followed ever since I left House Barbarie.

The spell I used was a cloaking spell used by mountain boys and mountain girls for bird-watching in my previous life.

It's not a military spell but a recreational spell, so it's easy to spot if you know how to spot it.

However, I think that people in this world, where magic culture is extremely late, will not be able to find it.

My room is about the size of a studio, so it is impossible for Anna and the others to stay there.

In the first place, it is impossible for a noble lady to stay in a housing complex in a favela.

When I asked her how she was going to stay, she told me that she had already reserved a room at one of the finest inns in town.

I was also invited to stay there, but I refused because the nightly rate for even the cheapest room was probably higher than my monthly income.

As I was a commoner in my previous life, I had easily adapted to the favelas, and my sense of money had become that of a favela dweller.

That is why I was reluctant to stay in an overpriced inn.

However, Anna insisted that I come to her because this room was too dangerous to be left alone.

I told her that it would not be a problem even if I was robbed because I also worked as a bouncer in a nightclub, but she insisted that it would be dangerous because I worked as a bouncer in a nightclub.

I guess she thinks that the drunks I dealt with will "pay me back".

Bridget agreed with Ana.

Anna and Bridget are both noblewomen.

Once they get used to it, there is no danger, but from their point of view, working as a bouncer in a nightclub or in a housing complex in a favela seems dangerous.

In order to reassure them, I listened to Ana's wishes and decided to stay at the inn.

It was decided that the bouncer's job for the day would be to tell the store owner that the merchant's bodyguard would act as the bouncer for the day as an apology for taking the runaway son away at short notice.

In the end, I was forbidden to go near the store or even the restaurant at night, and I had to leave without saying goodbye.

In fact, if they had any doubts about the fact that I was the runaway son of a merchant family and asked me in-depth questions, I would have been in danger of revealing myself to them.

The argument that it would be safest for me not to meet them was convincing.

I don't think anyone would be so obsessed with me that they'd dig into the details of my runaway son's story, but Anna and the others seem to think differently.

It was rude of me to leave without greeting them, but I could not help thinking of the honor of the Barbariers and the Sevensworths.

In the carriage, Anna was attached to me tightly.

In the past, she would have behaved like a duchess and sat opposite me in the carriage.

However, she seemed to have something on her mind, and sat next to me in the carriage at a very close distance, holding my hand.

Anna's sweetness was so cute that I kept saying "cute" to her and almost hugged and kissed her many times.

However, each time I tried to hug and kiss her, Bridget, who was riding in the car, stopped me.

I hadn't seen Bridget for six months, but as usual, she had no reservations about me.

I believe that Bridget's loyalty to Anna is real.

Seeing Anna sleeping with her head resting on my shoulder, Brigitte put her handkerchief over her red eyes again and again.

On the way to the city, the Barbarier family delivered my clothes and ornaments on an early horse.

At the same time, I received a letter from Barbarie's father-in-law.

He told me that the Barbariers could wait, and that I should go to the Sevenfords first to explain myself.


The Duke and her mother-in-law were waiting for her in the reception room of the Duke's residence.

Anna was resting because she was tired from the long and unfamiliar journey.

I was the only one who came here.

"I'm so sorry."

As soon as I saw the two of them, I dropped to one knee and hung my head.

It's the biggest apology I've ever heard, the equivalent of getting down on your knees.

"You're back at last, you idiot."

So says the duke.


Isn't it?

Don't you have something else to say first? "

The mother-in-law smiles and says to the duke.

"Oh. What... I'm...

I'm sorry."

Prompted by my mother-in-law, the Duke apologized to me as if he was scared of something.

"Um, why is the Duke apologizing to me? "

I asked the duke, not understanding his meaning.

"Well, you see..."

The duke was stumped.

"I'll explain.

You broke off your engagement and fled because of Anna's engagement to His Royal Highness the First Prince or the Crown Prince, is that correct? "

I froze.

Kate and I were the only ones who knew about it.

If I hadn't told her, that meant Kate had.

That would mean that the Sevenworths had interrogated Kate.

"Is Kate, is she safe? "

Her mother-in-law looked puzzled.

"Oh?  Has Anna told you anything yet? "

Mother-in-law asks me.

"Yes. I haven't heard anything about why my disownment was revoked or why the Seventhsworths want to reengage me, as that will be explained at the Seventhsworths'.

Anna is in a bad mood when it comes to Kate, and we have had plenty of other things to talk about in the last six months that we have not seen each other."

I replied.

Anna told me that Kate wanted me to go back into management.

She wants me to return to the position of chairman in exchange for sixty percent of the company's equity.

Kate's stake in the Chamber of Commerce is only 40%, and her position is that of vice chairman.

She said that she would take care of all the miscellaneous management matters as vice chairman and leave the management policy and product development to me.

He must have judged that it would be more profitable for him to let me manage the business by utilizing the knowledge of his previous life than to manage the business by himself.

It was a judgment typical of Kate to choose profit over position.

That much I was able to learn from Anna.

But for some reason, when Anna learned that I was thinking positively about Kate's proposal, she became unhappy.

From talking about the management of the business association, she suddenly started talking about the size of Kate's breasts.

"Gino-sama, you like big breasts like that, don't you? "

Anna's cheeks puffed up.

I don't think there's anything wrong with that, because Ana is bigger than average and her breasts have much more beautiful curves than other people's, but for some reason she seems to have an inferiority complex.

Whenever she talked about Kate, she got into a bad mood, so I could hardly listen to her talk about Kate.

I also explained this to him.

Hearing my explanation, my mother-in-law giggled.

"That's right. You can't help it."

She laughs and tells me how she found out about my plan.

So the Sevenworths had their eyes on Kate after all.

I didn't tell Kate because if I did, there was a risk that the Sevenworths would interrogate her severely.

I am very glad that the Seventhsworths voluntarily told me while Kate was still in the dark.

"So, Kate is safe.

In fact, I'm grateful that you told us what happened."

My mother-in-law said.


Just a little flicker of reward and your tongue instantly becomes smooth, which makes it easier for us."

The duke added.

"I see."

I was relieved to hear their explanation.

"Well, you know.

I heard that he said he wanted Anna to be queen as long as she was cured of her illness, but the Severnsworths want her to marry you even if she is cured."

"What? "

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Both the First Prince and the Dauphin must have approached you for a marriage proposal.

Whichever prince he chose would be the next king, so the Severnsworths could become the king's relatives.

Being a relative of the king is the pinnacle of noble families, so there should be no room for me politically.

"Hmm. You have no idea what you're worth, do you?


"Lotion, huh? "


It's a lotion that makes you look ten years younger just by applying it, and when you stop using it, you go back to normal.

And it's been around for a long time, but no one has been able to copy it.

This is worth a lot of money.

So much so that the royal family is thinking of getting you and the princess engaged."

"What? ?  An engagement to Her Royal Highness? "

I sweat uncomfortably .

Please don't do that.

The engagement would have to come from the royal family.

Even if it's the Seventhsworths who have more power than the royal family, it's hard for the Barbariers, an average marquis family, to refuse a request from the royal family.

"Don't worry.

That's gone away too.

Thanks to you Kate.

When they found out you gave up your nobility for Anna, they thought you'd resent them rather than be happy if they forced you to marry her.

What's the use of trying to win them over to your side in marriage if they turn against you?

They thought that if they forced you to join the royal family, you might become a lion."

I didn't think so.


"Therefore, the House of Unsworth has decided that it would be more politically expedient for you to succeed than for you to become a relative of the King.

Of course, there's also the fact that Anna wants to marry you.

Between the royal marriage and your marriage, if the interests of the Seven Worths are not so different or the royal marriage is slightly better, we will choose you because you will make Anna happy."

The lotion, which had originally been sold to raise money for the golem's construction, proved to be unexpectedly effective.

For safety reasons, the magic formula used in the lotion is the one that passed the clinical trials.

Therefore, the magic formula has an analysis guard attached to it.

Not only modern mages, but also people in previous lives would not be able to analyze the magic in the lotion.

Only experts from previous lives can analyze them.

Women love to hear the phrase "cosmetics that suit your skin.

For this reason, it was popular for a while to analyze the ingredients and magic formulas of lotion on the market, and to modify them to make one's own lotion.

In order to make it easy for amateurs to make cosmetics, many companies appeared on the Internet selling products whose ingredients were processed to the stage where all that was left was to mix them together.

The Potions Master Association was troubled by this.

If consumers start to grant themselves magic, they will lose their jobs and suffer a great loss.

Since most cosmetics are quasi-drugs, there is no problem for consumers to add magic themselves.

Therefore, the Association of Magical Practioners put pressure on the ruling party to make a regulation that all spells in cosmetics-related products must have an analysis guard to prevent consumers from creating their own spells.

In my previous life, my homeland was a corrupt country where the most important thing was to make the ruling party's supporters profitable.

But thanks to that corruption, we will have a monopoly supply of lotion for the time being.

"I see.

Thank you very much."

"And now, about Ana.

Her servant reported that she's a little unstable."

"Unstable," you say? "


She seems to get restless whenever there's a female presence around you.

Bridget may have encouraged him, but even with that, he's been acting strange.

It seems the breakup of the engagement has left her traumatized.

I'm going to have her go to counseling, and I think she'll calm down in a while.

So, until then, I'm asking you to be patient."

I'm sure she will.

Normally, people think that once they get engaged, it's a straight road to marriage.

But after the engagement was annulled, I learned firsthand that marriage is not absolute even if you are engaged.

If a woman's shadow flashed over me, I might even feel uneasy.

Oh. I see.

So that's why Anna cried when I went to take a bath.

That was a mistake.

I should've thought more about Anna's state of mind.

But it's good to be fiancée again.

I thought the new fiancé would heal Ana's broken heart, but if I can heal it with my own hands, so much the better.

I will love her more than ever.

I made up my mind.


This is because of what I've done.

I'll spoil her so badly that she won't care if a woman flickers in the background."

"You don't have to do that."

My words were immediately denied by the Duke.


My engagement to Anna was quickly arranged.

The Barbariers had prepared all the necessary documents, as well as my wedding clothes and decorations.

The previous engagement ceremony had taken place in the church of the Seventhsworth family.

Since the engagement had been annulled, it was decided to hold the ceremony in a church outside the house, as it would not bring good luck.

It was an engagement ceremony between two noble families, the Dukes of Severnsworth and the Marquesses of Barbarie.

The church to be rented out was, of course, the cathedral in the royal capital.

The cathedral, the venue of the engagement ceremony, is a huge structure with a width, depth, and height of one hundred and fifty melts.

The members of Viscount Adorny's family also attended the ceremony, but they were terrified when they heard that the huge and majestic cathedral was reserved for them.

They thought it would be held in one of the rooms of the cathedral.

The witness of the engagement ceremony was His Holiness the Pope.

The Seven Worths, who are making huge profits from their lotion, are making huge donations to the Church to keep it under control.

From the Church's point of view, the Sevensforths are their best customers.

That's why they were willing to accept the sudden request for a private party, and that's why their eminence, the Pope, came out to witness the event.

His Royal Highness the Dowager Queen and His Majesty the King were among the Seven Worths' relatives.

They were Anna's grandmother and uncle, so it was not surprising that they would be there.

They knew the manufacturer of the lotion, so I thought they were there for that purpose, but there was more to it than that.

Anna, who looked very much like her mother-in-law when she was young, seemed especially cute.

Her Royal Highness the Dowager Queen and His Majesty the King had long been consulted by her mother-in-law on child-rearing issues, and both of them were concerned about Anna.

Since she was their grandchild and niece, they loved her in their own way, but now that she had become a beautiful woman who looked very much like her mother-in-law, their love for her had exploded.

Both of them were talking to Anna with a look of elation on their faces.

The cathedral, which could easily hold 10,000 people, was reserved for the concert, and His Eminence the Pope, His Majesty the King, and Her Royal Highness the Queen were in attendance,

The faces of the Viscount Adorny's family turned more pale than blue.

The engagement ceremony had not been particularly emotional last time, but once I lost my status as a betrothed, I felt the weight of it.

I can finally get back what I've lost.

Last time, I had signed the vow in a happy mood, but this time, when I signed it, I felt a burning sensation in my chest and my eyes were burning.

Anna seemed to feel the same way, and she signed it while holding her eyes with a handkerchief.


The last time we were engaged I backed out, but this time I'm not going to give in.

I want to spend my life with you.

I want to spend my life with you and I'm going to do that no matter what."

"Yes. Yes.

Please do so.

I'll never let you go again."

We both had tears in our eyes as we signed the pledge.

At this exchange, Anna and I both began to shed tears, unable to hold back our tears.

I hugged her and put my lips on hers.

Anna didn't resist, but instead hugged me back and closed her eyes before my lips fell on hers.

"Hey, what are you doing? ! "

"Oh. Oh my."

The duke yells and pulls me away from Anna, and my mother-in-law looks amused and surprised.

"It's wonderful to be young, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is. Indeed."

That's what His Majesty the King and His Eminence the Pope say to each other.

The betrothal ceremony is a pre-wedding ceremony and is also meant to demonstrate purity to God.

For this reason, physical contact between the betrothed is forbidden during the ceremony.

Because I violated the prohibition of kissing each other in front of His Holiness the Pope, the embodiment of the Church's authority, in the solemn setting of the cathedral, in the presence of His Majesty the King and the Queen, the members of the Adorni family were so shocked that they collapsed one after another.