Chapter 05 Business Talk 1

 Registered with the Merchants Guild. Four kinds of sales.

 You can't do business with ordinary customers, but you can do business with merchants and merchants' guilds.

 I decided to wholesale white sugar to the Merchant's Guild as originally planned.

 You will be taken to another room to meet with the person in charge.

 I was served a clear brown drink, like tea, but it didn't smell or taste good.

 Not necessarily because of that, but I'm going to have a chat with the navigator-san.

[hey, navigator-san]

[What is it?]

[When a merchant makes a deal, what does he have to show for it?]

(In the case of a transaction between two merchants, the purchasing merchant will prepare two copies of the certificate of sale, while in the case of a transaction between an ordinary person and a merchant, the merchant will prepare two copies of the certificate of sale and keep them in each other's possession.]

[but isn't that hard to do in retail?]

[In the case of retail, there is no problem because a simple certificate of sale called a receipt is issued, which is also used in the Master's hometown.]

[I see. It's surprisingly solid. Oh, by the way, what happens if I buy it from [[mail order]]?

[The seller pays the tax, so the buyer is not strictly watched. If you are worried, you can use the [[Mail Order Sales]] function to issue a certificate of sale. After that, please push the trade secret to the front and play dumb]].

[I guess trade secrets do get through.]

 I was talking to him when I heard a knock at the door.

 When I replied, a handsome, well-dressed man in his early thirties walked in.

 He's got a handsome face, but unfortunately the dark circles under his eyes kind of ruin it.

"I'm sorry to keep you waiting . My name is Lainey Umbrella and I'm a buyer for our guild."

"Oh, thank you very much for your time. My name is Grose Hendler. I'm a registered seller."

 It's important to say hello, so I lift myself out of my chair, stand up and return the greeting, and Umbrella-san encourages me to sit back in my chair.

"I'm sorry, sir, but we don't have much time, so I'd like to get right to it."

 Judging by the dark circles under his eyes, he's probably too busy to sleep.

 Small talk is an important part of sales, but if you don't have time, you can't help it.

 However, even if you don't have time, I think you should make time to get to know your partner.

 It may seem like idle chatter, but it can lead to business.

"Yes, sir, can you take a look at this?"

 I threw the entire contents of my backpack into storage and took out a ten kilogram bag of white sugar that I had put in its place and placed it on my desk.

"What is this?"

 The bag says "white sugar" in Japanese, but of course Umbrella-San can't read Japanese.

 Before I was sent to this world, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to speak the language, but since I didn't have any language skills, I thought I would be fine.

 But although the language of this world sounds like Japanese to me, the characters are definitely different.

"This is sugar."

 When he heard the word sugar, Umbrella-san's expression changed, but only for a moment.

 Human observation is an important skill in sales.

"Is it sugar? Can I see what's in it?"

Yes, that's fine.

 I'll open the bag so Umbrella-san can see inside.

 Then Umbrella-san changes his expression.

"Look at the taste."

 Using a teaspoon purchased in advance from [[mail order]], he lightly fills a small plate that he also purchased and presents it.

 Both the teaspoon and the small plate are cheap, bought for 100 yen.


 It's white sugar, so of course it's white.

 Put a little sugar in a teaspoon and smell it first.

 White sugar doesn't smell, does it?

 After the smell you put a teaspoon of sugar in your mouth.


 Umbrella-san, who doesn't even try to hide it as his expression changes to one of astonishment.

 Isn't that sweet!

"...this is...awesome."

"Would you like some?"

"How much of this sugar do you have available, sir?"

"Please don't be so hasty . We only want to wholesale ten kilograms here today."

"Mm, what about the other merchants?"

"If the Guild can give us a good estimate of the value of this sugar, we will not have to negotiate with other merchants."

"...Okay. Let's buy this 10 kilograms for 100,000 yen, no, 120,000 yen."

 So, 12,000 yen per kilogram.

 The price of sugar distributed to general customers is 25,000 yen, so the purchase price is almost half.

 The white sugar purchased at 3,000 yen for 10 kilograms will be sold at 120,000 yen, which is a great profit, but 18,000 yen will be deducted because of the 15 percent tax.

 99,000 yen in profit. Not bad. Not bad, but I'd like a little more.

"What do you think, since we don't wholesale to anyone other than the guild here in Hajime's town, how about we sign a monopoly contract for a certain amount and add a little more color to the purchase price?"

"...If that's the case, I'd like you to wholesale at least two hundred kilograms. How about 14,000 yen per kilogram?"

 Ten kilograms this time, after taxes, I made 116,000 yen.

 You made more than 100,000 yen just by selling 10 kilograms of sugar, the modern sugar panel.

 And if you buy 200 kilograms for 60,000 yen, you'll make 2.8 million yen, which means you'll make 2.32 million yen after taxes. Isn't that a windfall?

"All right, sir. We'll deliver at least two hundred kilograms of white sugar, and you can pick it up at that unit price."

 Me and Umbrella-san shook hands firmly.

 Afterwards, I exchanged a contract for the monopoly of white sugar prepared by Umbrella-san, and left the merchants' guild after receiving a certificate of sale for 10 kilograms at 140,000 yen, minus tax.

 As for the exclusive sales contract and the sales certificate, I asked navigator-san to check the contents and he was fine, so I signed two copies of each and I keep one copy.

 He also asked for an early delivery of additional white sugar, and it has been agreed that 30 kilograms will be delivered tomorrow.

 At any rate, the sky is getting darker and I'm tired of being in a world I'm not used to, so I'd like to stay here and rest today.

 The navigator-san took me to the inn.

 The inn we were taken to was a rather magnificent building.

[Navigator-san, this inn seems expensive?]

[With the money you have now, you can buy 30 kilograms of white sugar and still stay three nights in this inn. It is very safe and has a shower in the town. Would you give up safety and shower for a cheap inn?]

['s good]

 The room at the inn costing 28,000 yen a night was luxurious for me.

 The bed was clean and fluffy, and there was not only a shower room but also a toilet in the room.

 There is no bath, but it is nice to have a shower.

 I think I'm forgetting something...

[Um, I think I'm forgetting something. Can you tell me, navigator-san?]

[I'm at a loss for an answer, indeed.]

[I just remembered...]

[All right, sir.]

[No, I'm not sure that's a good idea! Didn't Navigator-San say that the tutorial ends when you sign up for a guild?]

[yes, I said it]

[Which means I have to say goodbye to navigator-san, I wish I could have spent more time with him.]

[The tutorial is over, but I will not leave my master.]

[Huh? ...I thought the navigator-san would be gone after the tutorial?]

[Basically, that's fine, but I'm already integrated with the Master, so I won't leave until he dies.]

[That's what integration means?]

[Yes, that's what I'm talking about.]

 This means that when I left the guild, the tutorial was over and I was supposed to say goodbye to navigator-san, but now that we've merged, he'll never leave me.

 You weren't allowed to tell me about this.

 But it was not forbidden to be integrated as an auxiliary stream to me.

 When the tutorial was over, Navigator-san's job was about to end and disappear, but he was quite happy to hear that it would become a skill and live on in me.

 And I'm happy to say that I can always see myself as a silver-haired elf with a very pretty face and boobs that are as destructive as they are powerful.

[Keep up the good work, navigator-san]

[Nice to meet you too. Master]

[I don't like the name "navigator-san. Don't you have a name?]

[No name, because it was going to disappear soon.]

[So, do you mind if I name it?]

[Really? ! I'd love to!!!]

 A happy voice navigator-san.

 I'd like to come up with a good name for it, but when I think about it, I don't have much of a naming sense.

 You're a navigator, so you're a navigator. You have no taste.

 He's a guide, he's a guide...

 Like the pilot was also meant to be a guide... pylon... a man's name.

 If it's a guide, it could be information or guidance... Ins, is it good to put the first part of information and the last part of guidance together and call it Ins?

[What do you think of Ins?]

[Inns... yes, I'm Inns from now on! Thank you, Master!]

[Well, keep up the good work, Ins-san.]

[Master, please call me Inns.]

[Yeah, but...] All right. Nice to meet you, ins.]


 I'm glad you like it.

[Oh, and by the way, can you call me Grose?]

[No, Master is Master! You can't call me by my name!]

 Oh, you don't care about that?

 He was pretty swarthy, so I won't say anything more...

 The next day, after having breakfast, he bought 30 kilograms of white sugar from [[Mail Order]] and went to the Merchant's Guild.

 Unfortunately, I could only fit 20 kilograms in my backpack, so I had to carry a 10-kilogram sack by hand.

 I'll have to deliver at least 160 kilograms of the rest, so if I can find the money, I'll buy a cart.

 At the Commercial Guild, Umbrella-san came immediately without waiting, which was a change from yesterday.

 The dark circles under my eyes seem to be darker than yesterday, but my expression is clear.

I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

"No, I'm not waiting at all, and here's thirty kilograms of white sugar."

 I'll put the white sugar on the table, get the proceeds minus tax and the bill of sale, and we're done for the day.

 It was a little heavy, but it's enough to make us nearly 350,000 yen. I can't stop laughing.

"What time will the next delivery be?"

"Yes, I think I can manage more than a hundred kilograms in two days' time."

"I'm glad to hear it. Well, I'll see you in two days."

 So, what shall we do now that we've left the Merchant's Guild?

[By the way, administrator-san said that only ten people out of a thousand can return to the original world, do you know what the conditions are for returning?]

[Yes, I know. But I'm not allowed to talk to you. I'm sorry.]

[Oh, yeah, and by the way, you know all the other transplanted navigators, but you can't talk to them?]

[Yes, the conditions are the same for all of us.]

[Roger that, thank you]

 I mean, you have to find those conditions yourself.

 Or if I happen to pass that condition, will I get a surprise admin-san?

 I'm sure that blonde-san has made it a condition for trouble.