Chapter 03 Omiai (Anastasia's point of view)

Your father has come to me again with a proposal of marriage. Your father and mother have been trying to arrange a marriage many times before.

The two of you have brought in marriage proposals and I have broken them off.

It has been a repetition until now.

Each time the marriage is broken off, the other party's rank is lowered, and this time, the other party is a viscount.

However, even though the other party's rank was low, this time the father was very enthusiastic.

According to him, he is the founder and current manager of the Rurban Trading Company.

When I heard that, I was a little excited.

If he was the owner of a relatively large business, he must be an old man of a certain age.

Your father would only choose someone with the right skills to be the heir to the House of Unsworth.

If you are capable and young, you will have a wide selection of women and no one will be happy about my match.

But if you are old, you don't have as many choices as a young man, and you might be willing to take an ugly woman like me.

That's what I thought.

"Don't worry.

I'm sixteen, just like you.

And according to my research, he's a pretty good looking boy.

The women around him secretly call him the 'Black Ice King' and there's even a fan club in the business association where he does business.

He even has a fan club in the trading company that he does business with," his mother said with a smile.

I heard that he started the business at the age of ten and has been running it ever since.

I know of the Rabban Chamber of Commerce in King's Landing as well.

However, I was surprised to know that a person of my age had started a business.

When I think back to myself at the age of ten, I can't imagine that I would have been able to establish a business association.

You seem to be a much more talented person than I am.

When I heard that, I knew that I probably wouldn't make it this time either.

It is a prerequisite for a man to be able to take care of the House of Unsworth, and all of the men who have been proposed to so far have been brilliant.

However, there are those who are second or third sons, but who are more talented than the eldest sons, and who are desired by those around them to succeed.

There has never been a person like that who would be attracted to a marriage proposal with me that comes with a knighthood and an ugly woman.

In addition, this time, she is so beautiful that the women around her are calling her the "Lord of the Black Ice.

The black ice flower is a rare plant that grows at high altitudes.

It is a plant with black stems and leaves and beautiful, clear, ice-like flowers, and is often used along with roses as a metaphor for beautiful people.

If you are blessed with good looks as well as talent, you would not want such an ugly woman.

I was dismayed when your father told me that he was going to ask for the engagement in person rather than in writing to show his "sincerity".

For a duke to go that far to a viscount is practically blackmail.

I'm sure that the other party would be unwilling to accept such a threatening offer of marriage.

Even if you don't use such a threatening method, all of your previous partners seemed to be unwilling.

When they look at me, they have a look of despair on their face and become very depressed.

I'm sure this time it will be the same.


It's an honor to meet you, sir.

I am Zinorius, fourth son of Viscount Adorni."

The man who said this and bowed politely did not show any particular dislike for me.

As expected of a man who grew his business so quickly at such a young age.

You hide your true feelings very well.

Since you said you were a businessman, I imagined you to be a person with a constant smile.

However, in reality, Mr. Ginorius was the opposite, an expressionless person who rarely smiled.

He seemed more like a technician than a merchant, and it would be more appropriate to describe him as an intellectual who deals with numbers.

His face was cool and beautiful, with black hair and purple eyes.

She must be very popular among women.

The name "Lord of the Black Ice Flower" comes from the color of her hair and the atmosphere.

It's an apt description.

It's no wonder the women around you love you so much.

With your talent, wealth, and good looks, you must have a wide selection of women.

I'm sure of it.

I'm sure she wouldn't want a marriage proposal with me.

At this point, I knew I had to break off this marriage proposal.

After the greetings, I and Mr. Jeannorius had a chat with the parents of the two families.

The Adornians seemed to be nervous at first, but that was usual when meeting middle and lower class nobles.

The father and mother were used to it, and tried to ease the tension with their easygoing attitude and light jokes.

In the past, it was normal for the man to hide his frustration at this point and not talk to me.

Genorius, however, was different.

Even when he talked about something I didn't know much about, such as the management of the Adorni family's lands, he explained it to me so that I wouldn't get bored. He also talked to me when I was just listening to him, and took care to include me in the conversation.

Even though he was only sixteen years old, he was able to follow his father and Viscount Adorni's discussions about the management of their estates, he was considerate of those around him, and he treated an ugly woman like me equally.

He is truly a wonderful man.

I can see from your mother's attitude that she also liked you.

Now, let's leave the rest to the two young men.

With that, everyone left the room, leaving me and Genorius alone.

If you would like, we could take a walk in the garden.

The garden is an embarrassment compared to the gardens of the House of Unsworth, but the cicis flowers that do not bloom in King's Landing are in full bloom.

I was surprised to hear Genorius say that.

I was surprised to hear Genorius say that. In the past, his partners usually hid their dissatisfaction with the marriage proposal when they were alone with him, even if they hid their dissatisfaction when they were chatting with their families.

It would have been better if they hadn't said a word and remained in a sulk, but some of them continued to abuse me, accusing me of using my power to force a marriage.

In fact, as you pointed out, I could only apologize to them.

I didn't expect her to invite me to the garden to keep me occupied.

And he held out his hand to escort me.

In the past, there were several times when I was forced to take a walk in the garden alone with her in the name of getting the two of us alone.

However, no one escorted me.

The man walked off alone in an unfaithful manner, and I followed him in silence.

It was such a painful time.

He's really a wonderful man, isn't he?

That's why I have to break it off.

This is the kind of man I want to see happy.

Even when we were alone, Mr. Jeannorius was kind and took me to places where flowers were in bloom and talked about various topics to keep me occupied.

This is the first time I have ever enjoyed being left alone with someone at a marriage meeting.

"Master Genorius. I need to talk to you."

Taking advantage of a lull in the conversation, I asked Genorius for a word.

I will have tea prepared in the gazebo over there.

Let's talk over there.

Genorius escorted me to the gazebo and prepared tea.

I'm sorry, sir.

This marriage proposal was arranged by my father on his own.

Please give me some time so that I can tell my father and do something about it.

I stood up and made my apologies.

I stood up and made my apologies. Zinorius said.

Genorius said.

That's strange.

Normally, I would be relieved at this point, but the look on Genorius' face was one of confusion.


I'll make it clear that I intend to break it off.

"I see.

I see. Someone has already made up their mind? I see.

Genorius' words confused me this time.

Do you think there is a chance for such an ugly woman to fall in love?

The man's discomfort is evident in his face even when he is talking to me.

It's hard to fall in love with a man who is creeped out by you like a monster, don't you understand such a woman's heart?

Don't you understand that? There is no such man.

I told her, correcting her misunderstanding.

"So it was me, then.

I'm sorry.

I'm not used to women.

How can you come to such a conclusion?

Mr. Ginorius is one of the nicest people I have ever met in a relationship.

I don't know what you're thinking.

No, sir. That's not what I meant.

You don't need to worry about me.

I know I'm not very good with women.

So, for future reference, can you tell me what was wrong with me?

I'd like to know my faults.

"No, sir. I really thought you were perfect.

Why do you come to that conclusion?

I really don't understand.

By the way, Zinorius-sama said that he had never been in love with a woman before because he was busy running his business.

Since you are such an attractive person, I thought it was just a social courtesy, but I wonder if it is true.

If you are so unsure of yourself, I can't help but think that you are telling the truth.

I'm sorry to say this, but my parents love me very much.

If you were to marry me and have a mistress after marriage, they would use all their power to destroy you.

Especially my mother who is your sister.

His Majesty loves her very much and would be furious if she cried out to him.

If Genorius wants to have a relationship with another woman without being ruined, it will be after the power relationship with his parents is reversed.

My mother will continue to have power at least until His Majesty abdicates, which will be at least twenty years from now."

I don't want to talk too much about the power of my family, but I can't help it.

I showed him the power of my family and told him that there was no hope for his future.

"Well, what are you talking about?

I have no intention of having an affair."


She's also a sincere person who doesn't cheat.

She's a really nice person.

We haven't really been on the same page, but the more we talk, the more I find Genorius attractive.

"Then you should not be engaged to me at all.

I have heard from my father that you are a clever man, Zinorius.

Having met him today, I can tell you that he is beautiful to look at, a good speaker and a kind man who cares for others.

In addition, if you are sincere enough not to cheat on your wife, I am sure that you will be very popular with women.

It would be a tragedy for him to end up with a woman like me.

I know this is very difficult to talk about.

Are you in some kind of trouble, Anastasia?

If it is all right with you, I can help you to solve it.

I froze when I heard Genorius' words.

Is it possible that this person can't see what I look like?

In the first place, why would such words come back from my explanation?

I couldn't help but laugh at myself.

But still, how could she offer her help to me, whom she had just met today?

She must be a very kind person, because she can't have been seduced by my sexuality.

"My problem is with my appearance.

You don't want to be with such an ugly woman, do you?

Moreover, my parents have a lot of power, and as a groom, I can't run away to another woman.

It would be unfortunate for the man I am marrying.

"Do you think, Anastasia, that marriage will not make you happy? Do you think that marriage will not make you happy?

Zinorius' unexpected question puzzled me again.

I'm an ugly woman that men find repulsive.

I am an ugly woman that men hate. Because of this, I have a hard time finding a marriage partner.

No one has ever asked me about my happiness in marriage before.

"Happiness through marriage...?

I've never thought about it.

With my appearance, I have already given up on marriage.

Genorius seemed to be deeply shocked by my answer.

Was that such a strange answer?

"...Don't give up.

"What? What?

"Don't give up!

What does it matter if you have a bad face!

It's just that the flesh on your face is a little different from others, right?

I'm sure you're not the only one. What is it?

Don't give up!

Don't give up on being happy!

You are allowed to be happy!

You deserve to be happy!

Don't laugh as if you've given up everything!

Your life is just beginning! Your life is just beginning!

Zinorius suddenly stood up, grabbed me by the shoulders, and said so with tears welling up in his eyes.

Lamentations of the soul

Such words came to my mind.

It was like the cry of a soldier who had been captured by the enemy and tortured as a slave for a long time, in order to protect his soul.

The weight of his words seemed to be based on the fierce pain he had endured for decades.

Of course, Mr. Zinorius was sixteen years old and the son of a viscount.

He could not have experienced such a thing.

But his words were like the cry of a man who had been tormented by pain for most of his life, and they had a huge mass that a small girl like me could not easily refute.

I've given up.

That's right.

Indeed, I had given up on the idea of marrying a man and being happy.

"Let me help you live a happy life."

He knelt down, took my hand and dropped his lips to my hand.

(What! (! )

This is!

Isn't this the manner in which men propose marriage?

You're not expecting to be asked by a man to marry you, but you're upset.

No, no. No, that's not possible.

I've misjudged this.

I'm being asked to marry a man!

That's not possible!

I want you to marry me.

I promise I'll make you happy.

So please don't give up on your own happiness."

(! ! ! )

I hope I didn't misunderstand you too quickly.

The cool-faced Genorius-sama looked at me with an overwhelming heat in his gaze.

The heat in her purple eyes made my head boil, and I couldn't take my eyes off her eyes.


I was swallowed by the intense heat of those beautiful eyes, and I agreed as I was carried away.

Thank you.

Genorius-sama said, and gave me a dazzling smile.

It was the first time I had seen him smile since I met him, but it was such a brilliant smile that it almost melted my heart.

(Eeeeee! ! ? )

As soon as he stood up, Mr. Ginorius hugged me.

It was the first time I had ever been hugged by a person of the opposite sex.

Not knowing what to do, I froze in confusion.

I heard a coughing sound and looked over to see my parents, guards and servants all looking at me.

I wondered if they had seen my marriage proposal and my embrace.

My face is on fire...

"Well, well. That's fine.

I'm sure Anna would be happy to be seduced so passionately."

Oh, Mother.

Please don't talk about it anymore.

I'm dying of embarrassment.