Chapter 27 Wedding - Anna is pretty

 Wedding. Anna is pretty.

"Oh, sorry to keep you waiting. Gino-sama."

Anna appears in front of me, dressed in her wedding clothes.

Her face is visibly tense.

Her pure white dress is a princess line, and is studded with diamonds like stars in the night sky.

In the past, Anna used to wear a dress that covered her neck because she was worried about her bump, but now her illness is gone and she no longer has a bump.

Now that she no longer has to hide her skin, she is wearing a dress that goes all the way to her chest and boldly shows her shoulders.

A necklace of diamonds and pearls hung on her chest, her skin as white and lustrous as white porcelain, and she seemed to be both innocent and bewitching.

Her shining silver hair was covered with a veil so long that it touched the floor, and the veil was also decorated with many diamonds.

Since the House of Sevensforth is a great noble family that is allowed to be crowned, the tiara that adorns her head is the official one that the daughter of the House of Sevensforth is crowned with on official occasions.

The tiara, with its glittering yet majestic sense of history, suited the noble girl well.

When she, with her gentle and fragile face, was dressed in them, she seemed to be both pure and bewitching, as pretty as a hazy grass and as gorgeous as a large peony.


She was so beautiful that I could only say so.

"...Anna... you're beautiful..."

I found myself standing up from the sofa, muttering to myself.

It's been a long time since my heart stopped beating when I saw a beautiful woman.

When I see a beautiful woman, I know that she is objectively beautiful.

However, there was no emotion in it, and I could only discern the degree of beauty or ugliness of the woman.

It was the same with Anna.

I was not bothered by the fact that Anna had many bumps on her face, but on the other hand, I was not impressed by her beauty even when the bumps disappeared.

But today, when I saw Anna in her bridal gown, my heart was greatly moved.

Not only did I understand that she was beautiful, but her beauty shocked my heart.

It was as if a woman who had looked like a dot picture until now had suddenly become a flesh-and-blood woman who existed in the real world today,

I guess I should say that.

In her previous life, there was an elaborate painting called CG.

I knew that Anna had an unrealistic beauty that could only exist in the CG.

Today, I was suddenly made to feel it in my heart.

Was my wife to be this beautiful?

"...Thank you very much.

You're the first person who's ever called me beautiful.

You too Gino are very beautiful."

Anna says shyly.

That's true.

There have been many times when I've called Ana "cute" based on her gestures, facial expressions, and the way her mind was seen through her words and actions.

But this is the first time I've ever said you were beautiful from the outside.

Oh. I see.

I never thought of having physical relations with a woman before.

To me, a woman was like a painting on a canvas, not a sexual object.

But when the wedding day came, and the wedding night became a reality, I began to think about having an affair with a woman for the first time.

Somehow, I thought I understood the reason for the change in the way I looked at Anna.

"Groom, bride.

Please make your entrance."

The priest said, and I escorted Anna through the door.

In the cathedral of the royal capital, which was much larger than the high school gymnasium of my previous life, there were many people there, as it was the wedding ceremony of the Severnsworth family.

Their eyes were all looking at me at once, and I felt nervous.

Weddings in this world are simple.

The bride and groom enter together, swear an oath in front of the witnesses from the church, the witnesses cast a blessing spell, and then the bride and groom kiss.

The place is the cathedral of the royal city, and the witness is His Holiness the Pope.

I said "I swear" as His Holiness asked me.

Anna said the same.

Then we both sign the oath side by side.

The choir begins to sing and His Eminence recites the blessing spell.

When the blessing spell is complete, light falls from the sky like snow and filters through the roof of the cathedral and into the cathedral.

One of the qualifications for becoming Pope is to be able to cast a blessing spell over all of King's Landing.

The falling light must be falling like snow not only in this cathedral but also in the whole city.

I can hear the church bells ringing.

It must have seen the light of the blessing and started beeping.

This is the signal for the blessing to begin.

Soon, Anna and I were surrounded by a rainbow-colored pillar of light.

The pillar of light reaches the ceiling of the cathedral.

It, too, must have slipped through the ceiling and risen high into the sky.

I turn to face Anna.

I'm so moved I can't stop crying.

Anna is also staring at me, tears streaming down her face.

Anna closes her eyes and looks up.

I kiss her.

The pillar of light turns from rainbow to white, and even with my eyes closed I can feel the change in light.

The pillar of light and the blessing light disappear as the pillar that surrounds us emits a particularly intense light.

That's the signal for me to take my lips from Anna's and hug her.

"Anna, I love you.

I swear to God that I will love you more than anything or anyone in this world."

"I love you, too.

I swear to God I'll love you all the days of my life."

You are free to choose your own words at this point.

Anna and I hugged each other and said the words we had been thinking of.

Pope Ormacellius IV, our witness, declares that a marriage has been consummated in the name of God and that a couple has been born."

The church bells also ring.

This is a unique way of ringing to announce the consummation of a marriage.

The attendees stood up and applauded, and at the same time, we heard a shout of joy from outside the church, so loud that the stained glass windows vibrated.

It must have been the cheers of the people who learned of our marriage by the ringing of the bells.

Now I am married to Anna.

In my previous life, I had never met a woman I could finally call my wife.

By the time I finished my adolescence, I had given up on marriage.

But in this life, I was able to find such a woman to be my wife.

Eighty-two years in my previous life, twenty-one years in this life.

For the first time in over a century, I was able to meet a woman I could call my wife.

And she was Anna, the best woman in the world.

I was filled with emotion.


After the wedding, Anna and I paraded down the main street of the royal city.

Whenever a member of the royal family gets married, a parade is held like this.

This kind of event loosens the purse strings of many people, so to speak, it is one of the economic promotion measures.

Anna is also the granddaughter of the Dowager Queen and the niece of His Majesty the King.

She is also the niece of His Majesty the King, and has the right to the throne, though her rank is low.

"She's amazing. It's even better than our wedding."

My mother-in-law said in a surprised voice when she saw the crowd before getting into the carriage prepared inside the gate of the cathedral.

"Yes. It's much larger than at my wedding.

More people than at my wedding when I was the Dauphin.


His Majesty the King, standing beside his mother-in-law, looks unconvinced that there are more people here than at his own wedding.

"It's because of the popularity of the Goblin Lady.

Many tourists from neighboring cities and even neighboring countries have come to see her."

So says His Majesty's Kingsguard.

He's probably following up on the King's displeasure.

With the exception of government offices and schools, commoners are usually not allowed to look at anything but their feet when they meet nobles.

You can only see a nobleman's face when he gives you permission to look up at him.

When a nobleman goes down to the streets, he usually dresses as a commoner because it is too much trouble for him to be made to prostrate himself every time.

At the parade, however, there is no need to prostrate oneself, and the faces of the nobles can be seen.

The parade, however, does not require them to prostrate themselves, but allows them to get a good look at the faces of the aristocrats. Since the event is for show, they are exceptionally exempt from prostration.

For fans of "The Goblin Duchess", this parade is one of the few chances to get a good look at the real Anna.

In the first place, the duchess does not walk in the streets, so this is practically the only chance for commoners to see her.

That's why there were so many people there.

The parade begins, and Anna and I ride in the same roofless carriage and wave to the people filling the main street of the capital.

It's really a huge crowd.

The buildings along the avenue are filled with people up to their roofs.

The windows of the buildings that are more than two stories high are full of people's faces.

There are also many people hanging ropes from the roofs and sticking to the walls.


The Goblin Lady's princess is beautiful! "

A girl being carried on her father's shoulders exclaimed excitedly.

"It's here!  She's here!

That's the 'Goblin Lady'!

She's amazing!  She's so beautiful! "

"Wow!  The real Lady Zinova is amazing!

You are so beautiful! "

"I wish you happiness!

I'm rooting for you two to fall in love! "

The people cheered for them.

Normally, commoners are not allowed to talk to nobles, but since this is an event for the unveiling, we are free to talk to them.

We respond to the cheers of the crowd by waving our hands.

As I looked at Anna standing beside me, the countless diamonds scattered on her dress glittered in the sunlight.

Anna's glossy silver hair also shines in the sunlight.

Anna's smile was also radiant in the sunlight, as if she were glowing.

What a beautiful woman.

"Anna. You're so beautiful."

I said, and impulsively kissed Anna's cheek.

""""" caaaaaaaaaaaaa """" "

The women let out an almost scream-like cheer .

There are so many people that it's like a rumble.

When she is kissed in front of so many people, Anna drops her waving hands.

She turns her head down, her face red.

Seeing such a lovely Anna, the crowd cheered loudly again, and the applause resounded.

Hearing the applause and cheers, Anna begins to sway unsteadily, perhaps turning her eyes in shame.

I hurriedly held her by the shoulders to support her, and the crowd, seeing this, was delighted and cheered again like thunder.

As I held Anna's shoulders, I thought.

Anna is indeed beautiful.

I felt it today.

But more than that,




Anna is lovely!

I want to protect this lovely person for the rest of my life.

That's what I thought.