Chapter 06 Anna's fever

One day, when I visited the Duke's residence as usual, Anna was not there to greet me.

When I asked the Duke what had happened to Anna, he told me that she had a fever and was in bed.

Anna was said to have a fever often.

It probably had something to do with a disease that caused her to develop masses all over her body.

Anna's disease is a strange one with few cases.

There is of course no cure, and in fact, the disease has not even been officially named yet.

If my own sister in the Adorni family, who was perfectly healthy, had a fever due to a cold, I would not be so worried.

But when Anna, who had a strange disease that did not even have a name, developed a fever, I could not help but worry.

I've heard that she often has fevers, but this is the first fever she's had since I've been coming to this house.

It's impossible for me to stay calm, of course.

When I found out that Anna had a fever, I was so distracted that I couldn't do my job as the Duke's assistant at all.

This was noticed by my mother-in-law when she came to the office, and my assistant's work that day was ended early by a word from my mother-in-law.

Incidentally, after we were officially engaged, the duchess told me to call her "mother-in-law," so I did.

On the other hand, the duke strictly instructed me not to call him "father-in-law" until we were officially married.

When I went to Anna's bedroom after finishing my work as her assistant, she was asleep.

He sits down on a chair next to the luxurious, delicately carved canopied bed and takes over the role of taking care of her from the servants.

The curtains that hung down from the canopy were open so that he could nurse her and monitor her progress.

I could see Anna's sleeping face clearly.

The sight of Anna sleeping peacefully with a red face filled her with anxiety and disturbed her mind.

She was usually so healthy that I was not aware that she was sick, but seeing her like this reminded me that she was ill.

After three hours of changing the rag on Anna's forehead, she woke up.

"Anna! Anna!"


I call out to her, and she notices me sitting beside her.

"How are you feeling?

Are you feeling all right? "How are you feeling?

"Don't worry so much, it's just the usual.

It's no big deal."

Anna smiled reassuringly at me.

"Are you thirsty?

Would you like some cold fruit water? Do you want some cold fruit water?"

Ana nodded, and I put my right arm under her shoulders as she lay on her back and raised her up.

"Gee, Gino! What? ?"

Ana looked surprised, but I had to get her to drink some water first.

She has a fever and is losing water.

Dehydration is a terrible condition that can kill you.

"Can you drink? Can you drink?"

I support her with my right arm and offer her a cup in my left hand.

But as soon as her eyes met mine, she turned away and looked down, refusing to take the cup.

Her untied hair hangs down, and I cannot see her face clearly.

"Come on, miss.

I've put in some cushions so you can recline here.

Before she knew it, a servant was standing right next to her and had placed a cushion on her back, ready for her to recline on.

When she heard my words, she snatched the cup from my hand and slipped out of my arms as if she were going to jump out of my arms and recline on the cushion.


I froze, shocked by Anna's attitude of pushing me away.

You're not hungry?

I heard you didn't eat lunch.

I managed to regain my composure, restarted, and asked Ana.

"A little..."

Anna replies.

She glances at the servant, bows, and leaves the room.

I guess they're preparing a meal.

Since I am not officially a son-in-law yet, I do not have the authority to tell the servants what to do.

But the servants of this house treat me as if I were their own.

"How long have you been there, Mr. Gino? How long have you been there?"

A red-faced Anna, holding a cup in both hands, asks me with an upward glance.

She looks like a cute little animal.

She usually wears her hair in an intricate braid, but today she is wearing it down.

Her glossy silver hair forms a beautiful curve when she lets it down.

It's nice to see Anna in her natural state.

It's been about three hours.

"Three hours? Three hours?

That must have bored you.

Anna rolls her eyes.

Your surprise is adorable.

I wasn't bored at all.

I was able to watch her sleeping face, and I was too worried to be bored.

Anna's defenseless sleeping face was really cute.

I'm sure I could watch her for hours and never get tired of it.

"...Sleeping face.

Perhaps she was embarrassed to have her sleeping face seen, but when she muttered that, her face turned red again and she turned over.

Anna's shyness is really cute.

After that, we chatted and I took her temperature.

I was relieved to see that her fever had gone down and she seemed to be doing well.

While I was doing this, a servant brought me some food for the sick.

It was an easy-to-digest dish called "okayu," made by boiling several kinds of grains until they became soggy.

"Yes, sir. Please pour."

After receiving a plate and a spoon from the servant, I scooped up the okayu and offered the spoon to Anna.

"Aaah? Ahn?"

Anna asks me, seemingly unable to understand my words.

She doesn't seem to understand my words and asks me, "Yes.

Open your mouth so I can feed you."

Then I gave her another spoon.

"Oh, um? Oh, um?"

Anna looked puzzled.

But after a moment of hesitation, she put the oeuf in her mouth, turning bright red.

You can't help but feel a tear on your face when you see her chewing on it with her neck all red.

"Gino-sama? I'm sorry.

I'm not sure if she's wondering why I'm staring at her with a smiling face, but she calls out to me.

I'm not sure.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand.

"Oh, my God! What?

I'm sorry. Me?

Who else is there?

The only person my eyes are seeing right now is you.

Anna turns even redder.

Oh... She's so cute!

I want to hug her!

I thought I was thinking that in my mind, but I was so overcome with emotion that my mind's voice just came out of my mouth.

Anna turned even redder.

Immediately after, she heard a servant coughing furiously from behind her.

It was a close call.

Even if she was his fiancée, it would be a big problem if he hugged a woman who was not his wife in bed.

This servant usually stands in our blind spot so as not to bother us.

However, on this particular day, she dared to stand right in front of me and give me a hard look.

Even though I had to endure the eyes of the servant woman, I fed her the ocurrito.

I was soothed to see her eating it with shyness, and chatted happily with her.

I guess that's what happiness is all about.


After returning to the Barbarie house, I sat alone in my room thinking.

When I saw Ana with a fever, I was reminded that she was sick.

Until now, I hadn't really felt that she was sick, and had only thought of her as someone who looked a little different from others.

I wonder what kind of disease she has.

Medical treatment in this world is quite behind, but if it is an aneurysm or lipoma, it is not a "strange disease" for which there are no cases and the cause cannot even be determined.

I suddenly remembered a disease I had heard about in a previous life.

I suddenly remembered a disease I had heard about in a previous life: "Excessive Magic.

I believe that's what it's called.

It was a disease that affected people who possessed a huge amount of magical power that could earn them the title of "King of Magic," a disease that did not kill them immediately but caused masses to form all over their bodies.

I have seen a documentary drama about a woman who became a "Magician King".

The magical culture in this world is extremely late.

If it is a disease related to magic, it is quite possible that the cause is unknown.

Extreme magic overload was a strange disease in my previous life.

That's true.

Only one in a billion people is born with enough magical power to earn the title of "King of Magic".

Even those rare people don't all suffer from extreme magic overload.

A cure was established in a previous life, but I don't know the details of the cure.

If I had been a healing magician, I would have known the name of the disease right away, and I would have been able to heal it right away myself.

But I was a golem engineer in a previous life.

Unfortunately, the medical field is not my field.


I guess I'll just have to find out if Anna has extreme magic overload first.

If not, there's no point in discussing how to treat it.

Let's check Anna's magical power first.

It's a disease that only people who become "magic kings" suffer from, so if Ana's disease is extreme magic overload, then her magic power should be at the level of a "magic king".

If Anna's magical power is less than that, then the line of extreme magical power excess disappears.

It's worth looking into.

The civilization of this world is far behind that of the previous world.

A method to measure the amount of magic power possessed by an individual has not yet been invented.

No, it may just be that it has not been made public.

This is because the wizards of this world have kept their magic techniques to themselves, and no one wants to share them with the public.

In the previous world, those who developed groundbreaking magic technology were given world-authority awards, and those who patented it could earn huge fortunes.

That's why everyone competed with each other to release the latest magic technology.

This world is very different from the previous world.

Well, even if it's not public, I can measure it.

I have made a litho-magic test paper, which measures the amount of magic power and magic attributes, in a high school magic chemistry experiment.

It's hard to make a precision instrument that can accurately measure and display the amount of magic power you have, but you don't need something that accurate.

All you need to know is whether or not your magical power is at the level of a 'magic king', so it's enough to know the general level of your magical power by the color change of the test paper.

Okay. I'll gather the materials through the Chamber of Commerce.

I decided on my schedule for tomorrow and went to sleep.

The materials needed to make the Ritomar magic test paper are not that difficult to obtain.

They were a staple of high school experiments because they were readily available.

That's why the materials were readily available.

I did not arrange for a laboratory through the Chamber of Commerce, but searched for one myself by visiting real estate agencies.

Since the laboratory was to be for my personal use, I had to pay for all the equipment and materials.

I asked a lender in the city to lend me the title to the institute in order to avoid being searched.

Since I became a merchant, I have learned that there are businesses that lend their names to real estate.

I used that lender this time.

I did not meet the lender directly, but had a family member of an employee of the merchant association hold a considerable amount of money and act as an intermediary.

I am very cautious when dealing with magic-related matters.

In the laboratory I obtained, I tried to make a litho-magic test paper.

It is not very difficult to make, and I succeeded without difficulty.


I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not. Yeah.

Yeah. Please.

I'm a tester for a new product, and I'm going to measure Anna's magical power.

What?  It's all black now.

Anna said, looking at the test paper that came out of her mouth.

"Ohhhh... I knew it!

That's great!  That's great, Anna! Ana!"

I was so excited that I stood up and shouted.

Of course, Anna didn't understand why I was so excited, and looked puzzled.

The more magic power a person possesses, the darker the color will appear on the Ritomar magic test paper.

The more magic power you have, the darker the color will appear. The color that appears indicates the attribute of your magic power.

However, there are some people who can't be measured with this test paper, and they are extremely rare.

These are the "Magic Kings" and their eggs.

The amount of magic power is so great that the color comes out so dark that you can't tell the attribute color, and the test paper turns black.

This confirms that Anna is the egg of the "Magic King," who is born only once in a billion.

If this were a previous life, reporters would rush to Anna's door and tomorrow's newspaper would have a front-page story on her.

There would be a bulletin on TV, and even a special news program.

The holder of the title of "King of Magic" is a transcendent being who can fight against the armies of a country by himself, and can even turn the entire continent into a sea of fire by himself.

That level of treatment is to be expected.

This is a world where magic is terribly behind.

If I were to use my knowledge of my past life to teach Anna magic, she would undoubtedly rise to the top of the wizarding world.

But I had no intention of teaching her magic yet.

The Dark Lord is the world's most powerful weapon.

In this less civilized world, a single Magic King could build an unprecedented empire that would encompass the entire continent.

If Anna were to live as a wizard, there is no way the powers that be would let her overwhelming power go unchecked, and she would be forced to live as a weapon.

In fact, there are many people who have become "Magic Kings" who have lived spectacular lives as heroes, but there are just as many who have lived tragic lives.

It would certainly be a tragedy if a kind-hearted Anna were forced to live a life as a "strategic weapon.

It is unlikely that Ana would brag about how many enemy soldiers she has killed, or that she could vaporize an entire city in an instant and be proud of it.

Ana's heart would be torn to shreds if she lived as a weapon.

That's why I won't teach her magic yet.

If I do, I'll have to be very careful not to let anyone know.

Now is not the time to tell her.

The most likely cause of Anna's illness is extreme magic overload.

I've come to that conclusion.

But in my previous life, I was a golem engineer from the time I joined the company until I retired.

As a golem, I can do anything from designing to setting up a production line, but I have no idea how to manufacture medical supplies or healing magic.

Even in my previous life, there was no such thing as a panacea that could cure everything or a healing spell that could cure all diseases with a single spell.

It is inevitable that we need medicines that match the symptoms and healing spells that match the symptoms.

Even if I know the name of the disease, I don't know how to treat it.

If I don't know, I'll have to find out.

But to find out, I'd have to step into a dangerous place.

So the first step would be to make a golem to protect myself.

We need money to make a good golem, so we need to raise money first.

I'm getting a little tired of the long way to go.